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You are stepping on the gas and riding your motorcycle on a scenic road. The wind blows your hair gently, and the sun caresses you. You enjoy the ride, but something seems to be missing. What’s missing is nothing else; it’s music.

By installing motorcycle Bluetooth speakers, you can listen to music while you ride. Thanks to Bluetooth, this is possible. Just connect the speakers to your motorcycle, and you can play music on your phone or iPod. Whether you buy handlebar speakers or motorcycle helmet speakers, you’ll get stylish and great music.

LumBuy motorcycle Bluetooth speakers are carefully selected. There are many brands available, and popular ones include Boss Audio, JBL, GoHawk, etc. You will enjoy your ride and don’t want to do anything else because the music takes you away.


What are motorcycle Bluetooth speakers?
Motorcycle Bluetooth speakers, also called Bluetooth motorcycle speakers or wireless motorcycle speakers, are wireless speakers installed on a motorcycle for playing music. Just connect the speakers to your motorcycle, and you can play music on your phone or iPod.

There are two types available: motorcycle handlebar speakers and motorcycle helmet speakers. Whether you buy handlebar speakers or motorcycle helmet speakers, you'll get stylish and great music.

Why choose LumBuy?
LumBuy is an e-commerce company that focuses on high-quality products. We have the strictest supplier selection criteria and will only select 5-star products with an excellent reputation, where you can shop with confidence and buy the best products.

What are the best brands?
  • Best Brands

Rockford Fosgate





BOSS Audio Systems



What are the best Bluetooth speakers for a motorcycle?
What do we need to consider when buying motorcycle speakers?

  • Easy to connect
If it takes an engineering degree to install a speaker, it's too hard. And if it falls off when you start the engine, it's a waste of work.

  • Sound Quality
Although motorcycle speakers won't sound as good as a home stereo system, try to go with one that has relatively good sound quality.

  • Bluetooth Quality
If you have to reconnect to Bluetooth every five minutes, you'll go crazy.

  • Price
Generally speaking, the higher the price, the better the performance.

How to install motorcycle Bluetooth speakers on a motorcycle?
By playing your favorite tunes, your ride is more fun. How to install a Bluetooth speaker on your motorcycle? We will give specific steps to help you complete the installation. Before we begin, we must understand the different motorcycle speaker types.

  • Types
- Motorcycle handlebar speakers

Motorcycle handlebar speakers are sold through the speaker frame to get the best quality.

- Motorcycle helmet speakers

This type of speaker uses Bluetooth. It is attached to the helmet and allows access to music from various devices.

  • How do you install handlebar speakers?
Step 1: Required parts

Purchase parts, including clamps, driving light kit, speakers (the more RMS watts, the better.) And so on.

Step 2: Make sure the speaker enclosure is in good condition

Remove the bulb support frame. Thread the speaker wires into the holes.

Step 3: Get the speaker ready

To determine where you need to cut, trace the speaker's back with the help of an awl, using the light assembly's front cover.

Use the rotary cutting tool to turn the square speaker into a round shape. You only cut the plastic body. Leave 3/8" of plastic around it to fit the speaker into the shade.

Step 4: Complete the speaker setup

Use a 2-inch square piece of screen to make it fit the screen window's lampshade. To secure the screen, use a hot glue gun at the corners.

Step 5: Speaker assembly

With the hot glue still warm, put the speaker into the lampshade. Connect the speaker wires. Place the screen, speaker, and lampshade in the lampshade.

Step 6: Install the speaker

Secure the motorcycle Bluetooth speakers to the handlebars with the clips.

To locate the speakers, use the washers on the clips.

Put the cable to the location of your amp.

You can install the amplifier in different locations. It can be placed in a saddle bag, a tank bag, an under-seat light tool bag, or under the seat.

Connect the audio source to your amp. AM/FM radio, MP3 player, CD player are all fine.

You can also go to the following website for more information.

  • How do you install motorcycle helmet speakers?
Step 1

Check the helmet's inner area.

Step 2

Cut the foam for the speaker.

Step 3

Make the ear pockets clean.

Step 4

Install the speakers.

Step 5

Position amplifier and microphone.

Step 6

Drill the holes for the fixing clamp.

Step 7

Install the microphone.

Step 8

Press the wires into the liner.

You can watch the video below so you can get more detailed information.

How do Bluetooth motorcycle helmet speakers work?
Bluetooth motorcycle helmets speakers work like other Bluetooth devices. They create a network with other devices through a piconet, and no wires are required. They are usually fed by a small battery, which offers a stable connection.

Should I put speakers on my motorcycle?
Installing a speaker on your motorcycle opens up a new riding world. Are the speakers worth the money? Next, let's find out.

  • More enjoyable long trips
All you can hear is noise or silence? A stereo system will allow you to listen to music, thus making your long trips more enjoyable.

  • Increase the resale value of the motorcycle
You can get more money if you sell your motorcycle with a sound system. If it has this feature, buyers will pay big bucks for it. Sure, you may need to spend a little money to install it, but it adds value to the motorcycle and is well worth it.

  • GPS Navigation
Motorcycle speaker systems can work with GPS devices. You can find the direction of your destination on your phone's GPS and listen to the GPS coordinates through the motorcycle speaker. You don't have to look at your smartphone as often to keep your attention on the road.

  • Make your motorcycle show-worthy
When you enter a motorcycle competition, the judges will be looking at the sound system. Although you may not win the match, your motorcycle will be more attractive to the judges.

How much does it cost to install motorcycle speakers?
When it comes to motorcycle speaker installation, parts usually cost $20-$300. If you hire a professional to install the speakers, additional charges and parts may be required.

How can I make my motorcycle speakers louder?
Let's look at five upgrade options to make your motorcycle sound system better.

  • Upgrade your speakers
High-quality speakers accurately translate electrical signals into sound. They provide a smoother frequency response so that music will be more realistic. Finally, good speakers play louder than cheap ones.

If speakers are exposed to sunlight or get wet for a long time, they can be damaged. So you'd better buy a waterproof one.

  • Add a high power amplifier
If you want to play your music loud, your speakers need high power. When choosing an amplifier for your motorcycle, size is a top priority.

You also need an efficient amplifier. The best Powersports amplifiers are more than 93 percent efficient. Higher efficiency means you can play louder without overloading the electrical system.

  • Add more speakers
You can add more speakers. Of course, it's not that easy, but it's possible.

  • Source Unit Upgrade
The source unit is essential. If there is distortion in the original audio signal, nothing can be done to change it. Aquatic AV and Rockford Fosgate have created dedicated source units.

  • The right system configuration
It's important to use an equalizer to optimize your motorcycle speakers. Compact digital signal processors, including multi-band equalizers configured with calibrated microphones, provide smooth sound and make your music sound real.

Do motorcycle speakers have to be waterproof?
You need a waterproof motorcycle speaker because if motorcycle speakers get wet in the rain, they could be damaged and not work. And waterproof motorcycle speakers will not give you such worries.