Best 2X72 Belt Grinder for Knife Making- Reviews 2022

Making knives is not an easy task. It requires both skills and the right equipment to forge the best there can ever be in your creation. Having a belt for knife making is crucial for any workshop. Whether being a bladesmith is an inherent ability for you or a skill you are trying to get; you must have a belt grinder machine.

A 2X72 belt grinder for knife making operates at an impressive speed. At least most bladesmiths can swear by that. But, this is not to say that all the other belt grinders underperform.

Though using any belt grinder can meet your forging task, there comes a time when we need specifics. Here are comprehensive reviews on the best 2X72 belt grinders for knife making.

Best Belt Grinder for Knife Making

Our Top Picks

ProductMotor PowerDisc SizeWarrantyBuy Now
2X72 Belt Grinder with Motor1.5hp8 inches2 yearsAmazon
WKM 2X72 Belt Grinder with Platen Grind2hp8 inches 2 years Amazon
Jet J-4103 2X72 Square Wheel Belt Grinder1hp9 inches 2 years Amazon
Palmgren 2X42 Benchtop Belt Grinder2hp9 inches 2 years Amazon
Jet H-41002 2X42 Bench Belt Grinder340 rpm8 inches 2 years Amazon
Bucktool 2600 2X42 Belt Sander3450 rpm6 inches 2 years Amazon
Jet 708598K JSG-6CS Belt Disc Sander11/2hp12 inches 5 years Amazon
WEN 6502T With Cast Iron Base 4X36 Belt Sander3600 rpm6 inches 2 years Amazon

Best 2×72 Belt Grinder For You:

1. 2X72 Belt Grinder with Motor

You will love everything about this belt grinder with a motor. It is one of the most popular grinders of its kind in the market and you can never go wrong with it. It features an ergonomic push-down ergonomic handle for both efficiency and comfort. The handle is at the tension beam.

Besides that, the belt grinder also features a 3/8″ thick steel D-plate. This is the center where the idler wheels and the platen connect. The main purpose of the D-plate is to create ample room for the slack belt grinding. But that is not all. The D-plate leans both forward and backward to efficiently grind the bevels.

You will love the powder-coated chassis and the heavy-duty bungs. The 3/8″ deep threads at the clamping knob bolts are also situated on the tracking mechanism. This machine uses accessories from major manufacturers, and this only means one thing. Excellent quality.


  • Features an ergonomic handle
  • D-plate creates ample room for slack belt grinding
  • Uses accessories from major manufacturers
  • Features an enclosed fan cooled, 3450rpm
  • Has 2 square tubing


  • Does not track right
  • It is too expensive

2.   WKM 2X72 Belt Grinder with Platen Grind

This is a heavy-duty, high-precision knife maker machine. It is designed for both excellent performance and reliability. You can hardly go wrong with it. It features a flat platen grinder tooling arm. This makes your working platform both comfortable and convenient. It also has a work table, otherwise called a rest table.

This is one of the most efficient 2X72 belt grinder machines. It comes with precision belt tracking. The machine also has an adjustable belt tension and an inverter multi-speed control. This ensures that your forging endeavors are up to par.

Though a little bit costly, this machine is worth every penny you budget to spend on it. Everything should run smoothly with the excellent work table support. The table itself has a quick attachment change.


  • Quick attachment change.
  • It is a heavy-duty machine.
  • Features precision belt tracking.
  • Adjustable belt tension.
  • Ability to control the grinding speed.


  • It is quite overpriced

3.   Jet J-4103 2X72 Square Wheel Belt Grinder

If you are looking for speed and perfection, this one is the right machine you should go for. It features a platen setting that provides a perfect angle for high speed. It is also ideal for precision flat and level grinding.

With all the hype that comes with it, this machine has not compromised vital details. One such detail is the refinishing cylindrical shapes. Its yoke surface is for a smooth even finish.

There is more to this machine like the serrated contact wheel. This wheel is for removing heavy stock during forging. It is also used for cleaning up a weld. Some more ambitious people also use this serration for snagging a casting. All of these are acceptable because it makes for an excellent option.


  • One of the best finishing machines available.
  • Easy to operate.
  • Versatile with perfection to detail.
  • Fast, efficient, and precise.
  • Excellent for cleaning up a weld.


  • Its shipping has limited coverage.
  • It is one of the most expensive available in the category.
  • Grind is difficult to reach some diameters.

Other Choice For You:

4.   Palmgren 2X42 Benchtop Belt Grinder

This tool is an excellent combination of belt and disc finishing. Yes, all in one versatile machine, what more can you ask for! This power tool machine is ideal for general purposes. You can use it for sanding and a lot more you would want in a fairly perfect belt grinder for knife making.

Investing in this machine is certainly not a bad idea. Compared to most other machines in this category, it is one of the most affordable ones. The appealing price tag does not compromise on its functionality and key features.

There is so much you can do with this machine. This includes but is not limited to; surfacing, finishing, sanding, polishing, and deburring. This tool also has a long shelf life, what with its heavy-duty construction details.


  • It is bigger and stronger. It is also highly powered.
  • It comes with a decent budget.
  • Belts are easy to change and contour in tight places.
  • Easy to set up and use even for beginners.


  • It has a single speed.
  • Sometimes it is difficult for the belts to align and stay on the rollers.
  • It is underpowered with a slow motor.

5.   Jet H-41002 2X42 Bench Belt Grinder

You will most definitely love the mechanics on this one. It features a deluxe miter gauge that turns and locks from the same angles.  This heavy-duty machine features a steel base, rubber feet, and cast iron construction. All these attributes make for a solid and reliable body.

