Electric Skateboard VS Electric Scooter: Which One is Better

If you are looking for the best choice between an electric skateboard and an electric scooter, then you’re on the right path to finding an enjoyable ride for yourself. This article will guide you through the plenty of differences between two electric gadgets. But both the electric skateboard and electric scooter are extremely fun to ride. These mechanized gadgets can likewise make your morning and evening drive more pleasant.

Electric scooters and skateboards are both considered the ideal ‘last mile’ driving vehicles – the two kinds of electric transportation gadgets that are eco-accommodating and such a lot of amusing to ride. Both types of transportation have their pros and cons. In this article, I will provide the information related to these two gadgets in brief.                     

A Detailed Comparison of Electric Skateboard and Electric Scooter

Budget Comparison ($400): I take the most popular budget electric skateboards and electric scooters below.

Electric skateboardElectric scooter
ModelMeepo V3Xiaomi Mi M365
Top speed28 mph(45 km/h)16 mph( 26km/h)
Range11 miles18 miles(29km)
Battery size144 Wh280 Wh
Weight16 lbs (7.2 kg)27 lbs(12kg)
Motor power2×540 Watts250 Watts
Max weight capacity300 lbs(136kg)220 lbs(100kg)
Recharge time2-2.5 hours4-6 hours
Wheel/Tyre size3.5-3.9 inch (90- 100 mm)8.5 inch(216 mm)


Both Electric skateboards and Electric scooters are varying widely in price. The electric scooter is a bit low in cost to Electric skateboard.

The average cost of an e-skateboard is around $350 while the average cost of an e-scooter is about $200. The reason for the high price is that electric skateboard is much smaller than electric scooters. E- Skateboard has a much large economy. The more e-bikes that are made, the lower the cost becomes. As e-skateboards are more enthusiastic about riding, fewer individuals get them, and the price remains higher.

Winner: Both

Safety and Brakes

Safety and brakes are the first places where both the gadgets diverge their performance. Let’s go through the braking system between the e-skateboard and e-scooter.

E-Scooter has hand break connected through hydraulic or wire cables which are controlled by a lever. This breaking mechanism uses widely in different transportation products like motorbikes or bicycles. To apply this break, you need to close the hand towards the handle. E scooter has also had a foot break. You can stop your e scooter by applying this break.

Most electric skateboards offer a regenerative braking system. Since a remote controller controls electric skateboards, you start the brakes with the far off. It is done by pulling the small wheel or knob backward. The connection between small and e skateboard is pretty stable, but there is a threat involved. However, disconnects are rare but can happen.

Winner: Electric Scooter

Are Electric Skateboards Safe for Kids?

E- Skateboard is an electrical or modern gadget. It has many functions which kids can’t understand well. If you want to let your children ride an e-skateboard, it can be dangerous for kids. If they’re going to ride, Give them a hamlet and guide them as you can. You have to teach your kids briefly, especially on the first ride.

Fun Factor

It would be difficult for me to tell you which one will give more fun. Some prefer electric scooters, and some prefer electric skateboards. You have to realize yourself which will provide you with more joy, either an electric scooter or an electric skateboard? Fun is not everything. Electric skateboard might be more fun when thinking about riding, but the top speed, battery timing, and safety associated with electric scooters are also essential factors.

Winner: Electric Skateboard

Top Speed

The top speed of the device can vary a lot depending upon the power of its motor. The higher the motor power, the higher will be the speed. The size of the motor depends on the size of the gadgets. E skateboard has a small frame than e scooters.

Therefore e scooter has a larger engine than e skateboard. The powerful motors can achieve up to 60 miles per hour. Because of the big wheel and high breaking system, e scooter can achieve high speed compared to e -skateboards. As we know, there is always a risk with high speed. But due to the braking system of e scooters, this threat might be less than e skateboards.

How Fast can an E Skateboard and E Scooter Go?

