5 Best Bottle Filling Machine Reviews for Liquid Paste Package [2023]

Are you worried about spillage and wastage while filling bottles with liquid substances? Spilling and wasting a lot of stuff is common if you aren’t using the right method. A manual and pneumatic bottle filling machine can save the day and do the job in no time with zero mess.

Companies involving packaging oils, shampoos, and all kinds of pastes and liquids can benefit from an automatic bottle filling machine. These bottle fillers help in neat packaging and minimize wastage. You can also save time by filling a substantial number of bottles per minute. Thus, this modern technology is the most convenient option for factories and small entrepreneurs running a business from their homes.

In this ultimate guide, we shall introduce you to the 5 best bottle filling machines to safely pour and package all liquids for your business needs. Choose the best filling machine to show professionalism and maintain optimum hygiene standards.

Our Picks for the Best Bottle Filling Machine

1. Best Overall: KIMTEM Bottle Filling Machine for Liquid Paste Filling

KIMTEM Bottle Filling Machine for Liquid Paste Filling
Bottle Filling Machine

Filling Range: 5-50 mL

Hopper Capacity: 22 lbs

Temperature Limit: 200 ℃

Warranty: 24 months

Rating: 4.6 out of 5

KIMTEM A03 Pro Manual Liquid Filling Machine is the most suitable bottle filling machine you can find to fill all kinds of pastes and liquids. This bottle filler can fill any substance with great fluidity and no particulate matter. You can use this bottle filler machine for water, gel-based liquids, shampoo, body wash, and essential oils. 

The filling range is 5 to 50 mL, and the hopper capacity is 22 lbs. The scale also allows you to adjust the filling volume easily.

Moreover, the KIMTEM A03 Pro Filling Machine has a shelf bracket to hold each bottle while filling them. The high-quality filler machine has superb temperature resistance. It can hold pastes and liquids equal to 200 ℃. The parts and hopper are made of silica gel (food-grade), PTFE (food-grade), and 304 stainless steel instead, ensuring the safety of people using the bottle filling machine.

What is the Package

A03 Pro bottle filling machine for liquid paste, shelf brackets, screwdriver, spare seal ring, and user manual.


  • Suitable for liquids with good viscosity. 
  • Appropriate for filling pastes. 
  • Made of safe stainless steel and silica gel (food-grade). 
  • Easy to handle. 
  • Improved way of adjusting filling volume. 


  • The staples are small. 

2. Most Affordable: BestEquip A03 Manual Bottle Filling Machine

BestEquip A03 Manual Bottle Filling Machine
Bottle Filling Machine

Filling Range: 5-50 mL

Hopper Capacity: 22 lbs (10 kg)

Filling Speed: 20-30 times/min

Warranty: 30-day free return

Rating: 4.1 out of 5.0

The BestEquip A03 is a manual bottle filling machine with a filling speed of 20 to 30 times per minute. The liquid filler machine provides efficient filling of bottles in very less time and zero wastage with an accuracy of +/- 1%.

The filling volume is 5 to 50 ml, and the hopper capacity is 22lbs. The bottle filling machine’s stainless steel body makes itself safer than cheap plastics and silicone. Food-grade stainless steel (304) body also makes it safe for filling bottles with edible liquids.

The thick piston takes care of the smooth filling of bottles. Moreover, the anti-drip nozzle can also withstand high temperatures. Users can control the filling speed and volume using manual screws. Turning the A2 and A1 screws helps adjust the speed and volume of filling. It is also easy to disassemble and clean the parts with less effort.

Overall, the liquid filling machine is well-suited for the pharmaceuticals, pesticides, and cosmetics industries to transfer liquids and pastes with nice fluidity.

What is in the Package

1 × A03 manual bottle filler machine, 5 × O-rings, 1 × nozzle, 1 × screwdriver, and 1 × user manual


  • Suitable for industries dealing with liquids with excellent fluidity.
  • Large capacity hopper.
  • Made of food-grade stainless steel (304).
  • Easy to clean and reassemble
  • Easy to fill up narrow bottles
  • Affordable price
  • Adjustable filling volume


  • Manual filling requires a bit of effort.
  • Not suitable for filling a very thick paste

3. Amazon’s Choice: Becsuppt Professional Bottle Filling Machine for Manual Liquid Filling

Becsuppt Professional Bottle Filling Machine for Manual Liquid Filling
Bottle Filling Machine

Hopper Capacity: 10 kg

Temperature Limit: 200 ℃

Warranty: 2 years

Rating: 4.4 out of 5.0

This A03 Liquid Filling Machine is suitable for dispensing liquid products like food, beverages, shampoo, oils, medicines, chemicals, etc. The bottle filler is designed to work with all liquids having good quality fluidity and no debris.

The perfect design also includes a 304 filling nozzle (stainless steel) with anti-drip technology, making it safer than toxic materials and reducing wastage. It also ensures that the nozzle resists high temperatures, withstands wear and tear, and is safe from clogging. Moreover, the nozzle can withstand liquids of up to 200℃.

The screws of the bottle filling machine allow you to manually turn and adjust the filling volume and speed of the liquids as needed.

Overall, this A03 bottle filler machine is easy to use and clean for users, who can disassemble the parts without any trouble and clean them fast.


  • Suitable for all liquids with nice fluidity.
  •  Best-suited for small businesses. 
  • Made of food-grade stainless steel (304).  
  • Easy to use. 
  • Very easy to disassemble and clean.  
  • High-temperature resistance. 
  • High speed and functionality.


