How Much Does a Pottery Wheel Cost

The first time I wedged the clay, made a bowl on a pottery wheel, the feeling I had cannot be replaced by anything in the world. When you start doing it, you can barely stop yourself. This is the magic of pottery! However, several people leave their dream of pursuing pottery behind because of a misunderstanding that pottery wheel, a machine used to make pottery, is expensive. But, let me tell you that you can easily get a pottery wheel in your budget. The only thing you need to keep in mind is your pottery requirements and search accordingly. When I wanted to buy a pottery wheel, I searched at many places and websites to find the perfect one, and ultimately I did. However, while searching, I came across many blogs and questionnaires in which people were mainly asking: “Is pottery wheel expensive?” “Why are pottery wheels expensive?” The internet is full of these questions, so I decided to explain a few things that might help you select your best pottery wheel.  

First of all, Is Pottery Wheel Worth Buying?

    If you are a potter or a pottery fan, a pottery wheel will be your loyal helper to create unique and beautiful products. Above all, pottery wheels are always worth buying. When you want to hone your pottery skills, a pottery wheel will always be there for you if you have one. And, for that, you need a pottery wheel that suits your level and requirements. Moreover, pottery wheels give you great products that are smooth, symmetrical, and exquisite. You can also experiment on products made on pottery wheels, just like you can do with pinching, thus helping you create gorgeous pottery. That’s why it’s meaningful to buy a pottery wheel.  

The Cost of a Pottery Wheel

  Many people have a notion that pottery wheels are expensive. However, it is not entirely true. You can find various pottery wheels in physical stores or online that fit your requirements and, most importantly, your budget. All you need is to do a little research. According to your requirements, you can search the internet for the most suitable pottery wheel. The prices of good pottery wheels range from $300 to $2000.  
  • Pottery Wheels Under $300
Though these pottery wheels are of no particular brand or company, they are equally useful and have their benefits. For instance, Table Top Budget Pottery Wheel is a good-sized wheel with approximately .25 HP, perfect for creating smaller products like a bowl, plate, mug, etc. It comes with a height of 13.8 inches from its foot to the wheel head. It is a good pottery wheel for beginners to work on and pretty easy to clean as well. Additionally, some of its models come with a foot pedal and some with a hand lever. So, while selecting your preferred model, make sure you consider this well.  
  • Pottery Wheels Between $300 – $1000
Wheels falling into this category are the mid-range pottery wheels with better benefits and a little high price. So, if your budget allows you to fall under this price range, you can try wheels like Speedball’s Clay Boss, with a unique design that can center a good 100 lbs of clay with 0.5 HP. It also has a 14 inches wheel head that is enough for throwing larger pieces. Another benefit is that it can identify the weight of the clay and perform accordingly, meaning the weight of the clay will not affect the wheel’s speed. In addition, it also has the advantage of reverse function, which means you can rotate your wheel backward as well. Thus, it is helpful while trimming your products. That’s why it is considered a solid and effective pottery wheel at a very fair price.  
  • Wheels Above $1000
Pottery wheels under this category are higher priced because of their extra features and more weight carrying capacity. It means most expensive wheels can center a good amount of clay, say 300-400 lbs. If you prefer to create big pottery pieces, then a Skutt Thomas Stuart Legend Pottery Wheel product is the best for you. With a large removable splash pan, cleaning your wheel also becomes relatively easier. When you want your products to be great and majestic, you must go for the Skutt Thomas Stuart Legend wheel. With a 14 inches wheel head diameter and clay capacity of 400 lbs, you are in for some really big and splendid pottery products.  

Points to Consider Except the money spent on the Pottery Wheel

  When you buy one pottery wheel, many considerations apart from its cost cannot be avoided. Moreover, it is always better to know more about the other essential things contributing to your pottery wheel selection.  
  • Wheel Heads
A wheel head is the metal circle on which you decide to throw the pots. Its diameter ranges from 8 inches to 14 inches, 8 inches being the smallest. The diameter of a wheel head determines the size of the pots that can be thrown on the wheel. For instance, suppose you are a beginner, then a wheel head with approximately a diameter of 10 inches works great for you.  
  • The Wheel Height
The height of the pottery wheel is essential to make good pottery pieces. If the wheel is not suitable for your height, the pots will be very messy and poorly made. It may also affect your posture. Thus, if you make pottery while sitting or standing, consider your position and select the wheel accordingly. It is crucial to choose a pottery wheel with the right height to create the best pottery.  
  • Clockwise and Anti-Clockwise Rotation
It is not a compulsion that your wheel must rotate clockwise and anti-clockwise but, having it is an additional benefit for you. Compared to a pottery wheel with clockwise rotation, one with anti-clockwise rotation is said to be easier for right-handed potters to throw. Thus, paying attention to the feature allows you and your friends to use the pottery wheel easily.  
  • Having the Foot Pedal
If you are a potter, you must be aware of the foot pedal or lever’s speed control. It is why several pottery wheels come with a pedal while others with a lever. Hence, it is your choice and preference whether you want to go with a pedal or a lever while selecting your pottery wheel. Select the one which is the most comfortable for you.  
  • The Power of Your Pottery Wheel
How much power your wheel has is directly related to the quantity of clay you can center on the wheel. With the help of torque and horsepower, you can identify the pottery wheel’s power and eventually the amount of clay you can throw. So, more horsepower always means more clay is centered. This is important because when you center the clay, you exert pressure on it. More clay causes more pressure. Thus, if you try to center more clay on a wheel with less horsepower and torque, the pottery wheel’s speed will be slowed down significantly. Moreover, the horsepower also affects the cost of the pottery wheel. It means, the higher the horsepower, the higher the price of the wheel. So, while selecting your pottery wheel, consider the horsepower as well.  
  • Noisy or Not
Considering the noise your pottery wheel makes is also essential as you would not want to disturb your family members or neighbors with your wheel. Thus, keep it also in mind while selecting your pottery wheel.  
  • Attached or Detachable Splash Guard
Pottery is a messy job with slip, clay, and water splashing, the reason why pottery wheels always come with a splash pan. The pan can collect all the slip, water, and clay while making pots. It is placed around the head of the wheel and gets dirty very quickly and easily. Thus, it is an additional advantage if the splash pan is detachable, making it easy to clean.  
  • Weight of the Wheel
On some days, you may want to sit inside and make pots, and on some, you want to make pots outside. With a heavy wheel, you may not be able to move it around to your willingness. Thus, if the wheel is relatively lighter, you may carry or move it around easily. Hence, it is always better to consider the pottery wheel’s weight as well.  

Final Consideration

This article is to answer the question “how much is pottery wheel’. However, considering these extra factors will help select the most suited pottery wheel for you. As they say, when you find your soulmate, life gets better. The same goes here; when you find the pottery wheel which perfectly matches your requirement, the process gets better every passing day. The selected wheel can be your “soulmate” for life.

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