10 Best Submersible Water Pumps Reviewed in 2023

Top 10 Best Submersible Water Pumps Reviewed in 2022

Submersible water pumps are available in many different types. The price of some submersible pumps may be higher than others, but they may also come with more features and perform better.

With so many options and variations available, choosing the right submersible water pump can take time and effort. You may not know where to begin when faced with so many options.

Nevertheless, if you are in such a situation, do not worry because we’ll help you find the best submersible water pump for your needs. Read on to find out which submergible water pumps are the best.

Our Picks for the Best Submersible Water Pump

1. Best Overall: Superior 91250 Submersible Utility Water Pump

Superior 91250 Submersible Utility Water Pump

Item Weight: ‎6.8 Pounds

Material: Thermoplastic

Dimensions: 12 x 7 x 7 Inches

Max Flow Rate: 30 Gallons Per Minute

Horsepower: ‎1/4 HP

Power Cord Length: 10 ft.

Warranty: 1 Year

Rating: 4.6 out of 5.0

Regarding features, the Superior 91250 is the best submersible water pump on the market. The utility pump is available in different sizes with different strengths and comes at a reasonable price. With 1/4 HP, it can remove up to 1,800 gallons per hour.

It can easily help you keep the pool’s water at the right level and drain flood water from your basement. Further, this electric submersible water pump has a 10 ft cord length and rigid thermoplastic construction, making it convenient.

It is made of corrosion-resistant thermoplastic and stainless steel, providing waterproof protection for the pump’s motor over time. You should consider this if you intend to use it as a sump pump for a long time.

In addition, the submergible pump comes with two garden hose adapters, one 3/4 inch and one 1-1/4 inch, so that you can connect the pump to your garden hose when you need to pump more water. As a result of its suction screen, debris does not enter parts you do not want it to, so clogging is less likely to occur.


  • Reliable Intake screen filters
  • Durable construction
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Easy to use
  • Affordable


  • No automatic option

2. Best Value for Money: VIVOSUN 800 GPH Ultra Quiet Submersible Water Pump

VIVOSUN 800 GPH Ultra Quiet Submersible Water Pump

Item Weight: ‎1.94 Pounds

Material: Plastic

Dimensions: 4.1 x 2.6 x 3.5 Inches

Max Flow Rate: 800 GPH (3000 L/H)

Power: ‎24 W

Power Cord Length: 6.5 ft.

Max Lift Height: 10 ft.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.0

It is advisable to choose VIVOSUN 800 GPH pump if you wish to have an affordable yet quiet submersible device. Consumers with a tight budget will surely appreciate VIVOSUN’s 800 GPH unit’s price tag and features.

It comes with 6.5 feet of power cord for effective operation. Since the power cord is 6,5 feet long, it can be slightly restrictive. With the help of this submergible water pump, you can lift water up to 10 feet.

Moreover, it can deliver up to 800 gallons of water per hour at its peak flow rate. Even though this VIVOSUN submersible water pump’s flow rate is slower than its rivals, it will suffice for most purposes.

In addition, this submersible pump is simple to maintain and easy to install. The VIVOSUN 800 GPH pump even lets users adjust outlets to their liking.


  • Multiple nozzles included
  • Support adjustable knob
  • Portable machine
  • Easy to clean
  • Lightweight
  • Value for money


  • Less durable

3. Best for Hot Tub: FLUENTPOWER 1/4 HP Submersible Water Pump

FLUENTPOWER 1/4 HP Submersible Water Pump

Item Weight: 6.8 Pounds

Material: Plastic

Dimensions: 6 x 5.7 x 9.1 Inches

Max Flow Rate: 1500 GPH

Horsepower: ‎1/4 HP

Power Cord Length: 16.4 ft

Warranty: 1 Year

Rating: 4.2 out of 5.0

The FLUENTPOWER 1/4 HP is a powerful utility pump that can handle various tasks. With the 1 inches discharge hose, the unit can produce a horizontal flow rate of up to 1500 gallons per hour.

Further, it can lift water to a maximum of 16.4 ft in height and submerge to a depth of 13 feet. The pump comes with a portable handle and a cable that measures 16.4 feet for easy installation and transportation.

However, before using the FLUENTPOWER water pump, ensure that manually plugging in and out is the only way to operate the pump. It requires at least 6 inches of water to function.

On the other hand, the FLUENTPOWER submersible water pump features an overheat protection feature and a corrosion-proof shell making it durable and long-lasting.

