How Fast Are Electric Scooters?

Urban mobility on two wheels in 2021 will be increasingly zero-impact, with the transition to electric (scooters, e-bikes) favored by better performance and a general lowering of costs. If you have ended up on this page you have probably thought, at least once in your life, to the question: is an electric scooter worthwhile? It is difficult to give a single answer because there are too many elements to consider. What is certain is that the panorama of electric scooters has become increasingly rich in proposals, with the consequent lowering of prices thanks to greater competition also from the Chinese. The advantages of an electric scooter can be different: if you use it every day to go to the office, for example, you can use the workplace to recharge the battery. In most cases, electric scooters have a removable and transportable battery, sometimes divided into two separate “cases”. This conformation also allows the battery to be exploited together with the photovoltaic systems: while one is inside the scooter, the other can remain at home recharging by acting as a micro-storage system for the energy generated by the solar panels.

How Much Do the Fastest Electric Scooters Cost?

One of the advantages of electric motors, in addition to the simplicity of construction that affects the reduced maintenance costs for electric scooters (and the use of fewer fluids to change), is that of instant torque. Calculating the cost of recharging an electric scooter is very simple as long as you know the battery capacity, expressed in kWh (or Wh). For charging from home or in the box, just take the “unit cost” of electricity from an electricity bill and multiply that cost by the kWh of the battery. The resulting figure is not 100% accurate because very slight adjustments should be considered due to the efficiency of the charger and to the losses due to the Joule effect, insignificant at the charge current intensities of current scooters. These are negligible fractions that you can still calculate if you want, time and reminiscences of electrical engineering, note the plate data of the charger and the electrical system that vary from scooter to scooter.

Top 5 Fastest Electric Scooters in 2021

Rion2 RE90

As the name suggests, this electric scooter is a particular model, conceived not for normal urban traffic or ‘last mile traffic, but real sports competitions between pilots. It is therefore right to expect much more freedom than the limits imposed by law in different countries in terms of speed and power, plus the excellent quality of the components. This Rion has dual 5000W brushless motors, one mounted on the front wheel, the other on the rear. The maximum achievable speed is 100 mph. For safety reasons, this value has been limited to 80 mph. But there is more. Each motor is a three-phase motor: at each phase, the respective controller delivers an intensity of 500 amps which gives the vehicle unparalleled rapid and progressive acceleration. The battery is a lithium battery with 21700 high capacity cells with a full-charge voltage equal to 96.6 V and intensity equal to 30Ah. The supplied power supply is a 10 Ah with which it is possible to carry out a total recharge in 4 and a half hours. The battery is a lithium battery with 21700 high capacity cells with a full-charge voltage equal to 96.6 V and intensity equal to 30Ah. The supplied power supply is a 10 Ah with which it is possible to carry out a total recharge in 4 and a half hours.


The WEPED SS reaches speeds of 70 MPH and to this day remains one of the fastest scooters ever built. One of its features is the ability to be fully customizable. It has a very wide handlebar, which makes it easier to handle and a high level of comfort. Then find many buttons with different functions, such as speed adjustment and LED lights adjustment. Among the indicators present, the one that indicates the battery life is missing, but it replaces the voltage indicator that allows you to understand how much time you say remains. Fit hydraulic brakes to improve your driving experience and safety, because, on such a fast scooter, braking is an important aspect to consider. In addition to the speed of 70 MPH, another important aspect of this scooter is the power. The WEPED SS is equipped with two motors mounted under the hub, which together manage to reach a total power of 6000W. Quest allows him to reach an unmatched speed, without neglecting the power you will not have problems with dirt roads or climbs. It features a large 45 AMP battery which is recharged by a 1.7A charger supplied by the manufacturer. The charging times of this scooter are its weak point. It can take up to 15 hours to get a 100% recharge. But if you buy the 5A boosted charger, you can solve this problem. The enormous power of the battery mounted on this scooter turns into a range of 80 miles on a single charge. This makes it one of the scooters with the greatest autonomy on the market.

