How To Clean Pickleball Paddles

Pickleball is a popular sport that you play with a paddle. Like every other sport involving a paddle, you must take adequate care of your pickleball paddle. The reason is that the better you maintain your paddle, the better its performance when you use it. Therefore, it is crucial to maintain your pickleball paddle properly.

Some individuals fail to maintain their pickleball paddles because they do not know how to clean them. If you fail to clean your pickleball paddle frequently, it will likely get damaged quickly. A pickleball paddle features a textured surface for hitting the ball. It will affect your gameplay if you don’t understand the surface well.

The ball also adds dirt from the court to the surface of the paddle. You need to clean the dirt off the paddle after each use to ensure that the paddle’s performance does not reduce over time. A pickleball paddle is a vital piece of equipment for any pickleball player. Why do you need to clean your pickleball paddle?

Why Clean Your Pickleball Paddle?

Pickleball paddles have textured surfaces to spin the ball on them. When the ball hits the paddle, it carries dirt with it. If you do not clean the paddle after, the dirt from the ball will accumulate on the paddle, which will hasten the wear and tear of the paddle. This isn’t good for your pickleball racquet.

The accumulated dirt on the paddle will make it difficult for the ball to spin when you hit it with the paddle. Hence, cleaning your pickleball rackets well would be best to have a nice and successful spin when playing. It would be best if you cleaned your pickleball paddle after every match.

Many beginner pickleball players do not understand why you must clean your paddle. They think it is a waste of time and doesn’t impact their game in any way. This is because of their inexperience. Experienced pickleball players will tell you that cleaning your pickleball paddle every time is healthy.

Expert players need their shots to be firm and precise. It is very difficult for your shots to be controlled and accurate if your paddle is dirty. Also, if the pickleball paddle surface gets smooth, you will find it difficult to make good spin plays. The smoother the surface, the harder it is to get an accurate spin.

One of the most important reasons to clean your pickleball paddle is that it prevents wear and tear. Wear and tear is an enemy to any pickleball paddle. If you clean your paddle constantly after playing, it will take longer for wear and tear to impact the paddle. However, if you don’t, you must replace the paddle faster.

Pickleball paddles might not be too expensive. However, getting a new pickleball paddle after a few uses is never fun. Everyone wants their pickleball equipment to last. Hence, keeping the paddle clean after every game is important to extend its lifespan and efficiency. Check our page to learn more about why you need to clean a pickleball paddle.

How To Clean A Pickleball Paddle Correctly

Now that you know the importance of keeping your pickleball paddles clean, it’s time to move on to how to clean the paddle correctly. It doesn’t take much to clean a pickleball paddle correctly. A pickleball paddle has two major parts to focus your cleaning on. These two parts are:

  • The Playing Surface

A pickleball paddle’s playing surface is vital, as that is the part that hits the ball. If there is dirt on the playing surface of the paddle, you won’t generate enough spin on the ball. Hence, you need to clean the playing surface after every game. It is the main part of the racket.

There are multiple ways to clean the surface of a pickleball paddle. The first method is to use abrasion-resistant liquids and a clean microfiber cloth to wipe the surface of the pickleball paddle after each game. Don’t rub the cloth too roughly on the paddle, or you can worsen it.

You can also use a glass cleaner instead of an abrasion-resistant liquid, as they are effective for cleaning pickleball gear. Another way to clean a pickleball paddle is to use a magic eraser. A magic eraser helps to clean the dirt off the surface of your paddle completely. Also, remember to clean the edges of the pickleball paddle when cleaning.

  • The Grip

The grip of the paddle is another part that you need to clean. Most of the time, the grip is in constant contact with your palms. Hence, it is very easy for the sweat on your hands to get on the handle. Since the grip tends to be in contact with moisture, it can get damaged quickly.

New pickleball paddles come with ergonomic grips that are more comfortable and last longer than older paddles. This is because manufacturers designed them to absorb moisture well. It is quite easy to clean the grip, similar to cleaning the textured surface. All you need is a clean cloth and cleaning solution.

Pickleball Paddle Care And Maintenance

Apart from cleaning the paddle often, other ways exist to maintain your pickleball paddle properly. These methods help you keep your paddle in top condition at all times. Your pickleball paddle is your closest companion as a pickleball player. Some ways you can properly take care of your pickleball racket include.

  • Keep Away From Extreme Temperatures

Extreme cold and heat are not good for your pickleball racquet. If your pickleball equipment is exposed to extreme temperatures, it can cause damage to the paddle. Hence, keeping your pickleball paddle away from areas with extreme cold or heat is important if you don’t want to replace it soon.

  • Avoid Clapping Paddles 

Clapping paddles is a regular custom for pickleball players. It is normal to clap your paddle against your teammates after a game. As much as this habit is good for building team spirit, it is not healthy for you to paddle. Clapping your pickleball paddle can damage it and increase the rate of wear and tear.

Using your hands or fist is better if you want to high-five your teammate. Do not clash your paddles against each other, as that can damage the textured surface of the paddle. The slight moment of contact when you clash your paddle with your teammates is enough to cause damage to your pickleball racket.

  • Don’t Lift The Ball With The Paddle

As fun, as it seems to raise the ball with your paddle, this is not good for your racket. When you lift the ball with your paddle, the paddle’s edge comes in contact with the ground, which can cause damage to the paddle. There is always a chance for you to damage your pickleball paddle anytime you pick the ball with your racket.

If you want your pickleball paddle to last long, you must be cautious so you do not lift the ball with the paddle out of habit. The paddle edges get damaged every time you use the racket to pick up the ball. If you are fond of this, you should stop if you want to extend your paddle’s life.

  • Keep It Away From The Ground

This is a basic precaution that every pickleball player should know. It is important always to keep your pickleball paddle away from the ground. If you leave your paddle on the floor, anyone can step on it accidentally. Hence, you must remember not to leave your pickleball paddle on the floor.

  • Avoid Exposing The Paddle To Water

It is vital to keep your pickleball paddle away from water. Water is bad for your pickleball paddle. You must keep your pickleball paddle away from water or moisture at all costs. If you expose the paddle to water, it will get damaged very easily. Even if it rains during a match, you should try to protect your paddle.

The material that the pickleball paddle features absorbs water a lot, so you have to keep the paddle away from water at all costs. Even the sweat from your palm is bad for the paddle, not to talk of full exposure to water. Water damage to pickleball paddles is irreversible; hence, keeping the paddle away from water is important.

  • Change Your Grip

Changing your grip frequently is necessary for pickleball. It would be best if you changed your grip smoothly when playing pickleball. This is to help you reduce the wear and tear of the paddle. It is essential to communicate with your equipment. If your equipment loses performance, change the grip for better efficiency.

  • Store The Paddle Properly

It is important to store your pickleball paddle properly. Proper storage plays an important role in the lifespan of pickleball paddles. Most beginner players ignore their paddle covers and leave their rackets bare. This allows the pickleball paddle to get damaged when not in use.


A pickleball paddle is the most important equipment for any pickleball player. You need to take care of your pickleball paddle. When the ball strikes against the paddle, it carries dirt from the court. It would be best if you cleaned your pickleball paddle to remove the dirt before it accumulates on the paddle.

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