Best Hydroponic VIVOSUN Grow Tent Reviews

Being a hydroponic grower requires the necessary equipment to excel at indoor growing, and an essential piece of equipment is the grow tent. For you to be an excellent indoor grower, you must have the best indoor grow tent. Many hydroponic growers have the necessary sets of skills and the plants that they want to grow.

Still, everything turns into a fiasco because they lack the basic amenity of indoor growing. That is, a perfect grow tent. Because of the limited space to plant in most urban areas, many people have resolved to produce their favorite crops indoors, and the best way to attain the best result is by using grow tents.

The best grow tents in the world include Vivosun grow tent, and many indoor growers have been able to plant their crops successfully because of the Vivosun grow tent that they use. There are various types of grow tents in the world. However, Vivosun and some other tents are the top-rated grow tents that indoor growers are using.

Many hydroponic growers have lamented that their crops are dying because perhaps the lighting isn’t good enough or their grow tents caught fire, among many other things. It might be because of specific reasons related to how they bought their grow tents. You look out for certain items as an indoor grower that will serve as determinants for your purchase of any grow tent. You should take the following into consideration before you buy any grow tent.



It is a significant part you need to take into consideration before you buy a grow tent. The crops cannot grow very well if you don’t have enough good lighting. Hence for you to have a magnificent and top-notch garden, you need quality to grow lights. It would be wise if you got a grow tent that has excellent and efficient lighting.

To get the best light for your grow tent, you need to calculate the required wattages by your grow room, and when you find the wattages, you will know the kind of lightning that would most suit your grow room. There are three types of lightning, and they include;

The T5 Fluorescent grow lights: This type of lighting makes your garden yield more, and an excellent thing about them is that they don’t generate a lot of heat.

The HIDs grow light: This type of lightening gives you a simulation of sun lightening, which is a very efficient kind of lightening. However, just like they are excellent regarding their simulation of the sun, they run very hotly.

The LED grow lights: This is another grow light that is also very good for indoor growing, and it is used by many of the growers. This light increases the crops’ scents, root production, and flavor because of their infrared and ultraviolet wavelengths. An excellent thing about them is that this type of light consumes low currents.


If the humidity and temperature are not good enough, your plants will turn out bad, and most times, your plants die. Hence, before buying a grow tent, you should be well abreast of the humidity and temperature at which the tent works and how well it works with the plant you have in mind.

You should know that for the effective yield of your plants, the temperature of your tent shouldn’t be more than 65 and 80 °F. The humidity also shouldn’t be more than seventy percent. If the humidity and temperature are more, you might have problems using your grow tent and good yield of your plants.


When buying your grow tent, you should know that you should always consider your grow room. Most people buy grow tents and set them up in a room they have picked in their house, and if you are part of these people as an indoor grower before you purchase a grow tent, you must first know your grow room. It will, in turn, guide you on the type of grow tent that would be perfect for the room.


Another vital thing you need to note before you buy a grow tent is the size of the tent. Since you know the grow room – the room where you will grow, you should determine the size of your grow tent. If you want to plant tall crops, it would be best to get a more extensive and more elevated grow tent. Also, if you’re going to produce many short crops, you could get along, and spacious grow tent that isn’t necessarily tall. The size of the grow tent will go a long way in facilitating the growth of your crops.


The fabrics by which the grow tent is made are important factors you need to consider if you want to buy a grow tent. The materials of your grow tent should be the best to achieve efficiency when growing your crops. You should know that the filters, fabric density, and ventilation outlets should all be in the best conditions before you buy the grow tent.

Watch Grow Tent – Buyer’s guide to having more insight into what you need to know before buying a grow tent.

As indoor growers increase every day, there is a need to develop more grow tents to facilitate whatever the indoor growers are growing. It has, however, led to many manufacturers of grow tents. It makes it very difficult to know which grow tent is the best and which to pick because there is a lot from which a grower can choose. It might lead to selecting a bad grow that the growers will have complaints about in the future.

However, you should note that indoor growers shouldn’t overthink when it comes to getting the best grow tents because Vivosun grows tent is the best for them. When an indoor grower needs to buy a grow tent, one of the most popular and best-reviewed grow tents in the world is the Vivosun grow tent, and picking this grow tent would give the grower the best indoor growing experience.

There are certain features of the Vivosun grow tent that makes it rank higher than most other growing tents in the world. As an indoor grower, you should look at the features of this to grow tent, and by so doing, you will see why the Vivosun grow tent is the best grow tent for any indoor grower. The following are some of the features of the Vivosun grow tent.


For a grow tent to be very good, it must be very durable. It means that it can stand the test of time. And in this aspect, the Vivosun grow tent excelled excellently. The Vivos grow tent has a metal frame on tent, which is much more durable than the plastic frames most of the other grow tents in the market have. Having a metallic frame makes the grow tent sturdy and supportive of great weights.

Also, for most grow tents, you need to know that zippers are usually one of the first things to get spoilt. However, the Vivosun grow tents zippers are one of the reasons Why the grow tent lasts longer than most of the other grow tents. The zippers are heavy-duty ones with overlapping that are soft. Occasional waxing of the zippers should be in order, and the zippers should last longer.


This is one of the many reasons why the Vivosun grow tent is one of the best grows tents in the world. It is a very safe grow tent to use. One of the significant concerns of indoor growers is the survival of their plants and the safety of the room they are growing in. Buying cheaper grow tents gives issues to the indoor growers, and in some instances, the materials the cheap tents are made of cannot resist the heat and catch fire in the process. You should know that the Vivosun grow tent will never have any of these troubles. It is because the design of the grow tent is with top-quality materials.


