Electric Skateboard Riding Tips- Rookie Alert

It seems that no one would question how to walk since we walk every day from the day we can walk. But most of us forget how many times we fell when we learned to walk. As for electric skateboard riding, newcomers ask, how to ride, how hard is it to ride? Not easy. Well, this is the most truthful answer to the above questions. But in this article, I will give you advice on why it is hard to ride, to help you avoid mistakes and difficulties when you learn to ride e skateboard.

Why it is not easy to ride 

As a new form of transportation (different from traditional commuting tools), the electric skateboard is defined as EPAMD (electric personal assisted mobility device) by many federal states. One of the main features of an electric skateboard is novelty and coolness. But to be honest, although the riding experience is handsome, exhilarating, making the commute journey relaxing and enjoyable, it is not recommended to use an electric skateboard as a primary means of transportation. (For starters, seriously) The primary reason is, electric skateboards do not have the right of way in many states. Or even if it does, riders need to follow a lot of rules and face many regulations, though you probably even never heard of those rules. We have a blog post telling the legal questions of electric skateboards, mainly in America. Please click here to know more. And the second reason is related to the characteristics of electric skateboards.
  1. Body control skill

    • Riding an electric skateboard is not simply standing on the board and then press the button. Users need to move the body gravity center to control the movement direction. In other words, once you are on the road, users need to pay attention to the surrounding situation at the same time, and control the body gravity center in four directions, to maintain balance and control the skateboard. The regular skateboard has two gravity centers, so many traditional skateboard veterans fall out the first time they play electric skateboard.
  2. Wheels material

    • Most electric skateboard tires adopt the same tires as regular skateboards, which is polyurethane (PU). If you have not played skateboards before, then the degree of easy slippage of this tire might exceed your imagination. Just pour half a bottle of water onto the road, then put the skateboard into the wet off the road, and then gently push it; then you should know how slippery it can be.
  3. People awareness

    • Although countless electric commuting tools appeared on the road, such as electric bikes and electric scooters, etc., as for these e-devices, people at least know how fast they can run and turn. Hence, it is easy for pedestrians to avoid. While for electric skateboards, most people have never seen them and cannot think of their speed and acceleration. So other pedestrians and riders on the road are always a potential threat.
  4. Difficult turning

    • Riders need to lean their bodies to turn the board; the greater the tilt degree, the more rapid the turn speed. Green hands might not be familiar with the device at the beginning. When turning the corner, the smaller the degree of gravity center tilting, the more difficult it will turn. Under most riding conditions where electric bikes can turn smoothly, skateboarders need to get off the board first and change the direction, which is pretty bulky and inflexible. Also, as in motorcycle racing, the player is almost close to the road when the speed is very high. When riding an electric skateboard on the road, it is the same as a motorcycle; high speed requires more bent body posture, which can be dangerous in crowded areas.

Advice for newcomers to ride on the road

  1. Slow down, slow and slow. On the public road, do not exceed 12mph; below this speed, whether you jump or suddenly fall out of the board, you still have reaction time; meanwhile, the impact of crash won’t be too strong, while means you may get a hurt, but not serious injury. If a novice skate higher than this speed, it is very likely to sway or imbalance, leading to significant damage due to the lack of skill.
  2. Wear protective gear!  Especially helmets! “Slow down” and “be careful” can reduce the probability of an accident but cannot avoid. Among many sports injuries, head injuries are lethal and may lead to death or paralyze. Perhaps my words are a bit redundant; after all, riding without a helmet will be given fine in most countries.

Some dangerous objects on the road

Electric skateboards are entirely different from other commute tools. For example, bicycles and scooters can easily surpass speed bumps, but speed bumps are a giant killer for electric skateboards. Other objects you need to pay attention are the following.
  • Sewer facilities

The most common road threats include manhole covers and sewer covers. The main dangers are the following two points. First, the manhole cover’s surface has protruding patterns, and bicycles and cars can pass through it entirely easily. But for the small wheels on an electric skateboard, it is quite a high bulge to pass. Plus, some manhole covers are hollow, and riding through one such surface is equivalent to running over two vertical bumps in a row, so this is a great danger for new electric skateboarders. If one rides too fast, it is unlikely to maintain balance after passing the manhole cover. Even skateboard is stuck into the manhole cover, resulting in people falling out. Second, polyurethane tires are easy to slip on wet surfaces, especially on damp metal surfaces. I strongly suggest you do not ride an electric skateboard in and after rainy days; simultaneously, be cautious about sprinklers. Under normal circumstances, if you have to pass a manhole cover, you need to release the throttle, relax your body, and slightly bend your knees. To ensure that your center gravity is in the center of the body (Better to lean your body a little backward when the front wheel was passing through the cover and quickly tilt your body forward). This is an excellent method to maintain balance.  But there is an exception. It is when you are already turning, only to find you have to pass a manhole cover, and at this time, it happens to have rained. The manhole cover is not friendly to ride an electric skateboard, but water causes the wheels to be wet and slippery. In this case, I suggest you do not brake sharply but jump off the skateboard directly. In the vast majority of cases, this is the best choice.
  • Bridge expansion joint

Ordinary bridges, overpasses, or any road with expansion joint structures are also bad for skateboarding. The danger factor is associated with the width of the gap. Usually, gaps below 2cm cause obvious bumps, and wider gaps lead to wheels stuck in the gap. It will result in a great loss on both skateboards and the human body if one has to sprint this road condition Suggestions: When passing bridges and unfamiliar roads, keep an eye on the expansion joints. After seeing the gap, you shall slow down in advance to see the width of the gap and then judge whether to ride slowly or brake off and then carry the skateboard to walk.
  • Road white line

Road white line: painted on the road to divide the non-motorized and motorized lanes. You may think: what’s so scary about this line? Well, here it is. Most white lines are painted on the road (use paint). Their surface is very smooth; the friction is much lower than the usual road surface. Meanwhile, polyurethane wheels are not as grippy as rubber tires, so it is very easy to slip if you skate onto the white line. The way to deal with this kind of white line is to release the throttle in advance, bend your knees slightly and let the skateboard slide on the white line (without electric power). Where there is no extra power, the tires do not slip easily. Then pass the white line as soon as possible. Also, avoid braking sharply on the white line, which is unavoidable skidding.


Electric skateboards are different from other mobility devices, such as bicycles, electric cars, and even scooters. It is foolish to apply the experience of using traditional transportation to electric skateboards, plus electric skateboard is not just a device, but also a fashion and even dangerous sport. Therefore, before becoming familiar with electric skateboards’ characteristics, take objects on the road seriously. I hope that the new skaters do a good protection job!Safety always comes first.  

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