9 Best Weight Bench with Leg Extension for Home Gym Workouts

9 Best Weight Bench with Leg Extension for Home Gym Workouts

If you are in a rush and searching for the best weight bench with leg extension, then our top pick is HARISON Adjustable Weight Bench with Leg Extension and Preacher Pad.

When you own an equipped home gym, performing workout routines even on busy days is possible. You can squeeze in time early in the morning before work or late in the evening.

One such valuable piece of equipment you need is a leg workout bench. Whether a beginner, intermediate, or pro, a weight bench with leg extension allows you to pull through with a full-body workout.

Some substandard benches limit you from enjoying full-range motion with your muscles, and others topple down when loading weight plates.

Read on to unearth the stable, simple-to-use, and reliable leg extension benches. Everyone can find a choice in the guide.

Our Top Picks of the Best Weight Bench With Leg Extension

In case you have limited time to browse through the review, here are our top picks for the best weight bench with leg extension:

Benefits of Weight Benches with Leg Extensions

When you use it correctly, you can enjoy several benefits of an adjustable bench with leg extension. That includes the following:

Great for Quad Development

One of the prime benefits of a leg extension bench is helping you to develop the quad. The leg extension exercises strengthen the group of muscles that make up the quadriceps.

The group of muscles forming the quadriceps include rectus femoris, vastus intermedius, vastus lateralis, and vastus medialis. Considering it’s one of the muscles prone to injuries during athletic activities, it makes sense to take part in leg extension exercises.

Simple and Easy to Learn by Beginners

Some workout machines often challenge beginners. The steep learning curves and associated risks often scare many beginners. For example, not every person can go through with squat workouts.

However, that’s not so with a workout bench for legs. The predetermined range of motion and ease of adding weight plates make it convenient and user-friendly.

Simplifies Unilateral Training

When you suffer muscle imbalance, a weight bench with leg extension comes to your rescue. You can practice unilateral training by working the targeted part of the body or group of muscles.

Often lifters can unknowingly over-depend on their dominant leg or arm and let the side lag during training. A leg workout bench thus becomes very useful.

Beneficial When Rehabbing the Knee

Failing to exercise over a long period or following leg injury may result in a shaky leg during isolated weight lifting. Besides straining the ligaments, feeble legs put you at risk of suffering an accident.

On the other hand, a weight bench for legs allows you to control how much strain to load on the knee. And thus, as the feeble knee gains strength, you can increase the intensity of the workout on the bench.

Therefore, even when rehabbing a knee, you can still practice safe workouts and strengthen your quads using a leg extension bench.

Valuable for Athletes

Many sports require you to put more strength in your quadriceps: soccer, swimming, cycling and running. Upcoming and seasoned athletes thus need to subscribe to quad exercises.

A weight bench with leg extension makes it easy to work your quadriceps, build more kicking power and improve your game.

Relatively Safer than Free Weightlifting

During workouts, you need safety assurance, and that’s one of the chief benefits of using a weight bench for legs. It lets you sit on a stable platform and set a convenient training posture, giving you more control over every workout regimen.

Reviews of the 9 Best Weight Bench with Leg Extension

1. Best Overall: Marcy All-in-one Olympic Weight Bench with Leg Developer and Preacher Curl Pad for Full-body Workout

Marcy All-in-one Olympic Weight Bench with Leg Developer and Preacher Curl Pad for Full-body Workout

Item Weight: 93 Pounds

Weight Capacity: 600 Pounds

Frame Material: Alloy Steel

Dimensions: 65.75 x 65.50 x 64.50 Inches

Rating: 4.6 out of 5.0

If you subscribe to a daily workout routine for the legs and upper body, you need a robust weight bench with leg extension. Marcy Olympic weight bench employs a 14-gauge steel powder-coated tubular framework. Therefore, it has a good lifespan since it resists rust and moisture.

For convenience, the Marcy md879 leg extension bench uses free-standing squat racks. So, it becomes easy to carry out lunge exercises and walk in squats. After training, the squat racks have provisions for storing the weight plates.

Further, the squat rack allows you to adjust its height (44.5 to 64 inches) as convenience and comfort dictate. Also, you can incline, decline, and reset the back pad to a flat posture as the workout routine requires.

