How to Ease Your Arm Day Workout through Best Dumbbell Biceps Exercises?

Are you new to the world of fitness or already a part of the fitness freak crowd who have temporarily lost touch with their routine but wish to get back into it? Then, dumbbell biceps exercises should be the first thing to pop up into your mind to help you kick-start a routine.


You may have lost all that muscle mass that you built over time in the form of biceps, or maybe you are unable to show off your biceps the way the boy who sits next to you in the class does who has managed to get the attention of the girl you always liked? Or maybe you have been bullied in your school for not having a manly enough body and constantly been rejected from the basketball team?


Besides all this, the fun part is that after all the hard work that you put your body through when you are working out, the blood and sweat that it takes to build all the abs and muscles, you can only show your biceps and triceps, which is why these dumbbell exercises come handy.


And in case you are a girl who has been dealing with constant body-shaming for having flabby arms, you have come to the right place. Below is a guide for you on the best dumbbell biceps exercises that can help you build some mass on your biceps or keep them toned to look and feel better!



The Science of Biceps and the Hope from Dumbbell Exercises


The biceps are the muscles located just above the elbows of a human body towards the upper portion of a person’s arms and below the shoulders. The leading role of this particular muscle is to help the elbow and the forearm in their movements.


The biceps have portions divided into two unequal parts. A more significant amount is situated on the latter side of the arm, and the smaller portion is located on the inner side of the arm.

Another muscle that facilitates the movements of the elbow is situated within and below the biceps, called the brachialis.


Now the question is, how do dumbbell exercises work, especially for your biceps?

Dumbbell exercises are specifically known to help you gain stamina, help you work on your energy, and may also help you work extensively on training to get your body to develop more strength and boost your metabolism. Moreover, they ensure that both sides of your arms have equal strength and stamina.


For example, for some people, the right side of the arm is their good side, so it is easier for them to pick up weights during an extensive workout session, but a dumbbell exercise will always ensure that both sides of your arms are equally trained to handle weights.


One of the biggest benefits of dumbbell exercises is that dumbbells are portable so you can take them with you wherever you plan to go. In this way, you would be able to avoid skipping your workout routine even when not at home.


Even better, if you are running on a low budget and cannot seem to find the expenses for gyming, you can get a set of adjustable dumbbells for home usage only, which allows you to control how much weight you want to lift during the arm exercises.


Below is a detailed guide on how a man can manage a severe buff look to maintain the stud persona he wears on his face all the time with all the needed steps. All you need is a dumbbell, a bench, and a yoga mat.

Easy Description of Exercises with Steps to the Perfect Heavy Buff Stud Look




The concentration curl is a dumbbell biceps workout that you have seen people doing at every gym. It is easy to boost how your muscles appear just with a few repetitions while you make sure that you do not lose your focus from the right way of doing this exercise, which would be the only way to guarantee your results.


Steps to Follow:


1. Make sure that you have two things; a dumbbell and a bench.
2. Sit in a position on the bench only where you make sure that both of your legs are wide open and your knees are stretched outwards.
3. Next thing, grip the dumbbells tightly while keeping your arm rested on one of your legs on the same side you are holding the dumbbell. Make sure that you place it in such a position that the dumbbell rests just between both of your legs.
4. Ensure that your chest and upper body are firm and straight, directed upwards, and your hand that does not hold the dumbbell is placed on your thigh.
5. Now, gradually shift and pull your arm upwards that holds the dumbbell while ensuring that a lot of stress is put on your bicep. Halt for a second, take a deep breath, then go back to the same position.




The next arm workout is the dumbbell preacher curl. The specialty of the preacher curl is that regardless of you being in a preacher curl setting, you will still be able to make changes in how you have kept your upper arm steady during your workout. You do not have an E-Z bar; the only thing you would need is the same equipment from the above exercise; a bench that can be adjusted and dumbbells that are not that hard to find.


Steps to Follow:


1. The first step is that you simply make sure that your arm is well-placed over the bench while you have the dumbbell gripped firmly in your hand.
2. Make sure that there is no space left between the upper area of the bench and below your armpits.
3. During the workout, make sure that your arm is firm and upright on the bench regardless of any movements.
4. Keep sitting tight while you force your abdominal muscles and hips to compress so your energy does not die down during repetitions.
5. Compress your biceps now and pull the dumbbell you are holding onto towards your face; repeat the steps with the same motivation.




For a blog focused entirely on biceps workouts, mentioning the standing dumbbell curl is a must.


You must pick up the appropriate weights according to your own pace instead of constantly putting pressure on your back and loading it, which would hit the wrong nerves instead of helping you out. Pick up two dumbbells that are easy for you to handle without you having to arch your back in the worst positions possible.


Steps to Follow:


1. First, you hold two dumbbells in each of your hands and make sure they are at a hanging position at the length of an arm.
2. Move your arms so your hands are placed in a position facing towards you.
3. Make sure that you do not have to lift or move your upper arms, but put your elbows below and pull the dumbbells that you are holding in your hands towards your shoulder at the closest position.
4. Count three, then gradually put the Dumbbells back to the original position and repeat the step.
5. Make sure that you keep your arms straight while you repeat these steps.




