10 Best Kneeboards for Surfing in 2023 [Beginners’ Guide]

Thanks to the desire to explore new saltwater riding techniques, kneeboarding in the waves has been gaining popularity after spending a long time in the shadow of surfing. Kneeboarders compete in trick, slalom, and expressiveness competitions as a tow sports.

Kneeboarding is the ideal water sport if you’re searching for something different than waterskiing and equally enjoyable. It presents fresh obstacles and pleasures, but to really appreciate the sport, you must have the appropriate gear for your size and skill level.

Sometimes, determining the suitable board for yourself will seem more complicated, especially for a newbie surfer. That’s why the rest of the content here is shared to aid your decision-making experience and inform you about some concepts for kneeboard uses.

Our Picks for the Best Kneeboard

Best Sturdy
Water Sport Knee Board with Integrated Hook for Kids & Adults

Water Sport Knee Board with Integrated Hook for Kids & Adults

  • Rigid build and thin profile deliver high performance
  • Small and lightweight design for convenient storage 
  • Adjustable strap keeps you safe and stable on water
  • Suitable for riders of all sizes and ages 
  • Made from marine-grade material
  • Corrosion-proof 
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Top Choice
O'Brien Voodoo Kneeboard with Hook, Black

O'Brien Voodoo Kneeboard with Hook, Black

  • Integrated hook
  • Maximum control by the padded adjustable strap
  • Smooth and quick edge transition
  • 3/4" EVA thick pad gives plush comfort 
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Best for Safe Use
Swonder Water Sports Kneeboard for Boating

Swonder Water Sports Kneeboard for Boating

  • Thrilling knee surfing experience with unique appearance 
  • Designed for all ages (teens and adults) 
  • Water-resistant and durable material 
  • Provides high performance on water
  • Lightweight and travel-friendly
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Best Value
O'Brien Unisex Adult Radica Waterskiing Kneeboards

O'Brien Unisex Adult Radica Waterskiing Kneeboards

  • Knee molds aid stability
  • Hook permit easy strap adjustments
  • Offers a convenient combination of weight and size
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Most Comfortable
Hydro Slide Revolution Kneeboard

Hydro Slide Revolution Kneeboard

  • 3” padded strap delivers a comfortable and smooth ride
  • Easy to use and maintain control 
  • Hydrohook makes it very friendly for beginners
  • EVA thick, comfortable pad with deep knee wells
  • Classic shape provides smooth cruising
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Most Versatile
O'Brien Ricochet Kneeboard w/Handle Hook

O'Brien Ricochet Kneeboard w/Handle Hook

  • Unisex and compatible with multiple kneeboarding techniques
  • Provides a secure experience with its durable tow line hook and strap
  • The sleek base helps one to glide effortlessly
  • Suitable for kids or learners
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Best Premium
Leader Accessories Kneeboard with Integrated Hook for Kids & Adults

Leader Accessories Kneeboard with Integrated Hook for Kids & Adults

  • Marine-grade and corrosion-proof material for great durability
  • 3'' padded strap keeps riders in control
  • Molded-in hook allows hands-free starts every time
  • Easy to use for riders at all levels
  • Delivers a comfortable and stable knee surfing experience
  • Beveled edge makes fast cuts
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Best Overall
SereneLife Water Sport Kneeboard with Hook for Kids & Adults

SereneLife Water Sport Kneeboard with Hook for Kids & Adults

  • Marine-grade construction that is corrosion- and water-resistant
  • Universal and comfortable design for all ages
  • Hassle-free and lightweight
  • Safety strap to enhance the safety 
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Best Lightweight
BKC KB288 Kneeboard

BKC KB288 Kneeboard

  • Durable and sleek design
  • Suits riders of all sizes and ages (older kids, teens, and adults)
  • Ready for stunts, tricks, and high speed in various water conditions
  • Adjustable and comfortable velcro strap
  • Made from high-density material
  • Lightweight (less than 10 lbs)
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Best for Beginners
Hydro Slide Phantom Kneeboard, Black/Blue

Hydro Slide Phantom Kneeboard, Black/Blue

  • 3” padded strap with deep knee wells allows big maneuvers
  • Thin-profile and parabolic twin-tip design
  • Keep riders in control on water
  • Hydro hook allows riders to get up easily every time 
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1. Best Overall: SereneLife Water Sport Kneeboard with Hook for Kids & Adults

Our Score

Kneel browsing is more leisurely than ski browsing, so it's a common aquatic exercise for kids and adults of all skill levels. And this water kneeboard is prepared to become your new surf buddy! This cushioned kneeboard is the finest option for water boards for kids, teens, and adults.
The adjustable strap makes the SereneLife kneeboard a perfect water sport board for boating, river cruising, or lake surfing. The weight (less than 9 lbs) won't make you feel heavy. It's compact enough to stay put in your boat box or the front of a car's trunk.

