7 Best Teppanyaki Grills for Barbecue Indoors and Outdoors

Japanese cuisine contains delicious dishes, with almost every meal being served in small, bite-size portions. One type of Japanese cuisine that many people love is teppanyaki. If you’re a food lover passionate about Japanese cuisine, you would know that Teppanyaki dishes are one of the most popular.

The teppanyaki grills are what they use to make these teppanyaki dishes. These grills are different from regular grills as they have a unique grilling application. Everything is typically cooked and presented beautifully, making the dining experience much more pleasant.

Teppanyaki grills do not just sear meat like other grills; they cook them in an open space using iron plates heated with natural gas. So you can get the same flavors and textures as eating at a teppanyaki restaurant right in your home.

Teppanyaki grills are usually found at hibachi restaurants or homes as a stand-alone appliance. While it’s not exactly authentic teppanyaki, it’s still quite enjoyable to make and eat this popular style of food at home.

Our Picks For the 7 Best Teppanyaki Grills

Briefly, the teppanyaki grills are reviewed based on certain criteria, ranging from the most affordable to the most versatile.

What is a Teppanyaki Grill?

After World War II, the Japanese developed a post-griddle cooking method called teppanyaki, which is frequently mistaken for hibachi. Teppan, the cooking surface made of metal, and yaki, which can indicate grilled, broiled, or pan-fried, are the roots of the word teppanyaki. Teppanyaki is the Japanese for foods prepared on a teppan, such as shrimp, steak, and okonomiyaki.

Teppanyaki grills, also known as teppan, are frequently used in restaurants to prepare meals in front of customers while heated by propane. Teppan is frequently mistaken for the hibachi barbeque grill, also known as shichirin in Japanese, which has an open grate design with a flame that can be either charcoal or gas. The Teppan can cook small or semisolid items like rice, eggs, and finely chopped vegetables since it has a solid griddle-type cook surface.

One of the key appliances in many kitchens is the teppanyaki. Due to its success as a cooking method, the Japanese grill has spread beyond the borders of Asia. It is a flexible tool that preserves food flavor and promotes a healthier diet. All that is needed is to use this grill when we are regularly cooking and taking a little more time to learn about its potential.

Benefits Of Teppanyaki Grill

Thanks to the great teppanyaki grill, you may now enjoy Japanese food in your own home. Chefs from all over the world and domestically employ teppanyaki, a large-scale cooking area that can simultaneously prepare various raw ingredients. Hence, the following are some of the benefits of using the teppanyaki grill:

  • The Teppanyaki grill is wonderful for social occasions and is pleasant to cook on. In addition, it enhances cooking inventiveness and appearance.
  • The Teppanyaki grill may be used safely anywhere because all its electrical components are fixed and insulated. It can be used both indoors and outdoors. The grill comprises high-quality stainless steel and other sturdy, useful, and weatherproof materials.
  • No other heat is conveyed to the food; only the heat generated is. Therefore, food is always cooked directly with the heat source, no matter the temperature.
  • The food is well-done, even if it is made with little to no oil or only a few drops. It will be like rediscovering flavors you already know while also boosting your diet and overall health, whether or not you follow a low-calorie diet.
  • The teppanyaki grill is easy to use but isn’t bland or less nutritious. While features vary from model to model, the teppanyaki grill maintains a steady temperature. If you don’t want to utilize the entire grill, you can even pick which area of the surface you want to cook on.
  • The teppanyaki grills can prepare a wide range of foods according to traditional Japanese standards. It is simple to prepare meat, seafood, and even veggies. The teppanyaki grill can be used to prepare a wide variety of foods.
  • The CND teppanyaki grill has a variety of space-saving uses, including usage as a warmer or an additional work surface.
  • Energy savings: The teppanyaki grill requires only one heat source, and all the heat is transferred solely to the food.
  • Health: Since all prepared food is fresh, it might help to boost overall health.
  • Universal design eliminates the need to reposition items in the kitchen constantly, such as pans. The disabled can also quickly cook meals thanks to it.
  • Environmentally safe and low maintenance: You can wipe the cooking surface safely and efficiently with useful cooking oil. Also, its performance can be enhanced by routine wiping before and after usage.