KAABO Wolf Warrior 11

What is the first feature to start from? Certainly the power. The Wolf Warrior is a dual motor that develops 1200W of power per motor, which is equivalent to 2400W in total. Later we will see what are the ideal situations in which Wolf Warrior can make a difference. But let’s go step by step, starting as usual with the analysis of the technical specifications. As mentioned earlier, each brushless motor delivers continuous rated power of 1200 W and reaches a peak power of 5400 W. In dual-drive mode, the maximum speed declared by the house is 50 MPH. The slope index is close to 45 °. 3-speed regulators that can be set from the dashboard. You can choose between two alternatives: a 60 V 25 Ah or a 60-V 35 Ah. The charging time is about 13 h for the first and 17 h for the second with a 2A power supply. A second optional power supply can be purchased, which can be used thanks to the double socket on the side of the platform. With both, the charging time is halved. With the 25-Ah battery and in eco mode, the maximum range declared by the house is 80 MPH. With the 35-Ah battery, the range in eco-mode increases.


Manufactured by the Chinese company NANRBOT, which specializes in high-performance electric scooters, electric scooters, and e-bikes, this RS11 is a jewel of technology. It is fitted with 2 electric motors each of 1800W, for a total power of 3600W. To make you understand the power, the Ninebot by Segway es2, which is the best-selling model on Amazon, has a power of 300W. The engines of the NANRBOT RS11 make it the most powerful electric scooter or electric scooter in the world. The maximum speed that this very fast scooter can reach is 88 km / h. Incredible! The battery also guarantees decent autonomy, because with a single full charge you can travel more than 50 MPH. Other features include a 60V 38AH battery, an electronic emergency braking system, 11-inch tires, a rubber shock absorber system, lights. It is also one of the most expensive electric scooters, taking $ 3,199 to take home. It certainly cannot be defined as a low-cost model. The NANRBOT company produces many high-performance models, but this is certainly one of the best since thanks to the large battery it has a range of about 55 MPH.

Mantis PRO

The Mantis Pro is an enhanced version of the Mantis basic version. Like the basic 17.5A version, it has twin 1000-watt electric motors, agile steering, and top-notch build quality, all packed into a 25-kg weight. However, the Pro also adds fully hydraulic Zoom disc brakes, a Minimotors EYE throttle, a larger battery, and even more powerful controllers. It is the most powerful scooter ever tested and all with a range of about 45 MPH. Its dual 1000-watt electric motors, 27-amp controller, and 60-volt battery propelled the Pro up to 40 MPH in seconds. In terms of feel, the Pro feels very fast. You have to hold the handlebar firmly. The throttle is incredibly responsive and you hear the engines pulling as soon as you hit the accelerator. We tested the Mantis Pro’s uphill performance. The Pro finished our uphill test in 7.9 seconds with an average speed of 30 MPH. The Mantis Pro is equipped with a 1470 watt/hour battery (60-volt system with a capacity of 24.5 amperes/hour), which in our tests gave us a range of 45 MPH.

How Can I Make My Electric Scooter Faster?

There are several methods to make your electric scooter go faster. Let’s see some.

Add another battery

Yes, adding an extra battery can make your scooter go faster. This is because you are going to supercharge the scooter.It’s kind of like turbo charging a car. To add another battery to your scooter, simply open the scooter’s battery compartment, and read the exact battery model. Buy the new battery and install it for instant improvement. This process will increase the top speed of your scooter by a good 30-40% more. However, I advise you to connect only one extra battery, because by connecting three of them, for example, the risk of burning or damaging both the motor and the controller is very high.

Replace the control unit with a more powerful one

Thanks to this method you will be able to double the speed of your scooter. All you have to do is to buy and install a more powerful ECU and install it in your scooter instead of the original one. Make sure you buy a control unit with a voltage equal to or slightly higher than that of the scooter’s motor, otherwise you could risk serious damage. Changing the ECU is extremely simple because all the connections of the ECUs for the “electric scooter” are identical, so simply disconnect the old one and install the new one by connecting everything. If you have a little dexterity and want to replace the controller of your scooter but you are not an expert, ask for assistance from an expert before causing irreparable damage to your scooter.

Replace the motor with a more powerful one

This is certainly one of the most effective changes but also the most difficult to implement because it requires good experience and knowledge of all the parts of your scooter. The speed of the scooter largely depends on the power of the motor. This power is measured in W (watts) and is generally between 120W and 1000W. If you decide to change your scooter’s motor, make sure you get a reliable one with at least 500-800W. Trustors get advice from a professional for installation.

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