Sitting long on a leg workout bench with poor padding causes muscle discomfort and fatigue. This leg curl bench relieves the discomfort by employing 2-inch thick vinyl padding on the backrest and seat. As you sweat, the rubberized arm curl handle still guarantees you control.

The Marcy versatile workout bench with leg developer also helps in upper and lower body workouts. And during such a training routine, you can use the Olympic or mid-sized barbells.


  • Sturdy powder-coated steel frame
  • Comfortable padding
  • Convenient storage of weight plates
  • Fully adjustable


  • Nonremovable leg developer

2. Best Runner-Up: Body Champ Weight Bench with Leg Extension for Home Gym (Workout Bench and Squat Rack)

Body Champ Weight Bench with Leg Extension for Home Gym (Workout Bench and Squat Rack)

Item Weight: 73 Pounds

Weight Capacity: 300 Pounds

Frame material: Iron

Size: 44.13 x 78 x 69 Inches

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.0

Body Champ is a versatile weight bench with leg extension and curl. Therefore, it supports full-body workouts, including chest presses, leg lifts, and leg curls. During the exercises, you can count on its stability and support, thanks to the heavy-duty iron tubing frame.

No one posture can support all types of body workout routines. That’s why the Body Champ leg extension bench features full adjustability. You can modify the back pad to assume a flat, incline, decline, and military position.

While using the Body Champ utility bench, the safety locking hook, non-pinching grip, and comfortable faux leather make exercising convenient. Also, the Body Champ leg workout bench is compatible with Olympic weight sets of a maximum of 300 lbs.

Except for a few complaints about its height, it stands out among the best weight benches with leg extensions for home workouts.


  • Sturdy tubing frame
  • Simple assembly
  • Safety-oriented
  • Fully adjustable frame
  • Space-saving
  • Complete with free-standing racks


  • Few complaints on the bench standing slightly high

3. Best Space Saving: Marcy Adjustable 6 Position Utility Weight Bench with Leg Extension and Leg Curl

Marcy Adjustable 6 Position Utility Weight Bench with Leg Extension and Leg Curl

Item Weight: 51 Pounds

Weight Capacity: 600 Pounds

Size: 23 x 64.5 x 42 Inches

Frame Material: Alloy Steel

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.0

The Marcy leg extension bench has a sturdy design that supersedes most of its competitors. It taps on a powder-coated steel frame that supports up to 600 pounds. Hence, the Marcy utility bench with leg developer promises long life, resistant to rust and moisture.

Thanks to an adjustable design, you can customize the back pad inclination angle to suit your workout routine. After the adjustment, the secure and serrated base ensures that the weight bench with leg extension stays put.

Regarding comfort, the high-density foam cushion and soft vinyl won’t disappoint you. For that reason, you can engage in prolonged exercise without feeling discomfort.

Besides, the versatile Marcy SB-350 leg bench blends with the Olympic and standard weight plates for convenient training of the lower section of the body. So whether you’re a professional athlete or someone who just wants to do a home workout, this utility leg bench is always the top choice.


  • Durable powder-coated steel frame
  • Easy to fold during storage
  • Provides dual-position leg developer
  • Non-slipping adjustment provision


  • Requires bolts and nuts readjustment to achieve optimum performance
  • Not ideal for those over 6 feet tall

4. Best for Robustness: HARISON Adjustable Weight Bench with Leg Extension for Home Workout Weight Training

HARISON Adjustable Weight Bench with Leg Extension for Home Workout Weight Training

Weight Capacity: 800 Pounds

Dimensions: 55.12 x 68.11 x 22.83 Inches

Frame Material: Alloy Steel

Warranty: 30 Day Risk-free Trial and 1-year Warranty

Rating: 4.3 out of 5.0

Two features make this Harrison home gym equipment earn a name as the best weight bench with leg extension in terms of robustness. Its framework combines mechanical triangular support and thick commercial-grade steel. As a result, it supports a maximum weight capacity of 800 lbs without wavering.

Like many adjustable leg extension benches, Harison provides quick and simple adjustment. By pulling out the bar, you adjust the backrest to six diverse positions or the seat to five diverse heights.

