What Is A Torque Screwdriver?

Torque Screwdrivers

It is perfectly normal to find a toolbox in most households. Some tools in the toolbox are very common, and people use them frequently. There are even some tools that people use daily. Some standard tools in a toolbox include a hammer, a plier, and a torque screwdriver

A torque screwdriver is an innovative tool to turn screw heads to a specific tension. It is a handy tool that you can use to assemble components that need to be assembled. Torque screwdrivers are handy for factory workers and technicians in companies.

There are various types of torque screwdrivers you can buy. Torque represents rotational force, which is used to fasten screws. The amount of torque you are required to use with the torque screwdriver depends on the nature of the work. A torque screwdriver is an essential tool for fastening companies.

About Torque Screwdrivers

Torque screwdrivers can be electric, cordless, manual, or pneumatic. It is also perfectly normal to see a digital torque screwdriver. Manual torque drivers resemble standard screwdrivers but have shorter shafts than them. Some torque screwdrivers come in various pieces so that you can handle any situation.

Electric torque screwdrivers are often corded and more potent than regular torque screwdrivers. However, they are not convenient when there is no sufficient movement space. Electric and pneumatic torque drivers usually feature thick handles that resemble a power drill.

You can easily set the torque you want on the torque screwdriver. When the torque driver reaches the set limit, some brands will alert the user with a click, while some will keep turning without getting tighter. A torque driver helps you to put screws in place while maintaining a steady torque and avoiding damage. Click here to learn more about a torque screwdriver.

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Things To Consider When Choosing A Torque Screwdriver

A torque screwdriver is an indispensable tool for many companies. Especially companies that deal in fastening and assembling items. If you plan on getting a torque screwdriver, how do you know what to consider? It would be best if you made some careful considerations when choosing a torque screwdriver. They include the following:

  • Corded or Cordless?

There are many types of torque screwdrivers. Some torque screwdrivers are manual, while some are electric and pneumatic. However, torque screwdrivers are mainly divided into corded and cordless. Electric torque screwdrivers with cords are usually better and much stronger than cordless torque screwdrivers.

Corded torque screwdrivers are also much lighter than cordless ones, which require a battery to run. The weight of the batter usually makes cordless torque screwdrivers much heavier than corded ones. If you work in a company and will be using the torque driver for a long time, you should seriously consider this factor.

A cordless torque screwdriver set can also have advantages over a corded one. If you work in any assembly store, a cordless adjustable torque screwdriver can be very helpful. It allows you to move quickly and maneuver around large objects without getting wires tangled up on the floor.

In addition, cordless torque screwdrivers are very helpful in places with limited space. If you work in a company with insufficient movement space, a cordless torque driver will be preferable for such a situation. You must carefully consider your needs before choosing a suitable torque driver set.

  • Torque Driver Application  

How the torque screwdriver will be applied is also essential when choosing a torque-limiting screwdriver. If you have to change your torque during the project you’re working on, it is advisable to use an adjustable torque screwdriver to adjust the torque appropriately.

When you only need one torque to finish your work, you can get a pre-set torque, so you don’t have to adjust the torque each time. If you don’t need to worry about the torque when working, you can use an electric torque screwdriver which is very convenient and easy to use.

  • Screwdriver Head

One of the most important things to consider when choosing a torque screwdriver is the screw and the screwdriver head you will need for your work. If you overlook checking the type of screwdriver head and screw, you might end up with a failed project. Hence, it is crucial to check the screw head.

There are various types of screwdriver heads. Each of them has different designs and serves a specific purpose. Hence, you must select a screwdriver head suitable for the project you are working on.

  • Accessories

Your torque-limiting screwdriver doesn’t need to have accessories. However, additional accessories are always helpful and help to increase work efficiency. You can attain better results with tools with extra accessories to complement their use. It also enables you to get better results.

If you plan on getting a torque screwdriver that you can use for a long time, go for a screwdriver that has valuable accessories to complement the torque driver. This can help you save money and also provide you with practical features. For example, you can get a torque screwdriver set with a screwdriver torque wrench.

  • Work Environment

Your work environment also needs to be factored in when choosing a suitable torque screwdriver. It is not uncommon for static discharge to damage or destroy various components in an electronics company. Hence you need to consider the kind of torque screwdriver to use carefully.

If you work in a company where static discharge is possible, it is better to use torque screwdrivers that won’t get damaged due to electrostatic discharge. Nobody wants to buy an electric torque driver only for it to get damaged quickly. Hence, you should seriously consider your workplace when selecting.

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A torque screwdriver is a handy tool that you can find in many assembling companies. It is an innovative tool that helps to control the torque when fastening a screw or component. Different types of torque drivers include manual, electric, and pneumatic. Each type has its advantages and application.

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