The Vivosun grow tent is made up of high-quality materials. The fabrics that they grow tent is made of are very strong. The 600D canvas is a highly reflective mylar coating that doesn’t allow leakages of light outside the tent. It is very thick, which makes it very strong, so much that it seldom tear, unlike most other grow tents.


It is another feature that makes the Vivosun grow tent stand out among other grow tents. The tent comes with very sturdy poles and a solid metallic frame. The canopy is designed to go over the frame, and that way, it is very easy to zip the tent. The design of the tent allowed it to have a very good ventilation system. Also, some openings come with the tent’s design, and these openings help in the easy fixing of cables and wires. Further, because of the removal base, cleaning the tent is very easy.


This is another very important feature of the tent. It is a problem most of the other grow tent models have, but the manufacturers of the Vivosun grow tent created a grow tent that would be best for the indoor growers in such regard.

For the most part, these qualities beat the competition and make Vivosun grow tent one of the best in the world. Hence as a hydroponic grower, you know that you need a good grow tent to make your plants yield favorably, so it would be best to opt for Vivosun grow tent because most of its qualities are what makes for a better grow tent.


Being one of the best grow tents in the world doesn’t do justice to how good the Vivosun grow tent is. The tent also comes in various sizes, which allows for a variety of choices for the buyer. For instance, an indoor grower that wants to plant tall crops can opt for the 10 × 10 Vivosun grow tent. The following are the various types in which the Vivosun grow tent exists.

10 × 10 Small Indoor Vivosun grow tent

This tent is very big and tall as it stands at 80 inches tall. It is also very spacious because it can accommodate about thirty full-sized plants and about ninety small-sized plants.


8 × 4 Vivosun Complete Grow Tent Kit

The type of Vivosun grow tent is as tall as the 10 × 10 and stands at 6.7 feet. It can accommodate up to eight full-sized plants and twenty-eight small-sized plants.

Large 5 × 5 Vivosun grow tent

Just as tall as the first two mentioned, this type can accommodate up to seven full-sized plants and twenty-five small-sized plants.

4 × 5 Vivosun grow tent

This is another 6.7 feet tall Vivosun grow tent. The tent can contain about six full-sized plants and twenty small-sized plants.

4 × 4 Vivosun grow tent

This is another type of Vivosun grow tent as it stands at 80 inches, just like the others that have we have mentioned above. It grow tent can accommodate five full-sized plants and sixteen small-sized plants.


Smallest 3 × 4 Vivosun grow tent

This is a smaller Vivosun grow tent as it stands at 72 inches. It is also a very good grow tent as it can accommodate four full-sized and twelve small-sized plants.


2 × 4 Vivosun grow tent

This grows tent stands by 5 feet and accommodates about three full-sized and eight small-sized plants.

2 × 3 Vivosun grow tent

This is a Vivosun grow tent that stands at 53 inches tall and comes with an observation window.

1.7 × 3 Vivosun grow tent

This grow tent stands at 5 feet tall, and attached to it is an observation window and floor tray.


1.5 × 2.5 Vivosun grow tent

This grow tent stands at 36 inches, and just like the 1.7 × 3, it also comes with an observation window and floor tray.


In about thirty minutes, you should be able to finish unpacking and assembling the Vivosun grow tent. It has always been a technical aspect for most indoor growers because they do it the wrong way. Here are some of the steps that would help you in assembling your grow tent.

Unpacking: Remove the Vivosun grow tent from the package.

Checking: Check whether all the equipment is complete.

Layout: Lay all the equipment out to see that they are in the right shape.

Assembling: Assemble all the equipment that you have laid out following the instructions given

Roofing: When you have assembled all the parts, you put the roofing on the frame.

Watch the following video on how you can assemble the Vivosun grow tent into a whole.

Vivosun grow tent setup


SIZE: The Vivosun Grow tent is small; small enough to enter any closet; however, it is also tall enough to reach six feet. On the other hand, Gorilla grow tent is solid and sturdy, and most times, it doesn’t fit easily into all types of grow rooms.

PRICE: The Vivosun grow tent is very affordable for such quality that it is giving. However, the gorilla grow tent, on the other hand, is costly. If you want quality at a pocket-friendly price, you should go for Vivosun grow tent – it is the best you can get.

CANVAS BUILD QUALITY: The gorilla grow tent has 1680D for fabric density; this means that it has a thicker fabric and is less susceptible to external temperature. However, Vivosun grows tent has 600D fabric density, which is very good. However, it is not as thick as the gorilla grow tent, making it more light and flexible.



  • Very Affordable
  • Very thick and untearable material
  • It is very flexible to move around and relatively easy to use
  • It seals the light indoors from being exposed outside because of the heavy zippers
  • It has removable floor trays, and this makes cleaning a lot easier.


  • The option of windowless tents is not available
  •  The Velcro areas are not reliable
  • Short and not very good instructions
  • It sometimes has light leaks.


As an indoor hydro grower, using a perfect grow tent is one of the determinants of whether or not your plant will come out well. Vivosun grow tent is one of the best grow tents you can find in the world, and some of the features that come with it make it one of the best in the world. If you need an affordable and quality grow tent, you should opt for a Vivosun grow tent.

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