The Buyer’s Guide of Best Grow Tent– A Gift for Indoor Plant Lovers

Growing plants indoors is often a challenge. With limited space, the challenge becomes more difficult. If you love indoor planting, the grow tent is the most incredible gift you can choose to buy for yourself. A grow tent is the best choice for indoor gardening as you can control the environment in which your plants grow. You will find the tents available in different shapes and styles. Gaining knowledge about them will help you make an informed choice.

Why Use a Grow Tent?

Cultivating plants indoors is not an easy task. Most often, people face problems when they start gardening. When problems persist, you will start losing your passion for indoor planting. A grow room will give you the power to control the environment in which the plants grow. When you create the best plant growing environment indoors, you can get a bumper harvest. Grow tents will help you achieve your dream indoor garden without the need for ample space. Here is a list of benefits specifying why you need to use a grow tent.
  • Adequate Use of Limited Space
People who live in urban areas such as apartments often find it challenging to indulge in gardening. A grow tent will help you set up an indoor garden anywhere you want. Even a tiny space in your apartment can get utilized to start your dream garden. You can get a grow tent that is as small as 2×2 feet. You will no longer get restricted to start your very own garden due to inadequate space. You can fit the tent in a corner or under the stairs. With the use of a tent, you can get the most remarkable results with the least space.
  • Year-Round Harvest
The stable and reliable growing environment you create will enable you to get a year-round harvest. You can control what grows inside the tent, which will help you grow whatever you want throughout the year.
  • Protect Plants by Preventing Pest Infestations
Pest infestations are a significant challenge that gardeners face each year. The tent will help protect the indoor plants against pest infestation. Apart from pests, you can also protect your plants against pets and other unwanted visitors. With adequate protection, your plants will also grow healthy.
  • Energy Efficient Indoor Gardening
A healthy garden will need energy to thrive. The only power that is necessary for the growth of a plant gets used. Tents help in conserving many units of energy.  It makes the tent energy efficient.
  • Mobile and Portable
You can move a grow tent from one place to the other. If you are shifting homes or want to move the tent to a better place, you can do it without much effort. You can also make changes to the set-up of the tent.
  • Create Ideal Climate and Light Conditions for Plant Growth
Different plants need different types of climatic and light conditions for their growth. You can make use of the tent to create conditions that are ideal for seedlings you have planted. It will enable them to grow fast and healthy.
  • Keep Away Odors
The sound ventilation system of the tent will help keep away odors from the grow room. If you live in a house or an apartment, your neighbors will appreciate the odor-free indoor garden environment.
  • Easy to Set Up and Maintain
A grow tent is easy to set up and maintain. The basic design consists of a metal frame covered with the tent material. You can hang lights, air filters, and fans inside the tent frame. As it is only one system, it is easy to maintain.
  • Ideal for Clean Air Circulation
The grow room is ideal for clean air circulation. Most grow tent kits include an inline fan and a carbon filter. The fan will help in stimulating the breeze like an outdoor setting. Clean circulation of air will help the plants grow healthy.

What Should You Notice When You Buy a Grow Tent?

There are various factors that you will need to consider before you buy a grow tent. When you learn about these factors, you can save time and money and make an excellent choice. Size – The first thing that you will need to consider is the size of the grow tent. How much space you need to have in your home? How many plants do you intend to plant in the tent? How tall will the plants grow? It is best if you asked these questions to choose the correct size of grow tents. There are different sizes of grow tents that you can choose depending on the space you have in your home and the type of plants you want to grow.
  • Small Grow Tents
  • Medium Grow Tents
  • Large Grow Tents
  • Extra Large Grow Tents
Small Grow Tents The size of the small grow tents ranges from 2×2 ft – 2×4 ft. They are an ideal choice if you want to grow 1 or 2 mature plants. The tents will give the plants the environment necessary to grow and prosper. The small grow tents are perfect for first-time growers and hobbyists. You can tuck them anywhere you want. If you have a tiny space in your home, then these tents are the preferred choice. Medium Grow Tents The size of the medium grow tents ranges from 4×4 ft – 5×5 ft. Irrespective of whether you are a beginner or a professional, these tents provide adequate space for you to grow at least five plants. You can get a good yield from these plants. For optimal development of the plants, you can make use of a single grow light. You can run a 250 MW – 1250 MW grow light to enhance the growth of the plants in the tent. Large Grow Tents The size of the medium grow tents ranges from 6×6 ft – 8×4 ft. You can house at least eight mature plants in this tent. It will enable you to get a 50% – 100% more harvest than the small tents. You can choose to use many high-powered lights as you will have to cover at least 32 – 36 sq. ft. of room. When you increase the intensity of the lights, you can get a flavorful harvest. Extra Large Grow Tents The size of the medium grow tents ranges from 10×5 ft and larger. Choose an extra-large grow tent if you want to grow 12 mature plants and get a higher yield. You can choose to install four and above growth lights so that you get a bumper harvest. When you use these lights, you can get the best coverage and penetration. As these tents are large, you can split them into many sections. Material – The construction material of the grow tent impacts the growth and health of the plants inside. The best quality tents get made from canvas materials such as polyester and nylon. These materials are durable and robust. When you choose nylon and polyester material, you can control the inside environment of the tent. The “D” rating indicates the thickness of the material. Most grow tents have a rating of 200 D – 1680 D. The inner layer of the material is also essential when choosing a tent as it can affect the plant’s health. The inner material often has a shiny reflective layer. The shiny layer gets made from polyethylene terephthalate. The reflective capability of the inner layer ranges from 50% – 90%. If the layer is more reflective, you will spend less energy on lighting the plants. You will also be able to get better light coverage due to the reflective nature of the inner layer. Frame – The frame of the tent provides stability and strengthens its structure. A strong frame is crucial as it will help support the plants and other equipment inside. The tent can sustain more weight depending on the thickness of the pole. Tent frames made from heavy-duty steel are the strongest. These tents offer security and safety without being too heavy. As the frames are lightweight, you can move them around. Ports and Vents – The other unique feature you need to pay attention to when buying grow tents are ports and vents. Depending on the design, some tents have many ports and vents, whereas other have only a few. The vents enable you to connect the internal tools and systems with external systems like ventilation and electricity. There are different ports, and your choice will depend on what you want to keep in the growing area. Heat Resistance – The grow tent is often kept indoors, but you still need to ensure heat resistance. You will hang lights inside the tent to enhance the plant’s growth which increases heat. Floor Tray – A removable floor tray is another feature you need to pay attention to when buying a grow tent. The floor tray helps collect water that gets spilled inside the tent. It will help in keeping the growing area clean. Zippers – Zippers are a crucial feature of a grow tent as they enable you to access your plants. You will need to unzip the tent so that you can tend your plants and take care of them. As you move the zippers up and down at regular intervals, you must ensure that they are of the best quality. It is best to opt for heavy-duty zippers so that they can withstand the pressure. Budget – The size and features of the grow tent will determine its cost. Make a choice depending on your budget. Avoid cheap tents as they often get made of inferior quality materials and they will not last long.