This surfing kneeboard, which measures 50 x 20 (L x H) inches, is ideal for larger children, teens, and adults. It is robust enough to be used by experienced surfers and novices because of its marine-grade and corrosion-resistant materia

  • It has a sleek, state-of-the-art design with outstanding graphics
  • It is easy to set up and lightweight for quick water fun
  • It has knee slots for all ages that are comfy and fit
  • It possesses corrosion-proof and water-resistant constructions of marine grade
  • It demonstrates a floating & stable platform base
  • The board may feel heavy when immersed in water

2. Top Choice: O’Brien Voodoo Kneeboard with Hook, Black

Our Score

After only one ride, the Voodoo will have you under its sway. The Voodoo blends tough-charging edging and a smooth ride thanks to its performance edges and a low-key cross-cut area. 

The hull's quad molded fins at the corners provide more tracking control, and the curved underside makes quick and smooth edge changes possible. The padded strap secures you for the best possible control, and the 3/4" dense pad gives your knees sumptuous comfort.

The O'Brien Voodoo kneeboard demonstrates a noteworthy performance that is excellent for all skill levels. It is designed with an integrated hook to enable you to get up off the water quickly. It is available in black and blue colors with an overall weight of 14 lbs. The product's dimensions, 53 x 23 inches, make it suitable for adults.

  • Its construction provides impressive stability and balance
  • It is reportedly worth the price
  • It is a fine selection for adults and beginners
  • It has integrated fins that allow decent control
  • Its design offers a secure and comfy experience
  • It may not be convenient for backward or 360 motion

3. Best for Safe Use: Swonder Water Sports Kneeboard for Boating

Our Score

It is easier to catch attention when demonstrating your outstanding knee surfing skills, thanks to the striking colors coming with the Swonder kneeboard. Pre-teens to adults may ride it because of its rounded V-hull form and shallow grooves for easy 180°/360°spins and smooth sailing.

The marine-grade LLDPE and EVA material used in producing the Swonder knee board makes it extremely durable and high-performing. 

Thanks to an adjustable padded strap (3 inches), a molded-in handle hook, and a soft EVA pad, you can start your kneeboarding very soon and ride incredibly pleasantly and safely.

Since the Swonder's kneeboard only weighs 9.5 lbs, moving it around is really easy. Measuring 52 x 21 x 4.5 (L x W x H) inches, one can keep the kneeboard in cars, boat crates, or garages without a problem.


  • It has an easy start tow hook
  • It is resistant to water and corrosion
  • It provides excellent security and comfort
  • It has a slightly soft-enough padding design

4. Most Comfortable: Hydro Slide Revolution Kneeboard

Our Score

At Hydroslide, the company's mission has always been to popularize kneeboarding while reinventing the towed watersports sector. Everybody may enjoy the excitement of high-action watersports by making goods that cater to the essentials of sporting boaters and enjoy time on the water – Hydroslide might help you maintain the thrill.

Without compromising any pop off the wake, the 2022 Hydroslide Revolution Kneeboard offers a comfortable, effortless ride with rapid edge-to-edge transitions. Its thin-profile design offers performance often only discovered in more costly boards while also looking terrific. 

The Hydrohook's spring-loaded movement makes it simple and quick for a beginner to stand up, and immediately after the rider grabs the handle, it retracts to stay flush with the deck. It comes in blue with body dimensions (L x W x H) of 53 x 21 x 4 inches.

  • Its latch for linking the tow rope makes getting on the board convenient
  • It's super cozy and lightweight
  • It is a decent pick for amateurs
  • Its strap may only last for a while

5. Best for Beginners: Hydro Slide Phantom Kneeboard, Black/Blue

Our Score

The Phantom is a thin-profile, parabolic twin-tip kneeboard that offers the rider an atmosphere even hotter than the board's artwork. The HydroHook provides opportunities for new riders while deep knee wells and a 3" cushioned strap aids the rider in taking control and setting for the largest maneuvers on the water. 

