Meepo V3 Electric Skateboard Reviews

Even though the Meepo skateboard is affordable, it doesn’t sacrifice much speed, power, and range, and it means you can finally get an excellent board for less. We will highlight the features, pros and cons of the board so that you choose wisely.

Meepo V3 Electric Skateboard Product Review

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Highlighted Features

Awesome Deck

The skateboard deck is 38 inches long and 9 inches wide, and the wheelbase of the deck is 32.5 inches. Strong Canadian maple wood gets used to construct the deck, and the seven layers of maple wood make it robust and durable.

The board weighs only 16 pounds, making it easy to carry when the battery drains out. You will find a cutout handle on the deck so that you can take it easily wherever you want. The deck is capable of handling a ride load of 300 pounds.

The conclave shape of the deck helps in keeping your feet comfortable all through the ride. The reinforcement around the deck will help prevent cracks and dents, keeping the skateboard looking good for long.

All electrical components on the board get wholly sealed. It makes the skateboard dustproof, moisture-proof, and waterproof. The versatility of the board makes it easy to ride it in the city or go to work.

Meepo V3 skateboard is not an ideal choice for off-road terrain and the board performs best only when you ride it on smooth and flat surfaces. Avoid using the board on rough terrain as the ride isn’t smooth and you will feel vibrations.  

Speed and Range

The Meepo V3 electric skateboard has four different speed modes. These include:

  • Beginner – The beginner speed mode will enable you to achieve a speed of 14 mph.
  • Medium – The medium mode will help you achieve a speed of 18 mph.  
  • Fast – The fast mode ensures a speed of 22 mph  
  • Pro Mode – The fastest speed mode enables you to speed at 26 mph.  

The top speed the skateboard can achieve on a good riding platform is 28 mph. The acceleration is smooth in the beginner, medium, and fast speed modes. The acceleration in the Pro Mode is significant and you will feel the speed difference.

Beginners should familiarize themselves with the different speed levels before switching to a faster speed level. When you change between the varying speed levels, the acceleration is always smooth.

The range on a standard battery is 11 miles, and when you upgrade to an ER battery, you get a range of 20 miles. Irrespective of whether you choose a standard or an upgraded battery, the range achieved will also depend on the rider’s weight, power mode, and surface inclination.

It is always best to use two sets of li-ion batteries. The standard batteries will help deliver 4Ah and 144 watts per hour, and the upgraded batteries will provide a range of 8Ah and 288 watts per hour.

The battery charging time will vary from 2 – 3 hours based on your choice of a standard or ER battery. The Meepo skateboard goes from 0 – 20 miles per hour in only 4.5 seconds.

On an uphill slope of 15%, the board has the capacity to go at 9 miles per hour. The most uphill grade that the skateboard is capable of handling is 30%.

When you choose the pro mode, the skateboard is capable of climbing a 30-degree incline hill. The pro mode really adds so serious power to the board. The battery will drain fast when you choose the pro mode speed.

Braking Modes

The Meepo V3 skateboard also offers four different braking modes.

  • Brake Modes 1 – 2 are for beginners and riders with little experience.
  • Brake levels 1 – 2 will enable the riders to brake with ease. The riders will come to a stop smoothly.
  • Brake Modes 3 – 4 get specifically designed for experienced riders. With these brake modes, you can stop abruptly even if you are riding fast.

Regenerative braking technology gets used by this skateboard, enabling you to spend more time on the drive. Each time you apply the brake, the battery gets charged and this ensures a longer ride.

It is best to remember that you can only change the brake modes when the skateboard has stopped and you cannot change the brake modes when riding the electric skateboard.

You can choose the different braking modes before you start riding based on the speed mode. Make a good choice depending on whether you are a beginner or an experienced skateboard rider.

Acceleration and Riding Experience

The Meepo V3 Electric Skateboard provides a good riding experience irrespective of whether you are a beginner or an experienced rider. The acceleration will get you to 20 miles within a few seconds.

The deck is flexible yet strong, enabling you to handle the board well when you take tight turns. When accelerating and going at a top speed, you should always have smooth braking.

The braking shouldn’t get problematic, even when done at high speed. You should maintain control and stability when going fast.

Vibrations are not a concern if you ride the skateboard on smooth and flat surfaces, but you might feel vibrations when the surface is bumpy. You might reduce the vibrations when you switch to large wheels on the electric skateboard.

Intuitive Throttle Remote

The remote-control system enables you to control the electric skateboard easily. The four ride modes and the cruise control system on the remote ensures a smooth ride.

The new designed remote screen will help you check the battery, trip meters, speed, and the odometer. A new feature that is really useful is the interchangeable battery.

Carry a spare battery so that you can use it whenever necessary. A spare battery will ensure that you don’t get stranded on the road even if the original battery runs out of power. Batteries can get interchanged within two minutes.

The ergonomic designed remote is easy to hold and your hands will feel comfortable even when you grip the remote for long. The remote is also large enough so that your hands don’t cover the screen.

The remote made of high-quality plastic is lightweight and durable. The remote is available with the electric skateboard and you don’t need to buy it separately.

The many functions that you get to control on your skateboard remote include:

  • Four different speed modes.
  • Four different brake modes.
  • Mileage.
  • Battery percentage.
  • Current trip mileage.
  • Direction of board movement (Reverse or Forward).

The letters and digits on the remote get illuminated, enabling you to see the many details easily. The bright screen helps you find the speed or the direction you are travelling effortlessly.

Shock Absorbing PU Wheels

If you enjoy riding at high speeds, you will need wheels that can provide firm traction and grip. The shock absorbing PU wheels come in 90mm – 100mm diameter.

The standard wheel size is 90mm. If you want to enjoy a comfortable and smoother ride on challenging surfaces, you can choose the 100 mm wheels. The wheels of the skateboard can easily get interchanged.  

The other feature that makes the tires unique are shock-absorbing shredder trucks. The Meepo skateboard allows you to customize the barrel bushing and you can choose to customize the bushings based on personal and weight preferences.

Beginners can opt for 96A blue and it works well for an average weight of around 150. If you want a soft experience, you can opt for yellow. The PU wheels can last for at least 1,900 miles.

540W Hub Motors

The skateboard has two 540w hub motors, one of the most powerful motors available in the market. The two motors provide a strong torque which results in top speed.

The electric skateboard ensures a smooth ride as the hub motors are powerful. Irrespective of your skill level, you can manage the board easily with the two hub motors.

The updated motors are strong and will add to the power of the skateboard. The board is compact and you can use it to get around any place. The electric skateboard will help save time and money when commuting.

The main focus of the motors is on comfort so that you can move easily from one place to the other. The smoothness you feel when riding the board is due to the motors.

The board is easy to ride, even if you are a beginner. You can ride it confidently due to the many unique features of the electric skateboard.


  • Powerful acceleration. The skateboard is capable of reaching 20 mph in 5 seconds.
  • The braking feature is impressive. The electric skateboard stops immediately on braking without losing stability and control.
  • Budget-friendly and affordable.


  • The range is a bit of a letdown.
  • The skateboard isn’t comfortable on challenging terrain.

The Meepo Electric Skateboard provides unparalleled performance at an affordable price. When you look at its features, you are bound to get impressed and choose it for your daily commute.

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