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An electric unicycle (EUC) is known as a self-balancing scooter, a motorized unicycle, or a one-wheel electric unicycle. With a single wheel, they are lightweight, compact, and powerful. Most of them go faster and further than electric scooters or skateboards.

Unlike electric skateboards, you don’t have to rely on a remote control when riding EUCs. They resemble hoverboards more than anything else, as the gyroscope technology is their backbone. It is usually the rider who controls the speed and direction of the self-balancing unicycle. When the rider’s body is tilted forward, the motorized unicycle accelerates. When the body is tilted backward, it slows down.

LumBuy gets various electric monowheels brands covered, and Gotway, Kingsong, and INMOTION are all very popular today. One wheel gives you endless fun. Cool ride, you deserve it!


A electric unicycle (EUC) is also known as a powered unicycle, e unicycle with a single wheel. Some electric unicycles come with seats. You can control the speed by leaning backward or forward. And you steer by twisting and leaning the mechanism from side to side.

When it comes to the best brands, Kingsong is one of the most famous electric unicycle brands, and it boasts many models, including Kingsong KS-S18, Kingsong S20, KS-S22, KS-16X, Kingsong 16C, KS-16S, Kingsong-18L, KS-14D, KS-18XL, KS-14S, KS-18S, Kingsong-16XS. Other famous brands include Gotway, Veteran Sherman, INMOTION, etc.

Here are some factors you should consider to buy the best electric unicycle:

  • Electric Unicycle's Speed and range
Most people want to know two things: how fast can it go and how far can it go? A battery-powered electric unicycle can reach very high top speeds.

Depending on where you live, there may even be laws regarding how you can drive it.

For commuters, the range is also essential. Manufacturers determine the range based on specific factors such as terrain and rider weight.

  • Weight and wheel size
The weight and wheel size gives you an idea of at least two aspects: portability and riding style.

In general, lighter electric unicycles are easier to accelerate, decelerate and change direction. However, if you want more power, you will need a larger motor and battery, which will add weight.

Wheel size is also a factor in easy use. Larger wheels are suitable for rough terrain but add weight to the electric unicycle. Smaller ones offer you more flexibility, but you are more restricted in where you can ride.

  • Electric Unicycle's Charging time
Charging time depends on the size of the battery. Larger capacity batteries take longer to recharge when they are low on power.

A fast charger can reduce the charging time considerably.

Avoid letting the battery run down by charging it after each ride, so you increase the battery's life.

  • Electric Unicycle's Safety features
Read through the reviews to find out how robust the wheels are.

You should also double-check the UL certification.

Another safety feature to remember is waterproofing.

The last safety feature we would like to mention is headlights and taillights.

  • Electric Unicycle's Cost
When buying an electric unicycle, list all the features you think are "must-haves."

If it lacks one of the must-have things, you probably won't be happy.

  • Best Brands
Segway electric unicycle

Solowheel glide electric unicycle

INMOTION electric unicycle

Kingsong electric unicycle

Veteran Sherman electric unicycle

Gotway Monster 22 electric unicycle

Tomoloo electric unicycle

Kahuna Creations electric unicycle

Ninebot one electric unicycle

Superride s1000 electric unicycle

Swagroller electric unicycle

  • Step 1: Preparation
1.Equipment introduction

Make sure you know your particular electric unicycle. Learn about the foot pedals, handles, and cut-off switches (if any) on the equipment and how they work.

2.Safety equipment

Wear a helmet and wrist guards. You may also need gloves, elbow and knee pads.

Wear comfortable clothing and sports shoes.

3.Plan your location

Open space. Preferably with walls or railings. An empty car park, tennis court, or basketball court works well.

  • Step 2: Mounting / dismounting
1.One foot exercise

Place the wheel in the center underneath you and place one foot on the pedal.

There should be two points of contact between you and your wheel, your foot and your shin.

Apply a downward weight on your foot to keep the EUC upright.

The top of the EUC should push laterally on your shin.

Push back on the top of the EUC with the shin of your knee.

Familiarise yourself with the weight and balance of the EUC. Green hands will encounter difficulty and discomfort during the first several days of learning.

Keep your back straight and your knees slightly bent. Do not hunch over.

Rock the EUC back and forth to use the device.

With one foot on the pedal, walk/jump forward with the grounded foot as if you were kicking a scooter or skateboard.

When you become more comfortable and can walk longer distances on one foot, move on to the next step.

2.Two-foot exercise

Now that you can comfortably place one foot on the pedal and try putting the second foot on the EUC once you have started.

You will feel unstable at first, so just put your foot back on the ground to stabilize it and try the kick again. Keep doing this until you can mount both feet on the EUC and move them a few feet.

Again, keep your back straight. Avoid the temptation to hunch over.

After your feet are on the ground and you have forward momentum, keep your head up, your back straight, and look forward. Use your arms to keep your balance if you need to.

