Cattle Prod vs. Taser/Stun Guns

Many people wonder which is more robust, better, and more effective between the Cattle prod and Taser guns. Many don’t even know what a Cattle prod is. This article will explain what these two electric tools are, and compare the two of them and determine the one that is stronger, better, and more effective, just like many have been wondering.

What is a Cattle Prod?

Just like the name implies, the tool is used on cattle and other animals. This tool was invented by Robert J. Kleberg Jr. The reason for the invention of this tool was to control the movement of the herd of cattle by using a low current but high voltage electric shock.

A cattle prod looks like this.

The electrodes at the end of the stick make it possible to use electric shock to control cattle movement, which initially developed the tool. However, the electric tool is used for other livestock as well. The use of electric volts makes it similar to the popular Taser guns.

What is a Taser Gun?

Many people don’t know that the TASER is an abbreviation of Tom A. Swift Electric Rifle. Hence, the Taser gun is indeed a gun. However, instead of using bullets, it uses electric shockwaves. The mid-1970s saw this piece of invention come to life. This tool is a standard device you see on the law enforcement agency. It was introduced as one of the arms of law enforcement in the 90s, and around 2011, many law enforcement agents carried. It is mostly seen with and used by police officers to subdue criminals or suspects.

There have been debates as regards which is stronger between a cattle prod and a taser gun. Since the two of them use electric shockwaves to send across information to whoever they use it on. Hence, in comparing the two electric tools, we will look at the following criteria.

Cattle Prod vs. Taser: Difference between the two Electric Tools

Current Delivery: This is what differentiates the Cattle Prod from the taser gun. The Cattle Prod delivers from about 1,500 volts to 10,000 volts. The Cattle Prod is primarily to shock someone or some animal, as the case may be. The person would most definitely feel the effect of the electric shock, but there is no real damage done. Taser guns, on the other hand, can deliver up to millions of volts. Even though the Taser gun was brought in the stead of using guns and batons by the police to incapacitate the criminal or the suspect, the volts can prove lethal. It has even been recorded that there have been over 500 deaths from Taser guns in the US. Cattle Prod isn’t usually fatal given the number of volts it was made to deliver. However, if not handled carefully, given the vast amount of volts it can deliver.

Designs: As seen in the picture above, a cattle prod is usually shaped in a rod-like tool with two electric pins at the end that send shockwaves when applied.

Here is another example of how a cattle prod looks like.

However, a Taser gun is designed like a gun. Just like the gun, you have a trigger. However, we have two electric pin darts instead of having a hole where the bullet passes through when a real gun is shot. And just like the gun, you pull the trigger to release the electric darts into the body of your victim.

The two electric darts are released when the trigger of the Taser gun has been pulled.

Effectiveness: The two tools are effective for what they use them to do. The Cattle Prod is very effective in controlling livestock and cattle, just like it was created. However, the Cattle Prod doesn’t have enough power to kill or stun a person when it is used on the person; it produces only up to 10,000 voltages. This tool can make a person feel pain, but not enough to kill the person. However, Taser guns, on the other hand, are very effective as well. However, they can be termed to be too effective, as there are records where the use of Taser guns has led to deaths. If not probably or professionally managed, an effective tool such as a Taser gun can turn lethal. However, Cattle Prod isn’t equipped with enough Voltage to be destructive.

Will the use of Cattle Prod lead to death if used on humans?

It is a question that has bothered the mind of many people. However, the answer is no. As explained earlier, Cattle Prod produces up to 10,000 volts, i.e., 6KV at < 20ma. It isn’t enough to kill a person; it is not even enough to stun the person. There is even a record of a man who was wet and came in contact with the shocking power of Cattle Prod. Even with the electricity enhancement on his body, i.e., water, he was just unconscious for about two seconds after coming in contact with a cattle prod. Yes, the effect of the Cattle Prod might be a pain, but not so excruciating that you will pass out as a result of it. It has even been recorded that torturers use this tool to torture their victims without killing them, causing a sufficient amount of pain to get information out of them.

When Using either a Cattle Prod or a Taser gun, how much Voltage is safe for Humans?

Mainly, Cattle Prod is used for livestock, to control and keep them where they need to be. However, we have seen instances where cattle prod has been used on humans as well. But given that a Cattle Prod produces only up to about 10,000 volts, it is relatively safe to use for humans given that no lethal damage should be expected. However, a Taser gun that produces up to millions of volts which is mainly used for humans, is a very different case. According to officer Jay Kehoe, Taser guns have been made so that it affects the brain if it is used on a person. It is done by the electrical impulses it sends to the brain, causing the muscles in the body to contract nineteen times per second. And the police Taser in the US is around 50,000 volts. Hence, the human body can withstand up to 50,000 volts. The person might, however, be stunned, but it wouldn’t be life-threatening.

How Many Volts will hurt a human?

The human body is not supposed to come in contact with electricity, regardless of the small amount. There have been cases of miniature currents as low as 7ma being able to kill. Voltage as low as 42 can be fatal to a human. It means that even the seemingly safe Cattle Prod can easily cause fatal death to a human being. However, we should consider that it is not the Voltage alone that can hurt a human. There must be the presence of current. What makes Voltage lethal and life-threatening is current. As much as there is present, the minuscule amount of volts in the body can be fatal. It means that both the Cattle Prod and the Taser guns can be lethal if the right amount of current is available.


Even though the Cattle Prod and the Taser guns both use electric shockwaves, the Taser gun has a higher tendency of being lethal. It is because it has more volts, and there have been records of it being the cause of death. On the other hand, the Cattle Prod can also be a lethal tool if the right current is available. However, it has been proved to be safe to use on people and animals. The Taser gun stuns; however, the Cattle Prod shocks.

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