It comes with two plastic hose adapters: 3/4″ for connection to conventional garden hoses and 1″ for connection to high-pressure discharge hoses.


  • Corrosion-resistant construction
  • Better delivery height
  • Compact shape
  • Easy to install
  • Lightweight


  • It contains less durable plastic material

4. Best Long Cord: Lnicez 1/10 HP Submersible Sump Pump (Swimming Water Removal Pomp)

Lnicez 1/10 HP Submersible Sump Pump (Swimming Water Removal Pomp)

Item Weight: 2 Pounds

Material: ABS plastic

Dimensions: 6.18 x 4.7 x 5.1 Inches

Max Flow Rate: 14.16 Gallons Per Minute

Horsepower: ‎1/10 HP

Power Cord Length: 25 ft.

Rating: 4.3 out of 5.0

If you want a submersible pump to remove water from inground or above-ground pools, then Lnicez 1/10 HP is your best choice. The Lnicez submersible pump provides an easy and cost-effective way to drain water.

You can easily set up this sump pump and let it drain the water away effectively. This submersible water-removing pump features a custom ABS casing that filters high dirt and withstands adverse weather conditions.

Besides, the device has a temperature-controlling core to prevent dry burning during a water shortage. This pool drain pump features a 16-foot anti-twist drainage hose and a 1/2″ hose nozzle for draining deeper pools.
Another unique feature of the Lnicez 1/10 HP submergible water pump is its 25 ft long power cord. As a result of the 25 feet power cord, the socket is further away from the water, as a result of which electric shock cannot occur.

What is in the Package

  • 1 × Pool cover pump
  • 1 × 1/2-inch hose adapter
  • 1 × 3/4-inch hose adapter
  • 1 × 16-inch drain hose ID 1/2 inch
  • 1 × 3/4-inch garden hose adapter


  • Support anti-twist drainage hose
  • Built-in temperature control
  • Extended power cord
  • Sturdy ABS casing
  • Easy to install


  • Lengthy cords may tangle

5. Best Portable: 6699 1/6HP Portable Utility Submersible Water Pump

6699 1/6HP Portable Utility Submersible Water Pump

Item Weight: ‎‎6.69 Pounds

Material: Plastic

Dimensions: 5.9 x 5.9 x 8.3 Inches

Max Flow Rate: 1100 GPH

Horsepower: ‎1/6 HP

Power Cord Length: 10 ft.

Warranty: 1 Year

Rating: 4.2 out of 5.0

The 6699 submersible water pump has a 1/6 horsepower motor that can pump 1100 gallons horizontally in an hour. Even though this submerged pump has a potent motor, there is not much noise while running.

Further, it provides thermal overload protection to ensure safety and extend lifespan. This unit plugs in and can remove clean water only half an inch. A screened inlet is on the underwater pump to prevent large solid waste from entering.

Despite its effectiveness, you cannot use this submergible pump to remove dirty water. Therefore, you should try something else to get rid of dirty water. The 6699 1/6HP, with its exceptional features, is ideal in this price range.


  • Small and Portable submersible pump
  • Stable performance
  • Easy installation
  • Elegant design
  • Potent motor
  • High flow rate


  • Can’t remove dirty water

6. Best Budget: FREESEA Aquarium Submersible Fountain Water Pump

FREESEA Aquarium Submersible Fountain Water Pump

Item Weight: 1.3 Pounds

Material: Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene

Dimensions: 3.6 x 2.3 x 2.6 Inches

Max Flow Rate: 550 GPH

Power: 30 W

Power Cord Length: 6 ft.

Warranty: 12 Months

Rating: 4.4 out of 5.0

A FREESEA water pump is an affordable yet good choice for setting up a simple aquarium. You can install this submerged pump directly on the aquarium bottom, letting it lift the water vertically up to 7.2 feet.

Moreover, with dimensions of 3.6 by 2.3 by 2.6 inches, it’s quite a small submersible pump that packs a powerful motor. There is an energy-efficient motor in the FREESEA pump, which reduces energy consumption and runs quietly.

The best thing is that fish owners can adjust the pump’s flow rate per their fish tanks’ requirements. In case of a low water level, FREESEA will automatically cut the motor’s power to maintain a lower motor temperature. You can also use it as a garden waterfall if you wish to experiment.


