Top 30+ Sword Tattoo Ideas, Designs & Meaning

sword tattoo

Tattoos are very popular among the youth. However, tattoos are not restricted to younger folk alone. Many middle-aged and old folk love getting tattoos on their bodies. There are various types of tattoos you can draw. It depends on your taste and if the tattoo is supposed to have symbolic meaning.

Sword tattoos are especially common among people of all ages. This is because sword tattoos look very cool and have symbolic meanings. A sword is a tool that everyone is familiar with. If you ask kids to draw a sword, they can do it without hassle. People associate swords with bravery and strength.

A sword is a very symbolic design for a tattoo. In the olden days, people used swords to fight battles and protect themselves from enemies. A sword tattoo is one of the best representatives of strength, bravery, and protection. There are many sword tattoo designs with various meanings. 

Sword Tattoo Designs  

There are many kinds of swords. Hence, there are also many sword tattoo designs. Sword tattoo designs can be simple or very detailed. It all depends on what you are going for. An experienced tattoo artist can design a sword tattoo in many ways. You can also suggest any special designs you want.

Most times, tattoo artists draw sword tattoos in black inc. Most of the sword tattoos you will see on the street are black. However, this doesn’t mean you cannot add other colors to sword tattoos. You can get a sword tattoo with a mixture of various colors. It all depends on the client’s taste and the meaning you are going for.

There are different types of swords, such as katanas and samurai swords. Hence, there are also specific sword tattoo designs. You can get a samurai sword tattoo, a katana tattoo, or any other sword-type tattoo you want. Each type of sword tattoo has a meaning or cultural representation behind it.

What is a katana tattoo meaning? Katanas and samurai swords originate from Japanese culture. There are also sword tattoo designs that you can pick from popular movies or cartoon characters. These include designs like a King Arthur’s sword tattoo or a demon slayer sword tattoo. There are numerous tattoo designs you can pick from.

The internet provides you with access to any sword tattoo design you want. If you are thinking about getting a sword tattoo but don’t know where to get any designs, you can easily get some online. Not every sword tattoo is symbolic. Some people want a sword tattoo simply because it looks cool.

If you are not too big on the meanings of sword tattoos, this makes selecting a design much easier. You can pick any design that looks nice to you. However, if you’re the type that loves to look into sword tattoo meanings, here are some common sword tattoo meanings.

Sword Tattoo Meaning

A sword tattoo can mean many things. Most of the time, you will find sword tattoos on men. However, women can also sport sword tattoos. Sword tattoos usually represent courage, bravery, and strength. Here are some popular meanings people attach to sword tattoos:

  • Protection

A sword is a tool that people primarily use for fighting. Many people believe a sword is a tool for protection. This is because people used swords to drive away beasts and invaders. Hence, many individuals see a sword tattoo as a symbol of protection from harm.

In some cultures, swords serve as a means of protection from evil spirits. You can also use a sword tattoo to represent a recognized hero or protector. Many people see sword tattoos as a symbol of a protector or hero.

  • Bravery

You can also use a sword tattoo to represent bravery. Before the age of guns, people fought wars using swords and other melee weapons. In many cultures, only warriors and soldiers were allowed to carry swords, as this was only seen as a symbol of brave.

A sword tattoo can represent victory or freedom after a long war. It is one of the major symbols of bravery. If you are looking to get a tattoo that depicts bravery, then you should get yourself a sword tattoo.

  • Death

A sword is an instrument of war. Individuals mostly use swords when there is a conflict between two sides. Hence, a sword tattoo can also represent death. In the olden days, many warriors attached the word ‘death’ to their swords as a sign of respect and bravery for their opponents. 

  • Power

You can also use a sword tattoo to represent power and masculinity. A sword is a mighty tool that people use to represent the king or warriors of a land. In many cultures, a ceremonial sword usually represents the king. Usually, only the king can wield this sword. Hence it is a symbol of power.

Where To Place A Sword Tattoo  

No manual dictates where you should place your sword tattoo. You can get a tattoo anywhere on your body. It all depends on your choice. However, there are some factors that you are advised to consider before getting a sword tattoo on just any body part. It is not advisable to get a tattoo on your eye or orifice.

