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A push up board is an effective exercise tool for building muscle strength in the upper body. You can join a gym or buy a pushup board to perform a push up board workout.

Push-ups enhance cardiovascular fitness, strengthen the shoulders and improve posture. Most people complain of wrist pain after doing push-ups on the floor. However, the push up board relieves pressure on the wrists to keep you away from wrist pain. In addition, it offers various push-up variations. All in all, it gives you a stable and safe way to exercise.

The pushup board has become popular in recent years. Not only has it entered people’s homes, but it has also made its way into the gym. A home pushup board will keep you fit and say goodbye to the gym. LumBuy provides a complete push up training system for you. Why not consider it?


What is a push up board?
A push up board, also known as a pushup board, or a push up rack board, is a colour coded push-up board training system. It allows you to perform push-up exercises to shape and strengthen your upper body, including shoulders, back, chest, and arms.

The pushup board allows for many variations, including narrow grip push-ups, diamond push-ups, wide grip push-ups, reverse grip push-ups, L-sit, and pike push-ups.

Why choose LumBuy?
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What is the best push up board brands?
  • Best Brands






Power Press



Day 1 Fitness


Fraser Fitness

XTREME Warehouse


How to choose the best push up board for yourself?
Here are some of the key features you need to consider when buying a pushup board.

  • Non-slip rubber grips
The rubber grips give you a more stable and firm grip to keep you safe. It also keeps the pressure off your wrists, preventing wrist injuries.

  • Multifunctional
The pushup board uses coloured lines and holes to indicate various positions.

It allows various push-up variations to target specific muscles with different exercises. You can also easily change positions.

Here are the popular choices.

- 9 in 1 push up board

- 14 in 1 push up board

- 12 in 1 push up board

- 18 in 1 push up board

  • Foldable design & lightweight
The foldable design allows you to cut its size in half and take up less space. The lightweight and sturdy polymer material make it easy for you to carry it around.

How to use a push up board?
  • Steps
Place it on a flat surface.

Position the handle in the proper colour-coded position, which is determined by the muscles being trained.

After this, hold the handle (the starting position) with an overhand grip (pronated).

Make sure that your hands are directly under your shoulders and that your body is in a straight line.

Lower your body towards the pushup board until your shoulders are several centimetres from the handles.

Return quickly to the initial position.

Contract the target muscles.

  • Tips
At the top of the movement, don't lock out the arms.

It is okay to use your knees to balance your lower body for beginners.

A tight grip on the bar will assist you in producing more power.

Ensure that the neck and the spine are in alignment during the exercise.

Avoid shrugging the shoulders.

Support the core and hips during the entire exercise.

Inhale as your body lowers towards the ground.

Exhale when you come back to the initial position.

Avoid spreading the elbows too much.

If you are looking for more details about pushup board exercises, please go to the following website.

What are the disadvantages of a push up board?
  • Fixed hand position
The hands are confined to the position they were designed to be in. Some people may have difficulty adapting to the pushup board. In addition, the board becomes useless if a handle is lost.

  • Not too different from a push-up bar
It is very similar to the push-up bar. A pushup board is useless if you know how to use a push-up bar.

What are the push up board benefits?
  • Budget
Push up boards generally cost less than $70. The cheaper ones are $30. But in the long run, a good quality pushup board lasts longer.

  • Versatile
It works well for all ages and experience levels.

The push up board allows for all variations and does not cause joint and wrist pain. You don't have to focus on the position of your hands and can concentrate on contracting the target muscles.

  • Great for beginners
Colour-coded push-up plates allow novices to perform push-ups correctly and relieve stress on the joints.

In addition, beginners can place their knees on the floor to make the exercise easier.

  • Home gym
Pushup boards are easy to assemble. Most of them are made of high-quality materials and are durable. In addition to this, it is compact and does not take up much storage space.

  • Parallettes
The pushup board can be used as parallettes for aerobics and gymnastics.

The handles make handstands, plank push-ups and L-sits easier. It also provides extra height to make exercises easier.

  • Wrist health
Although push-ups are excellent for exercising the upper body, they make the wrists sore, mainly due to a lack of wrist grip strength.

In addition, handstands and planks push-ups place bodyweight on the wrists. A pushup board reduces the stress on the wrists.

Are push up boards any good?
The push up board is designed to work the upper body. It is also superb when combined with regular resistance training.

It will help you to target specific muscles for targeted exercises. The ergonomic grip ensures stability and prevents you from slipping.