5 Best Cheap Electric Skateboard Reviews 2023

A cheap electric skateboard makes commuting fun, and you can make use of them to zip around town. There are many different types of electric skateboards available in the market. All skateboards come equipped with top-quality features. If you want a cool skateboard you can afford, you need to do some research. We have all the information you need to choose the best electric skateboard for your specific needs.

Our Picks for the Best Electric Skateboard

Best Motorized: SKATEBOLT Tornado II Electric Skateboard

Best 28% Climbing: Maxfind Max2 Pro Electric Skateboard

Best for Beginner: Meepo V3 Electric Longboard

Best for Adults: Ownboard W1s Electric Longboard

Best Cruiser Skateboard: Hiboy S11 Electric Shortboard

SKATEBOLT Tornado II Electric Skateboard with LCD Remote Controller

The SKATEBOLT Tornado II Electric Longboard is affordable, convenient, and safe. It provides a convenient and easy way of transportation and enables you to enjoy a mobile lifestyle. The skateboard offers two different types of ride modes; sports and normal mode. The normal mode will enable you to navigate through traffic like a breeze, and the sports mode will help you travel pretty fast.

Speed and Range

The best speed range of the SKATEBOLT Tornado II is 26 mph and 24 miles in the top speed mode. The different speed modes are as follows:

  • Low Mode – The speed range in the low mode is 7.2 mph (12 km per hour).
  • Medium Mode – The speed range in the medium mode is 17.4 mph (28 km per hour).
  • High Mode – The speed range in the high mode is 22 – 25 mph (40 km per hour).
  • Pro Mode – The pro mode enables you to speed up at high speed.

If you are a thrill-seeker, the high mode will help you unlock the skateboard’s full speed. If you want the fastest acceleration, you can opt for the pro mode speed.

Powerful Motors

The 500w powerful hub motors will help you go anywhere you want. The batteries installed on the board will enable you to go at a speed of 15 – 20 miles per hour. The eight layers of northeast maple make the skateboard sturdy and comfortable.

Regenerative Braking

The regenerative safety brakes will enable you to stop the skateboard even at the highest speed. The braking system helps charge the board each time you stop, which extends the battery’s life.


  • 7500 mAh upgraded battery.
  • Durable and stable.
  • The skateboard has a screen display remote.
  • Taillights for safety.
  • Regenerative braking.
  • Dual 500w powerful hub motors.
  • The electric skateboard has four adjustable speed and braking modes.


  • The skateboard is slightly on the heavy side.
  • The backward and forward switches on the remote aren’t smooth.

Maxfind Max2 Pro Electric Skateboard

The Maxfind Max2 shortboard is one of the best electric skateboards available in the market for both experienced riders and beginners. The skateboard has got designed for college students looking for ways to get around the college campus.

Maxfind Max2 is a cheap electric skateboard that offers outstanding construction, range, and power for a reasonable price. Single motor and dual motor editions are the two styles available, and you can choose anyone you want.

Speed and Range

The M4 hub motor provides a quieter, smoother, and safe ride. The dual edition has two M4 hub motors, and this offers more torque. The top speed with a single edition motor is 20 mph/32 km, and the range is 12 miles/20 km.

The top speed with a dual motor is 24 mph/38 km, and the range is 12 miles/20 km. The single motor provides an impressive climbing grade of 20%, whereas the dual motor offers 28%.

The lithium-ion battery has a long lifespan. The powerful battery is compact and takes only two hours to charge. With more torque, you will find it easier to speed up.


The construction of the Maxfind Max2 gets done using a robust plastic composite, which is also eco-friendly. The carbon fiber coating makes it appealing and strong. The length of the skateboard deck is 31 inches.

The wheels of this electric skateboard are larger than the standard wheels you find on most boards. The diameter is also wide, and this enables the rider to glide smoothly over cracks in the road. The superior construction makes it resistant to impact.

The single edition board weighs 12 pounds, and the double edition board weighs 14 pounds. The single edition design can hold riders up to 176 pounds, whereas the double edition can withstand 220 pounds.

Ergonomic Remote Control

The ergonomic remote control will help you handle the electric skateboard with ease. You can choose between the three-speed modes depending on whether you are an experienced rider or a beginner.

Features such as wheel throttle and the gear speed limit will give the rider more control. The remote control enables you to navigate even challenging terrain.


  • The ergonomic remote control is available with a lanyard.
  • Eco-friendly skateboard.
  • Cadillac diamond cutting design.
  • Electronic regenerative braking system.
  • Lightweight and waterproof.


  • The dual edition speed is a bit disappointing for some riders.
  • The remote control doesn’t have a display screen.

Meepo V3 Electric Longboard with Remote

The Meepo V3 is fast and powerful with a good range. It is one of the best cheap electric skateboards available in the market. The longboard is ideal for beginners and experienced skaters.

The skateboard weighs only 16 pounds, making it easy to carry if the board runs out of power. The seven-strong layers of maple wood construction make it strong, and the board can handle a ride load of 300 pounds.

Speed and Range

The speed of this skateboard is impressive, and it can achieve 28 miles per hour. In only 4.5 seconds, you can go from 0 – 20 miles per hour. The board has a range of 11 miles.

The standard battery takes two hours to charge, whereas the ER battery takes three hours. The total uphill grade that the board can handle is 30%.