The multifunctional weight bench with leg extension supports full body workout. You can use it to exercise the shoulders, pectoral muscles, and even buttocks. When you don’t need the preacher pad, it’s easy to remove.

Whether you want to use Olympic or standard weights, the bench’s barbell rack proves useful. When exercising, its thick multilayer leather foam cushions guarantee comfort.


  • Fully adjustable design
  • 1-year warranty
  • Sturdy frame
  • Foldable and easy to transport on wheels
  • Complete installation tools video and instructions


  • The assembly instruction could have been much clearer
  • The weight capacity may not be as strong as the manufacturer advertised

5. Best Budget: Wesfital Adjustable Incline Decline Workout Bench with Leg Extension and Leg Curl for Home Gym

Wesfital Adjustable Incline Decline Workout Bench with Leg Extension and Leg Curl for Home Gym

Weight: 28.6 Pounds

Weight Capacity: 400 Pounds

Frame Material: Alloy Steel

Dimensions: 46.4 × 18.8 × 41 Inches

Rating: 4.2 out of 5.0

From its design and weight-bearing limit, the Westifal adjustable bench having leg extension targets beginner workout routines. But that doesn’t imply it’s of sub-par quality.

The triangular frame and thick steel framework support a weight limit of 400 lbs. Thus, you won’t worry about it buckling or squeaking under you.

Moreover, unlike many ordinary workout benches, Westifal provides leg curls and extensions of longer lengths. Adding the thick PVC foam and spacious backrest, the Westifal weight bench for legs delivers comfort.

Adjusting the back pad to different postures is quick since it uses reliable support. Once you have switched to the desired angle, the sawtooth adjustment provision secures it in place, meaning you can go ahead with your workouts without any fear of them giving way.

Last but not least, the package provides detailed but easy-to-follow assembly instructions. All problems solved, right?


  • Stable framework
  • Easy to adjust backrest position
  • Detailed assembly instructions
  • Lightweight


  • Slightly narrow frame

6. Best Value: Merax Adjustable Weight Bench with Leg Extension-6+3 Positions [Olympic Utility Bench]

Merax Adjustable Weight Bench with Leg Extension-6+3 Positions [Olympic Utility Bench]

Item Weight: 59 Pounds

Weight Capacity: 550 Pounds

Frame Material: Alloy Steel

Dimensions: 73 x 26 x 48 Inches

Rating: 4.3 out of 5.0

In contrast to the previous Westifal that targets beginners, the Merax weight bench with leg extension fits professionals. On top of having the 550 lbs sturdy steel frame, it’s compatible with both standard and Olympic weight plates used by professionals.

After assembly, the front legs curve out and maintain a fine grip on the ground. That feature becomes valuable as you add weight plates to the leg extension. Therefore, considering the curved legs and 59 lbs frame, you appreciate its stability.

Merax leg developer bench boasts an adjustable leg extension. Even after loading it with various weight plates, the Merax bench won’t hit the shin. Furthermore, customizing your biceps routine to the equipment is completely straightforward.


  • Sturdy and stable alloy steel frame
  • Loading and unloading weights to the leg extension is simple
  • Bench back has sufficient height and cushion
  • Simple assembly process


  • The curl attachment adjusts in height and not angle position.

7. Best Versatile: Doufit Adjustable Weight Bench with Leg Extension and Squat Rack for Full-body Exercise

Doufit Adjustable Weight Bench with Leg Extension and Squat Rack for Full-body Exercise

Weight Capacity: 600 Pounds

Frame Material: Stainless Steel

Dimensions: 20.28 × 43.5 × 7.48 Inches

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.0

Instead of looking for assorted workout pieces of equipment, the Doufit wb-07 weight bench with leg extension provides a complete range of features. The combination of the squat rack, leg extension, and preacher curl allows for a versatile full-body workout and strength training.

Regardless of your height, the equipment still caters to you. The backrest adjusts over four different angles to blend with your exercise posture. Likewise, you can shorten or lengthen the height of the preacher curl and squat rack as your posture dictates.

As for durability, the Doufit wb-07 leg extension bench doesn’t lag. Its 1.5 mm thick heavy-duty steel framework means long life. On the other hand, the U-shaped rear feet enhance its stability on the ground even as it tolerates a maximum of 600 lbs.

