11 Best Molle Knives Compatible with Molle Systems


Are you a person who loves adventuring or in the military or any other field like this? Then a big problem is how to carry dangerous weapons such as knives and guns along with you on the journey? To take a knife safely with you, you should attach a knife with Molle webbing.

Various Molle knives are available in the market. Molle Knives have variety in their features, structure, and composition. Before choosing a knife to attach with mole webbing, firstly check out the mole. Some knives are not compatible with molle; therefore, a molle-compatible knife is necessary to fix it with molle webbing.

Strategic molle knives, Gerber molle knives, buck knives, blade knives are some of the types of molle compatible knives. Different knives are designed to perform various kinds of functions so, do not confuse in choosing a knife. It is crucial to select a knife according to the nature of your task.  

Our Pick For Best Molle Knife

  1. Best first-class molle knife: Outdoor Edge LeDuck – Strategic Outdoor Utility Knife
  2. Best high-quality molle knife: Morakniv Garberg Full Tang Secure Blade Knife
  3. Cheapest molle knife: Buck Knives 893 GCK Tanto Secure Blade Strategic Knife
  4. Super quality molle knife for best uses: Outdoor Edge LeDuck – Strategic Outdoor Utility Knife
  5. Strong molle knife for best uses: Morakniv Bushcraft Pathfinder Knife with 6.75-Inch Carbon Steel Blade
  6. Best overall molle knife: Willumsen Large Despot Secure Blade Knife, Black Ti ta ni um Powder Coated Finish Blade
  7. Best value and strong molle knife: Morakniv Kansbol Secure Blade Knife with Sandvik  Steel Knife
  8. Most versatile molle knife: CRKT Hissatsu Secure Blade Knife with Cover
  9. Best pick molle knife: CRKT Clever Girl Secure Blade Knife with Cover: Powder Coated SK5 Steel, Upswept Blade
  10. Best multi-functional molle knife: SOG Secure Blade Knives with Cover – Molle Compatible
  11. Best molle knife for hunting: Hunting Knife Strategic Secure Blade Knife Molle Compatible

Best First-Class Molle Knife

Product Name: Outdoor Edge LeDuck – Strategic Outdoor Utility Knife

Colour: Black

Grip Material: Thermoplastic Elastomers

Blade: Steel

Blade Length: 2.5 Inches

Size: 5 x 1 x 4 inches

Item Mass: 3 Ounces

Blade Shape: Drip Point                                                                                       

This Molle-compatible Knife is multipurpose and designed for various drives. The drip point blade, coated with corrosion-resistant Black Stone, has impressively sharp. This Knife has multi carry polypropylene, which keeps the Knife in its position.

A diversity of carrying options like tip up, tip down to horizontal achieved through 360-degree rotatable and Removable clip, and the clip can connect with any belt, pouch, or Molle. These knives are used for outdoor drives. Furthermore, an ergonomic duck head grip helps the users in the secure grasping of the blade.


  • These outdoor edges produce quality-cutting equipment
  • Durable blade


  • The users have to be extra careful while using this blade.

Best High-Quality Molle Knife

Product Name: Morakniv Garberg Full Tang Secure Blade Knife

Colour: Black

Grip Material:  Steel

Blade:  Steel

Blade Length: 3 Inches

Size: 9 x 1.5 x 1.9 inches

MoraknivGarberg is a healthy full tang knife that is designed to carry complex tasks. The Polyamide Cover in a knife is strong enough to withstand the most formidable challenges without breaking. The unique features of the Sandvik Steel blade make the Knife easier to keep shrill-blades, rigid, and erosion resistance.

These blades are companionable with the Standardized Molle Scheme, and it has holes and slots to fit in different types of bands. The Multi-Vile in this Blade is an adaptable mounting solution that will take your Garberg to the next level.


