9 Best Electric Skateboard Conversion Kits Review | Complete Guide in 2023

Do you want to transform your regular, old skateboard into an amazing electric skateboard? If you are a DIY lover, you’re at the right place! Electric skateboard conversion kits in this guide will be your good helper!

Generally speaking, an electric skateboard conversion kit includes all devices and components for turning your normal skateboard or longboard into an e board, such as the battery pack, pre-installed ESC (electronic speed controller), etc. It’s very friendly to people who are not professionals because they don’t need to worry if they have missed necessary accessories or parts. Manufacturers have packed all things up for you! You only need to fit the conversion kit to the deck.

With the help of an electric skateboard conversion kit, it’s super simple, interesting, and affordable to build your own electric skateboard with your own hands. That’s a fantastic feeling and I bet you’re gonna love it!

In this guide, I will introduce you to the best electric skateboard conversion kits available on the market. Some of them are pretty simple to assemble, while others may require more effort. But don’t worry, I’ll explain these conversion kits one by one in detail, with a look at the expected performance of your newly-built electric skateboard, like range and speed.

Our Picks for 8 Best Electric Skateboard Conversion Kits on the Market:

Best Electric Skateboard Conversion Kits Review

1. Build Kit Boards (BKB)

BKB Tayto Electric Skateboard Kit – Build Kit Boards
  • Max speed: 32-64 km/h (20-40 mph)
  • Range: 22.5-32 km (14-20 miles)
  • Battery: Samsung battery
  • Warranty: 100 days
  • Assembly difficulty: easy

One of the best parts of BKB is that it comes with all parts and tools required to build your own e board, even the deck. With BKB, you don’t have to do any annoying programming or soldering work. Just use the screws to mount the conversion kit, you’ll get a powerful electric skateboard and go flying.

BKB provides both large and small decks for you to choose from. A larger deck often has a better concave and special flex. If you don’t know which size deck to use, you can go with a BKB choice first.

Besides, Build Kit Boards also uses belt motors and a healthy battery pack paired to a VESC to offer a high-quality conversion kit for electric skateboards.

By now, BKB mainly provides two types of electric skateboard conversion kits: BKB Tayto electric skateboard kit and BKB Duo electric skateboard kit. The latter is a new style.

BKB Duo Electric Skateboard Kit – Build Kit Boards

BKB Tayto now is more suitable for riders looking for a DIY compact e board at high speeds. Its drivetrain is entirely modular and works well for hundreds of wheel types. The VESC-based motor controller gives you a chance to customize how your board rides and tune the brake curve/acceleration as you like. Moreover, the BKB Tayto comes with dual 3000w motors that offer you amazing torque to beat other boards. Track rides and real-time can be viewed at any time, thanks to the Bluetooth adaptor sent together.

Same as BKB Tayto, BKB Duo’s modular drivetrain also works well with hundreds of wheel types. Its Tru-Flex deck will keep the board stable even at 40+ mph and return to the center quickly if riding over an obstacle. The 5mm foam grip tape can absorb road vibrations, making the riding more stable. The accompanying rapid charger can reduce the charging time by around 40%. The dual 3000w motors provide a healthy amount of speed and torque to beat other boards. Furthermore, a few accessories are offered for BKB Duo, such as belt guards, spare belts, 20T speed upgrades, Kegel wheel pulleys, etc.


  • Easy assembly and high performance
  • Pair with many smartphone apps
  • 100-day warranty
  • Customization options available
  • Tutorials available


  • A little expensive
  • The battery is not the largest

2. Maxfind M5 Drive Kit

Maxfind M5 DIY Drive Kit
  • Max speed: 25 mph / 40 kph
  • Range: 15-45 miles / 25-75 km
  • Battery: SAMSUNG 10S2P, 4.4Ah, 158Wh, 36V
  • Warranty: 270 days
  • Assembly difficulty: super easy

Similar to BKB, the Maxfind M5 Drive Kit can be mounted to any type of skateboard. The electric skateboard conversion kit is one of the best choices for people looking for customization and personality.

The fast-swap battery design allows you to replace the battery in only 10 seconds and select the battery combination you like based on your requirements for mileage. Three range options are available, including standard range (15miles/25km), long range (30miles/50km) and super range (45miles/75km). The compact size makes it a perfect e board for traveling or long commuting.

