7 Best Static Grass Applicators for Railway Model

Static Grass Applicator

Buying a static grass applicator may be time-consuming and tedious, depending on how knowledgeable you are about static grass applicators. This article will make your life much easier by giving you different varieties of static applicators and broader know-how of their properties. Read along to make an informed decision before entering the online or physical store market.

Our Picks for the Best Static Grass Applicators

Best for Pro Level
War World Scenics Pro Grass Static Grass Micro Applicator & Embankment Kit

War World Scenics Pro Grass Static Grass Micro Applicator & Embankment Kit

  • Ultra-realistic fibres of Static Grass
  • Ideal for any model railway layout
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Best Budget
Peco PPCPSG1 Pro Grass Micro Applicator

Peco PPCPSG1 Pro Grass Micro Applicator

  • Works on all kinds of terrain
  • All Modelling and Railway Projects
  • Maximum of 9V
  • Operation ampere range: 10mA
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Best for Beginners
War World Scenics Pro Grass Precision Static Grass Applicator

War World Scenics Pro Grass Precision Static Grass Applicator

  • 2mm and 4mm static grass
  • Ideal for any model railway layout
  • 9V battery
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Best Value for Money
Woodland Scenics FS639 Static King Black

Woodland Scenics FS639 Static King Black

  • Multiple Grass Ranges
  • Creatively designed shape
  • Power Usage and Voltage
  • Standard power supply (12V)
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Best Overall
TruePower Static Grass Applicator

TruePower Static Grass Applicator

  • Total length: 330mm
  • 30, 000V high voltage
  • 3 sizes of mesh: 5, 10, 18
  • Automotive, woodworking, motorcycle, decoys, and fishing Rods
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Best Premium
Mini Electrostatic Flocking Machine

Mini Electrostatic Flocking Machine

  • High-quality ABS engineering material 
  • Strong flocking power
  • Good static attraction
  • Flocking gun antiskid handle
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Best Versatile
Geevorks Flocking Kit Static Grass Applicator

Geevorks Flocking Kit Static Grass Applicator

  • Static Flocking DIY
  • Efficient Flocking
  • Flocking Range: 2-12mm static grass
  • ABS engineering material 
  • Strong flocking power
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Best Overall: TruePower Static Grass Applicator

Our Score

If you want a static applicator that results from a blend of new processes and technologies, then a flocking applicator is the way to go. You can be confident of the quality as the applicator has been rigorously tested after a series of research on a circuit board. You will get a strong static field based on a low voltage intake by the inside circuit and high voltage output for efficiently applying more materials. 

This static grass applicator creates about 3" to 10" of a static field on a targeted surface. The lightweight nature and simplicity make it even easier to operate. You will easily learn how to operate the gadget by following the simple instructions in the manual that comes with the product. 

The applicator has numerous features and advantages, not to mention the following;

High Voltage Range. You will get about 30K Volts with this model. You can lower or raise the amps hence regulating the voltage of the applicator. It is best to ensure you use the applicator correctly and safely. 

Mesh Options. There are different sizes of the mesh you can opt for; 18 (large size), 10 (medium size), and 5 (fine size). Having multiple sizes ensures that you have or enjoy an even distribution.

Grass Lengths and Materials. You can work with a range of materials and different grass lengths with a lot of ease.

Specification: Brand Name: TruePower | Item Weight: 1.04 Pounds  | Product Dimensions: 12.7 X 3 X 3" | Manufacturer: Gino Development

  • It has a high power range
  • Simple and easy to use
  • Works with different lengths of materials
  • Requires skills and practice 
  • An overheating challenge when used for long

Best Premium Quality: Mini Electrostatic Flocking Machine

Our Score

Made of high-quality material for ABS and firm, the mini static grass applicator gives the best service using a flocking powder. You will not regret having the mini static applicator as it is one of the best in producing a fair static attraction, especially in small areas. The applicator will give you the following benefits under its features; 

Unique Features
Ease of Use. Besides being very simple and easy to use, the mini applicator comes with an antiskid handle that comes in handy in enhancing the grip. The comprehensive instructional manual is simple and easy to use; you don't need any special training.

Protection Plan. You can purchase a protection insurance policy alongside this particular model. This will ensure you can replace it with zero costs if you find it faulty.

Transparent Hopper: This enhances the planning of your grass materials, as you can see through the container where you put your grass materials. You can easily see how much material you are left with and know to use or, instead, what quantities to use for your model.

Different Ranges of Grass Lengths: This particular type of model works with smaller lengths from 2mm to 6mm. 

