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Are you looking for the best electric violin?
The electric violin is also called the silent violin and the stringed musical instrument. The biggest difference between an electric violin and a traditional violin is the sounding principle. One of the electric violin characteristics is the use of a solid body, while the traditional violin uses a cavity body. The electric violin has a special sound and is widely used in popular music.

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Beginners can choose electric violin when practicing. When the electric violin is sounding, only the practitioner can hear it without disturbing the neighbors at night. There is also a unique sound of the violin, widely used in popular music and very suitable for live stage.


What is the electric violin?
The electric violin is also called the silent violin, the stringed musical instrument. An electric violin is a violin that outputs sound by energizing the built-in pickup. It can also refer to a violin equipped with an electronic pickup.

Which electric violin is the best?
There are many relatively well-known and popular brands like YAMAHA, Astonvilla, Kinglos, Mendini by Cecilio, Kennedy Violins. Before you buy an electric violin, you should consider what kind of music you want to play. Rock music or country music? Do you want to play in the church or on the live stage? Do you prefer four-string, five-string, or seven-string? Choose the one that suits you. It is the best.

Where to buy an electric violin?
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Can you use regular violin strings on an electric violin?
You can use all types of strings on an electric violin, including traditional violin strings. Just pay attention to whether the end type of the strings used in the electric violin is a ball end or a loop end.

Do guitar amps work for electric violins?
An electric guitar uses a magnetic pickup, which is different from the piezoelectric pickup used on a violin. So electric violin can not use guitar amp.

Can you play an electric violin without an amp?

The amp is not necessary when playing. Many people choose electric violins to be able to practice quietly with headphones without disturbing the neighbor.

Is electric violin good for beginners?
There is no big difference in the learning method and difficulty while playing the electric violin or the traditional violin. An electric violin may also require additional equipment, such as headphones and amps. But using an electric violin also has an advantage, that is, it can be played silently. Plug in the headphones so that only the player can hear the sound and avoid disturbing the neighbors.

How to tune an electric violin?
The tuning method of an electric violin is the same as that of a traditional violin.

First, you need to choose a tuning tool: tuner, tuning fork, or a tuning app. When tuning, loosen the tuning stop on the string to be tuned slightly. Then turn it while plucking the strings with your fingers to see if the pitch is accurate. If the tuner is hard to turn, you'd better find a professional luthier to tune it.

Why do electric violins have 5 strings?
The five-string violin is designed for improvisers, it can combine the pitch range of violin and viola, and its range is wider.

How much does a good electric violin cost?
The price gap of electric violins is relatively large. It ranges from about $100 for the cheap product to $5,000 for the high-end model. Also, put the amp in your budget. A high-quality amp can have a better performance.