In addition, the M5 Drive Kit comes with the dual hub motors (750w each), offering plenty of torque with a small input current. And the new Hobbywing-9005 FOC ESC allows you to precisely adjust the power output to ensure smooth braking and acceleration, providing you with a more comfortable and enjoyable riding. Thanks to the new Max II 45° truck, you will never worry about stability at high speeds.

Besides, if you are interested in other electric skateboard conversion kits from Maxfind, you can also try Maxfind M6 Drive Kit, another amazing kit for e boards.


  • Multiple range options
  • Fast-swap battery design
  • Advanced and beautiful look
  • Durable and premium enclosure


  • Hard wheels
  • Noise issue (the e board will rattle on rough road

3. Mellow Drive Kit for Electric Skateboard

Mellow Drive Assembly Kit
  • Max speed: 25 mph / 40 kph
  • Range: 7.5-10 miles / 12-15 km
  • Battery: Lithium-ion cells from the Tesla supplier, 99Wh
  • Warranty: one year for battery pack / two years for remote and drive system
  • Assembly difficulty: super easy

Made in Germany, Mellow Drive Kit is an innovative and high-quality modular drive system and can be mounted to any type of deck. As a compact and integrated kit, Mellow Drive includes wheels, battery pack, remote, lanyard, charger, and screws.

The assembly process is much easier than BKB. Just unscrew the rear truck and install the Mellow Drive.

Mellow electric skateboard conversion kit comes with a swappable battery system via a click-in. It’s resistant to dust and water and certified for air travel.

A custom-made remote is available in the Mellow kit pack. You will have four riding modes to choose from and monitor the charge state via the LED display. Besides, the safe (encrypted) Bluetooth connection allows you to easily connect your electric skateboard to the Mellow app for more monitoring. Both iOS and Android versions are available.


  • Super simple assembly
  • Dust and water-proof (IP65)
  • High-quality electric skateboard conversion kit made in German
  • Battery pack certified for air travel


  • Pricey
  • Shorter range compared to other conversion kits

4. Revel Direct Drive Electric Skateboard Kit

Revel direct drive electric skateboard kit
  • Max speed: 28 mph/45 kmh
  • Range: 10 miles/16 km for standard range; 15 miles/24 km for extended range
  • Max grade: 20%
  • Warranty: 6 months
  • Assembly difficulty: super easy

Made from quality materials, the Revel Kit is a bolt-on electric longboard/skateboard kit that offers riders high performance and amazing versatility.

The direct drive kit is compatible with plenty of wheels, ranging from the standard, smooth urethane wheels to airless, all-terrain rubber wheels. ABEC adapters are also included in the Revel Kit, making it work well with the latest Cloudwheels.

Considering users’ different needs, the Revel Kit comes with two battery options. The standard range battery (4000mAh/144wh) is designed for airplane travel while the extended range battery (6000mAh/216wh) is for people requiring more ranges. Because of the detachable battery system, you can freely swap the batteries according to your preference.

As to the Bluetooth remote, it has an intuitive slider for speed control and a display to check riding data and change the settings. And the most amazing thing about the Revel Kit is that you can have two kits paired to the remote on one electric board, rendering you a 4WD riding experience.


  • Direct drive electric skateboard/longboard kit
  • Works well with various wheels
  • A detachable and swappable battery system
  • Including wheels, trucks, and all hardware needed
  • Two battery options


  • No deck included
  • A little expensive
  • The range could be longer

5. Unlimited×Loaded Electric Skateboard Kits

Unlimited and loaded solo kit

Solo conversion kit

unlimited and loaded cruiser kit

Cruiser conversion kit

unlimited and loaded race kit

Race conversion kit

Unlimited × Loaded kit is also one of the simplest electric skateboard conversion kits you can find on the market. The purpose of this Barcelona-based company is to make electric skateboarding simple for everyone and provide an easy plug-and-play solution. The conversion kit included everything required to build your board, except the trucks and the deck.

Three riding modes are available for you to choose from via a mobile app. With the waterproof components and motor, riding in the rain is no longer an issue. But even though, it’s not recommended to ride the electric skateboard in heavy rain.