Most tattoo artists advise placing a sword tattoo across a linear body part. Linear body parts include your hands, legs, and spine. Drawing a sword tattoo on a linear body part produces a much better aesthetic effect. It also makes the tattoo look more natural and fitting for the position.

Another thing you should consider when considering where to place a sword tattoo is the meaning you are going for. You can place the tattoo on your forearm or chest region if you’re going for a sword tattoo that depicts courage and bravery. This is because the chest and biceps region can depict the meaning better.

Types Of Sword Tattoos

There are many types of sword tattoos and variations in the world today. Tattoo artists develop creative ideas daily, converting them into spectacular client tattoos. There are many sword tattoo variations. Sometimes, the meaning behind the tattoo plays a huge role in the variation. Here are some basic types of sword tattoos you can find.

  • Plain Sword Tattoos
Plain Sword Tattoos

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Most of the time, people who do not attach any symbolic meaning to their tattoos draw plain sword tattoos. This is because they want a cool-looking sword tattoo. They are interested in something other than the meaning aspect. However, a plain sword tattoo can also be symbolic. Some soldiers wear plain sword tattoos to signify their time in service.

  • Sword With Crown Tattoos
Sword With Crown Tattoos

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A tattoo depicting a sword and a crown blend is very symbolic. In some cultures, a sword represents royalty. A crown is also a popular item that stands for royalty. Hence, sword and crown tattoos usually represent royalty and power. This type of sword tattoo usually features a dominant appeal.

  • Dragon Sword Tattoos
Dragon Sword Tattoos

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Dragon sword tattoos are very cool and popular among vibrant young men. A dragon sword tattoo can represent various things, depending on the type of dragon in the design. However, we can generally say that dragons represent pride, courage, and might. These meanings blend well with sword tattoos. 

Dragon tattoos also represent wisdom, independence, and strength. Since dragon and sword tattoos have similar meanings, the combination of the two leads to a variant tattoo known as sword and dragon tattoos. Sword and dragon tattoos represent strength, wisdom, and courage. 

  • Sword And Skull Tattoos
Sword And Skull Tattoos

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Another common type of sword tattoo is the sword and skull tattoo. A sword and skull tattoo is a variant of a sword tattoo that represents death. Many cultures represent death with a skull. Hence, when you see a sword and skull tattoo, there is most likely a story behind it.

  • Sword And Angel Tattoos
Sword And Angel Tattoos

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Sword and angel wing tattoos also have symbolic meanings attached to them. Angels are a symbol of protection in many cultures. A sword symbolizes strength and bravery. Hence, when you combine the two tattoos, the meaning or symbolism you try to convey will be clear to everyone.

  • Flaming Sword Tattoos
Flaming Sword Tattoos

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Flaming sword tattoos are one of the most commonly seen tattoo variants. It is symbolic to Christians and depicts a scene in the bible where an angel removed a flaming sword from the Garden of Eden. Hence, this tattoo is commonly seen among Christians. However, there are other meanings attached to flaming sword tattoos.

  • Snake And Sword Tattoos  
Snake And Sword Tattoos  

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A snake wrapping around a sword is a unique design that represents fertility and pride. Swords and snakes are both phallic symbols. Most snakes will not attack unless they are threatened. Hence, individuals use snake and sword tattoos to represent protection and defense.

Some Sword Tattoo Ideas

There are numerous sword tattoo designs. How do you know the perfect one to pick and its meaning? Are you looking for good sword tattoo ideas you can use? Here are some sword tattoo ideas for you.

  • Japanese Katana Tattoo 
Japanese Katana Tattoo 

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A Japanese katana tattoo is a symbolic tattoo that originates from Japanese culture. The katana is a type of sword people from Japan use. Japanese katanas feature a sleek and slim body with an almost straight curve. It is usually a one-handed weapon representing bravery, courage, and safety.

  • Narsil Tattoo
Narsil Tattoo

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Narsil tattoos are very prevalent in some parts of the world. A Narsil tattoo depicts an image of a sword with a shattered blade. The blade of the sword is usually broken in the middle. However, that depends on your tattoo artist. Narsil tattoos represent courage, as it depicts all the broken pieces of the sword.

