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The common ones are Fuxi style, Zhongni style, Lianzhu style, Luoxia style, etc. The most famous Jiuxiao ring is the Fuxi style Guqin. It is differentiated according to the shape of the Guqin’s neck and waist.

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The Guqin, also known as the seven-stringed qin, enjoys a profound history of more than 3,000 years. Guqin has a wide sound range, deep timbre, and long reverberation. It has five strings at the beginning, mainly for rituals in ancient China.


What is Guqin(pronunciation gǔ qín)instrument?
The sound chamber of the Guqin consists of two wooden boards, usually of different wood types. The slightly rounded top plate (soundboard) is usually made of paulownia wood. The base plate is made of Catalpa ovata or, more recently, Machilus nanmu.

What are the top brands?
There are many relatively well-known and popular brands like Generic, Red Music Shop.

How to play Guqin?
Do you need nails for Guqin?

Playing the Guqin requires more skills. Unlike the Guzheng and Pipa, the strings need to be plucked hard, which will damage the nails. The sound of fake nails is not natural enough, so your nails are the first choice. The length of your nails should be about 3-4mm from your fingertips.

Generally, the nails of your right hand are longer than your left hand. There are also some protection methods for your nails.

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How many strings does a Guqin have?
The Guqin has seven strings and thirteen marked pitch places. The player can do a range of four octaves.

How to tune a Guqin?
First, you need a chromatic tuner. Set the tuner to the key of F.

Attach the tuner to the peg, careful not to touch the strings. (The tuning pegs are under the head of the Guqin. )

Pluck the thickest string until the tuner displays C1 (the tuner will turn green when the tune is correct).

When the pointer of the tuner is on the left, it indicates that the current tone is low and the strings need to be tightened counterclockwise. Twist clockwise to loosen the strings.

The intonations of the second string to the seventh string are D2, F3, G4, A5, C6, D7.

Guqin VS Guzheng.
What is the difference between Guqin and Guzheng?

The Guzheng is similar to another ancient Chinese musical instrument, the Guqin. The most significant difference between them is that the Guzheng has about 21 movable bridges under the strings, while the Guqin does not.

Is Guqin easier than Guzheng?

Although Guqin has fewer strings than Guzheng, it requires more playing skills. When playing the Guqin, the right hand plucks the strings, and the left-hand controls the strings by pressing, tapping, and other techniques. So Guqin is more complicated and hard to learn than Guzheng.

How much does a Guqin cost?
Depending on its material and quality, the price ranges from $300 to $3,000.