7 Best Lab Centrifuge Machines: Reviews and Buying Guide

The best way of separating particles from a solution is by using a centrifuge machine. This is a piece of lab equipment that uses force to separate elements of different densities. It could be fluid, gases, or liquids spun in a container driven by an electric motor.

These machines are popular in schools and clinical laboratories for research purposes. They purify organisms such as cells, and proteins, among other components found in a science lab.

Whether you are planning on purchasing a laboratory centrifuge machine for science or a home lab, picking the most suitable can be a hectic task. You must know the most reliable brands available in the market. You must also consider the ergonomic features that will serve your needs.

Due to the sophisticated nature of these machines, you might need professional help. Please read, review, and pick what most suit your laboratory needs. We are here to help you make an informed choice. You will also love our top picks in this article.

Our Picks for the 7 Best Lab Centrifuge Machines

We have reviewed this list of centrifuge machines based on undisputed criteria. It is a wide range that suits everyone’s needs. From the best premium to the most popular in the market, you will find what best suits your lab.

· Best Overall: CGOLDENWALL 80-2 Electric Lab Centrifuge 20mlX12 Desktop Centrifuge Machine

· Best Digital: Microyn Digital Bench-top centrifuge 100-5000rpm

· Best Value: NEWTRY Electric Centrifuge Machine Desktop Lab Benchtop Centrifuge

· Best Durable: TOPQSC Electric Lab Benchtop Centrifuge, 4000rpm

· Best Medical: JIAWANSHUN 8x20ml PRP Centrifuge Machine

· Most Portable: PRP Centrifuge Machine 6x20ml

· Best Appraisal: Desktop Electric Lab Laboratory Centrifuge Machine

Detailed Review on the 7 Best Lab Centrifuge Machines

In this section, we will talk about the key features of a laboratory centrifuge machine. Some of the features include the parameters, timing function, speed control, and the broad application of the equipment. That does not mean we will leave out other key features. We have made this review section as detailed as possible so you can glean from it all you want!

1. Best Overall: CGOLDWALL 80-2 Electric Lab Centrifuge 2325xg Desktop Centrifuge Machine Blood Centrifugation

centrifuge machine


· Material: Metal

· Capacity: 20 Milliliters

· Age Range: Adult

· Product Dimension: 11.22 ”Wx9.65

This is the best centrifuge machine on our list because of its versatile functions. The plasma centrifuge machine has a maximum speed of 4000rpm. With this kind of speed in a piece of equipment, you can spin as many components as possible within a short time.

Besides that, this equipment allows you to work according to your requirements. Its fully functional timer has a range of 0-120 minutes. You can adjust it according to the time frame the components need to spin inside the container.

The most sophisticated part of this centrifuge machine is the transparent glass cover top. This feature efficiently helps to reduce the noise and the air resistance within. It can separate plasma and serum. On top of that, this lab centrifuge machine is used in actual manufacturing and for qualitative analysis. What we loved the most was the work it can do for you in a few minutes.


  • It has a timing function of 0-120 minutes.
  • It is versatile and can multi-purpose.
  • It has a speed control that can gradually adjust.
  • It has a transparent glass lid to filter out the noise and for air resistance.
  • It is suitable for large operations in hospitals and biochemical labs.


  • It is very noisy despite the noise filter.

2. Best Digital: 3074xg Microyn Digital Bench-top Centrifuge Machine, 100-5000rpm Clinical Centrifuge

centrifuge machine

· Brand: Labnique

· Material: Plastic and Metal

· Capacity: 15 milliliters

· Centrifugal Force: 3074xg

· Maximum Speed: 5000rpm

· Product Dimension: 16x14x11 inches

This digital centrifuge machine is best for people keen to the tee. This is because you must be sure that the complimenting tubes have the fitting size. Other than that, this lab equipment is the people’s choice because it offers a lot.

This laboratory equipment works with 6 of 15 milliliters tubes. The best part of this centrifuge machine is the LCD display. It shows time and speed displayed times 10. The convenient short spin button near the display provides quick spins.

What people love the most about this equipment is the safety lock. This prevents the opening of the centrifuge’s lid before the rotor stops spinning. When that happens, it automatically releases the lid to save on the processing time. You will enjoy a full one-year warranty and US-based customer service support.


  • It is digital.
  • The LCD display shows both time and speed.
  • It has an automatic safety-lid lock.
  • It gives convenient and quick spins.
  • It comes with a one-year warranty and customer service support.


  • It uses a limited size of tubes.

3. Best Efficient: NEWTRY Electric Machine Desktop Lab Benchtop Refrigerated Centrifuge Large Capacity

centrifuge machine

· Brand: NEWTRY

· Material: Plastic

· Capacity: 1

· Age Range: None

· Product Dimension: 18.75X18X18 Inches

This compact machine features a 100% pure copper coil wire fixed on its stator. Its magnetic force is strong. The more powerful the force, the rotor power get stronger. In layman’s language, we are talking about the greatest centrifugal force. This is a force caused by the high rotation speed of the rotor.