  • Super efficiency motor
  • Adjustable water flow
  • A movable knob
  • Lightweight
  • Affordable


  • The flow rate is low

7. Best Lightweight: Hydrofarm Active Aqua Submergible Water Pump

Hydrofarm Active Aqua Submergible Water Pump

Item Weight: 0.7 Pounds (11.2 Ounces)

Material: Aluminum

Dimensions: 7 x 3.6 x 4.6 Inches

Max Flow Rate: 250 GPH

Power Cord Length: 6 ft.

Warranty: 1 Year

Rating: 4.4 out of 5.0

You should choose Hydrofarm AAPW250 if you want a submersible water pump to extract small amounts of water. In terms of size, the submerge pump has 7 x 3.6 x 4.6 inches.

Besides, this submersible pump can provide a flow rate of up to 250 gallons per hour. It is also possible to increase the water flow to a few feet by turning the knob.

In addition, due to the lack of tools required for cleaning, the pump is easy to maintain. Moreover, the Hydrofarm AAPW250 pump comes backed by a 1-year warranty unmatched in the industry. Therefore, if you notice any fault in the unit, you can replace it without any hassle.


  • Aluminum construction
  • Easy to install
  • Affordable
  • Portable


  • Less longevity

8. Best Durable: AgiiMan 1100 GPH Submersible Water Sump Pump for Water Draining

AgiiMan 1100 GPH Submersible Water Sump Pump for Water Draining

Item Weight: ‎6.47 Pounds

Material: Mesh and Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene

Wattage: ‎125 Watts

Max Flow Rate: 18.33 Gallons Per Minute

Hose Length: 16 ft.

Power Cord Length: 25 ft.

Rating: 4.4 out of 5.0

AgiiMan 60HZ is another worthy submergible pump ideal for above group pools. The mesh and acrylonitrile materials used contribute to this pump’s superior quality.

It has four mesh screens on its four sides, allowing water to pass through in a wide area. Due to its high-quality material, the AgiiMan submersible pump can also withstand adverse weather conditions.

Unlike other submerged water pumps, this one features built-in temperature control. The temperature control option reduces the risk of dry burning. Compared to a regular pump, this submerged pump can drain 1100 gallons per hour, almost twice as fast.

Further, it can drain water from any pool depth and is compatible with 1/2 ” and 1/4 ” nozzles. The AgiiMan pool cover pump also includes an extended power cord.

By using a 25-foot power cord, you’ll be able to keep your socket away from the water, preventing electric shocks. In addition, people often complain about clogged water pumps caused by impurities.

However, since the AgiiMan submersible water pump is leakage-proof, you don’t have to worry about such issues. The pool pump’s core remains free from clogging by impurities and contaminants with the help of filters.


  • Built-in temperature control
  • Anti-twist drainage hose
  • High drainage speed
  • Better compatibility
  • Extended cord


  • Relatively heavy

8. Best for Strong Motor: JEFLIKE 1/3 HP Submersible Water Pump (2450 GPH Sump Pump)

JEFLIKE 1/3 HP Submersible Water Pump (2450 GPH Sump Pump)

Item Weight: ‎‎8.73 Pounds

Max Flow Rate: 2450 GPH

Horsepower: 1/3 HP

Power Cord Length: 10 ft.

Warranty: 1-year warranty

Rating: 4.4 out of 5.0

If you are searching for a submerged water pump with a robust motor, JEFLIKE is the right choice. With its powerful motor, it is capable of lifting up to 28 feet of water. The maximum flow rate of this machine is 2450 gallons per hour, which is relatively high compared with its competition.

Moreover, the 2450 GPH draining capacity enables it to handle any draining job in seconds. With a cord length of 10 feet, the device is easily portable.

Other than this, the power rating of JEFLIKE SP400 is also better than that of its competitors. This high power will let you use the underwater pump in tough conditions.


  • Professional-grade power
  • Ultra-quiet operation
  • Longer life span
  • High flow rate
  • Durable


  • A little heavy

10. Best for Silent Operation: VIVOSUN 1600 GPH Ulta Quiet Submersible Water Pump for Pond Aquarium

VIVOSUN 1600 GPH Ulta Quiet Submersible Water Pump for Pond Aquarium

Item Weight: 6.69 Pounds

Material: Silicon Carbide

Dimensions: 7.9 x 5.5 x 7.9 Inches

Max Flow Rate: 1600 GPH

Power: 100W

Power Cord Length: 20.3 ft.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.0

The final product in our list of best submersible water pumps is the VIVOSUN 100W. It comes with solid construction and overload protection.

It contains durable pieces in the drive ring, and the shaft is made of silicon carbide material, increasing durability and attrition reduction.

