6 best Lacrosse Helmets [Buyer’s Guide 2023]

Do you dream of becoming a professional lacrosse player? Then, investing in protecting equipment is a good decision. Whether you want to dissipate head impacts or try to keep your eyes and face safe from sticks, a lacrosse helmet gives you the ultimate protection. It is a valuable asset for every lacrosse player. But how do you pick the best lacrosse helmet?

If the helmet quality is not good, it may not prevent injury to your head. So, the durability and overall design of the lacrosse helmet are highly important. Some players focus on colors and aesthetics while buying a helmet. But, the functional value should be more significant to them. We have picked the coolest lacrosse helmet designs for players.

By reading the reviews of genuine customers, we have chosen these helmets. Before making a purchase, you can read them thoroughly.

Our Picks for the Best Lacrosse Helmet

Best for Comfort
Cascade CPV-R Lacrosse Helmet for Boys

Cascade CPV-R Lacrosse Helmet for Boys

  • Elite level protection
  • EPP liner
  • Micro-adjustments
  • FreeFlow venting
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Most Lightweight
Cascade XRS Lacrosse Helmet

Cascade XRS Lacrosse Helmet

  • Multiple liner technologies 
  • Visionbar's PowerPress technology 
  • XFlo ventilation ports 
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Best for Kids
STX Rival Junior Youth Lacrosse Helmet

STX Rival Junior Youth Lacrosse Helmet

  • Adjustable and customized fit
  • Includes ventilation holes 
  • Meets NOCSAE standards
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Best for Female Players
Cascade LX Women's Headgear & Goggle

Cascade LX Women's Headgear & Goggle

  • Integrated goggle system 
  • Resilient outer shell
  • Dual hair slots 
  • Adjustable straps
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Best Protection
CASCADE CS-R Lacrosse Helmet

CASCADE CS-R Lacrosse Helmet

  • FutureStar mono R shell
  • PoronXRD for comfort
  • Full-pivot system
  • 3-bar Jr. R mask
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Best for Style
Cascade CPVR Lacrosse Helmet

Cascade CPVR Lacrosse Helmet

  • FreeFlow venting 
  • Swiss precision ratchet
  • Dovetail liner system
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1. Best for comfort: Cascade CPV-R Lacrosse Helmet for Boys

Our Score

The R-Series helmets of Cascade have gained the attention of several young players. Most lacrosse players have claimed that the helmet is comfortable to wear. If we look at the R-series, we can find that CPV-R is the first model. 

Cascade has used quality foam to ensure better padding. The high-impact and multi-impact foam can restore its original shape after a crash. The EPP Line system provides the utmost protection regardless of body-to-body collisions and high-velocity shots.

The CPV-R's shell has a tried-and-test design that keeps you cool while minimizing wind resistance. Players have found no problem with the shape. The design is also lightweight, and there is a proper placement of padding. The cage is compatible with any shape of the head.

The Chevron Mask ensures better downward vision when you wear the lacrosse helmet. But, you will also find no problem with the vertical vision.

However, the helmet's shape is designed only for the young player's skull. One unique characteristic s that the helmet is equipped with the SPRfit ratchet system. This adjustable system has a strap at the rear side of the helmet. So you can adjust the helmet and feel the desired comfort.

Specifications: Material: Expanded Polypropylene and Plastic Shell | Size: Extra Small | Color: 8 Options

  • Free-flowing venting
  • Attractive style
  • A secure fit
  • A high-level protection
  • Designed only for young players

2. Most Lightweight: Cascade XRS Lacrosse Helmet

Our Score

Cascade XRS has a well-refined design that gives you comfort. If you love the Vision Bar of the Cascade S series, you can invest in XRS. Rear vents or tail pipes have also come back with the release of XRS. 

The company has tried to improve the airflow in the model. Moreover, due to consistent weight distribution, XRS offers you comfort. The helmet will give you a cap-like feeling. While playing a weekend tournament, you can try out the helmet.

One of the distinctive characteristics of the Cascade XRS lacrosse helmet is the double Jaw Deflection. It is simply a plastic piece extending to the ear from the chin back. The main purpose of using this feature is to reduce the force on your head's side. You can find it in other Cascade helmet models. But, XRS ensures better protection due to another impact-dispersing protective stripe.

The newest lacrosse helmet is loaded with advanced technology. The Tri-Liner System safeguards your brain and ensures ultimate security.
Moreover, due to the XFlo ventilation ports, the helmet maintains breathability and gives comfort.