Detailed Reviews on the 7 Best Teppanyaki Grills

1. Best Overall: Leurex Premium Heavy Duty 35″ Electric Portable Hibachi Teppanyaki Grill

 Leurex Premium Heavy Duty 35" Electric Portable Hibachi Teppanyaki Grill

Item Weight: 8 Pounds

Dimensions: 42×9×3 Inches

Heating Power: 1800 Watts

Installation Method: Free Standing

Rating: 4.0 out of 5.0

This Leurex brand is committed to assisting you in achieving your dietary objectives. You can cook various foods on non-stick teppanyaki grill surface plates, such as lean beef, poultry, fish, veggies, and eggs, without using dangerous non-stick sprays or comparable products. Harmful fats and oils are also easily separated and collected in a disposable drip tray, letting the chef concentrate on the standard of their gourmet creations.

You can easily adjust the temperature setting to create the ideal consistency for any meal. The portable teppanyaki grill comes with five unique temperature settings on an easily adjusted thermostat knob that will allow you to prepare meals or keep them warm rapidly.

You can enjoy expert cooking anywhere with this lightweight, small teppanyaki grill by plugging it in any place with an outlet. The extended electric grill is ideal for outdoor occasions, backyard gatherings, special occasions, or rough camping outings with large groups. In addition, you may hold dinner parties in your house and offer food without worrying about harmful smoke, carcinogens, or explosive residue.

You can transfer the teppanyaki grill easily because of its practical insulated handles without risking hand burns or spending money on pricey gloves. Four stabilizing, anti-slip feet are also included with the electric grill, preventing unintentional sliding on flat surfaces and shielding the surface from heat.

It is very effective due to its voltage of 120V, the nominal power of 1800w, dimensions of 35″ x 9″ (or 41.5″ with handles), 9″ x 5″, and huge non-stick, premium surface plate. It allows you to grill almost any meal and share a fine dining experience with others around you.


  • With its grease-eliminating drip tray, the Leurex teppanyaki grill provides 315 square inches of non-stick cooking space that can be wiped with a new paper towel and a gentle hand motion.
  • The set’s six dishwasher-safe wooden spatulas and two egg rings slide over the surface plate without leaving any scratches, which protects your grill.
  • You can enjoy both inside and outdoor professional cooking because of its lightweight, compact design.
  • The practical insulated handles make it possible to move the grill without risking hand burns or spending money on expensive mittens.


  • Because of the shock hazard, you cannot clean it with anything wet while still connected to an outlet.

2. Top Rated: SIMOE 35″ Electric Teppanyaki Grill for Smokeless BBQ Indoor and Outdoor

SIMOE 35" Electric Teppanyaki Grill for Smokeless BBQ Indoor and Outdoor

Item Weight: 7.93 Pounds

Baking Surface: 35×9 Inches

Heating Power: 2 Kilowatts

Temperature Range: 212-464 ℉

Warranty: 30-Day Money Back and 1 Year Warranty

Rating: 4.6 out of 5.0

This teppanyaki grill is an indoor smokeless barbecue that effectively bakes out extra oil and fat while maintaining delicious flavor and making food healthier and greener. A non-stick edible coating with the baking tray ensures a more appetizing cooking shape and simplifies cleanup.

Using the 35×9 inch indoor teppanyaki grill, you can bake several items simultaneously. The electric grill includes six wooden spatulas and two non-stick egg rings so that you and your guests can completely experience the excitement of cooking. The smoke-free grill is ideal for usage at events, family dinners, indoor barbecues, camping, recreational vehicles, and businesses.

Food can be swiftly heated on a 2000W super power grill. A temperature knob on the outdoor grill can be adjusted to five thermostat settings between 212-464°F. So whether you’re grilling lamb, veggies, eggs, bacon, steak, or seafood, you can pick the ideal temperature to achieve the most fantastic flavor.

The Simoe teppanyaki grill has two cool touch handles for convenient movement and hand protection. The four non-slip feet offer cooking stability and can be used to divide the table from the teppanyaki grill to prevent burning. In addition, excess oil is effectively collected by the oil catcher for simple cleaning.


