10 Things to Know About Motorized Unicycles [Complete Guide 2023]

If you’re considering purchasing a motorized unicycle and want to learn everything, keep reading about this unique means of transportation.

This article will assist you in analyzing all aspects of a motorized unicycle’s mechanics and demographics, including how it works, if it is safe, and how much money you can save on your daily transportation costs.

Are you a thrill-seeker who enjoys trying new things now and then? The vehicle we’ll be discussing today is a futuristic version of an old mode of transportation known as a “Unicycle,” the same old single-wheeled cycle concept, but with all the latest advancements.

An electric unicycle is a rechargeable, portable unicycle that can travel miles on a single charge.

In this article,

What Is A Motorized Unicycle?

An electric or motorized unicycle is a single-wheeled self-balancing portable vehicle. The rider can control the motorized unicycle by tilting or twisting the device sideways and regulate the speed by reclining backwards or forward. Gyroscopes, a magnetometer, and accelerometers are used in the self-balancing system. Three leading manufacturers,  Kingsong, Begode, and Inmotion, debuted suspension models in 2020.

Like motorcycles and bicycles, commercial units are self-balancing in both directions, with the side-to-side (lateral) balance provided by the rider’s steering actions. As of 2022, there is no commercially produced human-rideable unicycle with lateral self-balancing capabilities. A dual-axis self-balancing, non-ridable unicycle has been shown using small, lightweight robots with a large weighted reaction wheel or a control moment gyroscope. Like an inverted pendulum, a unicycle’s control is analogous.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Motorized Unicycles


There are numerous pros of electric unicycles, but the three most crucial ones are jotted below that impress you the most.

For starters, they’re an excellent mode of personal transportation. You’ve certainly seen a lot of people riding electric scooters, but there’s something special about electric unicycles that makes them stick out and grab people’s attention. Some of the latest models may even exceed 45 mph, allowing you to cruise in comfort.

This goes hand in hand with the second point: they’re compact, small, and lightweight, so you can toss them in your handbag and take them along wherever you want. So you may ride your electric unicycle everywhere, including a college, the automobile, the workplace, on the bus, or even just a mile or two to the shop.

Furthermore, after the initial purchase, they are quite inexpensive to operate. As they are rechargeable vehicles, there’s no need to be concerned about petrol prices. There’s also no need to be worried about the impact on the environment because they are environmentally friendly.


First and foremost, you should know that riding a motorized unicycle takes a little bit of practice. You’ll probably slip a few times in the beginning. That is for sure. You’re about to board a wheeled vehicle with no seat or handles, putting your equilibrium under strain.

Second, some people may find them cost-prohibitive. Some more affordable ones start at $299, but the dazzling, extravagant variants can cost thousands. You must pay for something that you will use extensively. If you only care about one or two things, don’t get anything premium for more features you don’t need.

Lastly, the third disadvantage of a motorized unicycle is that it is still in its early stages; therefore, some systems may be problematic. It also entails you risking buying the latest model to have an even better one arrive a few months later as they experimented with something new.


Are Motorized Unicycles Safe to Ride?

It is a hypothetical inquiry. It’s tough to say whether or not a motor vehicle is safe.

There’s always the possibility of a mishap or collision, which you should be aware of before purchasing. In addition, something with a machine and tires can become a threat, especially if it’s operated in hazardous conditions like a rainstorm or aggressively driven through congested locations.

For others, the fact that you operate an electric unicycle by shifting your weight can be difficult. You may fall or crash a few times during the initial stage of riding. But honestly speaking, it always looks overwhelming to start. Practice makes perfect. Beginners can start with an electric unicycle with a seat, as these are slightly simpler to practice balancing on.

However, modern types of motorized unicycles have made significant progress in terms of safety features. For example, a termination switch is included, which will turn off the motor if the wheel comes off the surface.

How Fast Can You Go with a Motorized Unicycle?

The average speed of an electric unicycle is roughly 15 miles per hour. Some models can reach speeds of up to 20 mph! As far as the charge is concerned, the average distance per charge is roughly 20 miles, although some of the newest models may go up to 40 miles.

Well, 20 miles on a single charge is more impressive, right? After all, some electric scooters can only go 5 miles on a single charge.

You go out and buy your first motorized unicycle, making sure to get one that won’t let you down halfway to your goal. Besides, remember when driving up an inclined plane, the attainable velocity and mileage will alter. The harder the machine needs to work, the less time you can spend riding your motorized unicycle on a single charge. The same goes for riding on harsh terrains, such as sand roads and loose gravel.


