7 Best Chicco Strollers Review

Hunting for a trusty brand for a baby stroller? Well! You’ve got one. The Chicco stroller is the one you’re looking for.

Chicco is the brand that manufactures different types of baby strollers with the necessary features. The brand provides value and importance to the customers. That’s why people love this brand so much. Parents do trust the Chicco stroller like anything. Despite the affordable price, the brand doesn’t seem to compromise on quality and performance.

Our Picks For Best Chicco Strollers

  1. Best overall: Chicco Liteway stroller
  2. Best folding: Chicco Bravo Air Quick-fold Stroller
  3. Best for travel: Chicco Bravo Trio Travel System
  4. Best budget-friendly: Chicco Viaro Quick-fold Stroller
  5. Best for jogging: Chicco Activ3 Air Jogging Stroller
  6. Best stroller frame: Chicco KeyFit Caddy Frame Stroller
  7. Best for sit and stand double: Chicco Bravo for 2 standing/sitting Double Stroller

What is Chicco?

In 1958, an Italian person named Pietro Catelli became a father of the son. He promoted his pharmaceutical device business and added some baby products like baby toys, clothing, baby care, and baby strollers. Chicco is dedicated to providing the best quality products to parents all across the world.

So basically, Chicco originated from Italy, but now the brand is all across the world. Today, Chicco is offering its services in more than 120 countries. The brand emphasizes the parent’s convenience and the bond the parent and baby are sharing.

Why Chicco Stroller?

When you go searching for a durable and resilient stroller, you’ll see yourself in a perplexing situation as all brands don’t offer all the fundamental features. You won’t be able to get what you want. But Chicco offers you the best strollers and makes your life easier by giving you the ultimate solution to parenting. Following are the reasons why you should choose Chicco.

  • Aesthetically pleasing prints and shades-from blue to gray hues.
  • Smaller but significant details like adjustable handlebar, cup holder, and huge baskets.
  • Can be washed with good care -Machinable wash
  • Travel-friendly, compact, and versatile designs
  • Cheaper as compared to other high-end brands offering the same quality and features
  • Suitable for infants to toddlers and lasts for the longest time.

# Best Overall Stroller: Chicco Liteway Stroller

Chicco Liteway Stroller

What do our experts say?

For adding convenience to your life, this Chicco Liteway Stroller offers an excellent solution to all your parenting struggles. It’s all about affordability and durability. The aluminum built-in frame makes it lightweight yet sturdy.

Your child will enjoy a comfortable ride with an adjustable backrest having three positions. You can easily remove the adjustable canopy if the weather is great. Included peek-a-boo window gives a complete view of the child. There is no need to carry a huge bag with you anymore because the huge storage basket gives you plenty of space to keep important stuff.

You can have a pleasant experience with the features like an adjustable footrest, easy-grip padded handle, parent tray with cup holder, and compact fold. Another notable feature of this Chicco baby stroller is the toe-tap rear brakes for easy parking.

Features we love

  • 3D style effortless compact fold
  • Smooth ride with rear-wheel suspension
  • The solid built quality of the frame

Worth considering points

Some parents find reattaching the cup holder and canopy annoying for the sake of unfolding. Few parents think that the folded size of the stroller is rather long.

Additional information

Age range: Toddler
Weight limit: up to 40 lbs

# Best Folding Stroller: Chicco Bravo Air Quick-fold Stroller

Chicco Bravo Air Quick-fold Stroller

What do our experts say?

If you don’t want to leave your little one unattended while going for groceries, you can have a smooth grocery experience with this Chicco Bravo Stroller. The Bravo is one of the best baby strollers as it offers a never-ending list of features. As the budget is concerned, it won’t cost you one month’s rent.

One-hand innovative fold makes it even more handy and comfortable to carry when you’re on the go. A comfortable reclining seat with multiple positions is best suited for infants and toddlers. Infants can’t hold up their heads and necks on their own. That’s where a reclining seat comes in. Compatible with all Chicco Keyfit and fit2 car seats makes the Bravo ultimate solution.

Want an ultra-lightweight stroller for travel? No need to spend money on another stroller when Chicco Bravo is in the game. You can remove the seat to make it an ultra-lightweight car seat carrier. (car seat sold separately, of course)

Features we love

  • Exceptionally smooth ride on concrete surface
  • Lightweight frame
  • One-hand operation to fold and unfold
  • 5 points harness protection
  • Parent and child tray

Worth considering points

The complaints we got are: the wheels can take grass and uneven surfaces perfectly. Some parents notice that after folding, the stroller gets bulky.

Additional information

Age range: Infants
Weight limit: 50 Pounds

# Best for Travel: Chicco Bravo Trio Travel System

Chicco Bravo Trio Travel System

What do our experts say?

If you want the perfect solution for your travel days, you should consider buying this Bravo Trio Travel. It’s a complete travel package growing with your child. You can keep yourself hassle-free from day one to toddler days of your baby. The stroller can be transformed into a lightweight car seat carrier by removing the seat and canopy.

The Chicco baby stroller has exceptional features: the UPF rated canopy with meshed peek-a-boo window, large and full suspension wheels for an extra smooth ride, one-hand smart fold, and a zippered pouch for parents to keep important things like mobile, money, and keys.

The foam fabric makes sure to provide a comfortable seat and backrest as well. A KeyFit-30 infant car seat is included to make it the best pick because the security and protection of your baby come first.