Its operation is so smooth with zero vibration and noise. This is all thanks to the integrated circuit that calls forth a firm and steady operation. But this is not all to its sturdy construction. There is a high-strength plastic shell covering this simple and easy equipment. We love that the top cover mutes any emitted noise while processing components in the lab.


  • It has a high degree of tightness in the motor.
  • It has zero errors in the design.
  • It is highly efficient and stable.
  • It has a strong magnetic force.
  • It produces higher centrifugal force.
  • The is no noise produced during operation.


  • It slides on the surface when it vibrates.

4. Best Durable: TOPQSC Electric Lab Benchtop Centrifuge 4000rpm Blood Spinner Machine

centrifuge machine

· Brand: TOPQSC

· Material: Metal

· Capacity: 20ml*6

· Centrifugal Force: 1790xg

· Maximum Speed: 4000rpm

· Product Dimension: 12x12x11.5 inches

This one ticks almost every box of the features you could ever ask for in a machine. If you are looking for both efficiency and durability, this is it. This medical centrifuge machine has a durable, high-quality construction. Besides that, it is one of the most professional and versatile centrifuge machines. It can serve you well in both large and small-scale laboratories.

The machine is uber-efficient and has rotating knobs. These features are on the control panel of the equipment. They help to control time and speed. With these features, you can set the amount of time according to the centrifugal process.

If you are looking for a long-term investment in a centrifuge machine, look no further, this is it. The fixed-angle rotor increases the equipment’s longevity. It also redirects the lower stress on the metal at the bottom construction of the machine.


  • It is easy to operate.
  • You can conveniently control time and speed on it.
  • It has a fixed-angle rotor.
  • It is highly durable and of high quality.
  • The speed is reliable.


  • The up cover does not completely cover the open part.

5. Best PRP Centrifuge Machine: JIAWANSHUN 8x20ml PRP Centrifuge Medical Blood Spinning Machine

centrifuge machine


· Material: Plastic and Metal

· Capacity: 20*8ml

· Centrifugal Force: 1920xg

· Maximum Speed: 4000rpm

· Product Dimension: 10.24×11.02×8.27 inches

This is one of the best centrifuge machines ideal for industrial purposes. It will serve you best, especially in cosmetology and PRP. It also separates serum and fat. Its centrifuge capacity is remarkable as it allows for maximum processing of components.

This blood spinner machine will give crystal readings thanks to the digital screen display. The feature makes the speed and time easy to read at a glance. This even gets better with the backlight that comes in handy to read in darkness without making an error. It comes with a lot of value, and it makes your work easier.

Most people laud the durable, sturdy design, especially the ones in large-scale industrial fields. With the durable brushless DC motor, you will never have to replace the most vital parts of the equipment. You will also enjoy high efficiency, stability, and long service life. If you are not sure what to pick for your medical lab, this is one of the best brands for the purpose.


  • It has adjustable speed and time.
  • It is convenient.
  • It has a higher timing rate up to 999 minutes.
  • It has a digital display screen.
  • Highly efficient and stable.
  • It is durable and easy to use.


  • It does not filter or mute noise during processing.

6. Best Portable: PRP Centrifuge for Sale 6x20ml Cekegon Lab Centrafuge Benchtop Centrifugal Machine

centrifuge machine

· Brand: Cekegon

· Material: Plastic and Metal

· Capacity: 20*6ml

· Centrifugal Force: 2086xg

· Maximum Speed: 4000rpm

· Product Dimension: 11.75x11x8.25 inches

Do you love your lab equipment as portable and efficient? Perhaps you need something you can use in transit that is easy to pack and does not consume a lot of space. Worry no more. This hematocrit centrifuge machine is the best deal you can get on the market. You better invest in it while it’s still up for grabs.

Unlike most other centrifuge machines, this one comes with a bulk of features that solves all your centrifugal problems. The speed, the centrifugal force, and all the other key parameters check the box. The two prominent spin buttons on the equipment make it convenient to control both speed and time during the processing. The value of the panel is clear and easy to read, thanks to the digital screen display.

The best part of its operation is the quietness. You can barely hear any noise and vibrations. They are muted to make it easier to work with in the laboratory. The top-notch qualities of this equipment make it ideal for hospitals, chemical and biochemical labs. It is also suitable for qualitative analysis experiments on serums, plasma, and immunity, among other compounds. It gives accurate results and is easy to use and interpret the results.


  • Its construction is not easy to damage.
  • It has a beep reminder after 60 minutes.
  • Its parameters are easy to modify during operations.
  • It has clear control panels making it easy to use.
  • It gives accurate results.
  • Sturdy construction and portable.


  • Leaves marks on the surface while it is running.

