10 Best Turkish Lamps Ideas – Turkish Mosaic Lamp & Moroccan Lamp

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Turkish lamps combine aesthetics and functionality to create an entirely different look in the room they get placed. The Turkish light provides lighting and can be used as a decorative item. Enhance the aura of your rooms with the best choice of Turkish Moroccan lamps.

With so many Turkish mosaic lamps available in different sizes, you might get confused about making the right choice. Make a choice based on the size of the room and the ambiance you want to create.

Our guide will give you the knowledge and information you need to choose a Turkish Moroccan Lamp per your specific requirement.

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Our Picks for the Best Turkish Lamps

How to Choose Turkish lamps?


Our Picks for the Best Turkish Lamps

  1. Best Overall – Turkish Moroccan Handmade Tiffany Style Colorful Mosaic Lamp Light
  2. Top Pick – Turkish Moroccan Lamp with 3 Color Options
  3. The Best Value – MOZAIST Turkish Lamp, Mosaic Table Lamp, Swan Neck
  4. Premium – DEMMEX Turkish Lamp Stunning (3 Globe) Bohemian Table Desk Bedside Night Lamp
  5. Most Versatile – Turkish Lamp, Mosaic Floor Lamp, Mosaic Standing Lamp (Nine Globe)
  6. Best Design – Demmex Turkish Lamp Multicolor (11 Big Globes)
  7. Best FeaturesMOZAIST Turkish Lamp Moon-Shaped Mosaic Table Lamp
  8. Most PopularDEMMEX Turkish Lamp Moroccan Colorful Handmade Mosaic Table Desk Lamp (10 Colours)
  9. Best Indoors Lamp Marrakech Turkish Floor Handmade Lamp (3 Globes)
  10. Best PortableMarrakech Turkish Lamp Mosaic Glass Decorative Table Lamp for Bedroom, Living Room

Turkish Moroccan Handmade Tiffany Style Colorful Mosaic Lamp Light Hanging Lamps from Turkey

turkish lamps

Colour: Turquoise

Size: ‎6.5″D x 6.5″W x 19″H

Material: ‎Brass, Glass, Metal

Item Weight: 4.2 lbs.

Rating: 4.7

The Turkish Moroccan Colorful Mosaic Lamp Light is handmade. The Turkish glass lamps have mosaic beads and glasses on the glass globe. The artisans cut each glass piece by hand and then create different stunning designs. You will also find a hanging metal leaf from the globe, which enhances its appeal.

The antique finish of the Turkish lamps ensures that they add to the aura of the room where they get placed. The Turkish style lamps are decorative pieces that create a warm indoor and outdoor atmosphere.


  • The Turkish table lamps are handmade.
  • Antique brass hammered metal body.
  • The Turkish Moroccan Lamp has an on-and-off switch.


  • The globe of the handmade mosaic lamp is heavy, whereas the base part is lightweight, due to which the lamp might tip over at times.

Turkish Moroccan Lamp with 3 Color Options

turkish lamps

Colour: Orange

Size: ‎15″D x 7.5″W x 5.3″H

Material: Glass, Copper.

Item Weight: 3.12 lbs.

Rating: 4.7

The Turkish Moroccan floor lamps are handmade and often used to decorate the bedroom, children, and living room. The handmade mosaic lampshade and the unique copper bracket give it a unique design. The on/off switch is an additional feature that makes the mosaic globe lamps unique.

The mosaic lamps provide three colour options (daylight, warm, and white). The daylight option is ideal for any indoor setting. The white light can illuminate the room, and the warm lighting helps create a warm and romantic mood.


  • LED three-tone light bulbs.
  • No installation required.
  • The high-quality LED light can be dimmed.
  • The copper bracket design is unique.


  • The lightweight base might tip over easily if you have pets at home.

MOZAIST Turkish Lamp, Mosaic Table Lamp, Swan Neck

turkish lamps

Colour: A35

Size: 9.8″D x 9.8″W x 6.7″H

Material: Glass

Item Weight: 3.47 lbs.