The Phantom is a good option for everybody on the boat because of its utility. It comes in molded-in fins demonstrating greater water control while maintaining comfort on the EVA pad with deep knee wells. Its rotomolded feature showcases quality durability, buoyancy, and ease of use. The board weighs 14.5 lbs with dimensions of 52.75 x 22 x 4.75 (L x W x H) inches.

  • Its shape offers improved edge control, more pop off the wake, and more fluid landing transitions
  • It has a simple, comfortable padded strap that keeps the board fastened to the rider to maintain control
  • Its construction makes it ideal for starters
  • The Hydrohook's spring-loaded motion enables it to retract and stay flush with the deck once the rider is up and grabs the handle
  • The board may feel heavy when immersed in water

6. Best Lightweight: BKC KB288 Kneeboard

Our Score

Brooklyn Kayak Co. encourages people to spend more time outside – to disconnect from technology and re-engage with the outdoors. 

Manufacturing their special kneeboard is one of their ways to support your proactive pursuit of fitness, sports, and other simple pleasures. The sleek and slender kneeboard is usable in water conditions, at high speeds, and for acrobatics and tricks.

Riders of practically all ages and sizes, from older children and teens to fully grown adults, can actually use this board. The giant velcro strap is easily adjustable to fit riders' legs of different sizes firmly and comfortably too. 

High-density polyurethane is usable in the outer construction of the BKC KB288 kneeboard; a foam-filled inside adds strength and buoyancy.

Less than 10 pounds suggests high convenience when transporting the kneeboard on land or hanging it on a wall. It comes in dark blue or orange with body dimensions of ‎51 x 20.5 x 5 (L x W x H) inches.


  • It has an incredibly sturdy yet lightweight build
  • It has an attractive appearance
  • It is reportedly suitable for the price
  • It is very suitable for kids
  • The strap might be relatively heavy

7. Best Sturdy: Water Sport Knee Board with Integrated Hook for Kids & Adults

Our Score

The premium MAXFLO kneeboard's cutting-edge aerodynamic design makes catching waves more effortless than ever! It features a blue-colored, sturdy construction and slim profile for excellent performance. If you use the kneeboard at a lake, beach, or river, rest assured that it will operate at peak efficiency.

Since the kneeling board weighs under 12 lbs, you can transport it anywhere. It can also easily fit in any car, boat, or closet. Thanks to the heavy-duty padded, adjustable strap, you can remain balanced and safe while having a thrill. For added comfort, it also features a soft EVA contoured pad.

This peculiar board has a decent size for more older kids, teens, and adults, clocking in at 50" long, 20" broad, and 4" tall. Basically, it's the ideal kneeboard for boating for people of all ages. 

The boogie surfboard is made of corrosion-proof marine-grade materials, making it sturdy enough to be used by both experienced surfers and novices. Beveled edges lay low for a stable experience and quick cuts.

  • Its built-in hook makes takeoff simpler for newbies
  • Its design showcases high durability and remarkable sturdiness
  • It is stable and suitable for both beginners as well as intermediate riders
  • It is accessible on the knees with a short strap
  • The graphics may appear bubbled and creased

8. Most Versatile: O’Brien Ricochet Kneeboard w/Handle Hook

Our Score

For anyone moving up from a rotationally molded plastic kneeboard, Ricochet comes as the apt transition board. 

The Ricochet offers expert-level efficiency at an affordable price and has its construction in the same high-quality materials as O'Brien's flagship boards. Its high performance is achievable by using a twin tip, a V-Hull design, and comfortable riding. 

The board's acceleration and secure fit are made possible by the compression molded construction, which joins a molded flex pad and a 3-inch padded strap. It also includes a built-in aquatic hook that simplifies training, making it an ideal introduction to competitive kneeboarding. 

Weighing around 15 lbs, it is available in black color and has dimensions of ‎57.5 x 22.8 x 4.5 (L x W x H) inches.

  • It is unisex and compatible with multiple kneeboarding techniques
  • It provides a secure experience with its durable tow line hook and strap
  • Its sleek base helps one to glide effortlessly
  • It is suitable for kids or learners
  • The padding for the knees may need to be of better quality

9. Best Premium: Leader Accessories Kneeboard with Integrated Hook for Kids & Adults

Our Score

Leader Accessories is a rapidly expanding firm that has been manufacturing automotive, sporting, outdoor, and home goods for many years. Their top priority is to offer customers the best service and high-quality items, such as their special kneeboards.