Specification: Brand Name: JOD | Item Weight: 0.54 Pounds  | Product Dimensions: 6.4 X 2.4 X 2.2" | Manufacturer: JOD

  • Made of ABS high-quality material
  • It comes with a transparent hopper
  • Purchase protection guaranteed
  • It doesn't come with a battery kit

Best Versatile: Geevorks Flocking Kit Static Grass Applicator

Our Score

One of the fascinating qualities of the ABS static applicator is that the material used in making the internal parts and the casing is top-notch. Below are some of the features we think are worthwhile for you to consider. 

Grass Size and Length. The applicator has dual net covers that are best for flocking different lengths and grass sizes. 

Design and structure. The applicator is excellently designed with a human antiskid handle for your best grip while applying grass on your model. 

Model Range: The Geevorks flocking applicator best suits landscape, construction, planting, or DIY scenes. The flocking power is carefully caged using superior welding technology, giving you a long working life. 

Voltage and Consumption. The static applicator has a low power dissipation, and the voltage output is very high; this makes the flocking capacity sufficient. 

Specification: Brand Name: Flocking Applicator | Manufacturer: Geevorks | Item Weight: 0.68 Pounds  | Product Dimensions: 12.5 X 4.7 X 4.3

  • An excellent design and structure
  • Lower power consumption
  • Diverse model range
  • It doesn't come with a battery kit. 
  • It might lose ground wire connections.

Best Value for Money: Woodland Scenics FS639 Static King Black

Our Score

You can be sure of creating super quality and realistic models for architectural, dioramas, military, and railroad models. Made from a plastic material, the woodland scenic is best for team building skills besides being very affordable and straightforward to use. The applicator has different themes; however, the military theme is common. 

Some of the attractive features are discussed below.

Notable Features
Multiple Grass Ranges. The woodland scenic static grass applicator outstands the range factor you can apply during railway static grass modeling. 

Quality Product. You will not regret the quality of the scenic static grass applicator as the manufacturer is committed to producing not only quality but realistic railroad, dioramas, and gaming models. 

Structure and Design. With a creatively designed shape that allows for total hand grip and reduces sliding, the applicator best uses it even on longer periods.

Power Usage and Voltage. The applicator uses both electric power as well batteries. Should you opt for batteries, the manufacturer recommends the 9V batteries, which you can insert in the topside compartment. 

Power Supply Type. Woodlands advises or rather recommends a standard power supply (12V). However, it is crucial to note the direction of polarity as it is reversed.

Specification: Brand Name: Woodland Scenics | Manufacturer: Woodland Scenics  | Item Weight: 1.8 Pounds  | Product Dimensions: 12 X 4 X 4"

  • Use both battery and electric power
  • Best for different grass ranges 
  • The design and structure are modern
  • Employs reversed polarity
  • It might be slightly costly to purchase a separate battery kit
  • Requires skills to operate

Best Budget: Peco PPCPSG1 Pro Grass Micro Applicator

Our Score

Some of the fascinating features of the Peco static grass applicator include the following;

Pro Grass Applicator. As a modeler, you are assured of producing realistic fields on embarkments, moorlands, or even grassed models like the railway model. The model works on all kinds of terrain.

All Modelling and Railway Projects. This grass applicator kit comes loaded with static grass packs meant to be sampled for your reference. You will also get a tub of glue that you can use for basing. This makes it best for increasing the static grass detail on all terrains.

Voltage and Power. The applicator takes a maximum of 9V. It is critical to note the manufacturer recommends a 9V battery; however, it is not included in the kit. You might be required to purchase it separately. The operation ampere range is about 10mA

Specification: Brand Name: Peco | Manufacturer: Peco | Item Weight: 0.006 Pounds  | Theme: Book

  • Budget-friendly
  • Hight voltage range
  • Loaded with static packs
  • It doesn't come with a battery kit
  • Limited grass length range.

Best for Beginners: War World Scenics Pro Grass Precision Static Grass Applicator

Our Score

Some of the amazing features of the Pro Grass static applicator include the following;

Design and Performance. The WW Scenics static grass applicator is designed to suit you in applying modeling details that are quite intricate. These can be between two or more model cottages or even edges of railway tracks. 

Power Requirements. The static operator requires 9V, whether by power supply or battery. It is recommended to use the battery option as it offers more convenience in modeling your railway layer out.

Quality Guarantee. The manufacturer has thoroughly tested the Pro grass static applicator before being released. This assures you that it is an ideal model for finishing your model layout touches.

Specification: Brand Name: WWS War World Scenics | Manufacturer: WWS Scenery | Item Weight: 0.77 Pounds 

  • It uses both electricity and battery 
  • The quality is guaranteed
  • Easy return policy
  • Not best for people with heart problems.