  • 30-day money-back guarantee and 1-year warranty.
  • Excellent choice as a gift for friends or family.
  • Four non-slip feet that provide high stability for the teppanyaki grill.
  • Two Cool Touch Handles for convenient movement and hand protection make it user-friendly.


  • It may be relatively expensive.

3. Best Lightweight: Jean-Patrique Electric Teppanyaki Grill for Tabletop BBQ

Jean-Patrique Electric Teppanyaki Grill for Tabletop BBQ

Item Weight: 5.2 Pounds

Baking Surface: 17”×9.8”

Installation Method: Countertop

Rating: 4.3 out of 5.0

This teppanyaki grill is a wonderful method to grill meats, vegetables, and many more in the traditional chargrilled barbecue style. This electric BBQ enables you to enjoy your favorite dishes prepared as they would be on an outside BBQ. The five programmable heat settings give complete control over cooking, allowing you to grill and sear to perfection.

You can grill and sear ideally using the five programmable heat settings, which give you complete control over your cooking. Also, with the 17 “x 9.8″/46 x 24.5cm hot plate made of sturdy aluminum and coated in non-stick, you need very little oil to cook, making it effortless to clean.


  • It is very easy to clean, given how it is made.
  • It comes with eight mini spatulas.
  • Five heat settings for controlled cooking.
  • Lightweight design.


  • The hot plate is relatively smaller than other teppanyaki grills’.
  • The outlets and voltage vary from country to country.

4. Most Versatile: Costzon 35″ Electric Extra Large Teppanyaki Grill (BBQ Griddle)

Costzon 35" Electric Extra Large Teppanyaki Grill (BBQ Griddle)

Item Weight: 6.6 Pounds

Heating Power: 2000 Watts

Baking Surface: 35”×9”

Voltage: 120 Volts

Rating: 3.8 out of 5.0

You can cook meat, veggies, fish, and fried foods on this electric teppanyaki grill without worrying about sticking because it has a quality non-stick surface. With less grease needed on the non-stick surface, you can produce healthier food. Also, cleaning can be done with much less effort.

Measuring 35″ by 9″, the hot plate of the teppanyaki grill is large enough to host gatherings or family meals. On this extra-long grill, a lot of food may be added with maximum efficiency. Then, together, a group of individuals can have fun cooking dinner.

For greater convenience, six complimentary wooden spatulas and two egg rings are included with this huge electric teppanyaki grill. The slide-out drip tray is simple to remove and clean.

This non-stick teppanyaki extra large grill is also portable, thanks to the designed detachable power cord, which works to your advantage. Its portable design makes it perfect for camping, caravanning, self-catering vacations, family get-togethers, patio BBQs, and friend dinner parties.

With this teppanyaki grill, anyone can become a skilled cook. This electric table grill has five temperature settings controlled by an adjustable thermostat, allowing you to select the optimal temperature for cooking various foods.


  • It is quite portable.
  • Six complimentary wooden spatulas and two egg rings are included with this huge electric griddle.
  • Slide-out Drip Tray is simple to remove and clean.
  • Two handles on each side with an insulated cover for easy movement without heating up or burning your hands.
  • Four anti-slip feet.


  • It may be relatively expensive.
  • There are certain locations that it cannot be shipped to.

5. Best for Strong Heating Power: VEVOR Commercial Electric Teppanyaki Grill Griddle

VEVOR Commercial Electric Teppanyaki Grill Griddle

Item Weight: 49.6 Pounds (22.5 Kg)

Baking Surface: 26×15.7 Inches

Heating Power: 3200 Watts

Voltage: 110 V

Rating: 4.2 out of 5.0

High-quality stainless steel, a non-stick coating, and a cast iron cooking surface are all features of this commercial teppanyaki grill. With a 26 x 15.7-inch cooking surface, there is now enough room to prepare food; It is 0.3 inches (8 mm) thick, sturdy, and not easily deformed.

The design of this teppanyaki grill is that the raised oil baffle prevents oil splash, the oil leakage hole removes waste, the oil storage box collects waste oil and food, and the heat dissipation hole expedites heat dissipation. In addition, the rubber at the bottom corner of the grill makes it more stable.

