How To Make Your RC Car Go Faster

Some things are the requirements of the body, such as food, shelter, and clothes. To arrange these, a person works and earns. Similarly, some things are the need of the soul and heart. To arrange these, a person indulges in things called hobbies or passions. Radio-controlled cars or RC cars provide a great fun time and fill the hearts with joy. Now, if RC cars are your passion, you would definitely like to upgrade your RC car and get the maximum results and performance out of it. Through these improvement endeavors, your RC car will perform better on the ground, and your reputation among your friends and peers will also increase. Besides, you will enjoy the whole process of up-gradation. Similarly, your heart will feel great joy to see the results on the ground once you finish the up-gradation. So, are you bored with the slow speed of your RC car? Or does your peer has the latest RC car with a fast speed that makes your RC car look slower by comparison? If yes, you don’t need to worry at all. You can improve the speed of your RC car with very little monetary investment. Here you will learn some practical methods and tips to improve the speed of your RC car. You will need a few parts here to upgrade. However, these tips have been prepared for you with special consideration to maximize your RC car’s speed in a cost-efficient manner. Also, the suggestions will be explained in such a simple manner that you can easily understand the steps by just reading them once as a beginner looking for up-gradation. If you implement these tips properly, you and your buddies will also be surprised by the fast pace performance of your RC car. At the same time, it will greatly benefit you if you are planning to enter into an RC car racing competition.

Factors That Affect The Speed Of Your RC Car:

Often, newbies ask about the top speed that an RC car can achieve through up-gradation. However, the top car speed varies on various factors, and therefore it cannot be pre-fixated. Instead, an RC car’s speed can be increased or decreased based on the adjustment of some parts. Major factors on which the speed of an RC electric car depends are
  • Motor type
  • Battery strength and type
  • Weight of the RC car
  • Tire type with grip
  • Gear ratio of an RC car
  • Surface where an RC car races on

Some Tips And Practical Measures To Increase The Speed Of Your RC Car:

