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Are you already overwhelmed by various RC cars on the market? LumBuy aims to help you out by providing the best RC car.

RC cars, short for remote-control cars, are classified into toy-grade models and hobby-grade models. It is an easily accessible small and waterproof toy that provides users a precious game chance to relish the thrill and excitement from drifting, racing, or other operations.

Cars from JLB Racing and ZD Racing are for sale on LumBuy. All of them have undergone the strictest screening and strive to offer you the best driving experience. Both kids and adults are welcome to LumBuy to find your favorites as long as you are an enthusiast of remote-control cars.


RC car, also known as remote-control car, RC drift car or RC drag car, is one of popular RC vehicles in shapes of various real cars, such as jeeps, Mario Kart and police cars. Many RC cars’ building even borrow ideas from popular movies, like Fast and Furious and Toy Story. Basically, a RC car is made up of a transmitter, power source, motors, and a receiver. But there are also RC cars equipped with additional parts like cameras or lights. As to types, RC cars in shops can be categorized into four major groups: RC touring car, RC crawler, RC buggy and RC truck. Most parents treat RC cars as interactive toys for boys and girls. And there are also many adults keeping operating a RC car as an interesting hobby.

People’ s interpretation of the best RC car varies. Because different people often have different demands. Some people would like to buy RC cars in stores near them while others prefer to buy RC cars online. But overall, suitability is always the priority. Here are some considerations for you to choose the best RC car.

  • Where to ride
Before you select a RC car, you must take into account the place in which you’re going to ride. If you prefer to ride on the grass or in sand, you can think about off-road RC cars like monster truck, short course truck or rock crawler, because grass is one of the difficult places for RC cars to ride due to the high friction. It works for wall climbing as well. However, if you’d like to start a RC car on the pavement, there will be more choices. Almost all types of RC cars can be considered.

  • Power source
RC cars are mainly fueled by nitro, petrol, or battery. Nitro-powered and gasoline-powered RC cars with engines are more suitable for intermediate- or expert-level buyers. They tend to go faster than electric RC cars and can make users enjoy the thrill and excitement of acceleration. Electric RC cars, charged by NiMH or LiPo batteries, target at beginners in the field. They often have a simpler design than the former two types of RC cars and cost less as well.

  • Scale
The scale of RC cars indicates the relationship between a RC car model and its counterpart in the real world. RC cars’ full-size in reality can be cars produced by brands like BMW, Lamborghini, Hot Wheels, Nissan, Ford Mustang, Dodge Challenger/Charger, Subaru and Toyoto supra, etc. For example, the size of a 1:10 scale RC car is ten times smaller than that of its original version in reality. Generally, a 1:10 scale RC car may be one of the most popular types among RC car users, which often measures between 19-inch (48.26cm) and 21-inch (53.34cm). Scales like 1:4, 1:5, 1:6, 1:8, 1:12, 1:16, 1:18, 1:24 are available on the market as well. One of the biggest remote-control cars in the world is the 1:5 scale ruminator monster truck weighing 80 pounds. Mini z RC cars, or micro-RC cars often comes in 1:28 or 1:64 scale. You can choose the scale that meets your needs best.

  • Motor
RC cars have two types of motors: brushed motor and brushless motor. RC cars with brushed motors are more common to find and often cost less than those with brushless motors. Because brushed motors are exposed to the environment to keep cool, they always wear out quicker. As to brushless motors, they are more durable and preferred by buyers enjoying power and speed.

  • 2WD VS 4WD
A two-wheel-drive (2WD) RC car is more challenging because controlling the speed of 2WD RC vehicles is not an easy task; while a four-wheel-drive RC car are less difficult to use. They nearly can go anywhere you want. When it comes to prices, it often takes more money to buy a 4WD RC car because of the complexity.

Based on several credible RC car reviews, top RC cars brands such as JLB racing cheetah, ZD racing, Traxxas, Horizon Hobby,Tamiya, Redcat Racing , and Axial all have a good reputation in the sector. Other brands like New Bright, Kyosho, Pro-line Racing, Losi, HPI (Hobby Products International), Lego, Power Craze, and Radio Shack are also worth a try.
Becoming an RC car driving expert is a time-consuming process that requires massive practice and strong determination. You have to keep the following suggestions in mind to help you better drive an RC car.

  • Tips for newcomers
1. Study the basic knowledge of RC car driving before actual ride.

2. Learn to work with the steering until you feel comfortable with it.

3. Try to find an open platform for you first racing. No obstacle will be better.

  • Tips for acceleration
1. Improve your skills of slowing down.

2. Drive outside the track only when you can totally control the RC car.

  • Tips for making spectacular jumps
1. Four-wheel RC cars are recommended for smooth landing.

2. Make your RC car go strict to the ramp’s edge.

3. Try to control the models by braking and acceleration.

Because LumBuy is an e-commerce platform that only sells high-quality products. All RC cars you can find on our website are five-star cars gone through a strictest selection process. They all come from noted suppliers in the industry. Moreover, we also provide fast shipping and excellent after-sales services to address your concerns about delivery or quality.
When it comes to costs, some RC car racers may plan to buy an RC car DIY tool kit and build an RC car by watching RC car videos on YouTube. However, a self-made RC car cannot guarantee the quality and performance. Buying an RC car is more secure. The price of a new RC car is the result of many aspects. Factors like RC car’s speed, brand, complexity, or size, etc. are likely to have an impact on the costs. Hence, new cheap RC cars may cost as little as $30; while the prices of expensive ones can reach over $800 on Amazon, eBay, or Walmart. A customized RC car can even be sold at $1000 or more.
A fabulous and creative painting can make your old RC car look cool and distinguished from others. Proper steps to paint an RC car body are as follows:

  • What paint to use on RC cars’ bodies
Many people are wondering if they can use regular spray paint on RC car bodies. The answer is no. Materials used to build RC car bodies may not stick to regular paints. Usually, if you want to paint your RC car body, enamel or acrylic paints will achieve the best results.

  • What paint to use on RC cars’ bodies
1. Clean your old RC car body shell to remove dirt, dust, oil, etc.

2. Draw a simple blueprint on your RC car body first if you have a complex plan.

3. Cover the areas you’re not going to paint with masking tape. Remember the color order should be the darkest to the lightest.

4. Add the first coat. Make sure you paint your car in an open environment so you won’t be hurt by fumes.

5. Apply more colors, coats and other decorations to build a cool RC car.

Actually, there are two kinds of speed concepts related to RC cars:

  • Actual speed
Actual speed refers to how fast a remote-control car can really go. As RC cars are designed for various purposes, RC cars’ actual speed also differs from one to one. A standard RC car is expected to drive up to 50 or 70 mph; while the modified fastest RC car is able to reach a maximum speed of over 100 mph.

  • Scale speed
Similar to scale concept in RC cars world, scale speed of RC cars indicates the relationship between a RC car model’ speed and its counterpart’ speed in the real world. To put it more simply, the speed of 1:10 scale RC car accounts for 10% of its counterparts’ speed in reality.