The functionality of this tool is not compromised either despite the appealing features. It sands, grinds, and gives an excellent finish that is almost glossy. Some say matte. But at the end of it all, it works on the curves and odd shapes of your knife.

Its three-in-one nature makes this belt grinder much more appealing than it already is. It can do the work of a jigsaw, coping saw, and hand file. That means it can refine and remove unwanted materials from the blades and edges for an impressive finish.


  • Heavy-duty construction.
  • Very versatile and works three-in-one.
  • It sands well.
  • Easy to assemble and use.
  • It has a solid build.
  • Made from quality materials.


  • Motor can easily burn out.
  • Had to get full-speed momentum.
  • Non-adjustable tension.

6.   Bucktool 2600 2X42 Belt Sander

As far as good features and functionality are concerned, this tool is highly efficient. It also has heavy-duty construction. It is well equipped with an induction motor to ensure a continuous power supply when the machine is in use.

This versatile machine is an excellent combo for grinding and sanding. 

It has a high-quality metal sanding belt for that smooth, excellent finish. The grinder, on the other hand, deals with the usual belt grinder’s work.

You will love the general mechanics of this tool, especially the belt fitting. Besides that, it has an adjustable eye shield and LED light. It also features a quick-release tension and a tracking mechanism. All this makes the machine easy to assemble and put into use.


  • It is an excellent performer.
  • Fairly affordable and easy to acquire.
  • Efficient combo of grinder and sander.
  • The belt tracks well, and the solid build is a plus.


  • Inefficient shape for a paperweight.
  • Hard to adjust and tighten the mechanism.
  • The power in the motor is not efficient enough.

7.   Jet 708598K 6 X 68 JSG-6CS Belt Disc Sander

This tool combines both the disc and belt to give it the sanding power that it deserves. The dual thumbscrew tracking is exclusive to the machine to keep the belt on track.

This machine boasts a lot of other excellent features. Its built-in ergonomic handle makes the machine portable. It also has a  stand for minimal space on the workstation.


  • Three locking angles.
  • Belt adjustments are easy to adjust.
  • Excellent build and easy to assemble.
  • Heavy-duty machine with plenty of power.
  • Has a solid platform for working.


  • Needs occasional adjustment to startup.
  • Poor dust collection.
  • Belt tracking mechanism is not perfect.

8.   WEN 6502T With Cast Iron Base 4X36 Belt Sander

WEN 6502T With Cast Iron Base 4X36 Belt Sander is a two-in-one sanding machine. It comes with a 4X36-inch belt and a 6X6-inch disc. For the unique shape of your workpiece, the belt tilts up to 90 degrees. The heavy work base will, on the other hand, reduce vibrations.

The 6-inch disc creates excellent capacity for sanding. It is fitted with a sturdy cast aluminum table and a meter gauge for sanding. This machine has whole other features you will love. A good example is the 2.25-inch dust port linked directly to the dust extractor.


  • Durable splined belt replacement.
  • Cost-effective and highly efficient.
  • Decent quality and highly durable.
  • Solid, efficient, and great value for your money.


  • It is so heavy.
  • Motor can’t handle heavy loads.
  • It is a noisy machine.

What to Look for When Buying 2X72 Belt Grinder for Knife Making

If you are a beginner bladesmith wondering where to start with the equipment, you might be tempted to pick anything that looks fancy and promising on top of the shelves. That is not how this works. You must thoroughly examine and understand every brand. This is to ensure that you are getting value for your money.

Here’s a list of some of the key features you should take a look at when buying a 2X72 belt grinder for knife making.


Steel grinding and forging consume a lot of power. It requires much more than wood would. It is helpful to have a high-powered belt grinder. However, you should also consider the ones with variable speed options. This will be convenient for when you want to change the tune in your forging.

Thinner Belts are Better

Belt grinders with thinner belts are way much better. Especially for reliability and efficiency. You might not accomplish your grinding needs 100% if your grinder doesn’t have the correct belt. A general rule of thumb dictates that the size of the belt will determine the final outlook of your knife.


You need a compact grounded belt grinder for your knife-making adventures. Shaping is everything when cutting out the blade for your knife. Any slight tremor might alter the precision of the shape you wanted. While we all love compact and portable, heavier and quality come in handy regarding stability.

Round and Flat Grinding Surfaces

A belt grinder with variable surfaces is the best you can ever go for. Most of the 2X72 belt grinders have both round and flat grinding surfaces. This allows for the versatile shaping of your knife blade. Its mechanics tilt to create and give a platform for the shape you want to get in the long run.

Quick and Easy Belt Changes

The constant change of knife belts is both inconveniencing and slowing down. But there is a way you can go around that. Go for a belt grinder that enables you to change the belts quickly and easily. Once you get this feature out of the way, you can settle into work.

Frequently Asked Questions

2X42 VS 2X72 belt grinder?

●     2X72 belt grinder

The best of these two is the 2X72 belt grinder.


Integrated motor control

Over-sized drive plate


The reverse is all the same.

●     2X42 Belt Grinder

This is an ideal combo multi-tool. It comes in handy if you are looking for a multi-purpose machine.


Abrasive belt unit

Adjustable dust deflector

Odd-shaped workpieces

Should you use a 2X42 or a 2X72 belt grinder for knife making?

A 2X42 belt grinder is a great machine. Because it is for general purposes, you can’t be limited in its use. The 2X72 belt grinder, on the other hand, has a high-performance level. It accommodates a wide range of accessories, unlike its former counterpart.

If you are looking for other belt grinders, please click here.

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