How Much Does a Motorized Unicycle Cost?

Even though the motorized unicycle has just entered the scene, over fifty different manufacturers compete, implying a significant price fluctuation based on the styles and labels you choose.

You can get one for roughly $400 (like the Swagtron) on the low end of the spectrum.

You can acquire the Gotway Tesla for roughly $2,000 if you want the latest feature-rich variant.

Features to Consider While Buying a Motorized Unicycle

There’s a distinction between what you require and what you desire.

Most electric unicycle models include an anti-spin switch and brake light that acts as a termination switch if you get into difficulty. However, other models are equipped with more advanced features, such as adjustable LED lighting, built-in speakers, brilliant LED taillights, and even a foldable grip that enables you to carry the gadget like baggage.

But if you keep aside all the premium features. In that case, the advantages like the speed, the distance covered, and portability are the three main features that one should consider before buying an electric unicycle.

Do you Need Any License to Ride an Electric Unicycle? Are There any Laws or Restrictions?

There are few restrictions governing electric unicycles since they’re very new. You’ll have to dig into your local legislation for more information. You don’t need a license in some regions. It’s treated similarly to riding a bicycle.

However, keep in mind that this could change in the future when the legislation governing electric unicycles is revised and amended.

In some countries, it’s classified as a motor vehicle. Requiring insurance, registration, taxes, and a driver’s license to operate may be a lot of labour, but it’s no more complicated than acquiring and setting up a bike for highway use. You just have to do your homework before time to have a safe exit from this fatigue. You should get all the information from your local DMV. And if there is a law stating you need a license, then make sure to have your license with you whenever you ride your electric unicycle.

Because electric unicycles are still relatively new, few specific laws govern them. Therefore, it is strongly advised that you search online forums to discover any other riders in your area.

Some limits exist. For example, you can ride a motorized unicycle on Californian footpaths but not on the Los Angeles train.

They are not permitted in any public areas in Hong Kong. Neither in the United Kingdom nor New York.

 They’re allowed in Queensland, Australia, provided the motor is less than 200w.

 Dubai has explicitly prohibited them from retail malls; however, there is no regulation stating whether or not riding them on the streets is illegal.

Are They Easy to Ride?

That is debatable!

An electric unicycle’s skill set is probably hard to learn. You’re simply getting on a wheel with side-mounted pedals and – nothing else. Since there are no handles or seats, being on board is entirely up to you. Try to ride initially near any wall or railing that will allow you to grasp something while getting used to your unicycle.

Then you must learn to control the electric unicycle just by adjusting your body mass. Because there is no wheel, it is all about how you shift your hips and position your feet. Of course, some people will find this easier than others. But just keep doing. When you succeed, you will feel a great sense of achievement.

Is an Electric Unicycle the Right Choice for You?

This is a frequently asked question as everyone would be concerned if an electric unicycle is worth the money and is the correct match for their requirements. So before committing to a price, they would like to be sure it’s worth the expense. That’s entirely reasonable! Particularly for those who live on a strict and well-managed spending plan.

The primary point is to consider how frequently you’ll use it, whether you’ll use it for commuting or entertainment, and what features are essential to you (e.g., portability, mileage, speed, etc.).

Which Motorized Unicycle Model Is Right for You?

After making up your mind to buy an electric unicycle and having all your queries answered, you have to decide which type of electric unicycle will be convenient for you to ride. That also fulfils all your needs and is the major cause of its purchase.

Electric unicycle falls into three major categories: seated unicycle, single wheel unicycle, and dual wheel unicycle.

Seated electric unicycles, as the name suggests, have a seat, which is sometimes detachable. The equipped seat may compromise the portability of a motorized unicycle, but on the other hand, it makes your learning and balancing much easier. In addition, having a  seat will make your ride more convenient.

A two-wheel electric unicycle can withstand tough terrains much better than a single one. So bear in mind the terrain you’ll be using it on – will you be climbing steep hills frequently? Going downhill? On the sidewalk or the grass?


After all the above discussions, it should be convenient for you to buy your electric unicycle. However, it is advisable to go through all the above ten points at least twice before sealing up your decision.

I hope this article is helpful to you and able to answer all your queries, especially about the features of an electric unicycle, the advantages and disadvantages of a motorized unicycle, the investment, and the type of unicycle you want to buy.

You can also interview some riders in your area, your friends and your family to help you decide. Above all, electric unicycles are pretty fun to ride once you master them.

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