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Mopping the floor is probably one of the most annoying household chores (just behind laundry and dishwashing). But with an electric mop, you will get a fantastic helper to reduce your trouble.

Electric mops, also called electric floor mops or electric floor cleaners, are different from regular ones. Some cordless electric mops are powered by batteries which require you charge them now and then. Others are mops with cords, indicating that you can plug the cord into an outlet for running.

LumBuy has screened out the best electric mops available on the market, varying from steam mops to vacuum cleaners. With these electric mops, doing chores is no longer a drawn-out process, greatly saving your time and energy for other more important stuff.


What is an electric mop?
An electric mop is a kind of mop with a power supply. There are mainly four types of electric mops, involving spin, steam, vacuum, and robot mops, which are either run by plugging the cord into an outlet or rechargeable batteries.

How to choose the best electric mop?
Finding the best electric mop that suits your needs may be challenging because there is a wide range of electric mops from different brands. Here are some factors you need to consider to screen out the ideal electric-style mop for yourself.

  • Floor types
Your flooring type plays a critical role in choosing your mop. Some common floors include tiles, wood, and hardwood. Knowing your flooring will let you know which kind of electric mop suits your particular floor that may require special care.

  • Power source
There are two power sources of electric mops. Electric mops with cords require you to plug the cord into the outlet on the wall to get the electricity, while cordless mops use batteries to run the heads. Cords are suitable for manual electric mops. With battery-powered mops, you don’t have to find an outlet for power, which enhances the convenience but may not last long.

  • Area size
When choosing an electric mop, you may also need to consider the size of the room(s) you’re going to clean. Larger rooms always require electric-style mops with long-lasting batteries or longer cords. For smaller or single rooms, an electric mop with a smaller-capacity battery or shorter cord may be enough.

  • Robotic or manual
A robotic mop can clean automatically. Only some guidance systems are required to keep the mop on track. Powered by electricity, a manual mop requires you to take control of the handle and push the mop to places you want to clean.

  • Price and warranty
The cost of an electric mop is always a factor you should take into account. Expensive ones may have better durability and last longer. Apart from the money spent on the mop, it would help to calculate the accessories' expenses, like filters, water bottles, or mopping pads.

The warranty is another factor. Make sure you know the term period, the claim process, and what is and isn’t covered.

  • Wet, damp, or dry mop
Fully wet electric mops are best for 100% waterproof floors, such as LVP, stone, tile, etc. Please don’t use fully wet mops on floors like laminate and real hardwood, which may crack, swell or even rot if too much water is applied. Dry mops can be used on floors that can’t take water very well.

What are the best brands of electric mops?
Bissel, Nellie, McCulloch, O-cedar microfiber mop, Purstream, Dupray, Vmai, and Shark electric mop.

How to use an electric mop?
You can use the ordinary mop or vacuum cleaner to deal with hair and other obvious garbage first, and then use the electric mop to clean the floor.

Because the cleaning head of the hand-push electric mop is operated by the motor, you only need to use your two fingers to hold the mop while mopping the floor. Flat electric mops are larger and easier to use. You can use them to clean the hair or lint on the ground.

In general, with electric mops, cleaning the floors is effortless. In addition to easy and efficient cleaning, it can also eliminate bacteria. Some electric mops use cloth made out of thin fiber material, which can effectively adsorb dust and bacteria and not breed bacteria. For more instructions, check the attached manual of the electric mop you buy.

Why should you buy electric mops from LumBuy?
Because LumBuy is an e-commerce platform that only sells high-quality products. All electric mops you can find on our website are five-star products undergone the strictest selection process. They all come from noted suppliers in the industry. Moreover, we also provide fast shipping and excellent after-sales services to address your concerns about delivery or quality.