  • None 

4. Best for Large Filling Range: KIMTEM A03 Plus Pneumatic & Manual Bottle Filling Machine

KIMTEM A03 Plus Pneumatic & Manual Bottle Filling Machine
Bottle Filling Machine

Filling Range: 20-110 mL

Hopper Capacity: 22 lbs (10 kg)

Temperature Limit: 200 ℃

Warranty: 24 months

Rating: 4.3 out of 5.0

KIMTEM comes up with an A03 plus bottle filling machine that works in both manual and pneumatic modes. Although the price is on the higher side for both categories, the bottle filler provides excellent functionality. Let’s check.

The industrial bottle filling machine has a large filling range of 20 to 110 ml and a hopper capacity of 10 kg. Such a huge filling range makes it ideal for industries.

The anti-drip nozzle of the liquid filling machine ensures a filling accuracy of +/- 1%. While the manual model is well-suited for small businesses running from home and small-scale cottage industries, the pneumatic bottle filler is great for large-scale companies.

Both the filling machines can handle all kinds of fluids without any particulate matter. The hopper and nozzle can withstand temperatures up to 200 degrees Celsius. 

This bottle filling machine makes it even easier to clean for users. Instead of disassembling, cleaning, and rearranging, you can detach the hopper for cleaning it by opening the tri-clamp. Once washed and cleaned, you can fix it back the same way.

The best part is that the machine filler is made of silica gel (food-grade) and stainless steel instead of industrial plastic materials, making the products non-toxic for use. It helps to ensure the health and safety standards of the products.

What is in the Package

1 × M110 bottle filling machine, 2 × filling nozzles (4/8 mm), 1 × sealing rings set, and 1 × user manual.


  • Made of silica gel (food-grade) and stainless steel. 
  • Very convenient for liquid filling. 
  • Very easy to detach parts and clean.  
  • Large filling range and capacity. 
  • Works in both the manual and pneumatic modes. 


  • Needs a sturdier spring.
  • Expensive.

5. Best Pneumatic: VEVOR A02 Pneumatic Bottle Filling Machine for Paste Liquid

VEVOR A02 Pneumatic Bottle Filling Machine for Paste Liquid
Bottle Filling Machine

Filling Range: 5-50 mL

Hopper Capacity: 2.6 gal (10 L)

Filling Speed: 20-60 times/min

Warranty: 30-day free return

Rating: 3.7 out of 5.0

VEVOR A02 pneumatic bottle filling machine is best suited for industrial packaging. The fully pneumatic model provides absolutely accurate filling of bottles at high speed.

The liquid filling machine is driven by pneumatic power and helps fill up nearly 20 to 60 bottles per minute. The filling range is 5 to 50 mL, and the hopper capacity is 10 L. Since the filling range and the hopper capacity are huge, the bottle filler is suitable for industrial packaging of fluids without any particulate matter. However, it may not work with thick pastes. The filling machine can only dispense liquids with high fluidity.

In addition, the stainless steel body makes it a sturdy bottle filling machine for long-term use. Food-grade stainless steel (304) is safe for all purposes and not toxic like cheap silica gel.

The operation and cleaning are easy and require minimum effort. Users need to use the hopper to add the filling matter into it, tweak the filling speed and volume and start filling the bottles. You can operate and clean the bottle filling machine without fatigue.

What is in the Package

1 × bottle filling machine for liquid paste, 2 × L-shape tools, 1 × screwdriver, 9 × O-rings, 1 × pedal switch, 1 × funnel, and 1 × user manual.


  • Efficient and high-speed filling of bottles. 
  • Best-suited for industrial purposes.
  • Made of food-grade stainless steel (304).  
  • Easy to handle with minimum effort and no fatigue. 
  • Easy to disassemble and clean.  
  • High filling accuracy.  
  • Fully pneumatic model


  • Requires an air regulator. 
  • Expensive.

FAQs About Bottle Filling Machines

1) What is a Bottle Filling System?

A bottle filling system is a machine designed to fill liquids and pastes into bottles for packaging. These liquid filling machines are important for packaging in the cosmetics, food, pharmaceutical, and chemical industries.

2) How Do Bottle Filling Machines Work?

The bottle filler machine works by the liquid pressure filling principle. The liquid flows into the bottles when the pressure of the liquid in the reservoir is equal to the air present in the empty bottle. It also functions with the “No Bottle-No Fill” technique, meaning that the bottle filler stops pouring liquid if there is no bottle on the belt. These machines fill the exact amount of liquid into each container.

3) How Much Does a Filling Machine Cost?

The cost of a bottle filling machine depends on the mode of operation. A manual bottle filling machinery can cost from $130 to $200. Pneumatic or automatic bottle filling machines generally cost above $250 each.

4) Can You Make a Bottle filling Machine?

A professional automatic liquid filler machine is made using state-of-the-art technology and a Programmable Logic Controller. However, you can make a basic liquid filling machine using an open-source electronic platform such as Arduino. The circuit will automatically detect the presence of a bottle using the sensor, and you can stop the belt or hold the bottle to fill the liquid. 

5) What is An Automatic Bottle Filling Machine?

An automatic bottle filling machine is highly functional machinery that helps companies fill nearly 80 bottles per minute with equal amounts of a product without any manual intervention. These machines reduce the labor, time, and errors involved in manual packaging. 

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