Besides, the sturdy discharge hoses allow the unit to pump up to 1600 gallons per hour horizontally. In terms of height, it has a maximum lift capacity of 13.7 feet.

The pump’s handle and cable measure 20.3 feet, which makes it convenient to transport and install. The VIVOSUN submergible pump contains a material that prevents overheating and is waterproof, making it durable and long-lasting.


  • Adjustable outlet direction
  • Durable motor
  • Easy to install
  • Low noise
  • Long cord


  • Length cord might get hard to handle
  • A little costly

How to Choose the Right Submersible Water Pump for Water Draining?

When choosing a submersible water pump, it is vital to consider the following factors.

Discharge Height

The discharge height is when water is pumped from a lower location to a higher location using submersible pumps.

The measurement helps determine whether or not the water reaches the desired height. If you intend to transfer rainwater from the rain barrel to another container, you will have a lower discharge height.

Nonetheless, if you plan to pump water up from the basement to a higher elevation, the discharge height would have to be higher. Therefore, checking the discharge of a submerged water pump before buying it is essential.

Discharge Rate

It would be best to look at the discharge rate when choosing the right submersible water pump per your need. A submersible pump’s discharge rate determines its capacity to pump water in an hour or minute.

In other words, this is the power level of the pump. If you need to pump water from the barrel, 200-400 watts per hour should suffice. However, whenever you need to pump out water from a basement level, you must use a high-power submersible pump.

Cooling System

The two types of submersible motors are those filled with oil and those filled with water. A water-filled motor uses water as its coolant, and it is possible to refill it several times before it needs replacement.

Oil-filled motors, however, do not contain coolant, so they are more likely to wear out and damage over time. Water-filled pumps are more expensive than oil-filled pumps, but choosing the right one is crucial.

Suction Depth

Pumping causes the water level to drop. The suction assembly may not contain enough water, causing air to get inside and preventing the pumps from performing their duties, resulting in unsucked air, also known as suction depth. It refers to the level of water in which the pump operates. Therefore, you should also examine the suction depth of the submersible water pump.

Outlet Size

Outlet size is another important consideration when selecting an underwater pump. Connecting the pump to a pipe that will expel water from the system is necessary.

Its sizes range from small to large and are suitable for various applications. Ensure that the pipe connected to the storage tanks has the same outlet size. Inch and mm are usual measurements used to determine the diameter of the outlet.

How Do Submersible Water Pumps Work?

There is a slight difference in how a submersible pump and a jet pump work. Fluid moves by jet pumps by pulling it, whereas submersible pumps push the fluid. Usually, a submerged pump consists of a motor with a sealed housing. Such a pump type is centrifugal.

As a result, this centrifugal pump shares many similarities with centrifugal pumps of other types. In submergible pumps, the entire unit submerges in water. When the submersible pump operates, a force builds up, pushing water upwards.

Water hits the impeller upon entering the pump from the reservoir via the foot valve. Several fixed blades on an impeller make it a rotating device. Impellers operate by an electric motor via shafts that connect to motors.

Shaft rotation causes the impeller to rotate. In effect, impeller blades are striking water so that, as the blades strike the water, they convert the water’s momentum into speed and make the water go faster.

As the water passes through the impeller, it travels to the diffuser, where pressure energy converts into speed energy. As a result, diffusers increase water pressure; the pump discharges the pressurized water. As a result, water rushes upward by submersible pumps when they operate.

Submersible Pump vs. Jet Pump

As the name suggests, submersible pumps operate underwater, while jet pumps function above the surface. As a result, installing a jet pump is simpler and cheaper than installing a submersible pump.

There are, however, certain preparations that are necessary before using jet pumps. On the other hand, once you install a submersible pump, you can start using it immediately.

Further, submersible water pumps are ideal for water units with higher water demand. While draining unneeded ponds and water reservoirs is better done with jet pumps. It is possible to save energy using submersible pumps, which use less power than jet pumps.

In addition, the maintenance requirements for jet pumps are a bit higher than those for submersible pumps. It is also essential to take extra care during their use to avoid air getting inside. Submersible pumps, however, are less expensive to repair compared to jet pumps.

Though both are durable, the higher maintenance requirements of submersible pumps make them last longer than jet pumps. However, if you maintain both, you can expect them to last for many years.

Submersible Water Pump Troubleshooting

Numerous components make up a submersible water pump, and many additional parts come with it. Both primary and secondary components must function properly for the pump to perform smoothly. If a submersible pump suddenly malfunctions or stops working, here are some tips that may help.