The brand's board is made of marine-grade materials that resist corrosion. Riders can have excellent control throughout every trick and maneuver, thanks to the heavy-duty adjustable 3/4" EVA foam cushioning and 3" cushioned strap. 

For quick, hands-free starts, its design has a molded-in hook. Put the tow rope in until you're ready, then grab the rope and head out – very simple for all ages and skill levels.

Any rider should feel as comfortable as imaginable while bouncing around on their knees, courtesy of the EVA padding and deep knee wells. The 3-inch padded adjustable strap is also responsible for providing a relaxing and stable experience. 

Kneeboarders of any skill level can use it because of the beveled edge's quick cuts and secure low stance in the water. This incredible blue-colored kneeboard weighs 13 lbs and has dimensions of ‎50 x 20 x 4.5 (L x W x H) inches.

  • It is effective for kneeboarding under high-speed motion
  • It is appropriate for both children and adults
  • It provides a lightweight build that is easy to control on the water
  • Its apparent integrated hook fosters a safe ride
  • It may have a harsh edge around its cushion

10. Best Value: O’Brien Unisex Adult Radica Waterskiing Kneeboards

Our Score

The Radica merges wakeboard and waterski elements, drawing inspiration from this brand's existing industry-leading kneeboard designs to deliver performance levels initially unheard of at its value. 

Quad, cupped molded fins in the wakeboard style make edges and carving simple while enabling release for spin-type maneuvers. 

Its board's edge bevel, influenced by water skiing, enables swift edge-to-edge transitions when carving and helps the board sit low in the water for stability. It has everything beginning and intermediate riders will appreciate, from the built-in hook that makes getting up simple to the incredibly stable ride.

With a nice sky-blue top and black base, this noteworthy kneeboard comes in dimensions of 51 x 21 x 5 (L x W x H) inches and weighs approximately 12 lbs.

  • It is reportedly worth the price
  • Its knee molds aid stability and a hook permit easy strap adjustments
  • It offers a convenient combination of weight and size
  • It may not be very comfy on the knees/shins

How to Choose the Right Kneeboard

A typical board explicitly made for surfing a boat’s wake is a kneeboard. With a tow line in hand, the rider kneels on the board – as the name implies. Kneeboards, notably, include a padded top for a comfortable kneeling position and a strap to secure the rider.

No doubt, one of the best summertime water activities is kneeboarding. It’s a fantastic method to figure out how to surf the wake, but there’s also enough action for tricks and challenging maneuvers. This sports board is a necessity, of course, if you enjoy using beach boards.

Essentially, the correct kneeboard will enable you to constantly challenge yourself, pick up new tricks, and improve your abilities.

We have compiled a comprehensive guide to help you discover the ideal kneeboard. To assist you in selecting the perfect kneeboard for your needs and ability level, we’ve included the most crucial buying advice and some of the best kneeboards shared above.

Differentiating the Types of Kneeboards

You should be aware that there are practically just two categories of kneeboards available when choosing one. Different types of riders require various kinds of kneeboards.

  • Recreational Kneeboard:

This is the finest kneeboard for beginners. Recreational kneeboards, as its name suggests, are used for amusement and offer a comfortable, enjoyable ride. These boards are renowned for their wide, soft edges, making turning and starting simple. Recreational kneeboards typically cost less than their equivalents for competitive use.

A rotomolded board is a good option if you want something more sophisticated. For intermediate and advanced kneeboarders, rotomolded boards are often the favored choice. The rotomolded body’s smooth surface rotates swiftly and provides excellent performance in the water. They provide enhanced control and easy turning.

Due to the slightly thicker base, rotomolded boards are also quite buoyant and can be a flotation device for riders if they fall off their board.

  • Competition Kneeboards:

These are the priciest kneeboards available. Specifically designed for advanced and competitive boarders, they have many enhancements over less expensive models. Competition boards offer quicker turning and sharper tricks since they are lighter and thinner.

Advanced riders may take off from deep water more easily on these boards since they are less buoyant than recreational boards because of their design.

Knowing the Various Board Techniques

There are two distinct board techniques (or styles) in addition to the type of board. The board technique determines the kind of use. Irrespective of your degree of experience, you should select a board style based on your intended activities on the water.

Slalom boards are supposedly used for slalom surfing. Rather than being developed for advanced stunts, they have smooth bottoms and sharp edges that allow for better turning.

