6 Best Cattle Prods Electric Stick for Livestock 2023

How Do Cattle Prods Work?

Did you know that cattle prod sticks are becoming more and more popular in daily livestock farming? Well, using them is pretty fun. These electric sticks use currents and electrodes that give animals controlled and bearable shocks. The shocks easily keep the animals in the direction you wish as a keeper.


As a livestock keeper, you will want to control your livestock movement with a lot of ease. Whether you have a small number of livestock or large herds, a cattleprod will serve you well in directing and moving your livestock from one point to the other. At some point, if you keep a sizable number of livestock herds, it is so likely that you will experience fights amongst them. Settling livestock fights is not an easy task, nor is it a fun affair.

However, these experiences should not scare you as a farmer. This article gives you the solutions to make your livestock family more enjoyable. Read through to get a broad understanding of the best cattle prods, their advantages and setbacks before you embark on buying one.

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How do cattle prods work?

Our picks for the best cattle prods?

Can a cattle prod kill a human?

How many volts is a cattle prod?

Does a cattle prod hurt?

Our Picks for the Best Cattle Prods

Best Overall; West Thorne Pro Cattle Prod

Best Value; WUPYI Electric Prod

Best Detachable; ZHEQOGZH Livestock Electric Cattle Prod

Best Budget; Magrath Hot Shot Prod

Best Handy; Parker McCrory Master Stock Prod

Best Versatile; Hotshot Pocket-Sized Cattle Prod

Best Overall; West Thorne Pro Cattle Prod

Name: West Thorne Pro

Brand: West Thorne

Material: Plastic

Item Size: 47″

Rating: 4.4

This electric stick is one of the best and newest in town, with numerous capabilities. One of its outstanding features is that it is waterproof. It comes with recharging ports. It can hold a charge for a long time with a voltage of up to 240V, depending on your location.

Design and Safety

This type of cattleprod is not only ergonomically designed but also very safe to use. An installed safety switch ensures efficiency in using the West Throne Pro Cattle Prod. It has top-notch conductivity and discharges shallow currents to livestock.

Material and Durability

The material used for this cattle stick is shock and moisture proofed. It is very durable and can serve for long without wearing out. The battery capacity is large enough to hold power for more extended periods and is rechargeable.

Size and Satisfaction

About 43.7 inches, you don’t need to bend this cattle prod as it has an extra-long length. This ensures an easy way of giving your livestock directions or rerouting them to a given path. You expect upgrades and the best customer service for this cattle prod stick. It is installed with a led light to enable you to use it day and night.


  • Ergonomically designedü High efficiency handles pigs, sheep, and cattleü Long-life battery.
  • Reasonable pricing.
  • Flexible shaft.


  • Might require shaft replacements after some time.
  • No set charging limit.

Best Value; WUPYI Electric Prod

Name: WUPYI Electric Prod

Brand: WUPYI

Material: Plastic

Item Size: 55cm

Rating: 4.3

With the best value in the market, WUPYI has numerous features to offer. The specifications are tailored to meet your expectations and needs. From a grip that is non-slip to a long-lasting battery, here is what you expect from these cattle stick prods;

Size and Battery Specifications

With a shaft length of about 65 cm, this cattleprod stick is long enough and extremely light. The battery capacity is large enough to give an output voltage of up to 1000V.

The high battery output puts stubborn animals on the move yet compelling enough not to cause injury.

Design and Safety

The grip of this particular cattleprod stick is designed to have a minimum slip and maximum grip. This makes this type of prod to be not only efficient but safe. It also has a safety switch that ensures no accidental lapses of current, reducing wastage of charge. You don’t need to bend over while using the electric stick, making your work and herding effortless.

Material and Quality

The material used to make this type of cattle prod is high-quality polyvinyl plastic. It has high moisture resistance and is shockproof for your safety. The WUPYI electric pod is exceptionally durable and has a guarantee of quality.

Some features notable on the WUPYI are not limited to a long-lasting battery. You will also get a recharging cable for this particular model, reducing your charging hustle. The adapter that comes with the prod ensures that you don’t overvolts charge the prod.


  • Ergonomically designed.
  • Comes with a handgrip.
  • Long-life rechargeable battery.
  • Reasonable pricing.
  • Moisture resistant.


  • Might require shaft replacements after some time.
  • Might require battery replacements over time.

Best Detachable; ZHEQOGZH Livestock Electric Cattle Prod

Name: ZHEQOGHZH Electric Cattle Prod


Material: Plastic

Item Weight: 0.86 Kgs

Item Dimensions: 33 x 5.35 x 2.2”

Rating: 4.3

The ZHEQOGZH electric stick is among the easiest prods you can use. Its simplicity doesn’t undermine its ability to be among the best cattle prod sticks you can think of if you need to purchase one. Here are some of the attributes that are related to this particular cattle prod stick;

Product Size and Weight

With an overall length of about 41,” this prod has a rod length of about 31″. It is not only easy to use but also easy to carry. This makes the cattle prod easily portable from one place to another, especially if you move the livestock over a long distance.

Efficiency and Simplicity

Considering the amount of energy, the rod use, and the output voltage, the electric cattle prod is one of the best effects currently on the market. You can consider using it for moving large herds of livestock due to this factor. You can use it to herd cattle, cows, goats, pigs, dogs, or even sheep.

Durability and Material Quality

It is made of ABS, which is a high-quality plastic material. The design of this cattle prod makes it very simple and safe to b use, even by children. Between the switch button is a plastic piece tied to a black cord. This plastic protects the switch button. Hence you don’t have to fear pressing it by accident.