Motor Not Working

If the circuit breaker or fuse on a pump’s motor trips or blows, the motor may stop working, and the pump will not function. To resolve this issue, you must reset the circuit breaker.

The same problem may also occur if the fuse receptacles are dirty or corroded. A motor, however, ceases to function irregularly in this circumstance. It is possible to fix this problem by reinstalling the fuse.

Further, when debris builds up, voltage fluctuations will occur at the pressure switch’s contact points, and the motor will cease to function. You can fix this concern once you remove the debris.

Voltage Unbalance Or Spike

An incorrectly sized drop cable can lead to voltage imbalances. It can even arise when the voltage does not flow equally between the windings. Consequently, this causes overheating and leads to critical motor failure.

However, using the right size cable can help you avoid this problem. You can also prevent this by utilizing a motor to withstand higher resistance levels.

On the other hand, a sudden voltage spike may also cause a submersible water pump to fail. Submersible pumps feature motor insulation that can withstand a certain voltage.

There is a possibility that thunderstorms or lightning may cause a sudden spike in voltage. It may result in insulation damage and motor overheating. To avoid this problem, you will need an external surge suppressor.

Misconnected Motor

In a water pump, the impeller rotates in one direction. In contrast, an impeller moving in the opposite direction cannot operate a pump properly. Electric motors may experience this problem if their electrical connections lack proper connections.

Checking the electric motor’s configuration and reviewing the user instructions is essential in this situation. By doing this, you will be able to ensure that the connections are correct.

Supply Line Diameter Issue

There is a specific diameter requirement for each submersible pump for it to be able to operate. Users sometimes connect hoses or lines with smaller diameters using reduction couplings which is usually not recommended.

This scenario may result in the crimping of the intake line. In some cases, it may even crimp itself. A rigid intake line or a sturdy hose can help you prevent this from happening.

Moreover, you should use a line of a specified size for the intake line and ensure the discharge line is the same size as the intake line. Verify that the intake line has no kinks between the water source and the pump.

FAQs About Submersible Water Pumps

1. How Long Can a Submersible Water Pump Run Continuously?

It is common for your submersible water pump to run continuously for two to 24 hours, based on the amount of rainfall and your pump’s quality.

However, remember that the type and power of the motor affect the running ability of the submersible water pump. A sump pump motor may fall into the intermittent and continuous categories. As the name implies, intermittent motors only operate when necessary and usually stop periodically.

On the other hand, the continuous-duty motor can run continuously for a very long time. The motor of an intermittent-duty pump runs continuously for a while, then ceases to operate, providing sufficient water drainage solution for homes. You can run the continuous-duty pump for 24 hours if you want to remove more water.

2. How Deep Can a Submersible Pump Go?

It is possible to extract water from wells that are as deep as 400 feet with the use of a submersible pump. However, the depth to which a submersible water pump can operate will depend on various factors, including:

  • Power of the motor
  • Water pressure
  • Cord Length

3. Is There Any Disadvantage of Submersible Water Pumps?

You may encounter a few disadvantages when using submergible pumps, two of which are related to the seal. Corrosion can occur on seals over time. In such a case, moisture penetrates the motor, causing it to become non-functional until repaired.

It is also somewhat difficult to get to the submerged pump for repairs due to that seal. Another disadvantage is that using one submersible water pump for all applications is impossible.

A single-stage pump helps to pump at home and in a limited number of industrial applications. On the other hand, the Multiple stage pumps serve underground applications, for example, deep wells.

4. How Far Can a 1 HP Submersible Pump Push Water?

A 1 horsepower submersible pump can lift water up to 35 feet at sea level. However, you won’t have any issues pumping horizontally over 100 feet with a 1 HP pump.

5. How Do You Know What Size Submersible Water Pump is the Best?

An important factor in choosing the right size of the submersible water pump involves determining how much water it can extract during peak periods. It is vital to pick a pump to meet the peak demands of the household instead of simply the average demand.

Besides GPH, you must also consider the water pressure before selecting the right size pump. There must be enough force in the piping system to ensure water flows as far as possible.


We have reviewed a variety of submersible water pumps that offer a variety of functions. After reading this review, you can make an educated decision on which submersible water pump is best for you.
However, I recommend that you go for the Superior 91250 Submersible Utility Pump as one of the best submersible water pumps that you can find.

The Superior 91250 is one of the most reliable options you can go with if you want to remove water in a relatively straightforward manner. We have also reviewed other submersible water pumps if you want a specific type of pump.

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