Durable Wheel Sleeves

The polyester urethane wheel sleeves are durable and offer better tear strength, tensile strength, and wear- resistance. The shock absorption feature of the wheel enables you to have a smooth riding experience.

The unique material of the wheel sleeves ensures better grip, rear resistance, and low noise. You can remove the sleeves and upgrade them to ride better. With total control, you can bring smooth curves to your braking and acceleration.

Powerful Hub Motor

The Meepo V3 comes equipped with two powerful 540w hub motors. The motor provides a strong torque, and this increases the speed of the skateboard. The brakes will help you stop immediately without sacrificing stability and control.


  • The skateboard deck is 38 inches long and 9 inches wide.
  • Superior quality wheel sleeves.
  • Four different ride modes.
  • The 11-mile range on a standard battery and the 20-mile range on an upgraded ER battery.
  • ESC software ensures seamless acceleration and deceleration.
  • Regenerative braking feature.
  • The dual hub motors are silent and don’t need much maintenance.


  • The skateboard vibrates if the terrain isn’t perfect.
  • The seals on the board come off, and it doesn’t take long for the rocks and dust to degrade the skateboard.
  • The warranty is only for six months.

Ownboard W1S Electric Longboard

The Ownboard W1S is one of the best electric skateboards for beginners. Features such as riding modes and battery make it a popular choice for riders looking for a cheap electric skateboard. The skateboard has a solid construction and will last long.

The deck of the board gets made from six layers of maple and two layers of bamboo. It makes the skateboard elastic. The board can get used to traveling at high speeds.

Speed and Range

The Ownboard W1S has three-speed modes. These include the beginner mode, middle mode, and proficient mode. The beginner mode has a speed of 12.5mph (20 km per hour), and the middle mode has a speed of 18.75mph (30 km per hour).

The proficient mode has a speed of 25mph (40 km per hour). The range is 9.5 – 12 miles. The range will depend on the weather and the weight of the rider. The different riding modes will also have an impact on the speed of the skateboard.

Wireless Remote

The wireless display remote will enable you to control the skateboard and maneuver it smoothly over any terrain. The ergonomic design of the remote will help you speed up and brake effortlessly.

The LED display settings will help you become aware of the power and battery level. The amazing soft touch of the remote ensures no connection loss to the board as you navigate the terrain.


  • Dual brushless 250w hub motors.
  • The construction of the skateboard is solid and waterproof.
  • The board can hold a rider up to 265 pounds.
  • The wireless remote is of good quality and has an LED display.
  • The braking is smooth.


  • 90 days warranty period.
  • The electric skateboard is heavy.

Hiboy S11 Electric Shortboard with Wireless Remote

The Hiboy S11 e-board is affordable. It is the best choice for beginners and teenagers. The board has four ride and brake modes. The deck is 29 inches long, which enables you to balance easily on the skateboard.

The 350W hub motor is strong enough to enable the board to go up small hills. The battery gets charged within two hours.

Speed and Range

The top speed of the Hiboy S11 is 12.4 mph. The range of the electric skateboard is 6.2 – 9 miles at full speed. The lightweight design of the board weighs only 7.94 pounds, which helps add to the speed on the road.

As there are four speed modes, you can choose the speed mode you want depending on your level of skill and experience. The beginner’s mode is ideal for learners who have begun to use the skateboard.


  • The electric skateboard has four ride and four brake modes.
  • A powerful hub motor ensures a top speed of 12.4 mph.
  • Regenerative braking feature.
  • The board is lightweight and robust.
  • The composite maple wood deck gets custom designed.
  • 1-year warranty


  • The skateboard has a low hill climb gradient of eight degrees.
  • The acceleration is slow compared to other skateboards.
  • The off-road functioning of the board is slow.

Things to Consider When Choosing A Cheap Electric Skateboard

If you want to have the best riding experience with an electric skateboard, you should consider some factors before you make a choice.

Battery and Motor

All-electric skateboards get powered by a battery and motor. Hub motors are the most popular choice as they are reliable. Brushless and brushed are the two categories of motors, and brushed motors are best for skateboards.

Brushless motors need little maintenance but do cost a lot. Single and double motors get used by electric skateboards. A lithium-ion battery voltage will help determine the torque and range of your board.

Speed and Range

The speed of most electric skateboards varies from 10 mph – 30 mph. Budget skateboards often have a range of 5 miles, whereas the premium quality boards range 30 miles on a single charge.

A good battery pack will help increase the speed and range of the skateboard.

Regenerative Braking

Almost all electric skateboards use regenerative braking as it helps charge the battery each time you apply brakes and helps conserve energy. Always ensure that the battery gets charged before you start using the skateboard.

Avoid overcharging the battery, as it can get damaged. Learn about the appropriate charging time from the manufacturer.

Remote Control

The remote control helps control speed and braking. Most remote systems have an ergonomic design and an LED display, and the LED display will help you know the battery power available.


Aluminum, ABS plastic, bamboo, ceramic, and maple are some of the materials that get used to construct electric skateboards. Wood is also a common material used as it is flexible and robust. Most skateboards can withstand a rider weight of 250 pounds.

The price of a cheap electric skateboard is reasonable, but they have all the features necessary for a good skateboard. You can find quality skateboards without having to compromise on quality.

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