  • Samurai Sword Tattoo
Samurai Sword Tattoo

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Samurai tattoos are very popular among people of all ages. Many people of different ages have incredible-looking samurai sword tattoos. Samurai swords also originate from Japan. Hence, there is a bit of Japanese symbolism attached to it. It depicts a warrior or someone brave of heart.

  • Sword Back Tattoo
Sword Back Tattoo

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A sword back tattoo is another commonly seen tattoo. It is a tattoo of a sword that is drawn on the back in a vertical line. Both males and females wear this tattoo. The sword-back tattoo represents knighthood, which stands for courage and protection. It is a very popular tattoo among men and women.

  • Small Sword Tattoo
Small Sword Tattoo

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A small sword tattoo falls under the category of plain sword tattoos. You will often find a small sword tattoo on the forearm or neck region. However, you can also draw it on other body parts. It doesn’t necessarily have a meaning attached to it. Most people with small sword tattoos are not big on sword tattoo meanings.

  • Three Of Swords Tattoo
Three Of Swords Tattoo

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Three sword tattoos depict a trio of master sword tattoos on any body part. It appears as a blend of three sword tattoos and usually signifies a master of sword art. You need to be good before you can use three swords; hence, why a three swords tattoo represents a master, strength, and glory.

  • Viking Sword Tattoo
Viking Sword Tattoo

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A Viking sword tattoo is a unique design depicting a Viking blade. The Vikings were a tribe of people who used to go around conquering nations by crossing the sea. Hence, a Viking sword tattoo represents a conqueror. It also means great might, bravery, and courage.

  • Anduril Tattoo 
Anduril Tattoo 

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Anduril is a famous sword that people refer to as the flame of the west. It is a sleek, long sword designed to be wielded with one hand. This is the sword of a famous character, also called the Narsil sword of Elindil.

  • Post Malone Sword Tattoo
Post Malone Sword Tattoo

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This is a famous sword tattoo on the body of a popular pop star, Post Malone. The tattoo goes across his neck from one shoulder to another. It stops on one side of the neck and continues on the other, giving a cool piercing effect. This tattoo is very popular among the youth.

  • Sword And Shield Tattoo
Sword And Shield Tattoo

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A sword and shield tattoo primarily signifies defense. It depicts a protector who is willing to fight for what they love. This tattoo is very common among bodyguards and ex-mercenaries. It also symbolizes bravery and courage.

  • Sword Finger Tattoo
Sword Finger Tattoo

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Have you ever wondered if you can get a sword tattoo on your finger? Well, we have good news for you. There are many sword finger tattoos with various designs and variants. If you want something small but cool, you should go for a sword-finger tattoo.

  • Traditional Sword Tattoo
Traditional Sword Tattoo

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Traditional sword tattoos are everywhere. Many people do not want to attach any cultural meaning to their tattoos. These people tend to draw traditional sword tattoos. Traditional sword tattoos are simply tattoos of regular swords. 

  • Buster Sword Tattoo
Buster Sword Tattoo

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A buster sword tattoo is a tattoo of a special broad sword. It has a large rectangular shape and originates from a video game character. It is a large and powerful sword that depicts security and strength.

  • Brock Lesnar Sword Tattoo
Brock Lesnar Sword Tattoo

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Brock Lesnar is a very famous WWE star. The wrestling champion has a unique sword tattoo drawn vertically from his chest to his stomach. It is a unique sword tattoo with no specific symbolic meaning.

  • Zulfiqar Tattoo
Zulfiqar Tattoo

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The Zulfiqar sword tattoo is another unique piece of art. It is a sword design that originates from a movie character. This sword depicts a curved blade with a slitted tip like a snake’s tongue. It is a very unique and special sword tattoo.

  • Sword Forearm Tattoo  
Sword Forearm Tattoo  

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A sword forearm tattoo is a tattoo of a blade drawn on the forearm. Many people have this tattoo, and it can represent many things. However, it generally represents bravery, strength, and courage. The forearm is a very suitable position to draw a sword tattoo.