E skateboard has a disadvantage related to the braking system. If you are at high speed, it will be tough to apply the breakthrough wireless remote control. While e scooter has two brakes wither, you can use hand or foot breaks. This type of break is more stable than the wireless remote control break.

E skateboard can go higher as 72km per hour. E scooter can achieve higher speed up to 80 km per hour. But I will not recommend you to ride e skateboard at high speed because it can be dangerous for us.

Winner: Electric scooter


It seems that e scooters have more weight because of their large frame. E- Skateboard has a much smaller size. Therefore its weight is deficient. You can push an electric bike, which may make transport somewhat simpler. The disadvantage is that you can’t convey these heavier models up a stairwell or a slope easily.

However, electric skateboards are easy to take. You can even take them in your arms. In the weight competition, e skateboard has an advantage.

Winner: Electric skateboards

Commuting and Practicality

The electric scooter might have an edge when it comes to being in Commuting and Practicality. E scooter offers a better average range as compared to e skateboards. For a long-distance, people choose e scooters as compared to e skateboards.

Some electric skateboards truly limit flimsiness and function admirably on long driving rides. Both the gadgets can achieve high speed. Some electric scooters can go on the road as the average car can go. If you want to go to a school or college, then e scooter will be the right choice for you.

Winner: Electric Scooter

The Comfort of the Ride

As we discussed earlier, this depends upon the specific models of skateboard or scooter which you choose. Both gadget companies are providing the best comfort level for their users. For the skateboard, comfort comes from the combination of large wheels, flexible decks, and foamy grip tape. The Grip tape is improving the riding experience on the skateboards.

But scooters have the advantage of their handle. It can decrease the weight on your calves and feet, particularly as you hit knocks or conflicting landscapes. We cannot tell which one is best for comfort level because they have their comfort level according to models.

Winner: Both

Learning Curve

I think we all know well that how to ride an electric scooter is relatively easier than skateboards. If you have experience in riding a skateboard, it will not be hard to ride a newer model. But most of the riders prefer scooters, but it is easy to ride. Because of the braking system, handle, and road grip, it is much better than skateboards.

If you are looking for an electric skateboard, consider the high learning curve for this. It is not much hard to ride skateboards because you can learn from online blogs, YouTube channels, and other social media platforms. You can learn to ride a skateboard if you have much interest. If you are a new rider and a bit slow learner, then an electric scooter will be the right option for you.

Winner: Electric scooter

Rules and Regulation

In any state, they have laws regarding specific gadgets. So, we can’t pin down particular rules. Because of many variations in rules and regulations, We can’t suggest which one specific rule is to ride a scooter or skateboard. Most of the jurisdictions issue tickets for riders who fail to adhere to the traffic laws. You might get tickets for the over-the-speed limit of electric gadgets on roads.

Many states have their legal definition of the constitution will be given for the type of motor vehicle. It isn’t easy to provide an authoritative guide on the laws overseeing electric skateboards and scooters. We suggest that you search on your Express assembly’s site for terms like “mechanized skateboard” or “electric skateboard” to find out about the laws around your areas.

Winner: Both


Maintenance cost is probably the same for electric scooters or electric skateboards. E skateboards and e scooters generally use the same type of components. All the component’s prices will also be the same.

Some skateboards have removable battery functions. But is it true that electric skateboards have been taken off in the last decade or so? You may experience difficulty discovering tools and new parts for either your e-skateboard or your e-scooter.

Winner: Both

Can we ride an electric skateboard in the rain?

It depends upon the models which you want to buy. Some skateboards are waterproof or water-resistant, and some are not. If you have waterproof skateboards, then you can ride during the rain.


There are pros and cons of both gadget electric scooters and electric skateboards. If you are looking to choose between these types of gadgets, this article gives you fewer points to consider. But no doubt that electric scooters provide more stability and practice, while skateboards are for more fun and joy. The great things about electric gadgets are their uses and application are endless. Whichever option you go with, be sure to take advantage of online sources to help you to get a device!

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