Best for Pro Level: War World Scenics Pro Grass Static Grass Micro Applicator & Embankment Kit

Our Score

Wide Range of Models. The WWS have produced a static grass applicator ideal for diorama, railway models, and many others. The unique selection of grasses will enhance the look of your layer and make it realistic and appealing.

Grass Length and Ranges. You can comfortably build any grass depth or height. With the Pro grass static applicator, you conveniently flock to 6mm, 4mm, and 2mm grass, ensuring basing is vibrant, especially on the first layer.

Power Input and Output. The applicator uses a 9V battery model PP3. 

The static electrical current produced quickly and uniformly charges the grass fibers giving you a perfect 3D effect. 

Simple to Use. The applicator is simple to use as it has a detailed manual/instructions to guide you through the process. 

Loaded Kit. Should you purchase the pro grass applicator kit, you expect; one grass micro applicator, both autumn and static summer grass, one pack of meadow static grass that is 6mm, and finally, dead static grass that is 4mm. This will give a lot of fun in doing different models.

Specification: Brand Name: War World Scenics | Manufacturer: WWS Scenery Manufacturer | Item weight: 1.2 Pounds

  • A fully loaded kit
  • Works with different grass length ranges
  • Easy return policy
  • Quite costly as compared to its peers
  • Requires skill and knowledge to operate it


How to Choose the Best Static Grass Applicator?

Choosing the best grass applicator needs you to consider many factors. Among the top factors you need to check on are the following;

The static grass material range that it can work with

The different lengths that it can be able to attach

The type of mesh, an attached mesh for dispersing the grass fibers, is preferred

The amount of power that the grass applicator produces

Simplicity and portability of the applicator

The above factors are explained in a detailed manner in the section below.

  • Grass Length Range Compatibility

Different generic grass on different models comes in different lengths. For instance, you can have some generic grass about 14mm long, while other brands could be up to 3mm long. Hence, when going for a static grass applicator, it is best to have one that can serve different lengths of fake grass or use it on different lengths. This comes in handy when working on different scales of models.

  • Grass Material Range Compatibility

Different applicators work with different generic grass materials. Some materials compatible with your applicator, for instance, are Nylon and Rayon. It is, however, best to recheck and ensure that the applicator you are having works with different generic grass materials.

  • Power Output Capabilities

To create a perfect and real-looking model, a static applicator has to use power to charge the static grass. Therefore, the efficiency of a static grass applicator is manifested by how fast or large an area it can charge. This means having a high-power applicator is more advantageous as you are assured of doing a perfect job in a large area. An applicator that can operate at different voltages is considered the best.

  • Weight Factor

Heavy applicants might not be the best, but having a lightweight applicator is advantageous. Using a lightweight applicator is easier to maneuver or handle. Lightweight applicators are portable; hence you can use them for a number or a range of situations with minimal challenges.

  • Manuals and Instructions

Having an applicator with a comprehensive instruction manual is recommended. However, be sure to have instructions that you can easily understand. The instructions should guide you in detail, especially on how to assemble the applicator. Also, check if you can get sketch demonstrations on your manual.

  • Mode of Connectivity

Check how your applicator can be powered through a battery cell or a power cord. Going for an applicator with both options is advisable, which means you can use either to your liking or the prevailing power situation.

Finally, your applicator should be as simple as possible. This is to ensure total ease of use. There are several key contributors to these factors; check on your preferences..

What is Static Grass?

Static grass is a material that, as a modeler, you can use to reproduce or create grass that looks realistic in a model railroad scenery layout.

How do Static Grass Applicators Work?

Grass applicators use metal sieves connected to a power supply to produce an electrical charge, which in turn causes grass fibers to stand upright on a given model surface.

How Much is a Static Grass Applicator?

The prices of static grass applicators vary depending on the types. The normal applicators range between $22 – $36, whereas the premium ones cost about $52 – $155.

Tips for Laying Static Grass

These few simple tips that might come in handy when laying static grass include;

First, prepare the area where you will apply static grass well. This includes applying paint on the baseboard to give it the best look, just as you could desire your model to be.

Use good quality PVA glue. This will ensure your grass stands upright when an electric applicator applies a static charge.

Blend and mix different lengths/colors to increase the layout’s realism. The color choice or the length solely depends on your taste and preference. Before applying the static grass, it is best to ensure you have masked off all the vulnerable areas before you apply the static grass. Removing the grass fibers without following these instructions might seem more frustrating than you imagine.

Apply multiple layers using different lengths to improve the depth and look of your model.

When using the applicator, ground pointing is crucial. If the applicator is appropriately ground point, it is easy to build consistency when applying an electric current. Hence the grass fibers will stand desirably.


As much as laying static grass may seem time-consuming, it is one of the best ways to develop a model railway landscape. You can easily transform your scenery layout into stunning realism with the proper tools and techniques.

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