Rating: 4.6

The MOZAIST Turkish Lamp gets manufactured using original coloured glass. It gives the Turkish floor lamps a clear and vivid look. Each Turkish style lamps are unique as they get handmade by artisans.

The Turkish Moroccan floor lamps have a vintage look and can get placed in the living room. Bedroom and kids’ room. The light will help create a relaxing ambiance. The E12 light socket and on/off switch are additional features of Turkish lamps.


  • Original coloured glass.
  • The beads and glass on the globe create a unique design.
  • Different colour options.


  • It is challenging to adjust the brightness level.

DEMMEX Turkish Lamp Bohemian Table Desk Stunning (3 Globe) Bedside Night Lamp

turkish lamps

Colour: Amore

Size: 1.97″D x 1.97″W x 8.27″H

Material: Glass, Metal

Item Weight: 6.44 lbs.

Rating: 4.8

The DEMMEX Turkish Lamp has three globes, making it look unique. The handmade Turkish Moroccan hanging lamps are made from glass beads and hand-cut glass pieces.

There is no installation required. Just plug in the socket and use the on/off feature to switch the Turkish stained glass lamps and create a myriad of colours in the room it gets placed.


  • Three stunning globes.
  • Handmade Turkish hanging lamps.
  • Brass metal body makes it durable.


  • The bulbs are not included.
  • The lamp is heavy.

Turkish Lamp, Mosaic Floor Lamp, Mosaic Standing Lamp (Nine Globe) Morrocan Floor Lamp

turkish lamps

Colour: Mix

Size: 18″D x 18″W x 70″H

Material: Glass

Item Weight: 17.6 lbs.

Rating: 5.0

The Turkish Lamp, morracan lamp, and Mosaic Standing Lamps have nine globes, which makes them one of the most beautiful decorative lamps you can use to light up your bedroom, living room, and any other room of your house. The beautiful colours will enhance the beauty of your room.

The multi-coloured handmade globes will help create a unique ambiance so that you can relax in the beautiful lighting. The changing colours add to the charm of this Turkish Moroccan Lamp.

The handmade mosaic lamp is manufactured in the same centuries-old tradition, making them unique. The coloured filling adds to the strength of the Turkish Moroccan floor lamps and ensures that they last long.

Bronze is a soft metal used in manufacturing these mosaic globe lamps, preventing any cracking or breakage in the base design.


  • The bronze metal coating makes Turkish lamps durable.
  • The nine globes make the Turkish lanterns look unique.
  • Coloured filling strengthens the glasses.
  • The Turkish mosaic lamps have an on/off switch.


  • The Turkish hanging lanterns are extremely heavy and aren’t easily portable.

Demmex Turkish Lamp Multicolor Morocan Lamp (11 Big Globes)

turkish lamps

Colour: Multicolour

Size: 7.09 x 8.27 x 16.54 inches

Material: Glass

Item Weight: NA

Rating: 4.8

The Demmex Turkish lamps have eleven globes, making it the center of attention wherever you place the tall lantern. The eleven globes provide a beautiful light that will mesmerize family and friends.

The Turkish Moroccan floor lamps are a beautiful addition to your indoor space. The high-quality brass material adds to the sturdiness of these mosaic globe lamps. The star design on top of the Turkish Moroccan lamps enhances its appeal.

The on/off switch on the Turkish glass lamps kit makes them easy to operate. No installation is required; you can use the many globes to colour any space in your room. The glass mosaics and the lighting will significantly enhance the appeal of your room.


  • 100% handmade by expert artisans.
  • Eleven big globes.
  • The Turkish glass lamps have a glass colour body and chains.
  • The shade diameter is six inches.


  • The bulbs aren’t included.
  • The on/off switch isn’t durable.

