How Much Does a Surfboard Cost in 2023

The surfboard is perfect for joy and fun. It is the best moment for pleasure from a dull and hectic life. Because, when you visit coastal areas, you’ve got the chance to use surfboard for fun. But it’s also true that their rents cost much. For beginners who want to use the surfboard, surfboard owners charge very high because they take advantage of the client situation at sea sites. And people could not get the surfboard at the sea sites while on the critical events. We realize that many people want to buy their surfboards because the rent of the surfboard is almost equal to its actual cost. Therefore, many people want to buy their surfboards. So, we decided to guide all the people who do not have much knowledge about the surfboard. After visiting this article, you’ll be able to choose the best surfboard.

How Much Do Surfboards Cost?

The surfboard prices change according to its specifications. Generally, it may vary from $100- $1200. A high-price surfboard has better specifications as compared to a low-price board. There are many factors on which total cost may be decided. We will discuss all the aspects briefly.
  • Size 
In case you’re a beginner, you will need a longer, more extensive board. More length in surfboard will provide you with better stability, and you can easily paddle it. More width in the surfboard will give you a fair and stable balance.
  • Foam vs. Fiberglass
To decide the cost of a surfboard, the material which is used also plays an important role. As is known to all, a good material costs more as compared to a bad one. Similarly, the case is with a surfboard. The surfboard comes in two categories foam surfboard and fiberglass. Form surfboards, or just foamies, are sheets produced using an EPS froth center enclosed by delicate external skin. Typically, these boards are cheaper than fiberglass surfboards. Foam surfboards are best for learning because they are more durable, safe, and soft.
  • Used vs. New
No doubt, the new surfboard costs more. Many individuals are also looking for used surfboards. You’ve to make sure that there are no cracks, holes, or dings on the surfboard. You also have to check if the board is yellowed because if it is yellowed, it means the board is too old. You also have to carefully review all the bodies of the surfboards because sometimes they may be damaged. Sometimes the used surfboard is significantly damaged, but you couldn’t find it due to the paint. It is until you use such surfboards that you will realize that you’ve wasted money. Always take a warranty of at least one week from the buyer because all the faults may not be seen while buying.

Q: How much does a new surfboard cost?

The cost of the surfboard depends upon the type of material used. Generally, the good material surfboard costs more as compared to a bad material surfboard. There is no doubt that a better material quality surfboard will give better stability and performance. The size of the board also plays a vital role in deciding the price. A board with a longer length costs more as compared to small size surfboards. Therefore, for a suitable material surfboard, your budget should be between $700-$1000. Larger boards are better in terms of stability and performance, but it is much more costly than short-sized surfboards because a high length and width surfboard requires a large part of the material and other parts to build. If you have a reasonable budget, go for a longer-size surfboard.

Q: How much does a professional surfboard cost?

The price of the surfboard is in accordance with the type of material which is used. The professional surfboard may vary from $900 to $1200. The professional surfboard has better built-in quality and good material used. Therefore, its price is more than other boards. All the boards in which fiberglass is used are harder as compared to form material board. The cost of a Fiberglass surfboard is more than the form surfboard. Fiberglass boards are more complex than form surfboards. Due to the fiber material, these surfboards cost much. Fiberglass boards are harder to paddle and are much tricky to pop up. But the fiberglass material can provide more service when compared to form material because the form can be damaged by water, while fiberglass surfboards can’t.

Q: How much does a used surfboard cost?

A used surfboard cost may vary according to its condition. Generally, you’ll buy a good-condition surfboard with an average budget of $500. But keep in mind that carefully check the surfboard-like body first. If there is any hole in the body, never purchase it. As it is not a new board, you’ve to be very careful when buying the used one. But we’ll suggest you buy the new surfboard as compared to buy a used one. Because a used surfboard may be damaged, but it may not be seen clearly due to paint or any transplant. But after some time you’ll realize that your money is a waste. The procedure of buying a new surfboard is relatively easy. You have to check that you’re getting a better quality board. You don’t need to worry that you couldn’t get an economical budget surfboard. Sometimes new boards costs are similar to the used condition boards’.

Q: What other costs are there except the money spent on buying a surfboard?

There are also many costs after purchasing a surfboard, like the money spent on decoration. There are also costs of suits, glasses, etc. But there are three main other expenses.
  • Wetsuits
  • Surf lessons
  • Surf Gears
Let’s briefly discuss all these factors.
  • Wetsuits:
Assuming you need a decent wetsuit that will not limit your development yet keep you warm, it’s presumably going to hinder you by about $100. Fortunately, in case you are riding waves in warm water, you can forego a wetsuit. A wet suit will add more joy while you pop up a surfboard.
  • Surf Lessons
It is also necessary that you’ve to learn surfing if you are a beginner. We highly recommend going for it. It might seem like an extra cost, but the lesson will help your wave count and get you on your surfing journey bother-free.
  • Surf Gear
If you are in warm water, you might be stirred up in the light of the fact that you understand you will not require a wetsuit. In any case, you’ll need some great sunscreen. Some other stuff any surfer needs are towels and a decent knapsack to store some other things like wax, caps, food, water, or a finkey. In addition, we are coming with the best three most famous surfboards. All these surfboards might be very helpful for calculating the range of the surfboards. Let’s briefly discuss all these surfboards. Keep in mind that these surfboards are worth a try if you can afford them.
  • 1 Verve 8′
When we’re talking about the surfboards for beginners, South Bay Board company Verve 8 could not be beaten. The board comes very soft and with excellent stability. The broad base and additional lightness from the EPS center make this board simple for beginners to stand upon and learn riding. Verve 8 has the ideal length for any beginner. This product is suitable for easy paddling. The main thing is getting a ton of waves, and with eht Verve, you’ll have the option to paddle into a lot of waves.
  • Ruccus 7′
Ruccus 7′ is also worth buying, but it is not for beginners like Verve 8′. The company tries their best to give the better quality product in this price range. Its short length makes the ideal board that is transmitted from a longer board to a shorter surfboard. The Ruccus likewise has a triple stringer framework running its length. The stringers give added toughness to this board, so you can continue to tear it for quite a long time.
  • Guppy 6′
This board is smaller than the other boards which we’ve discussed. Due to the small size, this surfboard may be difficult to paddle. Yet certainly compensates for the bother by permitting you to accomplish more on the wave. The short length will allow you to all the more likely fit into the pocket of whatever waves you’re riding. If you’re in any event feeling like it, the more limited length will help you get into the barrel. The Guppy is appropriate for the punchy wave conditions you will discover in the shore break or at practically any seashore break.


We discussed all the points briefly that should be kept in mind while buying a new or used surfboard. We’ve discussed the material of surfboard and their categories like Fiberglass and form. We also guide you about how to buy a used surfboard. But, we’ll again tell you always try to choose a new one because many used surfboards are damaged or a waste of money. Indeed, by keeping in mind all the above instructions and guidelines, you’re bound to get the best surfboard.

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