What Not to Do in The Grow Room Area?

If you want to grow healthy plants in your grow room area, you must avoid certain things.
  • Keeping the Grow Tent Area Dirty
You will need to keep dirt, dust, and trash away from the floor of the grow area. Garbage and dirt attract pests, and they will harm your plants. Always keep the tent space clean and well maintained.
  • Cluttering the Grow Area
Avoid leaving clutter around. You can expect contamination if the growing area gets cluttered with garden equipment and tools. Keep the garden grow gear organized and remove any junk lying around.
  • Bringing Outdoor Garden Equipment Inside
You should avoid bringing hoses, ladders, and other things that get stored outside. Outdoor pests might find a way inside the grow tent, and this will lead to pest infestation. Keep the outdoor things out of the plant growing area.

Top Brands of the Grow Tent

Quictent Grow Tent with Window and Floor Tray for Indoor Plant Growing
If you want a grow tent within your budget, then this is the ideal choice. The 2×2 feet tent gets build using reflective PET silver mylar. The interlocking steel frames make the frame structure stable. The extra thick material (600 D) creates an ideal environment for plant growth. The 98% reflective material ensures a good lighting environment for the plants. You should check to see if all the tent components are in place before you start the installation process.
  • The product has a two-year warranty. The connectors will get replaced for life.
  • The zippers make it easy to open and close.
  • The observation window is big, and you can see the plants inside without having to disturb the fragile natural environment.
  • The tents are easy to install and remove. You can set it up within your apartment without any tools and equipment.
  • The durable tent is available in many styles and sizes.
Gorilla Grow Tent
If you are looking for a grow tent in the 2×4 ft. then the Gorilla tent is the best option available. The increased height of the tent enables you to grow taller plants. The product density ranges from 210 D – 1680 D. It makes the fabric durable and dense.
  • The grow tents get professionally designed, which makes them the ideal choice for beginners and experts.
  • The large viewing windows enable you to track the progress of the plants without disturbing the tent environment.
  • The Gorilla tent is available with a height change kit. You can use the kit to increase the height of the tent by at least one foot. Apart from this, you also have two kits that will enable you to increase the height by ten feet.
  • The material gets constructed using 1680 D thread density. It is dense than any other grow tent material.
  • The all-steel construction of the frame makes it stable. The steel interlocking pins increases the strength of the tent.
  • The diamond reflective technology ensures that the lighting gets redistributed, and this helps save power and money. The reflective walls help distribute 30% extra light, which enables the plants to grow fast.
iPower Water-Resistant Grow Tent Observation Window
Tents of different sizes are available with the iPower brand of grow tents. You can choose any size you want depending on the space available in your home. It has many friendly features, and this help optimize the growth of the plants.
  • Double stitching and heavy-duty zippers prevent light from leaking the tent. You can control the lighting inside the tent, and this helps increase the yield of your plants. Good construction ensures durability and value for money.
  • The thick tent material has a 95% interior lighting return. It ensures that the entire tent gets adequate light, which will help in plant’s growth.
  • The frame has got designed for safe handling and easy installation. The heavy-duty steel poles have a weight capacity of 110 lbs. No special tools get required to complete the installation process.
  • The floor tray is waterproof, which ensures that the floor of the growing area is free from water and other debris. You can remove and clean the floor tray.
ULTRA YIELD 12″ Extension Grow Tent
The tent is available in five different sizes. It is a popular choice for beginners and professional indoor gardeners. The adjustable height of the tent makes it easy to use. You can reduce and increase the height of the grow tent as per the space available.
  • The 1680 D canvas makes the material durable. The thickest and strongest quality material makes the tent a popular choice for indoor gardening.
  • The frame height can get adjusted by at least 1” which will enable your plants to grow big and strong. The yield will also get higher when you increase the frame height.
  • The full steel frame makes it one of the strongest and most secure grow tents available in the market.
  • The tent can get opened from the center so that you can water the plants. You can choose to open the center of the tent to water and clean the growing area.
  • The design of the tent ensures easy installation and maintenance.
Always buy a grow tent that is sturdy and can withstand any weather conditions. The tent will last longer and give you value for money. The buyer’s guide has all the information you need to make a good choice of grow tents.

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