Typically, the speed of an RC car of the lower-end modal is around 20 miles per hour. In a similar vein, the average speed of a higher-tech RC car is about 80 miles per hour. Here are the long-awaited tips that have been verified through practices, which will definitively upgrade your RC car and give you an experience of enhanced speed. Change pinion gears 1- Change the Pinion Gears The cheapest and easiest way to upgrade and attain top speed for your RC car is to make changes in the gear ratio. Your RC car has two gears in it. The more important gear is the pinion gears. This gear is attached to the motor of your RC car directly. If you change the pinion gears by altering its size and changing its teeth count, you can also adjust the top speed and acceleration rate for your radio-controlled car. A pinion gear is made of some metal. Most of the time, these metals can either be steel or aluminum. Removing a pinion gear is one of the easiest tasks. You can remove a pinion gear just with the help of a single hex screwdriver. Similarly, you can install another pinion gear of different sizes and teeth sizes according to your requirements with the same ease. To attain the fastest top speed on your RC car, you should increase the size of the pinion gears. At the same time, you should also increase the number of teeth on the pinion gear. The greater the number of teeth on the pinion gears of an RC vehicle, the faster the speed of your RC car will be. However, you should not start this step in an abrupt manner. Instead, you should try increasing one or two teeth on the pinion gear first and test your vehicle’s performance for such changes. You have to pay special attention to the heat of your RC car. If the temperature of your RC car stays normal, you can try the addition of some more teeth on the pinion gear. You will notice an immediate increase in the top speed of your vehicle once you make these changes to your RC car’s pinion gears. Notwithstanding the immediate increase in the top speed of your RC car, you will have to sacrifice the acceleration rate of your car by enlarging the pinion gear’s size and increasing the teeth count on the same pinion gear. If you use your RC car to race in a straight line on a fairly stable track, you don’t have to worry about the changes in the acceleration rates. This is because you will in a straight line you only need acceleration once, and the rest of the time, you are racing your RC car using the fastest top speed. On the other hand, if you race with your RC car on inconsistent, muddy tracks involving many turns, you will need the acceleration rate of your RC car more than the fastest top speed it can reach. The reason is pretty simple. On a surface with plenty of turns and inconsistency, your RC car will never reach its top speed. However, it will involve many stops and starts. This is where you will need acceleration more to quickly come back into the race after a halt due to the condition of the track. To get greater acceleration, now, you can use a pinion gear of a smaller size with fewer teeth on it. Do this, and your RC car is ready with a fast acceleration rate. 2- Change the Spur Gears Another simple way to improve the performance of your RC car is to change the size of a spur gear in your RC car. A spur gear is usually made of plastic. But there are some spur gears made from composites. While the motor turns a pinion gear, it is a pinion gear that provides movement to a spur gear. Spur gears are relatively larger as compared to pinion gears. Also, if we compare the two gears, we’ll find a spur gear leads to lesser enhancement in your RC car’s performance in terms of speed. As you are looking to increase the top speed of your RC car, you should decrease the size of the spur gear. However, this will reduce the acceleration rate of your RC car. On the other hand, if you have to race on a curvy and inconsistent path, you should increase the size of spur gear, which will marginally decrease the top speed. However, you can get a better acceleration rate than before. 3- Reduce Overall Weight of RC Car Another way to increase the top speed of your RC car is to remove the unnecessary weight from your RC vehicle. The reduced weight will mean that there is less work for the engine to do. As a result, this will improve the car’s efficiency and result in faster speed for your RC car. Now, the main question is how to lose weight from your RC car. Firstly, you can replace the heavier components of your RC car with lighter elements such as graphite and aluminum. This will decrease the weight of your RC car. Although the reduction might seem marginal at first, a slight change in your RC car’s weight will dramatically increase the top speed. Secondly, you can lighten your RC car by changing the batteries. If your RC car still uses Ni-MH batteries, there is great room for removing a lot of weight from your vehicle. You should simply replace the Ni-MH batteries in your car with a battery set of the latest technology-based Li-Po batteries. Not only are Li-Po batteries lightweight, but they are also more efficient and last longer than other batteries. The only difficulty with Li-Po can be that they are comparatively expensive and trickier to use. Thirdly, in a newly-bought RC car, several parts are not of very great functionality. Some parts are just attached for the sake of RC cars’ appearance. You can simply remove these excessive parts and lighten your RC car. Following the steps mentioned above will help you decrease the weight and increase the top speed of your RC car. However, this will come at a cost. The more you lose weight, the more you will lose traction as well. The reduced traction will damage the surface grip of your RC car. Yet, it should not be a problem if you race your RC car on a straight path with a better surface. 4- Use Premium Quality Tires The tires of RC cars play a vital role in the top speed. Using appropriate tires that suit your RC car can increase RC cars’ speed. Therefore, trading the old tires of your RC car with a set of new tires of premium quality is one good option to boost the top speed of your RC car. Also, this will provide good traction to your RC car, which helps you protect your RC cars from damage when you are racing fast on the corners of a track. So, you will save money in the long run by investing a small amount in buying premium quality tires. Meanwhile, it is also important for you to use the right tires that match the surface you will be racing your RC car on. Primarily, three types of tires are used for different surfaces.
  • Slick tires
Slick tires are for well-paved surfaces like roads. This will allow optimum top speed for RC cars on flat surfaces.
  • Tires with mini spikes
These tires are most suitable for uneven tracks. These will provide good traction on the corners and enhance the overall speed of RC cars on uneven surfaces as well.
  • Tires with large spikes
Large spikes are recommended for muddy and grassy lands. In the absence of tiers with large spikes, there are high chances that your car will stick more often in the mud or grass. Similarly, you should use a tall set of tires for your RC cars. This will also add to the top speed of your vehicle. 5- Change To Brushless Batteries Batteries are the powerhouse of RC cars. Notwithstanding the large number of changes to boost the speed of your RC cars, if your RC car’s batteries are not powerful enough, you will fail to achieve desired results in terms of top speed. It will help if you remove your current batteries from your RC cars and use batteries having high voltage capacity, such as Lithium-Polymer (Li-Po) battery set. This will provide the necessary power for your RC car to achieve enhanced top speed. According to an estimate, a good quality battery can increase the speed by 10-15 mph. However, there is one thing you must make sure of before installing a powerful battery. The motor of your RC car should be able to work with the high voltage capacity of the installed battery. Otherwise, your RC car may be damaged. 6- Change The Motor Usually, consumer-grade RC cars carry brushed motors, which are not good in terms of the top speed of RC cars. Brushed motors waste an important part of energy in friction. Instead, you can consider replacing it with a brushless motor. Brushless motors have fewer turns, which helps the RC cars run faster and that too in an efficient manner. 7- Work On Your Skills Lastly, you must hone your RC car racing skills on the tracks. Practice makes a man perfect. With better skills, you can effectively use the upgraded RC car. So, keep practicing and keep improving your skills.  

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