According to some health and fitness specialists, spider curl is a bomb workout that has been widely known to boost the look of your arms. It is suggested that you hold the weight from the lighter side to feel more comfortable and fully pumped up for the competition.


Steps to Follow:


1. Pick up a dumbbell while you are facing forward with your head tilted towards the bench.
2. Put pressure on your biceps again by lifting the dumbbells upwards while making sure that your elbow is fixed at its position on the bench and does not move.
3. You can move your back rather than keeping it stiff to ensure that your shoulders are free from being a part of this exercise.




Now here, you have to lie upside down on the bench to give more stress to all of your muscles, specifically your thighs, shin, hips and biceps. You will be pushing your limit while you are lying down in a face-down and dependent position where the entire focus will be put on your triceps and biceps as well.


Steps to Follow:


1. Pick up two Dumbbells in your hands and lie face down on the bench against your abdomen.
2. Make sure that the positioning of the bench is at an acute angle.
3. You do not have to change the lift of your arms. Simply lift your dumbbells upwards while they are gripped tightly in your hands; lift them towards your shoulder without moving your elbow.
4. Stop for a moment, then repeat this step.
5. Every time you repeat this step, make sure that you keep stretching and strengthening your arms.




This one is precisely different, in fact, opposite to the previous exercise mentioned above. Here, what you do is you lie down on your spine with your face towards the sky and your posture straight on the bench. Your arms will float in the air loosely and drop below. This puts pressure on the upper side of the bicep. You have lesser control over yourself here.


Steps to Follow:


1. Pick up two dumbbells in your hands and lie with your spine against the bench.
2. Make sure that the positioning of the bench is at an acute angle.
3. Now, make sure that you bring your dumbbells near your shoulders without having to move the elbows and your limbs.
4. Stop for a few seconds, then gradually lower the dumbbells back to their original place.
5. Make sure that every time you repeat these steps, you spread your arms straight.




When you are working out with the dumbbell while holding it into one of your arms, it helps by giving you more strength in areas of your body that need a lot of work.


Also, while you are sitting with your legs on your knees and you have the dumbbells in your arms, you will have to force the strength from your entire body to lift the dumbbells upwards.



Steps to Follow:


1. Pick up two dumbbells. Get one dumbbell up in one of your hands while the dumbbell is facing towards your knees.
2. On the other hand, pick up the dumbbell so that it is positioned towards the outer side.
3. Make sure that you do not move your upper arm while bringing the dumbbell near your ears and shoulder.
4. Stop, then slowly put the dumbbells on the floor and go back to your original position.
5. Make sure that your arm is straight every time you come back to where you started.
6. Do repetitions on each of your arms alternatively.




Consider yourself in a situation where you have no gym equipment, but you cannot let your arm day go to waste. This “towel hammer curl biceps exercise” will help keep you in your steady routine. The best part about this workout is that it is not just limited to your biceps, but it also focuses on your forearms as well as your brachial within a single shot. One equipment, or more appropriately, home product that is used in this exercise is a towel.


Steps to Follow:


1. Use the towel first to encircle it around the handle of the kettle.
2. Make sure that you have held on to the towel firmly with your hands.
3. Use the strength of your abdominal muscles and hips to help you pull the dumbbells upwards while you make sure that all the pressure is focused on your biceps.
4. Make sure there are no changes in your movements.
5. Repeat these steps to test your limitations further.




This arm workout focuses particularly on three of your primary muscles, which are the reason behind the formation of your biceps.


Steps to Follow:


1. Pick up two dumbbells and make sure that they are at a distance of the length of your arm placed to your sides while they hang.
2. Make sure that your arms remain still at the position they are in while you bring the dumbbells up towards your shoulders as closely as possible.
3. Stop and then move the dumbbells around, so your arms are positioned towards your face again.
4. Gradually, put the dumbbells back on the floor and repeat the steps while you go back to the original position.




The farmer’s carry is an amazing way to make sure that your whole body beginning from your head to your feet is involved in the exercise as you stroll.



Steps to Follow:


1. Pick up two dumbbells in your hands.
2. Position the dumbbells in your palms in such a way that they are placed on your shoulders. Hold them in aposition, so one head of each dumbbell is smoothly placed on top of your shoulders.
3. Keep walking till you cover a distance of almost thirty feet, then make a U-turn and go back to where you were.

So You Thought the Biceps Dumbbell Exercises Were Limited to Men, didn’t you? Who said Women aren’t Men’s most significant competitors when it comes to having an Extensive workout session? After all, the sky’s the limit when women sense they are being challenged.


Would you believe it if you were told that women give tough competition to men when it is about looking ripped?

Below is a sneak peek of a few essential exercises for women’s biceps using dumbbells on their arms day workout.