Specifications: Material: Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene | Size: One Size | Color: White

  • Lightweight 
  • Versatile 
  • Comfortable
  • Durable 360-degree fit
  • Costly

3. Best for Kids: STX Rival Junior Youth Lacrosse Helmet

Our Score

Available in a stylish white color, the lacrosse helmet is suitable for those below ten years old. The overall design is sleek and elegant. 

Cascade has made the facemask and shell with quality materials. There are some lines to accentuate speed and give you a better field of vision.
You will have no problem with the fit. 

The innovative Sure-Fit™ air system is integrated with an air pump. So, players can easily adjust their fit while playing lacrosse. No extra pump is needed for this purpose. There is also a Velcro strap at the back for better adjustment.

The manufacturer has added protective padding to the helmet to ensure better protection. The highly engineered plastic outer shell is durable. On the other hand, a technical foam layer created with a foam liner provides comfort and impact protection. There is no risk of discomfort and pinching.

Specifications: Material: Plastic Shell with Foam | Size: One Size | Color: White

  • Good ventilation
  • Proper fit
  • Soft foam liner
  • Meets NOCSAE standards
  • No complaints

4. Best for Style: Cascade CPVR Lacrosse Helmet

Our Score

We have chosen another high-quality helmet from Cascade. The CPV-R helmet with a black face mask protects your child's head from injury. Due to the integrated ratchet system, the helmet is adjustable and customizable. Players can focus on the game instead of the protective equipment.

The helmet is specially designed for players with smaller frames. Cascade has combined both safety and style while designing this helmet. What's more, the FreeFlow venting system gives you comfort even when you play lacrosse on hot summer days.

Expanded Polypropylene has been used as the multi-impact foam for the helmet. It recovers its impact-protection ability and shapes gradually after a crash. Moreover, the foam has unique shock absorption properties that ensure protection for your head. 

You will have no concerns about the helmet sizes because it is integrated with a SPRfit adjustable ratchet system. 

Another significant feature of the cool lacrosse helmet is the FreeFlow venting system. It makes your head feel cool due to proper airflow. 

Specifications: Material: Plastic | Size: Adjustable | Color: White

  • Lightweight
  • Good liner
  • Comfortable to wear
  • High breathability
  • Need better coverage

5. Best Protection: CASCADE CS-R Lacrosse Helmet

Our Score

The Cascade CS-R is one of the innovatively designed helmets providing high-level protection. The helmet is designed for young lacrosse players aged below 12 years. Based on the feedback of R-helmet users, Cascade has tried to refine the model. So, you can notice some fascinating features in Cascade CS-R, the best youth lacrosse helmet.

There is no difference in paddings of Cascade R and CS-R helmets. The pliable material has a highly protective and absorbent capacity. Gen 3 EPP liner provides better protection against the impact of the collision. Your head will feel comfortable with this helmet.

The FutureStar Mono shell is a one-piece outer covering. It makes the design more protective and rigid. The opposing collision can also be prevented with this helmet.

Some players do not like to use straps that affect their visibility. But Cascade has solved the problem with CS-R. There is a 3-bar designed facemask to minimize the weight of your headwear. At the same time, it does not affect your vision when you put on the helmet.

Specifications: Material: Polycarbonate | Size: One Size | Color: 4 Colors

  • A one-piece shell
  • High-quality visor
  • Protective lateral fit
  • Durable design
  • Size problems

6. Best for Female Players: Cascade LX Women’s Headgear & Goggle

Our Score

The Cascade LX helmet for women has a revolutionary design. The overall headwear is flexible, and the outer shell made of alloy steel is impact-resistant. The facemask is made of heavy-duty steel and ensures optimal coverage. The helmet safeguards the front, back, and sides of the face. It will not interfere with your vision and mobility. 

The most noticeable thing is the sophisticated Poron® XRD™ Technology. It promotes the dispersal of force at the main point of contact. That is why you will get ultimate protection by wearing this helmet.

Most lacrosse players have found consistent performance and superior comfort with this headwear. Use the rear strap for adjustment according to your needs. As the goggle is already integrated, you will have a one-piece feel.

Moreover, the face design is ergonomic and reduces the risk of blind spots. The manufacturer has added vents strategically to promote airflow. Your head will feel cool even if you play lacrosse for long hours. There are also dual rear slots to accommodate any hairstyle and length. Cheek pad sets are interchangeable for a perfect fit.

