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Are you looking for the best surfboard?
Surfing originates from the Hawaiian Islands, a world surfing destination. The surfboard is also called wakeboard, skimboard, paddleboard, mini mal surfboard.
There are six types of surfboards: Fish Surfboard, Shortboards Surfboard, Hybrids Surfboard, Guns Surfboard, Funboards, Longboards.

How to choose among so many types of surfboards? LumBuy is providing high-quality and hot-sale brands for you. E.g., AQUA MARINA: Sup surfboard, inflatable stand up paddleboard; Thorx Sports: Stand up paddleboard, inflatable stand up paddleboard.

The inflatable board is easy to carry but not suitable for beginners. Seas, rivers, lakes are suitable for playing stand-up paddleboard. Surfing is no longer confined to the sea. You can surf where there is water.
SUP board is more popular, and it is also the most conventional way. And surfing requires strong arm muscle control, so you should have good physical fitness.



The surfboard is also called a paddleboard or wakeboard. It is a narrow board often used in surfing. The surfboard is light but strong enough to support an audlt standing on it. Surfboards are divided into six types: Fish Surfboard, Shortboards, Hybrids Surfboard, Guns Surfboard, Funboards, Longboards.

Generally, beginners will use the long version surfboard of 9 inches or longer than that, which is more stable. As the level advances, the surfboard can be smaller. The pros all use small surfboards. There is also a special gun surfboard, shaped like a bullet, which is prepared for a world-class surfer. The surfboard is very long and has a sharp tip, which has a very fast speed. For kids, the most suitable surfboard length is between 5 and 8 inches. You can also make and design a wood surfboard by yourself. A wooden surfboard also can be used to decor your room as an art wall.

Well-known surfboard brands in the world are AQUA MARINA, ThorX Sports, Costco, Rei, Wavestorm, Wavebandit, South Bay Board Co.

  • Beginners should be familiar with the water area you are going to before entering and avoid undercurrents and reefs.
  • It is necessary to hire a qualified instructor if you want to learn skills quickly. Most people, with the guidance of the instructor, your foot can stand on the board on the first lesson and experience the thrill of surfing on the water.
  • Surfing is different from skateboarding and skiing, which can be practiced many times on a fixed slope. Because every wave is different, surfing requires more practice. So surfing is a sport that is easy to get started but difficult to advance. And surfing consumes a lot of energy. You should strengthen muscle training.
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  • According to different water temperatures, there are four types of surf wax: For water under 58°F, 14°C, COLDWATER SURF WAX. , For water between 54-69°F, 12-20°C, COOL WATER SURF WAX. For water between 63-78°F, 17-25°C, WARM WATER SURF WAX. For water above 75°F, 24°C, TROPICAL.

    • Prepare: Prepare a base coat wax, a top coat wax, a towel, and a wax comb, also known as a wax scraper.
  • Clean: Before waxing, use the sharp side of the wax comb to scrape the wax off the surfboard and clean it over.
  • Daub first coat wax: Daub base coat wax over the surfboard.
  • Daub second coat wax: Use the second coat wax according to the water temperature. Top coat wax is more accessible to daub becaus it is soft when the base coat wax has been daubed. And remember to clean the wax of your surfboard every two months. And don't forget to get a board bag to protect your surfboard.
  • Surfboard's price range from $380 to $2,000. There is no need to buy expensive surfboards cause you might find out pretty quickly that you're not cut out for the sport.

    Of course, for beginners unsure whether they are suitable for this sport, the best way is to rent a nearby surfboard. Rentals range from $25 per day to $90 per week.

    Choosing the size of a surfboard depends on several factors. The first is your surfing experience. Generally speaking, for beginners, the bigger the board is, the stable, the better it can catch the waves.

    • Longboard
    • The length is between 112 inches to 144 inches. It has high buoyancy, slow speed, and you can play even with small waves. Suitable for beginners.

  • Middle board
  • The length is between 89 inches and 113 inches, and it has the characteristics of shortboards and longboards, which can be used by beginners and experienced surfers.

  • Shortboard
  • The length is between 77 inches and 89 inches. It has low buoyancy and needs a wave with enough thrust. A shortboard is a board that needs high technical requirements. It has flexible steering, and you can make fancy moves. But shortboards require more physical fitness than longboards.

    Electric surfboards are powered by an electric motor and can surf on the water without waves, which is also the biggest highlight of this product. But the price of electric surfboards is several times that of ordinary surfboards.

    It is a good option to choose a foam surfboard for beginners. Because it is easy to paddle, and stable, which makes standing on the surfboard and catching waves much more accessible.