Trick boards, on the other hand, as you might have guessed, are made for performing stunts. They have a sharply curved bottom, which makes it simpler to get air for flips, spins, and other kneeboarding maneuvers. The softened edges allow for easier turns and higher performance.

Factors to Consider When Selecting

Ultimately, the sort of kneeboard you select significantly influences your experience on the water. Here are some crucial elements to consider while choosing the best board for your requirements.

  • Shape and Size

Each type of kneeboard possesses a distinct level of performance and is available in various sizes and shapes. Some boards are symmetrical, whereas others have flat edges or rounded tops. These designs react to the wake in multiple ways.

The vital decision is whether you want a performance board or a novice one. Beginner kneeboards are often more stable, flatter, and slightly thicker, while performance boards may have various contours and design elements to increase their receptivity to the rider’s motions.

  • Kneeling Pad

Kneeboarding’s comfort is a crucial component. You will only have a little pleasure on a swift, rough ride if the board’s top is flexible and comfortable. The board should have a padded top and cozy knee well to aid this. This ought to be a good size for anybody who intends to ride the board.

To keep you firmly in place, kneeboards also have adjustable straps with increased thickness and padding.

  • Fins and Base

A kneeboard’s base can differ. Some have fins, and some don’t. The effectiveness of the board impacts nearly everything.

Flat boards are generally better for beginners, whereas boards with rounded edges and a round bottom are ideal for high-performance kneeboarding. Turning and steering are crispers and more manageable if the board has fins.

  • Material and Weight

The kneeboard should, of course, be as robust as feasible. It is recommendable to buy kneeboards that are corrosion- and impact-resistant; otherwise, they may not last long. Particularly for optimal results, you may use marine-grade material.

The materials also impact the board’s weight. Lightweight Kneeboards are the best for storage, use, and transportation. A light board is preferable to most kneeboarders, making life much simpler.

  • Hook and Strap

Some kneeboards have an integrated hook for the tow line. This function may be helpful for beginners who want to perform simple hands-free starts. Although a hook is unnecessary, it might be beneficial because it increases the board’s use.

Also, almost every kneeboard has a velcro strap that you can use to fasten your knees to the pad. They can lock either once or twice. Although a single locking strap is the simplest to use, it lacks a double locking strap’s adjustability and added security.

How to Kneeboard as Beginners

Individuals of all ages can learn to kneeboard quickly and enjoyably. Learning to balance, navigate the waves, and be towed behind a boat are beautiful experiences and essential abilities for water skiing and wakeboarding. When it comes to knowing how to kneeboard, you should consider the following:

  • Position yourself – lay flat on your tummy on top of the kneeboard with your feet dangling in the water behind you while donning a correctly fitted flotation device. The tow rope’s handle must be in the hook on the kneeboard’s top.
  • Allow the boat to advance slightly, so the rope has some stress. Hold the board tip up while pointing it directly at the boat by keeping your weight back. Hold the board on each side while supporting your weight on the board with your elbows resting on the kneepad.
  • Once the boat is in the proper position, tell the driver to start accelerating. Slowly raise your knees to your elbows as the kneeboard is pulled, keeping the board’s front pointed at the boat and your weight back. Rock back on your heels until your knees align with your elbows, and straighten your arms and back. Keep your gaze upward and on the future.
  • There is no need to rush when fastening the strap. You will float behind the boat as you pull the strap up over your knees. With your shoulders back and your arms straight, find a comfortable position for about 20 seconds.
  • Fasten the kneeboard strap around your thighs, and detach the tow rope handle from the hook. Hold the handle with your knuckles up and your arms out and forward with your elbows slightly bent.
  • Finally, when you’re ready, practice steering the kneeboard inside the boat wake by leaning slightly and rotating your head and shoulders in the desired direction. The kneeboard’s front will turn naturally as a result.

FAQs About Kneeboards

1. What’s a Knee Board Used for?

It is a unique board for surfing or waterskiing while kneeling.

2. Is Kneeboarding Easy?

Kneeboarding is not only an easy sporting exercise but really fun too.

3. How to Get up on a Kneeboard?

You can take a standing position during a ride with the help of a grip.

4. What’s the Difference Between a Kneeboard and a Wakeboard?

While wakeboarding and kneeboarding are similar water sports, they have specific differences in equipment, stances, boat speeds, etc.

5. Do Kneeboards Have Weight Limits?

No, a kneeboard is not restricted to one’s weight, but riders should select one that is fit enough for their physique to get an optimal experience.

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