20+ Cat Tattoo Ideas & Designs

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Cats are lovable pets that you can find almost everywhere in the world. You will find cats in almost every country of the world. Hence, the little creatures and humans share a very close relationship. Many individuals keep cats as pets in their homes. Cats are one of the most common pets you can find.

The little fluffy creatures provide good company; many people are very attached to their cats. It is perfectly normal seeing a person with a cat tattoo when outside. Many people love the little creature so much that they tattoo them on their bodies. There are many excellent and unique cat tattoos.

Cat tattoos are trendy among people of all ages. There are also many unique and mind-blowing cat tattoo designs. Are you a cat lover looking to get an awesome cat tattoo? You don’t need to look any further. Here are some fantastic cat tattoo ideas and designs that will get you excited.

Cat Tattoo Ideas & Designs

There are diverse cat tattoo designs and ideas. Different people come up with creative ideas for cat tattoo designs daily. Some of these designs are realistic, while some are minimalist. It depends on the user’s choice. Are you looking for cool cat tattoo ideas? Here are some designs for you.

Black Cat Tattoo 

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Many people like simple things. In some cultures, black cats are a bad sign. However, that is only the case in some places. There are many places where people love and accept black cats. Black cat tattoos are simple and do not require any complex procedure hence, why many people love them.

Hello Kitty Tattoo 

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You will find one of the most popular cat tattoos anywhere in the hello kitty tattoo. There are multiple instances where people tattooed Hello Kitty on their bodies. The hello kitty tattoo is derived from a trendy brand’s symbol, and there are many designs and variations of the kitty tattoo.

Cheshire Cat Tattoo

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A Cheshire cat is a unique cat with a broad and prominent mouth. This unique characteristic makes it an excellent subject for cat tattoo designs. An example of a famous Cheshire cat is the giant cat in Alice In Wonderland. The popular reference makes Cheshire cat tattoos quite popular.

Sphynx Cat Tattoo 

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The sphynx is a type of cat that you can find in Egypt. A sphynx is a symbol that represents knowledge and wisdom. It is an extraordinary creature with little or no fur on its body. However, it is still respected in Egypt and other parts of the world. A sphynx is your best bet if you want a cat tattoo that symbolizes knowledge.

Simple Cat Tattoo

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Many individuals love simple things. Only some people want a tattoo with a meaning attached to it or something with a complex design. Some people want a friendly and straightforward cat tattoo. Simple cat tattoos are usually easy to draw and contain tiny details. Many people love simple cat tattoo ideas.

Cat Outline Tattoo

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A cat outline tattoo is a tattoo that involves only the outline of the cat. Only the outline of the cat will be drawn, and there will not be any ink on the other parts. It is a simple and minimalist cat tattoo that does not require much work or intricacy. This cat tattoo is also suitable for people who love small and simple tattoos.

Lucky Cat Tattoo

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The lucky cat tattoo is another popular cat tattoo. Many people have this tattoo as a sign of good luck. To them, the tattoo is a good luck charm. The lucky cat symbol represents an artifact that brings luck to its owner. It is a unique cat tattoo with a symbolic meaning.

Cat Paw Tattoo

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It is common to see a paw tattoo when walking down the road. Cat paw tattoos are especially prevalent; many people have cat paw print tattoos on their bodies. It is usually small, just like most cat tattoos, and you can draw it anywhere on your body. You can even have multiple paw tattoos.

Fat Cat Tattoo

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Out of every five cats, one cat is always bigger and fatter than the rest. Some specific individuals love fat cats. Individuals like these tend to wear fat cat tattoos instead of regular ones. There are many unique designs and variations for fat cat tattoos. Hence, you can easily select a design that will suit your taste.

Alley Cat Tattoo

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You can find an alley cat almost anywhere in the world. Alley cat is a word people use to describe cats that live along alleys. These cats are usually stray cats who belong to no one. However, some people adopt alley cats sometimes. Alley cat tattoos are popular and have various designs.

Cat Skull Tattoo

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Cat skull tattoos are different from regular cat tattoos as they are symbolic. People use a cat skull tattoo to represent death and resurrection, just like a cat’s nine lives. It is not a tattoo that you can commonly see around you. Most people with this tattoo have a story or symbolic meaning attached to it.

Line Art Cat Tattoo

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A line art simple cat tattoo is very similar to a cat outline tattoo. They both involve an artist creating a cat tattoo design using simple lines. The difference between the two types of cat tattoos is that line art cat tattoos only partially cover the outline. It usually involves drawing a vague but complete cat outline.

Cat Tattoos With Flowers

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There are many variations and designs when it comes to cat tattoos. You can blend various items in a cat tattoo design to create a unique idea. A famous example of this is a cat tattoo with flowers. Cat tattoos with flowers involve a blend between a cat tattoo and petals or a bouquet.

Cat Silhouette Tattoo 

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A cat silhouette tattoo is also similar to a cat outline tattoo. However, a cat silhouette tattoo is more detailed than an outline tattoo. Cat silhouette tattoos usually only portray the outline of the cat; However, the tattoo artist can also add extra details to the outline, such as hair and whiskers, to make the silhouette more unique.

Cat Belly Button Tattoo

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Many people are creative when it comes to their tattoos. People come up with new and exciting locations and designs for cat tattoos. One of the most interesting places to tattoo a cat is around the belly button. The belly buttonhole lets you be more creative with your tattoo designs or ideas.

Cute Cat Tattoos

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Cute cat tattoos are the most popular cat tattoos you will find anywhere. Many people love cats for various reasons. However, one reason most cat lovers will agree is that cats are adorable. Hence, many people tattoo cute cat tattoo designs on their bodies. You can select a design or ask a tattoo artist for help.

Traditional Cat Tattoo

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A traditional cat tattoo is an illustration of a general representation of cats. There are many types of cats in the world. Some people prefer tattoos of the traditional cats they can find around them. You can carry a reference image of the cat you want to the tattoo artist. Traditional cat tattoos are relatively popular around the world.

Japanese Cat Tattoo

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People of various cultures draw cats in different ways. A Japanese cat tattoo illustrates the Japanese representation of a cat. Individuals and tattoo artists usually get inspiration for Japanese cat tattoos from various anime and manga. You can draw a Japanese cat tattoo anywhere in the world.

Ghost Cat Tattoo

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A ghost cat tattoo is a famous illustration of a ghost cat. It is a drawing of a cat with a piece of white cloth on its head to give it a ghost-like effect. No specific symbolic meaning is attached to a ghost cat tattoo, and you can draw them in different variations. It depends on how creative your tattoo artist is.

Hell Cat Tattoo

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As the name implies, a hell cat tattoo represents a cat from hell. There is no real creature called a hell cat; However, there are many representations of what a hell cat should look like. It is usually an image of a cat with dark or hellish characteristics such as horns or three eyes.

Cat Eye Tattoo

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Cat eye tattoos are trendy among eye tattoos. There are many people with unique cat eye tattoo designs. Some individuals appreciate the eyes of a cat and want a tattoo of it. Are you thinking of getting a cat eye tattoo? You can create your custom design or get a tattoo artist to draw one.


Cats and dogs are the most popular pets in most households. There are many cat lovers in the world today. It is common to see someone with a cat tattoo when you go outside. There are various types of cat tattoos and diverse variations. Are you thinking of getting a simple or awesome cat tattoo? We’ve provided some incredible cat tattoo ideas for you.

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