How to Charge an Electric Scooter

Electric scooters have become popular among adults and kids. Because you are not just riding it, but it is a source of joy and fun. Many new riders want to buy electric scooters, but a critical thing after you is how to charge them. I will guide you with 10 steps to charge an electric scooter.

1.Let your scooter cool down:

If you are riding your scooter, then at least wait for 30 mins to cool down the battery and other electronics. The battery stores energy; if it is heated, it’s difficult for the battery to charge. Heat is the form of energy. Else, you hazard battery harm and shortening its life expectancy.

2. Make sure your electric scooter and its charger are not wet.

Many electric scooters are water-resistant or waterproof, and few have not. If your scooter is water-resistant, then you can take to ride in rainy weather. But if your scooter is not weather-resistant, do not try to ride in wet weather because it can damage the battery and scooter. Unfortunately, if your scooter is wet, make sure to dry your scooter before charging it. It would be best if you let the scooter dry for at least 30 minutes.  

3. Use an original charger:

If your charger is broke, avoid using different brands or a charger of another scooter. It can affect the charging jack of your scooter. Always consider the original charger for charging the battery. If it is broken, buy the new one.

4. Dry, cool environment

You have to charge your scooter in a dry room and at room temperature. Don’t charge it at extreme temperatures like colder than 0 degrees Celsius or hotter than 45 degrees Celsius. Be careful while charging the scooter. Don’t try to charge the scooter under the sun. It can damage the scooter battery and parts. The battery may explode and can harm you, and you’re nearby.

5.Turn off your scooter while charging.

Always turn off your scooter while charging. While you’re charging, the scooter turned off all the light or battery status of the scooter. It’s a good habit to prevent the battery from any harm. On the off chance that a scooter has no real way to tell you its battery level except if turned on, then, at that point, leave your scooter on while charging.

6.Plug the charger into the power outlet first

You have to plug the charger in the switch and then plug it into the scooter. Follow the user manual of the scooter; it can be different for your scooter. To avoid short circuits, we highly recommend plugging the charger into the wall before connecting the scooter. You need to check the charger works properly. There is a green indicator light that lights up when plugged in. If the green light does not bright up its means your charger is not working properly. Then you need to repair it, else buy a new one.

7.Plug the charger into the scooter’s charging port:

Some scooters have a charging cap which you have to remove to charge the scooter. After this, your scooter is charging. Many scooters have their way of indicating that the battery is charging. Usually, there is always a light that indicates that the battery is charging. Some advance scooter shows the battery level through the scooter pad and their apps.

8.Charge your battery until it’s fully charged:

It’s not mandatory to charge the scooter fully to ride it. I know it’s tough to charge the scooter fully. But mostly, I recommend charging the scooter fully before you use it. It would be best if you made the exact timetable for charging the scooter. Some scooters take 3 hours to charge fully, and some take 12 hours to charge fully. So, make your timetable according to your scooter. You can also follow the user manual in this regard.

9.Avoid overcharging your battery.

Don’t overcharge the scooter because it can harm your scooter and battery life. Some advance scooter has a feature that when the battery is 100% charged, a small indicator produces the sound. But many scooters don’t have this feature. So, you need to be very careful to avoid your scooter overcharging. For instance, if your bike takes around 3 hours to charge, plug it in after returning home from work and attachment it out in the evening. On the off chance that it requires 8 hours, you can connect it before you hit the sack, let it charge for the time being, and plug it out toward the beginning of the day.

10. Don’t ride immediately after charging.

You can ride the scooter while unplugging the charger and ride it immediately. I know it looks awesome. But I would prefer to wait for at least 5 minutes after charging to ride the scooter. It can be very helpful to increase the battery life. The battery may, in any case, be overheated from charging, and preferably, you shouldn’t ride it in that condition.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • How do I come to know when my electric scooter is charged?
There is a small indicator light on the scooter. Some scooter has green, and some have a red light. When your scooter is charged fully, then the indicator light colour will be changed. Some advance scooter has a feature to show battery level on the scooter and their apps.
  • How far can an electric scooter go on per charge?
It depends upon the model you have. Some scooter can go 30 miles per charge, and some can go just 5 miles per charge. Generally, less expensive scooter cover short-range while expensive can cover more range than the less expensive scooter.
  • Where to charge an electric scooter?

Look into the charging jack into your scooter; some scooter have a cover on the jack, so you need to remove it first to charge completely. First, plug the charger into the switch, then plugin on the scooter.
  • How to charge an electric scooter at home?
You can easily charge the electric scooters at home as you change your mobile phones and other electric appliances.
  • How to charge an electric scooter without a charger?
You can charge the electric scooter battery without a charge. First, you need to remove the battery from the scooter, then connect it to the car jumper or other adapter to charge the battery. After the battery charged fully, rebuilt the battery into the scooter and go for a ride
  • Can I charge an electric scooter overnight?
Yes, you can or not. Actually, it depends upon the battery timing to charge fully. If it takes 8 to 12 hours to charge fully, then you can charge it overnight.
  • Do you turn off the electric scooter while charging?
Yes, you need to turn off the scooter while charging because it can harm your scooter and decrease the battery life.
  • Can I charge an electric scooter by pushing?
Not all models are designed in such a way that you can use them manually or electrically; if your scooter is a dual supporter, then you can, otherwise not at all.
  • How often to charge an electric scooter?
You have to charge the scooter minimum of once per 30 days. Otherwise, it can harm your scooter and its battery life.

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