By now, the company has published three different electric skateboard conversion kits, including solo kit, cruiser kit, and race kit. Here are the details:

Model Solo kit Cruiser kit Race kit
Package1 motor and 1 battery 1 motor and 2 batteries2 motors and 2 batteries
Max speed23 mph23 mph26 mph
Range7 miles13 miles13 miles
Weight4.4 lbs6.6 lbs9 lbs
Max grade20°
Others1. Lightest
2. Good for decks under 33°
1. Most efficient
2. Work well with almost any deck and truck
1. Highest-end
2. Work well with almost
any deck and truck (or any board over 33″)

Of all Unlimited × Loaded electric skateboard kits, they have 3 features:

  • Modular: All three models possess different accessories as shown on the above chart.
  • Customizable: All of these three models have similar structures, which means customers can buy extra accessories from Unlimited×Loaded websites. You can make an RECE model from the SOLO model on your own.
  • Hardware upgradable: You can upgrade your hardware through the mobile app.


  • The battery is friendly for air travel
  • Clean look
  • Easy to upgrade
  • 1-year warranty (US) and 2 years warranty (EU)
  • The battery can be swapped
  • 4 riding modes


  • Expensive
  • Long recharge time
  • Ranges could be longer

6. Teamgee H3 DIY Electric Skateboard Kit – Cheap Option

Teamgee H3 DIY electric skateboard kit
  • Max speed: 16 mph / 26 kph
  • Range: 6.2 miles / 10 km
  • Motor: 1 hub motor (400w)
  • Warranty: 90 days
  • Assembly difficulty: super easy

Teamgee H3 DIY Kit is one of the cheapest electric skateboard kits for sale on the market. But low price doesn’t mean the kit has poor quality. It’s one of the most recommended conversion kits among skateboard lovers instead.

The H3 kit is compatible with any kind of deck. You can freely choose the deck you want to build a perfect and unique electric skateboard according to your preference. Just take several screws to connect rear trucks, battery pack, and front trucks——a pretty simple process.

In addition, the kit also features swappable wheels, allowing you to replace the old wheels easily. Once it’s assembled, you can ride it on a variety of road conditions with no effort, like flat or curved roads and slopes.


  • Cheap and high quality
  • Customizable
  • Swappable wheels
  • Work well on various road conditions


  • Short-range
  • Speed can be bigger

7. Meepo Board V3 Kit – Cheap Option

Meepo Board V3
  • Max speed: 29 mph / 46 kmh
  • Range: 11-20 miles (18-32 km)
  • Battery: 144W for normal range; 288W for extended range model
  • Warranty: 6 months
  • Assembly difficulty: easy

Meepo is a Chinese company founded in 2017. Electric skateboards from Meepo are now welcomed by most skateboard riders. Regarding the Meepo Board V3 Kit, it refers to a package of all components and materials required to create a Meepo Board V3 on your own. You can freely choose a battery with a normal range or a larger one with an extended range while buying this kit.

Besides, you don’t have to worry about the ESC part, because the manufacturer has already pre-installed the ESC and motors, bringing you great convenience by saving massive effort and time.

Compared to purchasing a Meepo V3 Board, buying a Meepo Board V3 Kit can not only save $30 for you but also give you an amazing feeling of doing something by yourself.


  • Cheap electric skateboard kit
  • High reputation
  • A chance to build your own Meepo V3 Board


  • No deck included
  • Range can be longer

8. WowGo Electric Skateboard Kit – Cheap Option

WowGo 2S Pro1 electric skateboard
  • Max speed: 23.6 mph / 38 kmh
  • Range: 10-19 miles (16-30 km), depending on batteries
  • Max grade: 25-30°
  • Warranty: 3 months
  • Assembly difficulty: medium

WowGo is another Chinese brand to sell quality but cheap electric skateboards. The WowGo electric skateboard kit comes with all necessary components (no deck included) and tools for you to create your own WowGo Board, such as the WowGo 2S. Besides, the kit also includes some accessories like a wall hook and a grip tape.

And to save you time and effort, some parts will be pre-installed by WowGo before the shipment. So if you are confident about your DIY skills, you can try this electric skateboard kit.


  • Cheap electric skateboard kit
  • High reputation
  • A chance to build your own WowGo Board


  • No deck included
  • The assembly can be a little hard for some people
  • Range can be longer

9. Possway T3 Shock-Absorbing Electric Skateboard

possway electric skateboard
  • Range: 18miles
  • Speed: 28mph/46km/h
  • Battery: 280.8wh, 7.8Ah, 42V 18650 Li-ion Battery
  • Wheels: 105mm Shock-Absorbing Wheels
  • Motor: 500W*2 hub motors
  • Warranty: 180 days

Possway T3 electric skateboard is a relatively cost-effective product; the most significant feature is its wheels. The wheels are shock-absorbing, and patterns on them can play a non-slip role. As a rider who likes a stable ride, this electric skateboard can be the best choice. Its stability and comfort are also very suitable for beginners and commuters.