7. Best Centrifuge for PRP: Industrial 4000 RPM Desktop Centrifuged Blood Electric Lab Laboratory Centrifuge Machine

centrifuge machine

· Brand: Calu Lucky

· Material: Plastic and Metal

· Capacity: 20 milliliters

· Centrifugal Force: 1790xg

· Maximum Speed: 4000rpm

· Product Dimension: 3x2x0.4 inches

This centrifugal machine comes with six tubes, all with a capacity of 20ml. Everything about this lab machine is peculiar and distinct. Perhaps, it is the sturdy round design with a hut head. Perhaps, it is its key function. Whatever the case, this is an uber-efficient and easy-to-use centrifugal machine you can come across in the market.

Most laboratories use it for the appraisal of the radioactivity of a component. But this is not to say it’s limited only to that function, far from it. This machine is used in the lab to separate particles or cells. On top of that, it deals with fororganisms, chemistry, and medical lab, among other key purposes.

On the flip side, some of the machines can come without a timer, which can slow down the convenience of a process. But on the brighter side, it is easy to use and has clear control panels for both time and speed. Its sturdy construction makes it portable and does not consume too much space in the storage unit. You can easily shelve this one away, just like your kitchen blender, and you are good to go.


  • The time range has no limit.
  • It is efficient and makes your workflow easier.
  • It has a crystal control panel for time and speed.
  • It is portable because of its sturdy construction.
  • It is easy to store away.
  • It is versatile.


  • Some come without a timer.

What Should You Look for in a Centrifuge Machine?

Choosing the right laboratory centrifuge can be incredibly confusing with so many brands on the market, especially with all the marketing gimmicks and click baits. It is an uphill task to settle on one brand that will turn out to be reliable and true to its word.

This buyer’s guide will not only shed a few ideas on centrifuge machines but also help you narrow down the best reliable brands available in the market. It is also very important to consider your needs as a consumer.


This is critical when choosing a centrifuge machine for your lab. Find out the number of tubes a centrifuge machine can spin in one go before making any purchases. The higher the number, the better the workflow and production in your lab. If possible, let the capacity be high, and the size of the machine be small so that it cannot occupy too much space and make it portable.


The faster the rotor, the higher the speed of a centrifuge machine. But the kind of rotor you should go for depends on the analysis. Fixed angle rotors are known to spin faster to produce a higher speed. Then there is also the flat separation rotor.

Spare Parts

Should your centrifuge machine break down, will you be able to find spare parts for it? That is the big question you must ask yourself before you make any purchases. Even if the spare parts are readily available, how do you get them? Will you have to import them, or are they locally available? How much are these spare parts? Do they cost more than the machine itself?

Benchtop VS Floor Standing

It all depends on the amount of space you have and the size you desire as a consumer. In other words, the size of a centrifuge machine matters. Are you going for something small, sturdy construction that can be placed on a table or a countertop? Or something as big as your kitchen fridge? Are you going to be moving from one site to another with your lab machine? Those are the personal questions you should ask yourself.


This is the most important factor when buying anything. What budget are you working with? Will the amount you are willing to spend- buy you a good quality lab machine? They say cheap is expensive, but that is not always true. Some brands sell elegance and presentation more than quality and reliability. Wise up!

What is a Centerfuge/Centrifuge Machine? – Centrifuge/Centrifuging Definition

This is a motor-driven machine used to separate components of blood. This procedure is achieved by spinning the components in the tubes placed inside the machine. The separation happens based on the components’ density, and weight as the machine vigorously spins for a set amount of time. The faster the rotor, the higher the speed at which your components are spun.

What are the Types of Centrifuge Machines?

There are various centrifuge types, but we shall touch base on the most popular and reliable ones.

Benchtop Centrifuge Machine

These are small compact lab equipment designed to fit on a smaller workstation like the countertop of your lab. However, most of them are still as effective as the bigger stands.

Clinical Centrifuge Machine

These are for separating various blood components in a clinical lab. They mostly have a compact construction and operate at a very low speed. Their design accommodates test tubes with a given capacity.

Micro Centrifuge Machine

These are popular in research facilities. They come with a unique sophistication to pick the finer details of the analysis. The key features in these are the interchangeable rotors and tube adaptors.

Vacuum Centrifuge Machine

These use vacuums to remove fluids from compounds. This happens through a heating system that causes evaporation. It is mostly used for the purification and preparations of compounds.

In Conclusion

Before investing in a centrifuge machine, there is a lot to learn and understand. Think of when you purchase a brand new phone, car, or any other type of machine. Whatever you buy should depend on the purpose and the space you have. The amount of workflow, the preferred brand, and, most importantly, the budget must come into play.

That is where your due diligence should kick in.

An efficient, accurate machine is the key rule in any lab if you must achieve conclusive results. It is never about trial and error and cooking results. Unless, of course, you are a quack technician. But why use your money when you know you can cook the results? Go for brands that will give you value for your money. Above all else, always remember that cheap is not always expensive! Sometimes, it’s just affordable with good quality.

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