And to make assembly easy, the manufacturer has numbered the hardware and provided an assembly video link.


  • Comfortable padding that discourages muscle fatigue
  • Simple assembly process; numbered hardware and video make identification simple.
  • Supports versatile exercises


  • Not foldable

8. Best Premium: Fitness Reality X-Class 1500 lb Light Commercial Utility Weight Bench with Leg Extension

Fitness Reality X-Class 1500 lb Light Commercial Utility Weight Bench with Leg Extension

Item Weight: 140 Pounds

Weight Capacity: 1500 Pounds

Material: Alloy Steel

Dimensions: 44 x 105 x 35 Inches

Warranty: 10 Years (Frame); 3 Years (Parts); 2 Years (Wearable)

Rating: 4.6 out of 5.0

The Fitness Reality workout bench with leg curl shines in sturdiness, comfort, and versatility. The entire framework employs 2 x 3 inches thick tubular alloy steel. And added to the curved front feet, it achieves unparalleled stability while supporting a 1500 lbs payload. No wonder the manufacturer provides a ten years warranty on the frame.

Besides adjusting over seven levels, the backrest reaches 40.5 inches high and even has a headrest. Meanwhile, the seat adjusts in four levels from zero to 15 degrees. And added to the 2.5 foam cushion on the seat and back pad, the equipment makes your training comfortable.

For far-reaching workout support, the weight bench with leg extension provides an Olympic-quality preacher pad that adjusts height and leg development attachment. During transportation, the oversized wheels help move the 140 lbs weight without any trouble.


  • Rugged and long-lasting frame
  • You can adjust the seat and back pad independently
  • Secure lock pin for adjustable seat
  • Comfortable foam cushion


  • Weight plates and Olympic bars aren’t part of the package
  • Heavy
  • High price tag

9. Best for Intense Use: Marcy Standard Weight Bench with Leg Extension Developer and Butterfly Arms for Home Gym

Marcy Standard Weight Bench with Leg Extension Developer and Butterfly Arms for Home Gym

Item Weight: 60 Pounds

Weight Capacity: 600 Pounds

Frame Material: Alloy Steel

Dimensions: 60 × 52 × 47 Inches

Rating: 4.2 out of 5.0

From the 14-gauge tubular powder-coated frame to high-density vinyl foam, the Marcy MD-389 leg extension bench leads in durability. It takes out the worries of the bench rusting or buckling. You can then go through with even the most demanding workout regimen.

Complementing the sturdy frame is the cushioned backrest of variable angle. Instead of your muscles developing fatigue, even the straining exercise leaves you fatigue-free.

Instead of targeting one group of muscles, the Marcy leg curl bench provides an overall benefit. That’s why the workout bench has a two-fold action leg developer, reliable weight rack, preacher curls, and butterfly arms. Moreover, it’s compatible with standardized barbells and weight plates.


  • Straightforward assembly
  • Solid frame
  • Supports a wide range of exercises
  • Pocket friendly


  • Slightly narrow bench press rack

How to Choose the Right Weight Bench with Leg Extension

You can get the convenient weight bench with leg extension by reflecting on the following core features:


The dimension of your home gym room should match that of the weight bench equipment for legs. So, compare the length, width, and height of the tool to that of your room.

At the same time, after installation, the leg workout bench should leave some perimeter allowance. If you have limited space, settle for a leg extension bench requiring a footprint of space, such as the Marcy Adjustable 6 Position Utility Weight Bench with Leg Extension and Curl.

But if space allows, erecting a large piece of equipment gives you versatile workout options. It’s also important to take note of the length of the bench if you have a height of 6 feet and above.

Weight Factor

Weight influences the maneuverability and stability of a workout machine. Remember, a lightweight leg extension bench fits beginners handling less intense exercises. But seasoned athletes and weightlifters usually take part in more demanding exercises using significant weights.

Such a person requires a heavy leg bench that can tolerate significant weight without losing stability. Thus know the total weight that you want the equipment to bear and choose a model whose weight capacity exceeds your expectation by a slight margin.

Material Quality

One of the factors determining the choice of the best weight bench with leg extension and curl is durability. So, choose a model that employs heavy gauge tubular steel alloy.

