3 Best Professional Arm Wrestling Table for Home Gym [Reviews & Buyer’s Guide]

Arm Wrestling Table

Arm wrestling is one of the passive yet extreme combat sports. This rigorous sport demonstrates strength between two opponents on an arm wrestling table. According to Wikipedia, “In arm wrestling, the two opponents face each other, and they place their bent elbows on the table with their hands firmly gripped.”

Like any other sport, you can participate in arm wrestling as a casual or a competing professional. However, just like everything else, there is a downside to being a casual arm wrestler. This game lacks technical rigor and thus might expose you to injuries and bruises if proper technique is not applied. Always ensure that you use the elbow pads to prevent chafes and any unnecessary arm injuries.

Arm wrestling combat comes in two types; wrist wrestling and arm wrestling. Learning the technique of this sport is paramount, but all the moves can be performed while standing or seated. If you are shopping for an arm wresting table for home training, it is important that it comes with elbow pads. Otherwise, a professional arm wrestling table is easy to set up and use.

Scroll down to find out the best arm wrestling battle table available in the market.

Our Picks for the Best Arm Wrestling Table

Unlike other gym equipment, there are not many arm wresting table brands. But even with that, we have selected the crème de la crème available in the market.

  1. Best Overall: Professional Arm Wrestling Battle Table, Competition Training Arm Wrestling Table
  2. Best Value: Innolife Standard Arm Wrestling Battle Table with Red Strap
  3. Most Versatile: Innolife Standard Arm Wrestling Battle Table

1. Best Overall: Professional Arm Wrestling Table for Competition Training Arm Wrestle Table for Arm Fight Competitive Arm Wrestling

Arm Wrestling Table

Brand: HXSYD

Material: Cotton

Sport Type: Foosball

Base Material: Alloy steel, iron

This Professional arm wresting table is one of the most versatile available. It is ideal for a family or office entertainment. It has a firm construction of steel with a three-layer board frame made from the stiffened industrial board. For reliable performance, its desktop features EVA foam for maximum protection of the elbow against the hard surface of the table.

The elbow pad is a combination of high-grade leather and thick elastic cotton to boost its protection. Besides that, the two materials are high-grade and durable. You can use it for years and pass it down to generations still looking all brand new. The pads are also detachable. They can also be adjusted to improve comfortability.


  • It features high-grade materials.
  • It is highly durable.
  • The construction is firm and sturdy.
  • It is very reliable.


  • It can move during heavy practices.

2. Best Value: Innolife Standard Cheap Arm Wrestling Battle Table | Armwrestling Table with Red Strap for Professional Arm Wrestler

Arm Wrestling Table

Brand: Innolife

Material: Steel frame

Sport Type: Foosball

Base Material: Alloy steel, iron

This arm wrestling training table is made of a steel frame. It also has three-ply board underneath the hulk. This is cushioned with EVA foam to improve durability and sturdiness. This also gives this arm wrestling workout table the resilience to withstand stress and to provide comfortable padding during combat.

The design of the top board plate of this home equipment has a PVC leather finish. This gives it a sophisticated appearance that is good for your decor. And who doesn’t want a dash of good décor in the gym room to add that life and glow?


  • It has an adjustable forearm pad.
  • It is detachable.
  • It features an EVA foam cover.
  • It has a good aesthetic appearance.
  • It is easy to set up.


  • The edges are jagged, sharp, and dangerous.

3. Most Versatile: Innolife Standard Over the Top Arm Wrestling Table Armwrestling Equipment | Online Arm Wrestling Equipment USA for Sale

Arm Wrestling Table

Brand: Innolife

Material: Three-ply board

Sport Type: Foosball

Base Material: Steel

Arm wrestling table dimensions:‎ 38.7 x 27.3 x 6.9 inches

Innolife Standard is an exquisite wood-arm wrestling table. It is made from a three-ply board bottom plate. This also has a steel frame with the top covered with EVA foam. The top board, on the other hand, has a PVC leather finish that also adds to the aesthetics of the portable arm wrestling equipment.

This machine is a great purchase for family or office entertainment. It is also an excellent choice for a gym club. Every part of it is well aligned and fitted, including the protective adjustable pads for a safe and confident battle.


  • It has adjustable pads.
  • The elbow pads are detachable.
  • The top has EVA foam.


  • Not suitable for heavy combat.

What to Look for When Buying an Arm Wrestling Table

Eva Foam Cover- Most foldable arm wrestling tables are designed for maximum comfort. They have Eva foam cover that provides cushioning and absorbs direct impact on the hard of the table reaching the elbow.

Durability- A good professional arm wrestling table features long-lasting material such as alloy steel. Always check the material to ensure that whatever you put your money into is long-lasting.

Adjustable Parts- Ensure that your equipment has adjustable and detachable parts. A good arm wrestling training table has adjustable elbow pads.

How Tall is An Arm Wrestling Table?

The height of an arm wrestling table depends on the brand and various specifications. There is no standard height because most of them are adjustable. However, the height of the table will range around 104 cm from the floor.

How Often Should I Train for Arm Wrestling?

Training for arm wrestling depends on your level of fitness. It is a very intense and exhausting affair. If you do it often, you will wear yourself out. Most professionals recommend it twice a week. That, combined with other workouts, is sufficient.

In Conclusion

Invest in an arm wrestling table with good cushioning. This helps to protect your elbows against direct impact from the concrete of the table. Signs of poor cushioning include bruising and chafes on the elbow. Go for Eva foam materials and PVC leather for maximum cushioning and protection. Besides that, these two features will improve the aesthetics of your combat table by giving it that sophisticated material. An arm wrestling table for your home gym is an investment you should never regret.

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