Top 7 Car Fridge And Coolers To Keep Food And Drinks Ice-Cold And Fresh- Reviews In 2022

Portable fridges come in handy when you’re planning an outing. Ensuring food and beverages fresh and cool is challenging during the picnic. Worry not, because this article is all about helping you choose the best car cooler or a car fridge, depending on your taste and preferences. It includes a detailed listing of the top 7 filtered products. 

How To Buy the Best Car Fridge- Buyers Guide 

You need to look upon the following factors in a product to make the right buying decision. 


Decide whether you want to go for a car cooler or a fridge. A cooler is similar to an insulation box that aims to seal the internal temperature within it. Cold items will remain cold, while hot items will stay hot due to insulated walls. A fridge uses electricity to cool down the contents, similar to a household fridge. 


Calculate the required size depending on the number of trip days and the number of people going on the trip. An oversized fridge will be problematic, while an undersized fridge will fail to store all the food you need to carry. 


Prices fluctuate depending on the features, brand, color, and build quality. 


Some fridges can cool the contents faster than others, which means they’re more performance-efficient. In comparison, some coolers can retain the internal temperature longer than other coolers due to good insulation. 

Additional Features 

Features like appearance, user-friendliness (whether the product is easy or hard to use), portability, and durability are additional features to explore. 

7 Best Car Fridges For You- Reviews In 2021 

Our Top Picks 

The following camper refrigerator and portable fridges are the best picks in 2021. 

  • 13L Insulation And Cooling Dual-use Box 
  • 28L KROAK Car Fridge 
  • 9L Portable Car Fridge With Auto Freezer 
  • Alpicool Car Refrigerator With Adjustable Temperature Control 
  • 4L Audew Mini 2-in-1 Car Fridge 
  • 15L VEVOR Camper Fridge With Freezer 
  • VEVOR Mini Fridge With Freezer 

Best 13L Outdoor Car Cooler 

General Details 

  • 48 hours cooling time at room temperature and 8 hours insulation time. 
  • 3 color options are available, and the prices are based on the color as follows: 
  • White: US$59 
  • Red: US$59 
  • Blue: US$75 
  • Efficient performance, highly portable, and lightweight. 


  • Compact size allows easy storing in the car. 
  • White color deflects most sunrays, resulting in improved cooling. 
  • Heat and cold insulation facilitate storing hot or warm food as desired. 
  • Durable material ensures improved longevity. 


  • Small size not suited for family trips. 
  • It cannot store content for more than 2 people. 
  • Not suited for heavy cooling requirements. 

Best 28L KROAK Car Refrigerator 

General Details 

  • Operates on 110v/220v AC power or 12v/24v DC power as desired. 
  • 28L fridge with convenient carrying design. 
  • Available in black at US$294 only. 
  • Ideal for storing content for up to 4 people. 
  • Temperature range: 0 degrees Celsius to 65 degrees Celsius. 
  • It can achieve up to 2 degrees Celsius with 30 degrees Celsius ambiance temperature. 


  • Ultra-quiet operation (45dB). 
  • Doesn’t require ice to keep the content cool. 
  • Efficient cooling since it runs on electricity. 
  • Durable and long-lasting. 
  • Precise temperature control feature available. 


  • Not suited for storing frozen content. 
  • Lacks a variety of color options. 
  • Running on DC power won’t give expected cooling. 

Best 9L Portable Car Fridge For Picnic Camping 

General Details 

  • 9L fridge with auto freezer for individuals. 
  • Power consumption: 12V DC 
  • Output: 50W for cooling and 20W for heating 
  • Silent operation (28dB) 
  • The internal temperature can be as low as -20 degrees Celsius and as high as 65 degrees Celsius 
  • Available at US$170 


  • Built-in shoulder straps make it highly portable and easy to carry. 
  • Curved edges enhance the appearance and protect people from accidentally getting wounded. 
  • Auto freezer allows storing chilled content. 


  • It uses semi-conductors for cooling, which takes a lot of time to achieve low temperatures. 
  • Users need to pre-cool the food in their home fridge before storing it in this portable fridge. 
  • Not suited for family trips or long trips. 

Best Alpicool Car Refrigerator

General Details 

  • Adjustable temperature control feature 
  • Operates on 12v or 24v DC power as per availability 
  • Available in different capacities and the prices are subject to size as follows: 
  • 15L: US$402 
  • 20L: US$406 
  • Ideal for family trips and long weekend trips (can carry food for up to 4-5 people) 
  • Temperature range: -20 degrees Celsius to 68 degrees Celsius 


  • Silent operation enables good sleep at the campsite. 
  • Quick cooling helps achieve the desired temperature quickly. 
  • Doesn’t demand storing ice in the fridge to aid cooling. 
  • An anti-vibration feature is available. Moreover, it can work like a charm even if tilted up to 45 degrees. 


  • High power consumption. 
  • It won’t give much effective cooling when running on 12V DC. 

Interesting Features 

  • Precise temperature control along with digital LCD screen. 
  • Uses compressor for cooling. 
  • Durable product with super-fast cooling. 
  • Off-white color adds to the appearance. 

Best 2-in-1 4L Audew Mini Car Refrigerators 

General Details 

  • Personal 4L fridge to store food for an individual for up to 1 day. 
  • Colors options: blue, pink, and white, each available for US$57.98 
  • 12V DC power consumption 
  • Temperature range: 5 degrees Celsius to 65 degrees Celsius 


  • Portable and easy-to-carry design 
  • 28dB noise production 


  • Not suited for freezing. 
  • Users need to pre-cool the items before storing them in this fridge. 
  • It consumes a lot of time to achieve low temperatures. 
  • Opening the fridge too often will result in cooling loss. 

Best VEVOR 15L Cute Mini Fridge With Freezer 

General Details 

  • 15L personal fridge suited for up to 2 people. 
  • Color options: light blue, light green, and white, each available for US$128 
  • Tower-style design 
  • Power consumption: 110V AC or 12V DC 
  • Temperature range: up to 20 degrees Celsius below ambient temperature till 65 degrees Celsius 


  • Highly portable 
  • Silent operation 
  • Highly durable 
  • Convenient settings and easy to operate 


  • Inefficient cooling at DC power. 
  • Not suited for chilled items. 
  • It cannot freeze the contents. 

Best VEVOR Fridge For Camping  

General Details 

  • Available size, colors, and price: 
  • 20L (black): US$277 
  • 22L (blue): US$312 
  • 35L (black): US$373 
  • 45L (black): US$415 
  • 55L (black): US$437 
  • Compressor-based cooling 
  • Temperature range: -20 degrees Celsius to 10 degrees Celsius 
  • Power consumption: 110v- 240v AC power or 12v/24v DC power 


  • Quick cooling 
  • Highly durable 
  • Precise temperature control 
  • LCD screen 
  • Easy-to-use 


  • Not designed for heating the food. 
  • Large volume fridges not suited for carrying in small vehicles. 

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