How To Use A Torque Screwdriver

torque screwdriver

A torque screwdriver is a vital tool in an assembly company. Torque drivers help to fasten screws on a set torque or force. It is a handy companion for technicians that work in assembling companies. You can also find torque screwdrivers in household toolboxes, as many people use them to assemble furniture components.

A torque screwdriver helps to reduce any damage that can occur from fastening with too much force. It reduces the rate of product failure and is an essential tool for many companies. However, some individuals don’t know how to use a torque screwdriver properly. Here’s how to correctly use a torque screwdriver.

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How To Use A Preset Torque Screwdriver

A preset torque screwdriver is one of the most common types of torque screwdriver. A preset torque driver features an internal adjustment scale that must be preset before you can use it effectively. It is advisable to use a torque analyzer when adjusting the torque of a preset torque screwdriver. Here are steps on how to use a preset torque screwdriver.

· Plug the torque screwdriver into the testing equipment. 

· Check the torque currently set on the screwdriver

· Remove the end cap if you want to adjust the torque

· Increase or decrease the torque to your taste

· Record the final readings

· Apply calibration and start using the screwdriver

How To Use A Regular Torque Screwdriver

Regular torque screwdrivers feature external torque adjustment knobs that you can use to adjust the torque level. The knobs are pretty easy to use, and you can easily set them at any range you want. Most times, the knob settings have maximum and minimum coverage so that you can adjust it to your desire.

Some digital torque drivers have an external grid that you can use to set the torque. All you need to do is twist the knob to the mark on the screwdriver. You should also make sure the torque settings are accurate at all times. To keep the torque knob safe, you can use a torque cover to protect it.

With a torque cover protecting the knob, you can use the torque screwdriver without worrying about accuracy. It is perfectly normal for the torque settings of a torque screwdriver to change periodically. This is because, over time, it will lose calibration.

Once you correctly set the torque driver, you are good to go. All you need to do is monitor the calibration in case it changes. If you use a torque cover with the screwdriver, you can rest assured that the torque accuracy will remain. It is easy to use a torque screwdriver set. If you want to learn more about how to use a torque screwdriver, click here.

Final Words

A torque screwdriver is one of the essential tools of an assembling company. If you don’t use a torque driver for fastening, you might damage products or compromise their quality. It is pretty easy to use a torque screwdriver once you have set the torque to your desired level.

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