MOZAIST Turkish Lamp, Moon-Shaped Mosaic Table Lamp Mosaic Globe Lamp Middle Eastern Lamp

turkish lamps

Colour: Multicolor

Size: 8.7″D x 12″W x 18″H

Material: Glass

Item Weight: 4.74 lbs.

Rating: 4.6

The MOZAIST Moraccan lamp is moon-shaped, which makes it look unique. Artisans who are experts in their craft create different shapes and patterns on the mosaic globe lamps. When plugged in, the coloured glass creates a fantastic image in every corner of the bedroom, living room or kids’ area.

The originally coloured glasses are cut by hand and pieced together to create an excellent design. The globe lights up every corner of your room, creating a perfect environment for relaxation with family and friends.

After you complete the installation process, plug in and enjoy the Turkish light. The Turkish mosaic lamps create a comforting glow, which is ideal if you want to create a classic style decoration in your bedroom or living room.


  • Moon-shaped brass metal body.
  • E 12 certified socket.
  • The Turkish style lamps are handmade.
  • On/off switch feature.


  • The base isn’t heavy, which can sometimes cause the lamp to tip.
  • The E12 bulb is not included in the package.

DEMMEX Turkish Lamp | Moroccan Colorful Handmade Mosaic Table Desk Istanbul Lamps (10 Colours)

turkish lamps

Colour: Naughty Girl.

Size: 15.91 x 7.8 x 6.38 inches

Material: Brass, Metal

Item Weight: 3.83 lbs.

Rating: 4.9

The DEMMEX Turkish Lamp is available in ten different colours. You can choose different colours for your bedroom, living room, kids’ room or any other room you wish to decorate with this antique Turkish lamp.

The hand-crafted Turkish Moroccan hanging lamps use different coloured glass and beads to create one of the most beautiful table and floor lamps available in the world. Plug in and switch on the lamp to create an extraordinary lighting effect.

The Turkish Moroccan lamps are of perfect size, and you can place them anywhere you want in your home, and they will enhance the appeal of the place where they get placed.

The different colours of the Turkish table lamps appear vibrant when illuminated. The precious handmade mosaic lamp is made of the highest quality materials and is considered the perfect gift for all occasions.

Each Turkish stained glass lamp is unique as different shapes of coloured glass and beads are used to create each masterpiece. Each lamp has its own identity, and the colours it reflects will help create a warm atmosphere.


  • The handmade mosaic lamp is available in ten different colours.
  • The Turkish lamps get handmade from high-quality materials.
  • On/off feature.
  • Original stained glass.


  • The bulb isn’t included with the Turkish lamp.

Marrakech Turkish Floor Handmade Lamp (3 Globes) Turkish Light Fixtures

turkish lamps

Colour: Blue

Size: 31.25 x 12.25 x 11.5 inches

Material: Glass, Metal

Item Weight: 11.48 lbs.

Rating: 4.6

The Marrakech Turkish Floor Handmade Lamp has three globes, which help create beautiful patterns when you switch them on. Each glass of the handmade mosaic lamp gets carefully cut by expert artisans who have been practicing this craft for decades. A simple coloured piece of glass becomes a piece of art when they craft it.

No paint gets used to colour the glass pieces; each has a natural colour to create stunning Turkish lamps. The gaps between the glasses get filled with cement in such a way that they look seamlessly connected.

The antique Turkish glass lamps have a solid bronze base, which makes them sturdy. The Turkish Moroccan floor lamps come with three 12E bulbs, which provide the most fantastic illumination. The UL plug power cord is certified and lasts long.


  • High-quality metal and glass materials used.
  • UL/CE certified power cords.
  • Handmade Turkish lamps.
  • On/off switch feature.


  • The lamp is extremely heavy, which restricts portability from one place to another.

Marrakech Turkish Lamp Mosaic Glass Decorative Table Lamp for Bedroom, Living Room Mosaic Light Fixture

turkish lamps

Colour: White

Size: 5.3″D x 5.3″W x 11″H

Material: Glass

Item Weight: 2.22 lbs.

