5 Best 3-String Guitar of 2023 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

The fretted musical instrument, the Guitar, is indisputably the most popular instrument globally, though hard to master. So if you wish to start your musical journey but are having difficulty stumbling upon a suitable guitar? 

Let me introduce you to the 3-string guitar for beginners, also known as the loog guitar. It holds three basic strings of a guitar that are easy to press down when tuned to open chords, as it’s designed explicitly for beginner electric guitar players.

Its long fretted neck is physically facile in terms of fingering, and it is true when they say that playing a three-string guitar is like riding a tricycle. 

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Our Pick For The Best 3-String Guitar 

How To Choose A 3-String Guitar? 

Final Words 

Our Pick For The Best 3-String Guitar 

Whether you are looking for a beginner guitar to introduce your kids to music or seeking one for yourself, the 3-string guitar for beginners is worth the investment. Let me brief you on the best 3-string electric guitars and how these flat-bodied instruments work. 

After good market research, I’ve picked a few tremendous three-string guitars that come with built-in amplifiers, speakers, flashcards, and other accessories to make guitar playing more joyous for you. 

  1. Best Overall: Loog Mini 3 String Acoustic Kids Guitar For Beginners 
  1. Most Popular One: Loog Mini Acoustic Guitar 3-String Guitar, Green with GSA10BK Guitar Strap
  1. Most Versatile: Loog Pro Acoustic Kids Guitar for Beginners | 3-strings guitar
  1. Budget Pick: Donner Kids Guitar 3 String Mini Acoustic Guitar for Beginner
  1. Premium Pick: The Loog Mini 3-String Electric Kids Guitar for Beginners, Built-in Amp

Loog Mini 3 String Acoustic Kids Guitar for Beginners | Three String Electric Guitar

The Loog mini 3-string guitar leads our list as it offers more than just a random guitar. They are made of wood and offer three string adjustments making it easier for you to learn to play guitar. 

A sweet little guitar produces an unbelievably incredible sound for its size, and you will fall in love with its cute appearance and size, which makes guitar learning so fun. What’s unique about this guitar is its flimsy neck that’s so comfortable to hold even for a kid’s little hands. 

The guitar just holds three primary triads, but it’s built on the exact mechanism as a 6-string guitar with the same tuning and everything. And when you learn to play the looping guitar, you can apply the same method on 6-string guitars. 

A significant factor about the looping guitar is that it also has an app (iOS & Android) with video lessons on the basics of guitar playing. And following the instructions, you can play an actual song even on your first day. So what are you waiting for? Grab yours and start your fascinating music journey starting today. 


  • Sleek design, easy for kids to hold 
  • Primary 3-string interface for beginners 
  • Hold cute, little, colorful appearance
  • It comes with an app for better guidelines regarding its use. 


  • The app is a bit silly. 

Loog Mini Acoustic Guitar 3-String Guitar, Green with GSA10BK Guitar Strap

Another great pick is that it can be the ideal first guitar for your toddler to learn and practice, as it’s suitable for kids aged three and above. The Loog Mini Acoustic guitar 3-string might be small in size, but it is made of classical guitar strings, and the standard guitar tuning will leave you in awe.

The instrument allows little kids to learn their way, form cords, and even play songs with minimal effort. The guitar comes with fun flashcards that enhance the kids’ excitement while the strap for the guitar support while you play it.

The application of the guitar makes the game interesting as it comes with video lessons to learn and play different songs by famous singers like Bruno Mars, Taylor Swift, and many others. 

The guitar comes assembled and ready to play with fun flashcards inside the box with cord diagrams, making forming a cord as seamless as possible. You can get this 3-string electric guitar from Amazon at compatible prices. 


  • Super stylish and come with a strap 
  • It comes with a standard guitar chord and tuning 
  • It lets you learn basics with video lessons 
  • Flashcards are ideal for learning cord settings


  • It needs tuning often.

Loog Pro Acoustic Kids Guitar for Beginners | 3-strings guitar for Sale | 3-string Guitar for Beginners

If you are looking for more value than the guitars mentioned above, this Loop Pro Acoustic Kids Guitar for Beginners might suffice all your prerequisites. The 3-string acoustic guitar won an award for its bewildering design, making the learning process unambiguous and super fun. 

