How to Ride an Electric Scooter as Beginners

Electric scooters are getting popular day by day. People who love to ride scooters are looking forward to beginning their riding experience with them.

Safety Gear

The chances of accidents are comparatively low with E-scooters. This means you are much safer with E-scooters as compared to motorcycles. The safety gear required for your protection in Electric scooters is the same as for other bikes, such as
  • Elbow pads
  • Knee pads
  • High-quality helmet
For beginners, these knee pads and elbow pads are a must, but after gaining some experience, it is not compulsory to use them. These safety gears will play a significant role in protecting you from accidents.

Difficulty in Riding E-Scooters

Riding an E-scooter is quite an easy task. If you are a beginner, then riding can be difficult for you only the first time, but after getting experience, it is just a piece of cake for you. Some electric scooters require a kick start. And some do not need it and can accelerate on their own but may require great battery power. Therefore, if you want to buy an E-scooter but are confused about whether you will ride it or not, don’t worry about it. Operating an E-scooter is comparatively easy as compared to normal scooters.

Steps To Ride an Electric Scooter:

You can easily ride an electric scooter. Properly following all the steps is necessary for your safety. 1. Place the Electric Scooter on a Flat Road: When there is no obstacle or a rough patch, it will be easy for you to ride an electric scooter. On a flat road, you will only focus on riding a scooter than worrying about the rough path. 2. Raise the level of the kickstand Raise the kickstand’s level with the help of your feet; it will move beside or under the scooter. You have to hold on to the stand as it may lean again. 3. Use A Kick Scooter Stance Both your legs will play a role in riding an E-scooter. One leg is on the scooter’s deck in such a way that the foot is pointing forward. Another leg will work in moving the scooter forward. And both hands must be holding the handlebar. 4. Place Another Leg Too on the Deck of the Scooter The leg used to move the scooter forward is now placed on the scooter’s deck. It will help you in maintaining balance and will decrease the size. 5. Press the Throttle Gradually There are different forms of throttles in different E-scooters. But the technique which is used to start an E-scooter is the same for all forms. To start the scooter, press the throttle and slowly and steadily move the scooter to maintain balance with the help of your strong leg while moving. 6. Rotate the Handlebar for Taking a Turn If you want to take a turn, rotate the handlebar. The movement of the scooter should be steady and slow. It will keep the ride smooth and will maintain balance. 7. Use Brakes: Many E –scooters have brakes similar to those on a bicycle or a motorcycle. If you want to slow down your scooter, pull the brake lever. But this must be done slowly; otherwise, pulling it abruptly will throw you away from the scooter.

Common Mistakes Made by Beginners While Riding an E-Scooter:

1. Immediate Acceleration  Some beginners get excited when they ride an E-scooter and immediately press the accelerator hard. This can cause severe harm to them. You should ride slowly if you are a beginner. It would be best if you learned how to handle your E-scooter. The brakes, accelerator, and other controls must work properly. If you want to ride at high speed, practice it first in an empty plot or parking area. 2. Not Wearing Proper Safety Gear Some beginners and riders harm themselves by not wearing proper safety gear. If you are wearing a helmet, you should make sure that it provides good protection against accidents. In addition to this, protective wrist guards, gloves, elbow and knee pads are also necessary. These protective gears are very important at night as other vehicles and pedestrians will be able to see you. 3. Having wrong foot position One of the common mistakes that riders usually make is the wrong placement of the foot. Usually, beginners place their feet on the deck in such a way that they are side by side with each other. In this way, it won’t be easy to maintain the balance. And if the deck is of thin width, then it can be very uncomfortable for you. To prevent this difficulty, place one foot in the front of the other on the deck. And the foot which is on the front should be directed forward, which will make your face forward and thus give you the best road view. 4. Poorly Controlling turns Making bad turns is also a common mistake made by beginners. If you want to move right or left or make curves, the best way to turn is to bend the e-scooter in a particular direction. You should set up the turn by turning the handlebars slightly towards opposite to your turn. It is significant to learn so you can control the e-scooter properly when riding at high speed. Hence if you need to move towards the left, you need to move towards the right. It is known as counter steering. Then bend your body towards the direction you want to go. While making the turn, you must be sure that your body weight is tilted towards the inside of the turn to avoid yourself from over-turning. Make sure that these tricks can keep you safe on the road.

Precautions You Need to Consider Before Your First Ride:

1. Finding The Right Kind Of E-Scooter for You Firstly, the E-scooter should be the best one that perfectly fits you. It should be comfortable enough for your ride. The right scooter will guarantee strength, performance, and durability. 2. The Right Protective Gear: Get the right protective gear for yourself. And this includes the right footwear, rain gear, eye protection, etc. you should maintain up-to-date gear that will provide perfect protection for you.  3. Accessorize: Use accessories that will give a high level of safety and comfort. This might include handle grips etc.  4. Understand Local Law: A local driver’s guide is necessary for understanding local laws.  5. Learning the Basics: You should know all the basics related to e-scooter riding. You must know the parts and their function. This can be done by reading the manual of that E-scooter.  6. Master Skills: You must have good balancing and braking skills to ride an E-scooter. When the engine is turned off, slope down your scooter and increase the speed slowly. That’s the way to learn the basic skills.

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