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It is often said that melodica music builds bridges between people. Through music, people can get to know each other.

Studies have shown that melodic songs stimulate the cells that store memories to improve intelligence and brain capacity. Music also allows us to meet like-minded people, and these good memories stay with us forever. In addition, melodica music takes you away from the hustle and bustle and allows you to relax in a busy life.

Everyone is born with creativity and aesthetic ability. All we need to do is perfect it. Buy a melodica and polish your creativity! LumBuy provides the best melodica in the market.


What is a melodica?
A melodica, also known as a melodica instrument, pianica, melodica piano, is a free-reed instrument popular in music education, especially in Asia. It is small and light, similar to a pump organ or harmonica.

A melodica usually has a musical keyboard covering two or three octaves, and people play it by blowing air through a small hole. Hohner invented it in the 1950s, but similar instruments were available in Italy in the 19th century.

Why choose LumBuy?
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What are the best melodica brands?
  • Best Brands






Hohner Accordions




hohner airboard

How to choose the best melodica for your budget?
Before you choose a melodica, you should consider all aspects of it, including octaves, materials, to name a few.

  • Size and Octave
The melodica is available in two or three octaves.

If you are a beginner, two octaves of melodica are fine.

For advanced players, three octaves of melodica are best.

  • Voice Ranges




  • Materials
High-quality instruments are available in every material, but plastic is more common. Most are made of plastic. Some musicians prefer wooden melodicas.

  • Price
Student: $75

Intermediate: $75 and $125

Professional : $125 and Above

How to play the melodica?
  • How to
Hold the melodica with your left hand and play the keys with your right hand.

Put your lips around the mouthpiece.

Blow into the melodica while playing the keys. (Don't blow very hard.) If you are a beginner and not used to playing the melodica, you can use the pipes.

As with other wind instruments, you need to pay attention to two things.

- Hand technique

- Breath control

It's easier to play in a standing position.

- Legato: breathing mode (breath air into the instrument.)

- Heavier passages: palatal attack( like whistling.)

- Staccato: You can use the tongue for short notes.

- Tremolo Effect: Change your breath quickly (volume changes).

Watch this video to see how it is played.

  • Best Melodica Books
- For beginners and intermediate

Easy Classical Melodica & Piano Duets

Easy Classical Melodica Solos

Hohner Melodica Music Course

Easy Classical Guitar & Melodica Duets: For Classical Guitar and Melodica.

Patriotic Solos for Melodica: 10 Patriotic Songs of the U.S.A.

- For Kids

How much is a melodica?
A melodica ranges in price from $40 to $120. This is related to the quality of the melodica. The average melodica price on Amazon is $67.83.

Student: $75

Intermediate: $75 and $125

Professional : $125 and Above

Which is right for you? - 32 VS. 37 Key Melodica
There are several factors to consider when buying a 32-key or 37-key melodica. Let's take a look.

  • Musical Setting
They don't weigh the same. If you play sitting down, a 37-key melodica may be the one for you. If you travel with it a lot, a 32-key is lighter.

  • Purpose
The 37-key model offers more features. With more keys, you'll be able to play more songs.

  • Bass Playing Enthusiast?
If you're primarily responsible for low frequencies, the number of keys is less critical. If you like to create long walking bass lines, you may want a 37-key melodica. A bass melodica like the Hammond BB PRO-24B is recommended.

  • Budget
If you buy a beginner melodica, there will not be a big difference in cost between a 32-key and a 37-key melodica.

If you want a professional melodica, the price difference will be significant.

  • Brand and Construction
Hohner, Yamaha, Suzuki, and Hammond are all well-known brands. If your budget allows, consider these brands.

If not, you can consider lower-end brands like Cahaya, Amoon, and Eastar, to name a few.

The quality of the wooden melodica will be much higher than plastic models.

  • Breathing Techniques
A larger melodica requires more breathing. A high-quality 37-key melodica will be made of better materials and sealed more firmly. Poor quality melodicas are not friendly to children and others with limited lung capacity.

A high-quality 37-key melodica will last longer and give you more flexibility in song selection.

How to clean the melodica tube?
It is very important to take care of your melodica. You can clean it with alcohol, soap, and water, which can extend the life of your instrument.


Keep your melodica in a warm, dry place.

You'd better clean it up after each performance.

Try not to clean the inside of the melodica unless it is necessary.