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It’s winter again, the coldest time of the year. If you don’t want to end your van life, a diesel heater is a top choice.

While diesel, propane and electric heat sources are available, a diesel heater is often considered the best. Since diesel fuel is cheap, diesel heaters don’t cost much to run. Even if it is very cold, they can work well and do not consume much fuel. If your van uses diesel fuel, you don’t need to carry extra fuel. Therefore, Chinese diesel heaters are one of the most cost-effective options.

Diesel heaters have a long history and are perfect for boats, RVs, and campers.LumBuy offers a variety of Chinese diesel heaters to make your vehicle life warmer and more comfortable.


What is a diesel heater?
A diesel heater, also known as a diesel air heater, a diesel space heater, or a diesel block heater, is a device that provides heat to a vehicle or boat by heating the air inside. Usually, there are two types available: diesel air heater and diesel water heater.

The exhaust pipe will take the combustion exhaust out of the vehicle. It has an external duct that draws cold air from outside the vehicle, mixes it with fuel under great pressure, and ignites it. The heat exchanger contains warm air and exchanges it with the cold air.

Why choose LumBuy?
LumBuy is an e-commerce company that focuses on high-quality products. We have the strictest supplier selection criteria and will only select 5-star products with an excellent reputation, where you can shop with confidence and buy the best products.

What are the best diesel heater brands?
  • Best Brands







Eberspacher/ Espar









How to choose the best diesel heater?
There are about 20 diesel heater parts. These parts are crucial and determine the quality and service life of the diesel air heater. Let's take a look at them one by one.

  • Motor
If you want to sleep in your car, you need a quiet environment. The quality of the motor affects fuel consumption and noise levels. In addition, a good motor will make the diesel air heater safer.

  • Combustion Chamber
Cheap combustion chambers may leak exhaust gases, which may put your health at risk. So, we suggest you try to choose a more expensive combustion chamber with good quality.

  • Glow Pin
Cheap glow needles will work under normal conditions. However, starting a diesel air heater can be challenging when it's below zero degrees Celsius.

If you don't want the diesel air heater to fail to start, then get a model with a Kyocera glow pin.

  • Fuel Pump
It consists of different pipes, brackets, clamps and risers, all of which have to be of high quality. The material should be rust-proof and corrosion-resistant.

The vibration frequency of the fuel pump during operation may affect your sleep. Rubber mounting brackets do not effectively isolate vibrations, but TPE mounting brackets do.

Diesel heaters with silent fuel pumps are now also available, and you may want to consider this.

  • Heat Exchanger
Diesel fuel combustion can produce toxic emissions that can affect your life.

The heat exchanger is made by the aluminium die-casting process, which may leave trachoma. In addition, under high temperatures, the trachoma may be corroded by the exhaust gas, which will enter the vehicle. However, the regular product will not have trachoma.

  • Exhaust Pipe
For quietness, a good diesel air heater uses quality tubes. Stainless steel tubes should have a spiral thread design to reduce noise and vibration. Also, this pipe is easier to bend, making diesel heater installation faster.

  • Exhaust Pipe Clamps
There are many different sources of vibration and motion. Clamps absorb vibrations to keep each part in a perfect position.

If the clamps are not appropriately secured, the exhaust pipe can leak toxic gases, which can be harmful to health and possibly life-threatening.

These are just a few of the essential parts. There are other areas you need to take into account as well. Please click here for more information.

Can you use diesel in a kerosene heater?- heater diesel vs kerosene
Yes, you can. However, liquid diesel fuel does not burn well, so the power of the heater will be reduced. When heated, the particles evaporated are fuel, which may be toxic.

How does a diesel heater work?
The principle of how a diesel air heater works is simple. Let's get to know it.

First, an external pipe draws cold air from outside the vehicle. The cold air is mixed with diesel fuel under high pressure in the combustion chamber for ignition and heat generation. A heat exchanger holds the warm air and exchanges it with the cold air. An exhaust duct removes toxic exhaust gases to avoid endangering your health.

How much are diesel heaters for caravans?
Chinese diesel heaters range in price from $250 to over $3,000. The average price on Amazon is $162.66. Chinese diesel heaters that are too cheap may leak toxic exhaust fumes, and we recommend you choose a high-quality one.

How to install a diesel heater?
Once you have the diesel air heater, it is time to install it step by step. For more information, check out the video or article below.

If you prefer a video, please click to watch this one .

If you like the article, check out this article .

How much fuel does a diesel heater use?
Factors such as ambient temperature, heater type, and altitude can affect this answer. Usually, most of them are 100 ml per kW.

How much power does a diesel heater use?
There are two figures to consider, one is the amperage at startup, and the other is the amperage at runtime. The amperage at startup is usually greater. Since it doesn't take very long, it shouldn't use a lot of power.

It takes 6 to 10 amps to start a diesel air heater. After it runs, it drops to 1 amp, sometimes to 2 amps.

The size of the Chinese diesel heater and the speed of the running fan will also affect this figure. The faster the fan runs and the longer it is used, the more power it uses.

How long can you run a diesel heater?
Typically, diesel air heaters provide a 10L or 2.64-gallon fuel tank. In low power mode, a 2 kW diesel heater will run about 26.25 hours per gallon of fuel and approximately 7 hours per litre.

How much does it cost to run a diesel heater?
Typically, most diesel heaters consume slightly more than 0.1 litres per kilowatt.

Let's assume that the diesel air heater runs at 1.5kW for seven days and 5 hours per day. That's 35 hours.

Let's take a 2.2kW heater as an example. At 1.5kW output, it consumes 1.5L of fuel per hour. The fuel cost is $1.6/litre. So, for a week, it will consume 5.2L of diesel. The fuel cost is US$8.3.

What size diesel heater do I need?
When you heat a space, the size of the space is the most critical factor. As most caravans are around 2.2 meters wide, we usually only consider the length.

The most common sizes are 2.2 kW, 2 kW and 5 kW. The longer the length of your caravan, the more power it should have to warm the interior of your vehicle effectively.

You need to get a diesel air heater that is just right. It is critical to purchase the correct size. A heater that is too large may cause carbon buildup, and it could potentially require more repairs. A heater that is too small will not warm the space, and it also has the potential to be a bit noisy.

The diesel heater sizes based on the caravan length are as follows.

  • 1
- Caravan Length: Under 21 feet

- Diesel Heater Size: 2kW

  • 2
- Caravan Length:21 to 24 feet

- Diesel Heater Size:2.2kW

  • 3
- Caravan Length:24ft

- Diesel Heater Size:+5kW

  • Note:
This is suitable for Australian climates. For sub-zero climates, the size will be larger.

  • 2kW diesel heater vs 5kW diesel heater
It depends on the length of the caravan. 2kW diesel heaters are suitable for vehicles 21ft or shorter, while 5kW diesel heaters work better for 24ft or larger caravans.