This exercise is supposed to focus on your shoulders, your upper body, and your triceps.


Steps to Follow:


1. Pick up two dumbbells while making sure that both of your feet are at a distance of the same length as your shoulders spread wide.
2. Move the dumbbells up towards your shoulders, then move your wrists around so both your hands are facing each other.
3. Now, push the dumbbell in your right hand upwards until your elbow is at the same level as your ears.
4. Now, get the dumbbell back towards the level of your shoulders.
5. Repeat the steps.




This exercise is supposed to focus on your chest, biceps, quads, hips, and shoulders.


Steps to Follow:

1. Keep the dumbbell in your left hand. Make sure you are on the floor in the same position as a four-legged animal.
2. With the dumbbell moved closer towards your chest, slowly lift your legs till it is almost a few centimeters off the floor.
3. Count till ten, and then repeat the same steps. If being on your knees feels too hard, then rest them back on the floor for your ease.




This arm exercise is supposed to focus on your shoulders and hips. You have to kneel and rotate your body overall while you lift the dumbbell.


Steps to Follow:

1. Start this exercise by being on your knees while you are making lunges. Keep your left foot in the front while you rest your knee on the floor. If you want to avoid the pain of a hard floor on your knee, then keep a pillow beneath your knee.
2. Now, keep a grip on one of the dumbbells from its sides or ends.
3. Now, make sure that your elbow does not arch. Push the dumbbell up. Then bring the dumbbells back down towards your core.
4. Repeat this exercise and change the movement to the other side.



This exercise is supposed to focus on your triceps, biceps, and your shoulders.



Steps to Follow:

1. Pick one dumbbell in your hand while you stand with a straight posture.
2. Move the dumbbell up and take it at the back of your head, then with your other hand, hold on to both ends of the dumbbells.
3. Ensuring that your elbow is at an angle of 90 degrees, bring the dumbbells downwards.
4. Make sure that your elbows are stuck at your head. Do not lose your position.
5. Take the dumbbell upwards while you make sure that your elbow and your arms are upright and straight.
6. After you are done with the previous step with your dumbbell in the downwards direction, then do repetitions of this exercise.




This exercise is supposed to focused on targeting the back of your shoulders, your biceps, and your upper back.



Steps to Follow:

1. Take two dumbbells in each of your hands with both of your feet under your buttocks.
2. Arch your knees forward until your upper body is on the collateral to the floor.
3. With your posture straight and your back flat on the floor, push the dumbbells up and slowly bring them down while you compress your biceps.
4. Put the dumbbells aside on the floor slowly while you compress your shoulder blades as well.
5. Repeat the exercise.




This exercise is supposed to focus on targeting your upper back, biceps, and shoulders too.


Steps to Follow:

1. Your dumbbell should be adjacent to your chest, right where your hand can reach it while you lay on the right side of yourself with your legs on top of each another.
2. Your left elbow should be just below your left shoulder while you support yourself on your left forearm.
3. Make a hips-up move while your hips are at a perpendicular angle with the rest of your body.
4. Pick the dumbbell in your right hand, then move it upwards.
5. Repeat the same steps to your limit.




This exercise is supposed to focus on your chest, shoulders, biceps, and triceps.


Steps to Follow:

1. Lay down flat with your back against the floors, your knees upwards, and your feet flat on the floor.
2. Pick up one dumbbell in one of your hands.
3. Next, you arch your left elbow at an angle of 90 degrees and move the dumbbells around, so it makes a 90-degree angle with your body.
4. Make sure that your elbows and shoulders should have the exact alignment.
5. Put pressure on your feet with your heels tucked further into the floor and lift your hips while holding on to the dumbbells in your hands, standing straight upwards.
6. Bring the dumbbells back down slowly.
7. Repeat the steps until you find it hard to continue the repetitions.




This exercise is supposed to focus on your biceps, shoulders, and quads.


Steps to Follow:

1. Stand in such a manner that both of your legs are a short distance apart.
2. Pick one dumbbell in your right hand and place it on the side.
3. Then move the dumbbell upwards till it reaches your shoulders. Both of your palms must be positioned against each other.
4. Now, kneel down and into a squat position while you rest the dumbbells upon your head. Then put the dumbbells back on your shoulder.
5. Repeat these steps.


Even though one has worked hard on forming those six abs or been through those awful leg days, your dumbbell biceps exercises end up being your lifesaver. Why? The reason is that your shoulders and your arms are the only part of your body that is most visible to other people.


It is recommended that you never give up on your arm day workouts and dumbbell exercises each time you lose touch with your workout routine. The arms and biceps building will keep you pumped up to further get into building a more robust and bulkier body once you get the time for it.


A kick-ass start to getting the energy for starting a regular workout our routine always starts with a dumbbell.


Moreover, getting arm day workouts through dumbbell exercises specifically help women with getting rid of all the flab that has been stored on their arms and shoulders, built over time, only to have a more toned and healthier body.

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