Rating: 4.6

The Marrakech Turkish Lamp Mosaic Glass Decorative Table Lamp is handmade with different coloured glasses. The exquisite patterns you find on the lampshade are crafted by expert artisans, making the Turkish lamps unique. The Turkish hanging lanterns are an ideal gift choice for any occasion.

Different coloured glasses get cut expertly and then fused to look like a piece of art. The different shapes and designs of the cut glass ensure that the lighting looks breathtaking. The convenient on/off switch makes it easy to control its operations.

The perfectly sized table lamp will fit anywhere, and you can choose to place it in the bedroom, living room or any other place you deem fit.


  • A stylish bronze base.
  • UL listed cord and plug.
  • Handmade decorative table lamp.
  • Antique design.


  • The bulb isn’t included in the package.

How to Choose Turkish lamps?

With so many stunning Turkish lamps available in the market, choosing one that matches your requirements is often tricky. Let us look at some factors you should consider when shopping for Turkish Moroccan lamps.

Size & Weight

When buying Turkish Moroccan hanging lamps, one of the first things you need to consider is the size and weight. If you want to move the lamp from one room to another, you should choose a Turkish Moroccan Lamp that is lightweight and compact. If the Turkish lanterns are heavyweight, you cannot move them quickly.

Mosaic globe lamps that are compact don’t occupy much space, and you can choose to keep them wherever you want. Most people choose to keep the handmade mosaic lamp in their bedroom or living room as it adds to the room’s ambiance and enhances its appearance.

One of the essential things you need to remember is that handmade glass is heavy. The weight of the Turkish lamps will increase substantially depending on the number of globes the lamps have.

If there are more than three globes, the weight will be more. Some Turkish floor lamps have more than ten globes. It is best to decide beforehand where you need to keep the heavyweight handmade mosaic lamp, as you can’t keep moving them regularly.

Apart from glass, the Turkish Moroccan lamps’ base is made from bronze metal. The metal material will add to the overall weight of the lamp.


As Turkish table lamps often get placed on tables, you need to consider the height of the light too. If the height is correct, you don’t have to adjust the lamp each time you want to read or look at something. Keeping the light at eye level will enable you to look at things and read comfortably.

Type of Material

Original coloured glass and metal often get used to creating a Turkish Moroccan Lamp masterpiece. The high-quality material ensures durability. Avoid any mosaic lamps made of cheap materials, as they will not last long.

If the quality and colour of the glass don’t look good, you should avoid buying such lamps. Turkish lamps get handmade, and when you tap on the glass, you will get a good sound. It proves that the coloured glass is genuine.

Colour of Glass

Only genuine handmade mosaic glass will have a deep and rich colour. Many cheap quality glasses get painted, but you will be able to spot the difference when you switch on the Turkish lamp.

If the colour looks pale or bleached, you are dealing with a fake copy of the original Turkish style lamps. Lighting up your bedroom or living room is an art; if done correctly, it will significantly enhance that space.


The functionality of the Turkish lamp you choose needs to be determined so that you can buy it as per your specific requirements. Do you intend to use it as a decorative item? Do you want to illuminate particular areas of the room? Do you plan to place it on a table, or do you want to hang it in a specific spot?

Mid-sized lamps are often the most preferred as they require little space and greatly enhance the room’s ambiance. Even though Turkish lamps are ethnic, they fit perfectly well in a modern home setting.

Even as they fulfil the basic functionality of providing light, Turkish Moroccan lamps also reinforce the interiors by simply adding a decorative touch. There are many mosaic lamps, and finding the right one will depend on your aesthetics.

Adding mosaic globe lamps to your room is an easy way to infuse some colour and celebrate the interior theme you want to highlight. One of the most significant benefits of choosing Turkish table lamps is that you can regulate the light by opting for clear or colourful glass globes.

With the right choice of lighting, you can create any atmosphere you want in the room or home. You can create a warm and relaxed atmosphere ideal for spending time and unwinding with your family and friends.