Features we love

  • Zip Pouch for parents
  • Baby cup tray which keeps the child to fall
  • Trustable security system
  • Easy front and rear access to a basket

Worth considering points

Parents are not happy with the canopy. According to them, the canopy is quite flimsy and hard to move. Another flashpoint we got, wheels don’t handle rough and shaky surfaces efficiently.

Additional information

Age range: From birth to toddler
Weight limit: 50 pounds

# Best Budget-friendly Stroller: Chicco Viaro Quick-fold Stroller

Chicco Viaro Quick-fold Stroller

What do our experts say?

If you’re tight on budget or don’t want to spend too much on a stroller, the affordable Chicco Viaro Stroller is the one you’re looking for. Chicco never fails to impress parents with its affordability and innovative features. Parents love this all-rounder product as it provides peace of mind to them.

Doubtlessly, this Chicco baby stroller is the lightest because of its high-quality aluminum frame. An innovative three-wheel design makes it more practically useful. For traveling, there is an easy click-in attachment of all Keyfit infant car seats. Front-wheel suspension allows the stroller to move like cream while running or jogging.

What makes it more special? Other small but worth-having features make it a top choice for parents, including the multi-position reclining seat, the free-standing fold, adjustable canopy, child and parent tray, and storage basket.

Features we love

  • Easy to use, maneuverable
  • Working great with car seat
  • Spacious basket with plenty of space
  • Budget-friendly

Worth considering points

Parents noted some cons. The ride becomes shaky on grass which causes inconvenience. The experience could be better with air-filled tires.

Additional information

Age range: less than 36 months
Weight limit: 50 pounds

# Best for Jogging: Chicco Activ3 Air Jogging Stroller

Chicco Activ3 Air Jogging Stroller

What do our experts say?

Hand control operation? Check. Easy to jog? Check. Balanced ride? Check. Sport-loving moms are going to live for this Chicco jogging stroller. Are you reckoning that you are not a fan of jogging, so it’s useless to spend on this stroller? Well, that’s not true. You can enjoy having it whether you’re sporty or non-sporty.

With this Chicco, you can get all control to your hand, for instance, hand-operated swivel wheel and brake control. You can’t go wrong with this advanced stroller as it’s going to be worth every single penny of yours. Another point that makes it a favorite stroller so far is that you can jog on all types of terrain without worrying about the stroller going off the track. Its foot-activated adjustable flex core suspension feature makes it unique from other Chicco strollers.

There’s an ongoing list of the features this Chicco baby stroller offers to users. Included features are the following: the multiposition reclining seat, one-hand fold, adjustable handles, parent tray, and whatnot. You name the feature, and it’s already there.

Features we love

  • Sleek and simple design
  • Balanced tires cause a smooth ride on even rough road
  • Accept all Chicco Keyfit and Fit2 car seat

Worth considering points

The stroller has no child tray to have snacks and a cup holder for placing water or milk. Additionally, some moms noticed that the stroller is a little bulky overall.

Additional information

Age range: From infant to toddler
Weight limit: 50 pounds

# Best Stroller Frame: Chicco Keyfit Caddy Frame Stroller

Chicco Keyfit Caddy Frame Stroller

What do our experts say?

Chicco offers this Caddy Frame stroller to simplify your life right after having a newborn. No need to drag heavyweight strollers right after delivery. Chicco knows what you and your baby deserve. This ultra-lightweight stroller with exceptional features is going to be your on-the-go partner.

ChiccoCaddy Frame Stroller is all about parent relaxation and child protection. Some comfort-adding features make it more competitive in the market, including the adjustable padded push handle with four positions,  a one-hand compact fold, expandable zipper basket, and cup holders.

While buying this Chicco Frame, keep in mind that it’s just a frame, and you need to purchase other parts to make it a stroller and car seat.

Features we love

  • Ultra-lightweight frame
  • Super easy to fold
  • Parents are satisfied with the frame
  • Accepts all Chicco infant car seats

Worth considering points

The only thing parents felt annoyed with was adding extra attachments to make it stroller and infant car seat.

Additional information

Age range: From birth
Weight limit: 35 lbs

# Best for Sit and Stand Double Stroller: ChiccoBravo for 2 Standing/Sitting Double stroller

ChiccoBravo for 2 Standing Sitting Double stroller

What do our experts say?

Have two kids? Expecting a junior? Taking two kids out is another challenging task, but with this Chicco double stroller, it’s no more a headache. You can manage two kids at the same time, the younger one sitting in the stroller seat while the elder one enjoying the ride by sitting or standing.

You get a premium and classy stroller with all the convenience you can ask for. The innovative design of the stroller features a quick and compact fold of the whole item. Your elder child won’t feel any discomfort during the ride as the standing area has an easy-grip handle with a backrest.

The Chicco never compromises on the protection of the babies, explaining why it offers double protection on both seats. The front seat has a 5 point harness system, while the back seat has a 3 point harness system.

Features we love

  • Detachable child tray
  • Wheels handle all surfaces perfectly
  • Accept Chicco KeyFit or Fit2 car seat

Worth considering points

Parents don’t like the cup holders much as they are not deep enough to hold the cup properly. On rocky roads, the bottle or cup tends to get out of the holder sometimes.

Additional information

Age range: From infant to toddler
Weight limit: 30 pounds


After the extensive analysis of Chicco baby strollers, we’ve come up with the best strollers that can bring positive changes in your life. Your parenthood will be less hard and overwhelming with a baby stroller from Chicco. We hope this article helped you with stroller hunting.

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