Only a rugged frame withstands the regular strain of weights without squeaking. In addition, look for a high-density cushion and durable vinyl covering.


The last concern you have to consider is the slipping of your workout tool during the action. For that reason, prioritize those workout benches with broad stable bases. That way, you can be sure of their grip on the ground and avoid accidents.

Accessories, Features, and Attachments

When choosing the most convenient workout bench with leg extension, know the range of accessories and attachments that you need. For instance, you may need leg hold down, butterfly arms, preacher curl, barbell racks, and detachable armrests.

Range of Motion

The best leg bench should allow your muscles and joints to experience a full range of motion to get the optimum effect. And therefore, while lifting, the width of the weight bench influences the motion range and stability.

Further, the seat and backrest adjustability to assume a flat, incline, and decline angle is of utmost importance.


Weight benches with leg extensions cost a significant amount of money. When undecided on the quality, durability, or functionality of a new leg workout bench, the warranty period becomes the swaying factor.

Besides, the longer the manufacturer’s warranty period, the more likely that the product is durable and reliable.

FAQs About Weight Benches with Leg Extensions

1. How Do You Use a Leg Extension on a Weight Bench?

The core function of the leg extension on a weight bench is to work and strengthen the quads.

  • And you can do that by following the steps below:
  • Sit on the workout bench so your knee is at the edge and swings freely.
  • At the same time, ensure that your legs make the right angle with the bench.
  • Position your legs such that the rollers lie slightly above the ankle joint.
  • Keep your back straight by resting on the back pad and your arms holding the bars.
  • Try straightening your legs so that you lift the weight plates by contracting the quads.
  • Exhale, lower your legs and repeat the process a couple of times.

2. Are Weight Benches With Leg Extensions Worth It?

Owing to their versatility, workout benches with extensions are worth incorporating among your home gym pieces of equipment. Such a leg extension and curl bench allows you to exercise your legs, hips, and upper part of your body. Instead of visiting the gym, you can carry out your workout routines at home.

3. What Can I Substitute for a Leg Extension Weight Bench?

If you don’t have a weight bench for your legs at home, there are other exercises that can substitute for its effect on the quadriceps. Some workouts include Bulgarian split squats, reverse lunges, cyclist squats, step-ups, narrow stances, and lateral step-ups.

3. Do Leg Extensions Strengthen Knees?

The leg extension exercise targets the quadriceps and patellar ligament knee attachment. Regular leg extension workout boosts the strength of the quadriceps and knee joint key attachment. It’s, however, crucial to seek the guidance of an instructor.

4. Should You Lift Heavy On Leg Extension?

Leg extension exercise taps on resulting torque as you move weight to build on the quadriceps. But you don’t have to load the weight bench with leg extension to its full limit. Working with a moderate weight resting slightly above the ankle produces a tangible effect.

5. Are Leg Extensions Better than Squats?

It all comes down to your target. If you aim to build more mass on the quadriceps muscles only (especially towards the hip), leg extensions prove more effective than squats. On the other hand, squat, a form of the closed kinetic chain, targets different muscles on the body besides quads.

6. Should I Buy an Adjustable Bench or a Flat Bench for Leg Extensions?

Whereas an adjustable bench can assume zero degrees angle, a flat leg bench is rigid and doesn’t adjust in any way.

A flat bench gives you a more stable and secure foundation when lifting super heavy weights than its adjustable bench counterpart. But since you can’t incline or decline it to a different angle, it doesn’t deliver versatility.

On the other hand, an adjustable leg bench assumes different angles to support a wide range of workouts. Hence, an adjustable bench will be ideal unless you are dealing with intense powerlifting or handling extra heavy weights.


Exercising just one part of the body and forgetting the rest isn’t healthy. The best weight bench with leg extension, such as HARISON Adjustable Weight Bench with Leg Extension for Home Gym, lets you work the upper and lower body parts.

With the help of weight plates, dumbbells, barbells, squat racks, and a leg extension bench, you can target any group of muscles you want.

If you need a heavy-duty leg curl bench, our choice is the Fitness Reality X-Class 1500 lb Light Commercial Utility Weight Bench.

Nevertheless, you understand best what you require from a leg workout bench. Feel free to comb through the review and find your choice.

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