  • Sword And Rose Tattoo
Sword And Rose Tattoo

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A sword and rose tattoo is a special variant of a sword tattoo that symbolizes royalty and protection. The design perfectly depicts a blend of a sword and a rose. This tattoo is prevalent among women.

  • Ace Of Swords Tattoo
Ace Of Swords Tattoo

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The ace of swords is a powerful tarot card depicting a sword with a crown at the top. It is one of the best cards to have in a tarot reading. An ace of swords tattoo symbolizes love, health, money, and good things.

  • Sword Spine Tattoo
Sword Spine Tattoo

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A sword spine tattoo is a tattoo of a sword that runs vertically along the spinal region. It is a very common tattoo, as the spine is a perfect spot to draw a sword tattoo. A sword is a linear weapon; hence, it matches well with the spine. 

  • Sword Chest Tattoo
Sword Chest Tattoo

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The chest is also a very good region to draw a sword tattoo. It is very common to see young men with sword chest tattoos. Most of the time, they symbolize strength, honor, and courage. Women and middle-aged people also have this tattoo, which is not limited to guys alone.

  • Demon Slayer Sword Tattoo
Demon Slayer Sword Tattoo

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Demon slayer sword tattoos are derived from demon slayer swords from the Japanese anime, Demon slayer. Each demon slayer sword possesses unique properties like flame, water, and air. In the anime, they are great weapons wielded by the strongest asuras. Hence, they signify strength and courage.

  • Sword Face Tattoo
Sword Face Tattoo

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Can you get a sword tattoo on your face? The answer is yes. You can draw sword tattoos on your face without any adverse effects. Most face sword tattoos are small and simple. They are usually placed beside or behind the ear. It is not advisable to draw a tattoo too close to your eyes.

  • Dice Sword Tattoo 
Dice Sword Tattoo 

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Dice sword tattoos are cool and artistic. A dice sword tattoo depicts a diced-blade design, dividing the blade into multiple cubes. It is a unique sword tattoo design that isn’t seen everywhere. However, it is very creative and unique.

  • Sword Cross Tattoo
Sword Cross Tattoo

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A sword cross tattoo depicts a blend between a blade and a cross. The resulting design usually remains like a sword. However, the cross will also be seen in the design. This is symbolic of divine protection or defense.

  • Sword In The Stone Tattoo
Sword In The Stone Tattoo

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The sword in the stone tattoo is a very famous illustration all over the world. It depicts an image of Excalibur, the name of the sword of the popular character, King Arthur. The story behind the sword emphasized that only someone worthy can pull the sword out of the rock. It represents royalty, strength, and power.

  • Adventure Time Sword Tattoo
Adventure Time Sword Tattoo

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Adventure time is a popular cartoon show that is loved by many. In the cartoon, a famous sword belongs to the main character Finn. It is also called the demon blood sword and symbolizes courage and loyalty.

  • Lord Of The Rings Sword Tattoo
Lord Of The Rings Sword Tattoo

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The lord of the rings collection is one of the most-rated movies of this age. It is a series that was derived from a book collection. The sword depicts the courage and bravery of the fantasy characters in the novel. It is a fairly popular tattoo.

  • Queen Of Swords Tattoo
Queen Of Swords Tattoo

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The queen of swords tattoo is a sword tattoo design with a crown inserted into the hilt of a sword. It is a symbol that depicts royalty, class, and independence. This is a very famous tattoo design that is commonly seen among women.

  • Gladius Tattoo
Gladius Tattoo

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A gladius is a short blade that the Romans majorly used. It is a short-bladed sword that Roman warriors used in the olden days for battle. The sword’s short length and slightly wavy curves make it very lethal. It represents a warrior or strong man.

  • Zoro Swords Tattoo
Zoro Swords Tattoo

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The Zoro swords tattoo originates from a character in a Japanese anime called One Piece. In the anime, Zoro uses a fighting style that utilizes three swords. Hence, he became a very famous character. There is no specific meaning attached to this sword design. People love the character and sword design.


Tattoos have always been a thing among the youth and middle-aged. Sword tattoos are especially popular all around the world. Various sword tattoo ideas and designs with various meanings are attached to them. Are you looking to get a cool sword tattoo? We’ve provided plenty of tattoo designs and ideas for you to pick from and their meanings.

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