Other Attributes

You might quickly note, other than the above-elaborated attributes, that this prod is easily detachable, and transporting it is much easier. It is equipped with at least four batteries. It is moisture-proof and highly durable, courtesy of a sealed motor drive.


  • Ergonomically designed.
  • Easily detachable.
  • Has four pieces of batteries.
  • Lightweightü Easy and simple to use.


  • Connections can weaken if not well done at installations; hence accidents.
  • Might require battery replacements over time.

Best Budget; Magrath Hot Shot Prod

Name: Magrath Hot Shot

Brand: Magrath

Item Weight: 8 Ounces

Item Dimensions: 24 x 1 x 5”

Rating: 4.5

With the best budget recommendation still, the Magrath Hot Shot Cattle Prod comes in handy in its effectiveness and efficiency. It has the following features that are easily notable upon purchase and use;

Effectiveness and efficiency

This cattle prod has a proven track record globally of being practical and time-tested. The electrical conduction is on point, whereas the battery life is long and recommendable by many users globally. The design is ergonomic, putting your safety and usability first.

Size and weight

The overall length of this cattle prong stick is about 49″. The shaft has a length of about 38″. This makes it long enough to be effective when using it, especially if you have very aggressive livestock. The item weighs about 8 ounces; hence you can use it for long movements of your herds without being easily fatigued.

Power Efficiency and Output

The Magrath Hot Shot cattle prod stick uses a solid-state electronic system. This means minimal replacements as this gadget has few or no moving parts. The mold design is a structural grade with a flexible shaft and high-impact plastic. The cattle prod gives out about 5500kV.

Design and Safety

With the proper insulation to ensure maximum energy efficiency, Magrath Stock cattle Prod stores at least one shock after you release the button. It uses alkaline batteries that are less harmful to your health and are easily replaceable if needed.


  • Highly effective and efficientü Reasonable pricing.
  • Replaceable shaft.


  • Might require shaft replacements after some time.

Best Handy; Parker McCrory Master Stock Prod

Name: Parker McCrory Master Stock Prod

Brand: Packer McCrory

Item Weight: 0.9 Pounds

Item Dimensions: 12.25 x 2.12 x 2.25”

Rating: 3.9

One distinguishing attribute of the Parker McCrory Stock Prod Cattle Prod is that it is only effective on close-range applications. It is well known for safe and effective shocks even if used at close range. Its attributes are outlined as follows;

Battery Usage and Power Output

The Parker McCrory uses only two C batteries. It gives a power output of about 6000V. The superior power and voltage output are attributed to the advanced circuitry that is solid-state designed. There are no moving parts in the Parker Stock Master Cattle Prod; hence very few or no replacements are required.

Technology Boost

The Parker McCrory is built on instant innovative technology that not only delivers safe but effective shocks. You don’t need to wait for a motor to spin up to get the shocks, making the output and effectiveness instant.

Battery and Energy Economy

You are assured of the trouble-free and smooth operation of this kind of cattle prod stick by using the 2 C cell batteries. Through solid-state engineering design, there is extreme battery economy harnessing.

Weight and Size

This is one of the most portable cattle prod sticks you can have due to the item’s size, shape, and weight. The cattle shocker weighs about 14 ounces and is small in size. The dimensions of the product are 12.25 x 2.12 x 2.25″. Even with the brazing rods and other components included, this cattle prod stick is easily and highly portable.


  • Ergonomically designedü Small size and highly portable.
  • Energy efficient.
  • Minimal part replacements.
  • Maximum power output.


  • No replacements mean buying new in case of breakdown.
  • Only effective for close-range and medium-size livestock.

Best Versatile; Hot-shot Pocket-Sized Cattle Prod

Name: Hot-Shot Pocket Cattle Prod

Brand: Hot-Shot

Material: Leather

Item Weight: 0.65 pounds

Item Dimensions: 1.55 x 1.55 x21.25”

Rating: 4.6

Talk of portability convenience? Then, Hot-shot Cattle Prod will not miss your list. It is well sealed and highly efficient in its power output. Its attributes are not limited to;

Material and Safety

The motor is sealed and optimized to give the best and unparalleled performance. This makes it best even in wet conditions. Being able to be used in wet conditions makes the Hot-Shot Cattle Prod all-weather cattle prod. This means you don’t have to worry when your livestock is wet.

Weight and Size

This Cattle Prod weighs about 10 ounces. The 1.55 x 1.55 x 21.25″ size still gives more output, though in a short range.

Design and Power Consumption

This cattle prod type is ergonomically designed, with prioritized safety features. It uses batteries precisely two alkaline batteries that are 9V. You might also opt to use a long carrying holster. However, it is sold separately.

Other attributes of the Hot-shot cattle prod include; that it is designed best for close use due to its short and small size. The item weighs about 0.65 pounds, making it easily carriable in your pockets. It comes in different colours, but the common one is blue.


  • Ergonomically designed.
  • Easy to carry.
  • Economic power usage.
  • Water-resistant.


  • Only fit for short range.
  • Not effective for large, aggressive livestock.


Can a cattle prod kill a human?

An electric stick produces a controlled amount of electric shock. Due to the low-level electric currents involved, you won’t be killed by a prod for short-term exposure. It is best to note that the pain can be significant, though.

How many volts is a cattle prod?

The voltage of a cattle prod depends on the design and sample of the prod. However, most prods are generally powered by 9V, either from electricity or a combination of batteries.

Does a cattle prod hurt?

Cattle prod sticks are designed to inflict pain to cause movement or change of direction for livestock. The amount of voltage used and the extent of use of cattle prod sticks can hurt. However, this might not be significant.

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