5 Best DEWALT Sander – Our Top 5 Picks

Sanders is a must-have for those working in the construction business or on a passion project in their garage. Nothing polishes clean and makes a wooden, metal, or plastic surface smooth like a sander. However, if you have been in the game long enough, you know what problems can arise. The motors can sometimes run hot, a sander can become too noisy, or the motor brush can become worn if not looked after properly.

But a DEWALT Sander stays with you even when time is not kind to it.

If you are looking to upgrade your existing sander, we recommend buying a new one – namely, a DEWALT sander. By choosing DEWALT, you tackle all of the issues commonly faced when using a sander.

What to Look for When Buying the Best DEWALT Sander Belt

To choose the best DEWALT Belt Sander, you need to consider the following aspects in terms of usage.

1. Comfort

How efficiently you use a sander comes down to the strength of your arms and grip. Standard sizes include 3×18-inch sanders and 21 to 24-inch sanders, which are the largest. Moving up from midsize to large, you need stronger arms to operate the machine safely. However, larger sanders come in handy when working with a wider set of planks. Be sure to choose something you are comfortable with.

2. Design

Design plays a vital role in choosing a sander. Pick something which has a grip option you can handle. If you are a smaller-handle kind of person, do not compromise on your preference. However, no matter the size of the handle, a sander can tend to be a bit heavy. Longer-sized handles will help you adjust to the weight.

3. Maneuverability

Again, all it will come down to is the ease of moving the sander across surfaces. Going for a retractable, three-position handle will aid you in reaching tight, tough-to-reach places.

And finally,

4. Cost

Having considered everything, you will pick something you are comfortable buying. If you find something you like, and it is a bit pricey, think about whether you can make do without the features and the convenience it provides. Otherwise, chipping in a bit extra is going to be worth it.

The 5 Best DEWALT Belt Sander

Our top picks:

Belt Disc SanderMaterialWeightStyleBuy Now
DEWALT DCP580B Brushless Planer
(Tool Only)
Metal Plastic6.8 poundsBrushless PlanerCheck on Amazon
DEWALT DCW210B, Orbital Sander (Tool Only)Metal – Rubber Over mold2.56 poundsTool onlyCheck on Amazon
DEWALT DCW200B Palm Sander (Tool Only)Metal Plastic2.86 poundsBrushless motorCheck on Amazon
DEWALT DWE6401DSSoft rubber – Metal4.81 poundsSanderCheck on Amazon
Palm Sander
Metal Plastic2.95 poundsTrigger sanderCheck on Amazon

Small Hand Held DEWALT DCP580B Sanding Tools for Wood (Tool Only) Cordless Mouse Sander

belt or orbital sander for deck

The DEWALT brushless planer allows you around 30,000 cuts per minute. There are aluminum shoes that will ensure that the cuts are always parallel. This tool features a kickstand with which the user can put the planer on the work surface when they want to take a break and rest. Should you need some edge chamfering, you can opt for the precision machined groove in front. The product is overall heavy.


  • Allows edge chamfering.
  • Precision machined front and back.
  • Ensures parallel cuts and movements.


  • Too big of a learning curve

DEWALT DCW210B Handheld Orbital Sander Tool Only | Electric Mini Orbital Sander for Deck Industrial Orbital Sander Dewalt Disc Sander

hand held floor sander

The DEWALT 20V Max Orbital Sander gives you the best efficiency and runtime to finish the job faster. It allows you to perform exact sanding to bend closer to the work surface with ease while using it. It has a sealed switch that keeps it protected from dust ingestion. Other notable features include its variable speed control, rubber texture over-mold grip, a replaceable 8-hole hook-and-loop pad, comfort, and durability.


  • Lithium-Ion batteries last a long while.
  • Texturized grip helps get the work done smoothly.
  • Variable speed control.


  • Performance becomes low as the battery drains.

DEWALT DCW200B Tool Only Palm Sander Cordless Battery Powered Belt Sander Portable Finishing Sanders

battery powered belt sander

The Palm Sander is perfect for getting industry-level results at home. However, it is recommended that you operate this one with extra care. It has a one-handed locking dust bag that accumulates all the dust from your work that you can quickly dispose of later. There is also a paper clamp that holds paper securely at the bottom so that there is precise sanding in the overall process. Moreover, the grip on the handle is super smooth, and you can move the rest of the sander around with ease.


  • Longer tool life.
  • Comfortable grip.


  • Works with only a few batteries.

Best Power Sanders | DEWALT DWE6401DS Rotary Sander Best Corded Sander for Small Spaces

best corded sander

The DEWALT Rotary Sander comes with a 6-amp motor and delivers high-quality performance. It also has the speed variability option like most sanders. It features an adjustable dust shroud of an electric sander. This is very convenient for connecting it to a vacuum so that the work environment can be improved. The model can also accept 5 to 8-inch hole hook and loop paper, which aids in quickly removing and reapplying equipment to speed up work.


  • Durable
  • Variable speed
  • Long-lasting motor


  • It can get too jumpy with vibrations over time if not used in moderation.

Best Sander for Table Top | DEWALT DWMT70781L Palm Sander for Woodworking Automotive Electric Sander

The Palm Sander is excellent! Because of its orbit, it gives you more of a finishing pattern and does the job tremendously. It operates really well with the body and metal finishing. For stripping away paint, you would need a heavier orbit that you can buy easily and replace. Feathering of paint edges, however, is one thing this sander does incredibly well.


  • Excellent finishing
  • Long-lasting battery
  • Works well with uneven surfaces


  • Metal and paint stripping can’t be done as efficiently as possible

Final Words

With everything said and done, it comes down to your requirements and budget. If you have powerful arms for handling the bigger, stronger sanders, you should go for those as they bring in the best results. However, you can also opt for the smaller ones, as they allow easy handling. Sure, the results might not be as professional, but a well-handled tool does more for you than the one you cannot handle.

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