This Vevor teppanyaki grill has two constant temperature controls that can control the interior heating tube, changing the temperature to accommodate various foods. And it has a broad temperature control range, up to 572°F. As a result, the electric grill may initially emit a small amount of smoke. However, the smoke will dissipate after a short period of heating.

What is in the Package

  • 1 × Commercial teppanyaki grill
  • 2 × Shovels
  • 4 × Rubber feet
  • 2 × Oil brushes
  • 1 × Instruction


  • A good large griddle.
  • Accurate heating control is intricate.
  • Simple-to-clean design.
  • Can be used for various food


  • Expensive.
  • Not portable.

6. Best Affordable: Panghuhu88 2 in 1 Smokeless Electric Teppanyaki Grill and Hot Pot

Panghuhu88 2 in 1 Smokeless Electric Teppanyaki Grill and Hot Pot

Item Weight: 7.93 Pounds

Heating Power: 2200 Watts

Capacity: 2-12 People

Voltage: 110

Rating: 4.0 out of 5.0

This teppanyaki grill, a 2-in-1 multi-function electric grill, and a hotpot made in the Korean barbecue style will improve the health of your kitchen by providing a smokeless indoor electric grill hot pot. The portable hot pot may be taken apart. Both the hot pot and the barbecue grill have separate 5-speed temperature controls. When it becomes too warm, it automatically changes the temperature.

The non-stick surface and how the oil drain hole is constructed reduce the time needed to wash this electric barbecue grill pan. And looking at these qualities, this teppanyaki grill is perfect for your kitchen.

This hot pot and barbecue grill have a 5-speed temperature control system. When it becomes too warm, automatically change the temperature. Hence, this enhances the efficiency of the grill because you will not have a fear of your food overcooking or burning.

Also, it is made with a coating of the highest quality. This grill has an environmentally safe non-stick coating composed of cast aluminum alloy.

This indoor electric grill is appropriate for grilling steaks, vegetables, shrimp, and pasta. Two people can enjoy a hot pot from the same hotpot with a partition. Consequently, 2 to 4 people may easily consume hotpot in a decent size.


  • Automatic reheating.
  • It’s simple to clean.
  • It has a detachable, transportable hot pot.
  • Low price


  • Less space for teppanyaki because the hop pot takes up some space.

7. Best Large Option: TBVECHI Electric Commercial Teppanyaki Grill Griddle Cooktop Countertop

TBVECHI Electric Commercial Teppanyaki Grill Griddle Cooktop Countertop

Item Weight: 40.8 Pounds

Cooking Surface: 54.8×35 cm

Temperature Range: 50-300 ℃

Heating Power: 3000 Watts

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.0

The clean design fits well with any kitchen and is perfect for use in cafés or canteens. The electric teppanyaki griddle is all you need for your upcoming cook-ups, so you never have to worry about running out of gas or having to haul the big BBQ outside.

This 3000-watt electric teppanyaki grill cooktop is of commercial-grade quality, with the ability to prepare various foods, including stir-fries and pancakes. It is a huge 548x350mm cooking surface that allows you to quickly serve clients or feed your hungry family all at once.

You can cook perfectly with thermostat control that regulates between 50 and 300 Celsius for accurate cooking temperature and a thick food-grade stainless steel frying pan for quick, even heat dispersion.

With a power of 3000W and a voltage of 110V / 60Hz, this teppanyaki grill can accumulate more than enough power for you to cook your dish conveniently. Also, with the food plate material made of A30 steel, 8mm thickness, and the body structure made of (top) 304 food grade stainless steel, (bottom, which includes drawers) 430 stainless steel, the teppanyaki grill is going to serve you for a long time because of the durability.


  • Can be easily used.
  • Easy to clean.
  • High power.
  • Solid material.


  • Expensive and delayed delivery.

How to Choose the Right Teppanyaki Grill

When choosing the teppanyaki grill you want to use to make your dishes, you just don’t pick any grill; there are many things you need to consider before choosing. Some of those things include:

Heat Source – (Gas vs Electric)

You must consider a lot before getting a teppanyaki grill, especially regarding the heat source. For instance, due to the risk of fire, some apartment buildings won’t permit the use of gas appliances.