T3 electric skateboard climbing performance will be weaker. The rate of this skateboard tends to be stable, reducing the shock brought about by the rugged road. If you want to experience the thrill of speed brought about by skateboarding, it is not recommended that you pick this.


  • Comfortable and stable ride
  • Suitable for beginners and commuters
  • Anti-slip and shock-absorbing wheels


  • Weak climbing performance

Advantages of Electric Skateboard Conversion Kits

If you lack the relevant knowledge, expertise, and hands-on skills but are keen on making something with your hands, then start immersing yourself in various forums, reading posts, and watching videos, but eventually only to find that DIY is a vast amount of work. The truth is although electric skateboards are small, the modification difficulty is not even as complex as car repairing.

So, why not consider DIY with a whole set of electric skateboard conversion kits? It’s like the half-finished food we buy at the supermarket, we then need to put it in the microwave, and a delicacy is made.

With a complete electric skateboard conversion kit, what you need to do is follow the instructions. Or you can go to find some videos and do as the videos show. In short, adopting a conversion kit to DIY electric skateboard is always much more accessible than buying a bunch of accessories to DIY. Not only is the manual process simple, but also the knowledge and skills required are simple. Besides, it gives you the freedom to use the decks you want, making your ride unique and distinctive.

Disadvantages of Electric Skateboard Conversion Kits

The conversion kit does not provide a higher degree of customization, personalization as the manufacturers integrate all gadgets for you. But honestly, this is also the advantage it has. Meanwhile, you may find it a little more expensive than you buy kits separately, partly because manufacturers do most work for you. 

How to Buy an Electric Skateboard Conversion Kit

Power Performance 

The main reason that most players choose to DIY electric skateboards is that they can customize the performance of the electric skateboard as their wish. When selecting the skateboard kit, pay attention to the specs and other indicators of the equipment, and see whether these specs meet your expectations. 

Although in some cases, the spec figures cannot accurately reflect the performance of the kit. But due to conversion kits already produced and assembled by the factory, you can take the products’ parameters as reference. 

Of course, if there is no display of parameters, you can ask customer service or search for relevant videos and reviews on google. If you cannot get the product-related parameters through the above methods, my advice is not to buy this one.

Component Quality

It is imperative and necessary to buy quality electric skateboard kits.

On the one hand, you have to assemble it yourself. If the screws and nuts type size deviation, you can hardly fix the conversion kits on the board, or at first it was well, but later when you are riding the electric skateboard, the kits cannot withstand the long ride and eventually fall off.

Quality affects not only the assembly process but also your riding experience. A set of poor-quality conversion kits are indeed the culprit of accidents during the ride. The kit manufacturer will not insure your body. Safety is always the first consideration.

Suitability Issues

Firstly, the deck and the kit. Whether you buy the deck first or buy the electric skateboard kit first, you have to consider the adaptation of each other. On the one hand, it is a size issue. Make sure the kit will fit on the deck. 

There are many types of decks, and different decks are suitable for other road conditions. Do you often ride in the countryside? Does the road condition flat or uneven and rugged? Or do you use the e-skateboard commuting in the city? Besides, what is your expected speed on the board? Because some boards are suitable for high-speed riding, but some are not. Therefore, if you buy a high-power motor then with the fish board, this is not suitable.

Second, the kit and wheel. Currently, the famous electric longboard kits on the market adopt hub motors (without wheels). This means you need to buy wheels on your own. There are many kinds of wheel materials, colors, patterns, but the most critical factor is to fit the motor size.

Assembly Difficulty

It depends on what you think. If you are passionate about calculating, cutting, welding, you can buy separate gadgets and then put them together. But remember, don’t take your passion for granted, because in this case, knowledge and skills matter. 

Most e-commerce sites currently sell skateboard conversion kits integrating accessories, circuitry, and electrical wiring organized for you. You need to use the tool to screw them on the decks when you receive the goods. The five products introduced later also belong to this type.

After-sales Service

For most of us, this is essential since no matter where we buy the kits; we don’t want our products to be without a warranty. If there is a broken wire, a short circuit, or such a problem, consumers often cannot solve it. So, before or when you buy the electric skateboard, take note of the warranty terms.

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