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Trying to get family or friends to join you on a camping trip, only to be met with horrified looks? “I have to go for a pee behind a tree”? These words are ubiquitous. So, why not try a portable camping toilet?

Public restrooms may not be convenient either. Do you want to get up in the dark and head to a public facility? If it’s raining or snowing, you’re probably not likely to consider the idea anymore. Besides, with a portable camping toilet, you don’t have to stand in line.

A portable camping toilet puts all their concerns to rest. If you have a penchant for travel, a portable camping toilet makes all the difference in an outdoor adventure. LumBuy provides the best portable travel toilet for camping and hiking. All portable camping toilets go through careful selection. Take a try!


What is a portable camping toilet?
Portable camping toilets (commonly known as camping toilets, camping porta-potty, travel toilets, or camping potty) are RV camper toilets that you can move, some by one person and some by mechanical equipment such as trucks and cranes. Most camper van toilets do not require pre-existing services or infrastructure, such as sewers, but are entirely self-contained.

Portable camping toilets are not connected to a hole in the ground (such as a pit latrine), a septic tank, or a municipal system leading to a sewage treatment plant. Chemical toilets are probably the best-known portable and folding toilets, but other types exist, such as composting toilets, bucket toilets, and incineration toilets. Usually, a camping toilet tent or bags are not included. Some pop-up campers come with camper cassette toilets.

What are the best brands?
  • The Best Brands


Green Elephant







Reliance Luggable Loo






What is the best portable camping toilet?
Factors to consider before buying the best portable travel toilet for camping and hiking:

1. Size

The cheapest and smallest camp toilets will have a relatively small sewage tank. If several people are going to be using it, you will generally need a larger capacity.

If there are more than two people or camping for more than a weekend, I would recommend a waste tank with a minimum capacity of 20 liters.

2. Chemical toilet disposal site

Either make sure the tank has enough capacity to get you through the whole trip, or make sure there is a disposal point at the location you choose.

3. Toilet chemicals

Some toilets come with chemicals, and some don't, so we recommend you to check whether chemicals are included.

4. Wastewater tank design

You perhaps have to spend more, but a good travel toilet will allow you to remove the waste tank safely, and you can also seal it up. Some come with paper holders.

How to use a portable camping toilet?
5. Separate the water tank from the waste tank.

6. There is a swivel arm (pour spout) that you will move outward to the side.

7. Hold the carrying handle and flip the tank over so the spout is facing down.

8. If the chemicals have done their job, everything will look like a paste.

9. You may need to shake it a little. If you can hear the "stuff" inside still shaking, add some water. Fill the tank, shake it, and then pour it again. By the end, it should be clear and drained.

10. If your camping trip continues, you will need to add the required chemicals to the upper and lower tanks.

11. If your camping trip is over, we recommend thoroughly disinfecting all parts of the toilet. Leave some chemicals in the bottom tank when not in use.

12. Wash your hands with soap and water, even if gloves are worn.

Why choose LumBuy?
LumBuy is an e-commerce company that focuses on high-quality products. We have the strictest supplier selection criteria and will only select 5-star products with an excellent reputation, where you can shop with confidence and buy the best products.

Are composting toilets legal in the US?
Generally speaking, if your house has an existing toilet, you can use a composting toilet while breaking no laws. However, you must follow these rules.

1) Have one flush toilet that can be connected to a septic system or an approved sewer.

2) Do not carry human waste across the property line.

3) Do not cause a public problem (odor, etc.).

How much is a portable camping toilet?
The price of a portable camping toilet ranges from $700 to $3,000.

A standard portable toilet costs about $700.

For more luxurious models, a portable camping toilet can cost as much as $3,000.

Do portable camping toilets smell?
A portable camping toilet enjoys great seals to keep the contents locked in and minimize odors. You can put chemicals into a portable camping toilet so that the smell will be minimal.

Can you pee in a Reliance Luggable Loo?
If you need to sit and pee or want a place to poop, Reliance Luggable Loo toilet is a much better value than "any old bucket." This five-gallon container has a comfortable toilet seat and a secure lid. If necessary, you can line it with a traditional garbage bag or buy the brand's Double Doodie deodorizing liner. Reliance Luggable Loo is a big hit with campers and road trippers.

How does a portable camping toilet work?
A portable camping toilet flushes and carries waste away, but the waste won't be transported to a sewer. Instead, it is carried to a waste tank.

The waste tank is beneath the toilet seat. Inside the holding tank are chemicals that break down the solid waste, kill germs, destroy smells, and reduce toilet paper.

How to unclog a camper toilet
  • Boiling Water
Pour boiling water into the RV toilet before dumping chemicals into it.

Your camper may be filled with odors if you do this, albeit temporarily.

  • Flexible Tank Wand
This tool helps clear clogs from toilets quickly to keep them odor-free and clean.

  • Septic Safe Declogger
Chemicals should always be a last resort when unclogging an RV toilet. They can adversely affect plumbing, storage tanks, seals, and even toilets.