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Are you looking for the best tufting gun?
The tufting gun is also called a rug tufting gun. There are two types of tufting guns: electric tufting guns and pneumatic tufting guns. The electric tufting gun is a low pile machine and does not need a compressor, which is very suitable for home use.

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A tufting gun is a tool commonly used in the automatic tufting process, and the most commonly used field is the carpet manufacturing industry. Because of its high efficiency and rich color variations, it is suitable for household use and mass production.


What is a tufting gun?
There are two types of tufting guns: electric tufting guns and pneumatic tufting guns. The tufting gun is also called a rug tufting gun. It is a tool for automatic tufting, more commonly used in the carpet manufacturing industry.

Which tufting gun is the best?
Here are some suggestions for novices to choose tufting guns:
  • The number of stitches per second

  • The thickness of the carpet

  • The weight of the gun

  • The smooth running of the tufting gun should also be tested. And it is best to choose a tufting gun designed for both loops and cut pile carpets.

    What are the best brands?
    There are many relatively well-known and popular brands like INLOVEARTS, MXBAOHENG, BACHIN.

    How to use a tufting gun?
    How to thread tufting gun?

    The tufting gun has two threading holes, one at the top of it and one at the front end of the needle. You can pass the yarn through the top hole first and then through the needle. Also, make sure that nothing gets stuck in the moving parts of the tufting gun to ensure it can operate normally.

    For novices, the easiest way is to proceed from bottom to top level so that you don't have to turn the machine.

    When using the loop pile tufting gun, you need to cut the yarn at the end of each thread. But it is not necessary for the cut pile tufting gun.

    Tufting guns must be maintained at least once a month. Put a drop of oil on the moving parts to keep the tufting gun running smoothly.

    Where to buy an electric tufting gun?
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    What material do you use with tufting guns?
    Tufting Gun: There are a variety of tufting machine models to choose from. It is recommended that novices use a low-pile machine that can only cut piles or loop piles.

    Tufted Cloth: Tufting needs a specific tufted cloth.

    Yarn: You also need to prepare a certain amount of yarn. It depends on the tufting area and whether you are using a low-pile machine or a high-pile machine.

    Tufted Frame: Help tighten the tufted cloth and make the tufting process smoother.

    Adhesive: After the tufting is completed, the back of the carpet needs to be glued, so an adhesive is also used.

    How to make a rug with a tufting gun?
    Use Tufted Frame: Fix the fabric to be tufted on the frame and straighten the tufted cloth.

    Thread the Rug Tufting Gun: And follow the tool instructions to thread the rug tufting tool or hook it into the yarn to be used.

    Use Tufting Gun: Place the tufting machine at the starting position on the rug base cloth, hold the tufting machine with one hand, and press the shuttle with the other hand. As the shuttle retracts, it moves to the next position, so just continue to push the tufting machine shuttle down as it passes through the bottom fabric.

    Upholstered Carpet: When changing the color, leave the end of the yarn on the base fabric. After filling, cut the excess part to the same length as the other loops.

    Apply Liquid Latex: Apply liquid latex to the back of the carpet to ensure firmness. Wait 12 hours for it to dry and form completely.

    How to slow speed cut tufting gun?
    The tufting machine speed is very fast for novices. The tufting gun speed regulator can be used to slow down the speed of the tufting machine.