You must ask yourself certain questions to determine the type of teppanyaki grill you should get, such as:

-Having access to a gas supply at home? The gas burner can be fueled with either natural gas or LPG.
-What will it cost to get a gas source if you don’t have one? Does utilizing gas pose any safety risks?

Also, like your refrigerator or dishwasher, most home teppanyaki grills, including our Ultradine Plus Range, can be plugged into a conventional 240V, 10 Amp electricity. So, picking the best source of heat for you means a lot.

Amount of People You Will be Cooking for

The number of diners you will typically serve is crucial since a grill too small for teppanyaki can limit your style.

Size of Area for Installation

You should also consider the size of your kitchen where you want to put your teppanyaki grill. You could wish to think about the standard teppanyaki setup with seating areas arranged around the grill and the grill put on a bench to highlight the chefs’ cuisine! When selecting the proper size grill, space considerations for remodeling an existing kitchen (indoors or outside) are important.

FAQs About Teppanyaki Grills

1. Is a Teppanyaki Grill Worth it?

Cooking with a Teppanyaki can be quicker, healthier, and most of all, less time-consuming. The appliance can prepare various items without switching out the relevant pan. Also, a quick wipe-down of the plate will do. So, it is worth it.

2. Are Hibachi and Teppanyaki the Same Thing?

A sturdy, flat iron griddle is often used in teppanyaki to prepare meals. Propane is typically used to heat them. Little sidings like rice, vegetables, and eggs are possible on a flat iron grill.

Hibachi, meanwhile, generally uses circular barbecues with exposed grates. They are often made of metal-lined ceramic or wood. For modern use, hibachi grills are portable or integrated into furniture. In addition, hibachi uses burning wood or coal as its heat source rather than teppanyaki grills.

3. Can You Cook Burgers on a Teppanyaki Grill?

Yes, you can cook burgers on the teppanyaki grill. Your Cook-N-Dine Teppanyaki stove should be preheated at level 5. Then you should turn it up to level 9 and wait for the orange light to go out, signifying that the surface is ready. Next, place the hamburgers on the teppan grill with the oiled side up, leaving approximately an inch between each patty.

4. What is the Difference Between a Griddle and Teppanyaki?

Teppanyaki is a Japanese cooking method in which thin slices of meat, fish, seafood, vegetables, and noodles are swiftly fried on a hot plate. A griddle is a flat metal plate used for cooking.

5. What Can You Cook on a Teppanyaki Grill?

A teppanyaki grill can be used to prepare various foods, including okonomiyaki, veggies, steak, chicken, seafood, and even yakisoba noodles.

6. How Do You Clean a Teppanyaki Grill?

You can clean the teppanyaki grill in two ways: warm cleaning and cold cleaning.

For the cold cleaning:

  • Make use of a stiff plastic spatula to remove big debris.
  • Avoid using a metal utensil on the surface to prevent scratches.
  • Instead, sprinkle the surface with a little water or food-safe cleanser.
  • To clean the surface, use a scrub pad with a little abrasive.
  • A clean towel should remove dissolved food particles and fluids from the surface.
  • To completely clean the surface, repeat as many as necessary.
  • To dry, wipe with a fresh, soft towel.

For the warm cleaning:

  • Burns should be avoided by exercising caution.
  • Pour 60 ml (about 1/4 cup) of water on the surface.
  • To remove food buildup from the surface, use a scrub pad with a light abrasive compound and a handle.
  • Place a clean towel below to clean the dissolved food particles and liquid off the surface of a handled utensil.
  • To completely clean the surface, repeat as many as necessary.
  • To dry, wipe with a fresh, soft towel.

7. Is Teppanyaki Cooking Healthy?

It is rich in nutrients because cooking locks in food liquids. Additionally, it is prepared with little oil and seafood, which is high in antioxidants and good for your heart and weight. Last but not least, it contains a lot of mushrooms and broccoli, which makes it rich in micronutrients. Hence, it is healthy.

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