Purpose of Buying

Are you buying Turkish lamps for decorative or aesthetic purposes? Irrespective of where you choose to place the Turkish table lamps, it will help create a warm atmosphere, which makes the space welcoming.

The type of shade you want from your lamp will depend on the purpose. If you use the light for reading, you will require a brighter or clear shade, whereas a darker shade is often used for decoration.

The other lighting in the room also matters as you will never keep the Turkish mosaic lamps as a single decoration piece. The handmade mosaic lamp can get placed on your favorite table, or you can choose to keep it on the floor to light up a specific corner.

The purpose will also determine the type of Turkish Moroccan floor lamps you buy. Do you want to buy one with a single globe or multiple globes? The answer will help you decide if you wish to keep it on the floor or hang it from the ceiling.

Do you want a single light source or multiple light sources? You can opt for Turkish mosaic lamps with a single globe if you wish for a single light source. You will have numerous light sources depending on the number of globes in the lamp. The many coloured glass globes will brighten up any spot in your room.

Always determine the lighting you want in your bedroom or living room. Do you want general lighting that will illuminate the overall space, or do you want to highlight a particular area or piece of furniture? Based on your specific needs, you can make a choice.

Waterproof Lighting Design

Turkish Moroccan lamps can get placed indoors or outdoors. When you choose a waterproof design, you don’t have to worry about water or moisture causing damage to the mosaic lamp. If the lamp is made from cheap quality metal, it will rust within a few months. Always pay attention to this feature when buying a mosaic lamp.

Design & Style

The style and design of the Turkish Moroccan lamps will affect how they work and how you can use them to decorate your room. If the design is complicated, you might find it challenging to complete the installation process.

A simple design and style will help you complete the installation process quickly. A handmade mosaic lamp often has one globe, whereas a complex design might have more than ten globes. You can decide on the design based on how you want to decorate your room. Portability is also easy if the Turkish style lamps are simple.

The design and style of the Turkish lamp you choose should complement the overall décor of your room or home. It will help your home look more beautiful.


Durability is another factor you should consider when shopping for Turkish glass lamps. It is because the glass material can be fragile, and if it isn’t durable, it won’t last long.

Turkish mosaic lamps made from high-quality materials such as original coloured glass and bronze metal will last many years. Strong and durable metal will not crack and bend and will provide value for money.


The cost of a Turkish lamp will vary depending on its features, style, size, and design. Always avoid buying a cheap handmade mosaic lamp, as it won’t last long, and you will lose money. A good quality Turkish Moroccan Lamp made with high-quality materials will cost more but will last long even with little maintenance.

As all Turkish lamps get handmade by expert artisans with decades of skill and experience, you will find the cost slightly upward compared to other table lamps available in the market.

Additional Features

You need to look for other additional features when buying Turkish lamps. The valuable features include an on/off switch and a long electrical cord. When you buy a handmade mosaic lamp with these features, you will find it easy to operate and maintain. The electrical cord is mostly certified, making it safe to use.

Consider the Space

Turkish stained glass lamps are available in different sizes and shapes. You have compact and lightweight lamps, which can easily get placed on a desk, and others require a larger space to accommodate their size.

If you intend to place the Turkish Moroccan floor lamps in a small space, it is best to choose a compact- lamp. You can opt for Turkish Moroccan lamps with multiple globes if you have a larger room or area.

When buying Turkish hanging lamps, you need to decide where to hang them so that they add to the room’s charm and ambiance. Whether you have a spacious room or a small desk to keep the Turkish lamps, you will find them available in any size you want. It makes it easy to make a choice.


Turkish lamps provide a bright and bold impact on any room. The Turkish mosaic lamps are incredibly versatile, and you can get highly creative by placing them in your bedroom or living room. The eye-catching Turkish stained glass lamps have the power to transform any space. Our Turkish lamp bazaar will help you make an informed choice.

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