  • Step 3: Riding
Before proceeding with this step, make sure you can easily attach and detach the EUC.

Most people need to learn to ride and mount separately to be most successful. Once you become proficient in both skills, you can confidently combine them.

Use the wall to keep your balance and allow you to stand comfortably on your EUC. Rock back and forth.

1. Set a riding target. Your target can be a physical object, such as another wall or a lamppost, 5 to 10 feet from the starting point.

Push yourself from the start. Lean forward to accelerate further, but don't hunch over. Try to maintain your balance as you work towards your goal. Repeat this.

2. Accelerate

Apply pressure to your toes to keep the equipment moving, and try to walk at a brisk walking pace. Going slow will cause you to lose your balance, so avoid the beginner's mistake of trying to go too slow at the start.

  • Step 4: Putting them together
Now that you've done the fitting in part 2 and the riding in part 3, you should be able to fit and remove them fairly comfortably and feel confident about riding short distances.

Now let's put all your skills together.

1. Set a goal

Set a short goal to reach a distance of about 5-10 feet in front of you. Instead of holding on to a wall or pole.

2. Stopping

Slowing down or stopping on the EUC is as essential as mounting and dismounting. To slow down or stop, you need to shift your weight to your heels.

3. Turning

You can carry the device around because the slight change in weight leads to EUC. once you make your feet mounted, don't look at the ground.

It goes to the place you are looking because the weight shifts turn the electric unicycle. Don't look at the ground after you are mounted on your feet.

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A high-end electric unicycle will cost you around $800-$2000. However, an low-end model will cost you around $250-$500. Some models cost more.

Your choice depends on your intended use and whether this is your first time riding it or if you are already a professional.

An electric unicycle is a one-wheeled bicycle powered by an electric motor rather than muscles. The motor is the main component that drives the electric unicycle and does not require pedaling.

The mainboard inside the electric unicycle reads the vehicle's angles as it moves. These angles are front to back and left to right and driven and adjusted by the gyroscope.

When the gyroscope senses the angle of movement, it changes the speed of the motor, allowing you to maintain an upright position as you move forward. The change in speed helps maintain balance so you can ride the electric unicycle without tipping over.

You can stop the unit by leaning backward, which tells the motor to slow down according to the angle. The motorized unicycle has sturdy wheels and can cope with rain, snow, and even rough terrain.

For your safety, please follow these necessary precautions.

1. Charge the battery regularly, even if you are not using it.

2. Wear protective equipment, such as knee pads and a good quality helmet.

3. Take care on the road, and do not ride it on slopes that incline more than 20 degrees.

4. Always ensure that your motorized unicycle is stored in a safe and dry environment. Keep it out of the reach of water and direct sunlight or heat sources.

5. Always drive at a low speed and do not perform stunts until you have mastered the technique.

6. Unless your motorized unicycle is built for off-road use, don't ride it on wet grass, wet roads, or unpaved roads with lots of gravel.

  • Handlebars
The handlebars of a scooter make it easier to maintain balance and better stability, which allows for better steering.

With a electric unicycle, riders must rely entirely on their body weight to steer.

As a result, electric unicycles are more difficult to learn.

  • Safety
Electric scooters come with brakes on the handlebars. It can slow down and stop quickly.

To activate the brakes, riders should lean back. It takes some time for riders to get used to. This is not very safe. Electric unicycles also lack side-to-side maneuverability.

  • Speed
The speed depends on the model. Some can travel at about 15 mph (24 km/h), while some super models have speeds in excess of 50 mph (80 km/h). However, in most cases, electric scooters and electric unicycles have a maximum speed of about 20 miles per hour.

  • Cost
In terms of pricing, electric scooters and electric unicycles are about the same price. Prices range from £300 to £2,000. This depends entirely on power, design, range, and extra features.

Unicycle speed varies. The motor power affects the speed of the electric unicycle. Generally speaking, more power leads to more speed.

The lower-end ones are about ten mph, while the higher-end ones can reach over 40 mph. However, we recommend that you not ride at high speeds for safety reasons. Also, before riding, pay attention to the relevant laws.

Many factors affect the speed of an electric unicycle. The following are common factors.

  • Wheel size
The size of the wheels determines the different heights of the electric unicycle.

Typically, tyre sizes vary from 14", 16", 12", and 18". Larger ones are also available.

The larger the wheel, the greater the coverage.

Although larger wheels are faster, they are only suitable for the experienced.

  • Surface
When riding on uneven surfaces, the ride will be slower. However, on a flat surface, the wheels easily reach top speed.

  • Weight
A heavier rider puts more strain on the motor, and therefore, it goes at a slower speed. Therefore, choose a higher load capacity than your weight to reach maximum speed.

  • Motor output
The motor output is its power rating.

It affects the electric unicycle's ability to handle the extra weight or rough terrain, which are vital factors.

  • What is the fastest electric unicycle?
The maximum speed known so far is 45 miles per hour.