  • Readily available
  • The users can place and transport the blade anywhere


  • Not be used for aggressive drives

Cheapest Molle Knife

Product Name:  Buck Knives 893 GCK Tanto Secure Blade Strategic Knife

Colour: Black

Model Name: 893 GCK Tanto

Grip Material: Micarta

Blade Shape: Tanto Point

Dimension:10.75 x 0.63 x 1.5 inches

Weight: 300 Grams

Buck Knives 893 GCK Tanto Secure Blade is a versatile and multi-ambition knife with sharp blades. They are long-lasting, solid-made, and have an astonishing design. They are resistant to erosion. That is, heat and cold do not influence them. The Cerakote coating on GCK Tanto improves the physical possessions of the blades, like increasing strength and firmness of the blade, chemical resistance, and protection from erosion, edge retention.

When 893 GCK is not used, this Molle-friendly knife Cover safely stores it because of many structure systems. Moreover, the long-lasting G10 grip in the Knife establishes a secure grasp on it. These knives are used for outdoor existence.


  • A fair amount of quality at a sensible price
  • Outstanding pledge of this product
  • Robust


  • Too thick to get cutthroat sharp
  • Heavy in their size

Super Quality Molle Knife For Best Uses

Product Name:  Outdoor Edge LeDuck – Strategic Outdoor Utility Knife

Colour: Blaze Orange

Grip Material: Rubberized TRP

Blade Length: 2.5 Inches

Dimension: 8.5 x 4.75 x 0.75 inches

Weight: 0.23 pounds         

Power Source: AC/DC

Outdoor Edge LeDuck is a multi-purposeful knife, which is used for outdoor drives. This kind of Knife is flexible with any Molle system. The main feature of this MolleCover knife is that it consists of a Multi-transport Cover system with a portable clip that connects with any floatation, fishing or diving vest, etc.

The clip detaches or replaces easily by using Chicago-type fasteners. These knives act as light Mass backup blades and have high performance and edge retention. TRP coating on discrete duck head grip is comfortable for a secure lock-on grip.


  • Can be used for gift energies
  • Excellent craftsmanship


  • Contains substances that may cause cancer

Strong Molle Knife For Best Uses

Product Name:  Morakniv Bushcraft Pathfinder Knife with 6.75-Inch Carbon Steel Blade

Colour: Black

Grip: Rubber

Knife blade: High Carbon Steel

Power Source: AC/DC

Dimension:11.6 x 2 x 1 inches

Weight: 0.55 Pounds

The 6.75- Inch long Morakniv Bushcraft Leader Knife is one of the vast outdoor knives in its Morakniv Bushcraft family. The high-excellence carbon steel and a sharp blade are coated with a defensive DLC corrosion-resistant tungsten, thus giving the product a distinct black color. This high-carbon steel provides asset, firmness, and durability to the MolleCover knife.

A double molded rubber grip is made for protecting the fingers and anti-slip act. These products are heavy-obligation Nylon compatible Covers that are precisely manufactured for bushcraft and survival actions.


  • The product has superb forging and hardening assets
  • Can be used for tinder shavings
  • Cheap


  • Restricted lifetime pledge

Best Overall Molle Knife

Product Name: Willumsen Large Despot Secure Blade Knife, Black Ti ta ni um Powder Coated Finish Blade

Colour: Lime, Steel

Knife blade: AUS- 8 Steel

Power Source: Manual

Blade Shape: Drip Point

Blade Length: 4.7 inches

Willumsen Large Despot is a thin secure blade and ideal for cutting multifaceted tasks and hard materials. This product is a long-lasting, desirable and comfortable workhorse knife. These have a drop point blade made of AUS- 8 Steel coated with Black Ti ta ni um powder that prevents slipping of fingers on the Knife.

One story of this Knife is the hole in its round-shaped grip, which gives a steady drip. This Knife has a clean and good-looking color view because Black Ti ta ni um blade matches its Live green Scales. This Knife is the king of the game.


  • Low price
  • Attractive looking
  • High quality


  • Not considered for carrying it on a belt

Best Value And Strong Molle Knife

Product Name: Morakniv Kansbol Secure Blade Knife with Sandvik  Steel Knife

Colour: Military Green

Grip Material: Plastic

Blade:  Steel

Dimension: 9 x 2.3 x 1.3 inches

Blade Length: 4.3 Inches

Weight: 0.3 Pounds

MoraknivKansbolSecure blade is considered all-around, powerful, and light Mass. It is mainly obtainable in two patterns: a tough Polyamide plastic Cover and Molle multi-vile scheme. The Blade of the MoraknivKansbol is top-score Swedish Sandvik12C27  steel. The blade has exceptional edge performance, blade acuity, high firmness, and protection from erosion.