While the guitar is suggested for kids eight years of age or older because of its unique build, music teachers and educators also encourage people to get this guitar when they are just starting to learn. 

The guitar’s body is made of laminated and solid basswood with steel strings that produce that holy folk guitar sound. Given the numerous color options, the guitar also offers perfect intonation with low-string action to make learning fun instead of complicating it. 

So after reading the specifications, if you think the guitar is for you, don’t hesitate and purchase Loog Pro Acoustic Kids Guitar for Beginners from Amazon. Though it might not be a budget pick, the value it offers is worth the money. 


  • This 3-string guitar is ideal for beginners to learn 
  • Made of top-quality wood that offers sturdiness 
  • You will get multiple color choices
  • Produce heavenly folk guitar sound 


  • The guitar app needs amendments. 

Donner Kids Guitar 3 String Mini Acoustic Guitar for Beginner

What specifications do you seek in your very first guitar? You might want it to be budget-friendly as your first guitar as you are just going to learn on it, and it will be prone to accidents. In that scenario, consider getting this electric 3-string guitar by Donner, which is ideal for beginners. 

With three basic strings and standard guitar tuning, the difficulty in learning is half as compared to a six-string guitar. At the same time, you might be stunned to know the accessories that come with this Donner Kids Guitar 3 String Mini Acoustic Guitar For Beginners.

The guitar gig also contains accessories like a book, a tuner, a deck of cards, and a strap. These accessories make this 3-string guitar kit a perfect gift for your toddler that will continue to benefit him. 

To foster your kid’s interest in music, the Donner guitar app offers you a comprehensive library of songs and lessons to master the tune. At the same time, the environmentally friendly material used in making this guitar prevents foul odor and any health complications. You can order it from Amazon to get amazing discounts. 


  • Environmental friendly material makes it safe for kids. 
  • Simple layout for beginner learners 
  • It is a budget-friendly pick 
  • Comes with multiple accessories.


  • It often needs tuning. 

Loog Mini 3-String Electric Kids Guitar for Beginners, Built-in Amp 3 Stringed Instrument for Sale

This may be the last guitar on the list, but in terms of performance, it does not lack even a bit from other guitars on our list. What makes this 3-string acoustic guitar stand out from other items on the list because it comes with built-in speakers and an amplifier. 

The guitar might be a little more expensive than other items on the list, but it’s because of its sturdy build. The guitar’s body is made of paulownia, while the neck and fretboard are maples, making it worth the price. 

The low-string action makes the guitar learning a piece of cake and offers wonderful intonation. The Loog Mini 3-string Electric Kids Guitar For Beginners comes in 6 colors. The steel strings produce that heavenly sound that will bring you joy. 

You can connect the guitar to an external amplifier with the output jack, and in the 3-string guitar kit, you will get other complementary accessories like flashcards. You can get the guitar from amazon at reasonable rates. 


  • Come in 6 eye-pleasing colors
  • Have steel strings 
  • Made of sturdy material that lasts 
  • Build-in speaker & amplifier 


  • A bit expensive for people on a budget. 

How To Choose A 3-String Guitar? 

If you wish to learn to play guitar, there’s no better option than a 3-string guitar for beginners. The open cord adjustment makes it fun and easy to understand, and you can apply the learning to a 6-string guitar later. 

But if you are facing a problem choosing the right guitar, let me guide you in this manner. 

  • Sturdy Build 

Opt for the 3-string guitar that is sturdy and made of wood instead of settling for some low-quality ones. 

  • Strings

It’s vital to know what material the guitar strings are made of, as it creates a huge difference. The string can be made of nylon and is a bit soft, making them convenient for a kid’s hands. On the other hand, you can opt for a guitar with steel string as that produces better sound. 

  • Apps & Accessories 

Get a guitar with a learning app to help you learn different tunes and accessories to make learning as seamless as possible. 

  • Budget

When purchasing a guitar, considering your budget is also vital as it will save you from overspending, and you will be able to find a suitable guitar in your budget. 

Final Words 

This guide on the best 3-string guitar for beginners covers all the aspects of a good guitar, and the buying guide will help you make the right choice regarding your guitar purchase. Our top picks are all versatile and selected after good market research, and I hope they can add value to your life and foster your interest in music. Peace out!

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