The law on an electric unicycle varies from place to place and determines when and where you can use them.

  • Is an electric unicycle legal in Australia?
It depends on where you ride because legislation varies from region to region. The use of electric skateboards, scooters, and electric unicycles on the road is legal in Queensland, Western Australia, the Australian Capital Territory, and Tasmania.

  • Is an electric unicycle illegal in Germany?
Yes, motorized unicycles are illegal in Germany. The police will give you a ticket or confiscate your motorized unicycle if you ride it on the road.

  • Is an electric unicycle illegal in the USA?
Electric bicycles are legal in most places in the USA. However, you usually need to wear a helmet.

A driver's license is required to ride an electric bike in some states, but it is unclear if this applies to other personal electric vehicles.

There are no regulations in other states, such as Kentucky and Nevada.

Many states restrict riders to speeds of 20 miles per hour.

In California, personal electric vehicles with a maximum speed of 20 mph or an average power of more than 1,000 watts are illegal.

In Hawaii, residents are required to register their vehicles at the local city hall.

In New York City, all electric vehicles are outlawed. Despite this, the police have never ticketed a cyclist.

  • Safety tips
- Buy a helmet.

- Wear knee pads, elbow pads, wrist guards, etc.

- Use high-quality batteries and change them regularly.

- Buy a bike with lean protection and speed control.

- It is not recommended to ride on roads with a gradient of 20 degrees or more.

- Store it in a dry place and out of direct sunlight.

- Do not listen to music while riding.

- Avoid puddles, wet grass, etc.

- Do not ride your bike during peak hours.

For the final answer, you can check the laws in your country, state, or city. Whether legal or not, it is best to ride them on the streets of your community, and experienced riders can also ride on cycle paths.

Electric unicycles are very agile and lightweight. However, like your mobile phone, they won't last forever. Let's see how we can determine it.

For an electric unicycle, one of the most significant factors is the rider. As riders ride in different ways, they last for different amounts of time. Let's take a look.

  • Batteries
To prolong the life of your battery, you should ride it at the proper residual charge, not at full power. Please don't ride it at a low charge as this can damage the battery.

  • Wheels
Wheels are made from a variety of materials. If you use it on gravel, it will die very quickly. You need to inflate the wheels regularly and ride on smooth surfaces.

  • Quality
A cheap electric unicycle will last much shorter than a quality one. A quality motorized unicycle will last longer and serve you better.

As you don't have handgrips, your balance is essential. The unique thing about it is that once the wheels stop, you can't balance.

It is said that even if you have ridden something like an electric skateboard before, it may be a bit difficult for you to learn. If you have never been on something like an electric skateboard before, you will need to practice a lot.

When riding an electric skateboard, a remote control controls the throttle/brake, and you turn by leaning.

The electric unicycle uses an accelerator and gyroscope to keep you upright. You control the speed by leaning forward and backwards and twist gently to turn as it has no remote control.

  • Value
When comparing entry-level skateboards to electric unicycles, electric skateboards start at a lower price and can offer higher speeds.

When it comes to mid-level electric unicycles versus mid-level electric skateboards, electric unicycles have the edge. High-end electric unicycles are a better value than high-end electric skateboards, typically costing between $2,000-and $3,000. High-end electric skateboards cost over $4,000 but still have less range and speed than electric unicycles.

  • Safety
Electric skateboards are more dangerous than electric unicycles.

First of all, electric skateboards are very dangerous when polyurethane wheels hit bumps, potholes, etc. You can almost fall off the skateboard. Although all-terrain tires are better, they still have their limitations. However, the electric unicycle's pneumatic tires are shock resistant, and you won't fall over easily.

Secondly, the electric skateboard relies on the remote control. If the remote is disconnected, this can lead to serious injury as you can't brake.

Thirdly, the electric skateboard lacks agility and maneuverability; the electric unicycle can turn sharply to allow you to avoid obstacles. On an electric skateboard, it is challenging to change direction suddenly.

Both can be dangerous, so you need to wear a helmet, wrist guards, and protective gear.

  • Off-road capability
When it comes to off-road capability, electric skateboards are not even close. You can go over hills, rocks, roots, steep climbs, and much more on the electric unicycle. But the wheels of an electric skateboard don't allow you to go off-road easily.

  • Commuting
The electric unicycle is heavier than an electric skateboard. If you carry it regularly, a lighter electric skateboard would be better. However, some of the smaller EUCs can be carried in a backpack. Also, as the electric unicycle has handlebars, you can simply pull it around as if you were pulling a suitcase.

  • Maintenance work
Electric skateboards require more maintenance, such as replacing belts, bearings, etc. Wheel motors with belt drives are much less maintenance but less comfortable to ride. Direct drive with all-wheel mounting is probably better. Gear drives will probably become popular but still require maintenance.

You don't have to maintain your electric unicycle as often. After riding 1000+ miles, you only need to change the tires.