This Molle-compatible knife contains a 90-degree square blade. These types of knives are chiefly used in hiking, woodcutting, blood sport, or the sea.


  • Inexpensive
  • More brush craft in recollection for the thicker blade
  • Lifetime pledge
  • Suitable for multiple types of use


  • Not a full tang knife

Most Versatile Molle Knife

Product Name: CRKT Hissatsu Secure Blade Knife with Cover

Colour: Black

Grip: Polypropylene

Blade:  Steel

Blade Shape: Tanto Point

Dimension: 5 x 5 x 5 inches

Weight: 0.23 kilograms Blade Edge: Plain

The active part of this knife system is based on the old Japanese system. The grip also has the Japanese system, but it is twin-fused, double injection molding, a non-slip soft textured rubber grip surface. Thus, this textured grip helps in providing a secure grasp on the Knife. The black coating on the product protects from corrosion, and the durable glass with a Nylon Cover makes the gear compatible with the blades. Only trained law Administration and military Tactical team specialists can only use this type of Knife.


  • Available lifetime pledge
  • Larger practice knives for defense training


  • Only trained specialists can use this product.

Best Pick Molle Knife

Product Name:  CRKT Clever Girl Secure Blade Knife with Cover: Powder Coated SK5 Steel, Upswept Blade

Colour: Black

Grip Material: Fiber–crystal

Blade: Blend Steel

Special Feature: Manual

Dimension: 10.13 x 1.41 x 0.68 inches

Weight: 0.39 Pounds

As the name describes, these knives are useful in battle situations in dusky and CQB atmospheres where quick equipment is used. This product has a theatrical visual and upswept blade design for wounding.

It is used in stress conditions. G 10 grip used in this Knife delivers a secure grip on the Knife in all situations, and the substance used is of high quality.


  • Well made and rationally sharp.
  • The belt clip can be safe for any carry style


  • A limited lifetime warranty of the product

Best Multi-Functional Molle Knife

Product Name:  SOG Secure Blade Knives with Cover – Molle Compatible

Colour: Black

Grip Material: Glass Protected Nylon

Blade:  Steel

Dimension: 9 x 1.55 x 0.7 inches

Weight: 5.4 Ounces

Power Source: AC/DC

SOG Secure Blade Knives are full tang, multipurpose. It is probably 9 inches in overall length and is a field-verified outdoor knife, boot knife, and blood sport knife. The grip material, which is glass-protected Nylon, offers a secure grip on the blade.

 The knife cover is a rigid mouldedKydexCover used as a sleep outdoors Knife, rescue knife, peeling Knife, pelt knife, or military knife Cover. The powder-covered Knife makes it hard and healthier than the average secure blade knife. These knives are rigid and durable.


  • Available at a sensible price
  • Suit for anyone


  • Zero maintenance

Best Molle Knife For Hunting

Product Name: Hunting Knife Strategic Secure Blade Knife Molle Compatible

Colour: Dusky Stonewash

Knife blade:  Steel

These knives are prepared for crises and can easily fit into our palms. The Blade in the Knife is a challenging and excellent presentation of the Knife.

 The blade cover can retain burden, and this multi-drive blade is perfect for all occasions that are users can use for camp out, trekking, shooting, and any outdoor action. 


  • Cool to contact.
  • Can be used as a pocket knife


  • Always needed to be sharpened for use


Reviews of all the molle knives described here are in the links provided in this article. Consumers can read reviews and all fine details of the product before consuming or purchasing. The knives described in this article is giving the point of all the best knives with molle compatibility.

These molle knives are available in the market with complete security. All molle knives vary in their shape, function, size, dimensions, color, pros and cons to assist persons in finding the best product according to their requirements.

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