Specifications: Material: Alloy Steel and Expanded Polystyrene | Size: One size | Color: Carolina Blue

  • Minimalistic design
  • Integrates goggles
  • No overweight issues
  • Customizable fit
  • No complaints made

How to Choose the Right Lacrosse Helmet

To purchase the best lacrosse helmet, you need to consider some factors:

Shell Material

Check the material used for the outer shell of the lacrosse helmet. Lacrosse helmet manufacturers have used strong yet lightweight materials for the shell. This durable material must be able to withstand the high impact of collisions.

However, the material should be lightweight enough to ensure you will not feel fatigued. High-quality lacrosse helmets are made of ABS shells.


It refers to the part of the helmet that protects your face. It prevents the ball or the stick from hitting your face. The facemask of the best lacrosse helmet includes bars.

Bars prevent the balls from reaching your face. Simultaneously, they have enough interfaces to provide you with a good vision of the field. Some masks have multiple bars for optimal protection. However, they may make your helmet heavy and affect your vision.

Chin Straps

The strap is intended to secure your helmet to your head. Some helmets are available with an extra chin piece to protect you from chin injuries.

Make sure that you have positioned the chin piece properly while wearing the helmet. Improper positioning will affect your vision.


It is the material chosen for the interiors of the helmet. It sits between your head and the helmet’s shell. Also, the best liner has shock absorption capacity while playing the game. A quality liner gets compressed due to impact and absorbs the intense shock.

However, it again decompresses to ensure protection. Thus, check the liner quality before making a purchase.


Another significant aspect of the helmet is the weight. The best lacrosse helmet protects your face and head due to its durable material. But, there should be a good ratio of strength and weight. It is better to avoid using a bulky helmet that makes you feel tired within a short time.


Choosing a perfect-sized helmet is vital for every lacrosse player. If the helmet size is not correct, it will not offer the desired protection.

The interior lining of a quality helmet adjusts automatically to your head’s contours. The fitting and size of helmets are essential for every player. A loose helmet will fall off your head anytime and may not provide adequate protection.


While wearing the headwear, the player should focus on the line of vision. There must be a balance between protection and line and vision. If you have no problem with vision, you can easily interact with your opponents during the game.


Make sure your helmet makes you feel comfortable. If you do not get comfort, you cannot play the game for long. Padding and interior lining can make a difference in your comfort. Moreover, you can check the technology used for the breathability of the helmet. The shell material should also be heat-resistant.

Protection and Safety

Try to know the level of protection offered by your lacrosse helmet. The NOCSAE-certified helmets are highly protective.

So, these are some factors relevant to lacrosse helmet buyers. You can also check the style, color, and other aesthetic aspects of your helmet.

FAQs About Lacrosse Helmets

1. How Protective are Lacrosse Helmets?

A lacrosse helmet can protect you only from a head or brain injury. It also safeguards your neck and face from injury. However, no helmet has a concussion-proof design.

2. Is Cascade S or R better?

Cascade S has better venting with a lightweight design. On the other hand, R is slightly smaller and ensures better customization. You can choose the right one according to your needs.

3. Do Lacrosse Helmets Expire?

The helmet must be reconditioned annually. If you have not recertified it yearly and the helmet is three years old, there is no way to certify it.

4. What is the Impact Rating for a Lacrosse Helmet?

According to the current NOCSAE standard, the GSI score of a safe lacrosse helmet is below 1500. While buying the helmet, you can check the impact ratings mentioned by the manufacturer.

5. How Can I Make a Lacrosse Helmet More Comfortable?

The most important step is ensuring the helmet size is perfect for you. Besides, the straps should be even to prevent the helmet from slipping off your head. Adjust the top straps and chin straps to feel comfortable.

6. Can You Attach a Lacrosse Helmet to Your Glasses?

Some goggles and spectacles are designed to fit rightly into lacrosse helmets and other headwear.

7. How Do You Put a Mouthguard on a Lacrosse Helmet?

If your helmet has a cage, you can simply attach the mouthguard to the chin pad. You should secure it in a way that does not affect your vision.

Strap holes of the guard can be used to loop on the bar of the cage. Wear your helmet and place your mouthguard. After pulling the strap, you can wrap it around the base part.

8. How Do I Know If a Lacrosse Helmet Fits Properly?

There should be no gap between the head and the pads. Your helmet must fit firmly all around. The skin on your forehead moves if the headwear shifts up/down or left/right. However, the most important thing is that you will not feel comfortable unless your lacrosse helmet is well-fitted.


A helmet is a vital piece of equipment for a lacrosse player. It prevents head and face injuries and protects your head from the scorching heat.

The best lacrosse helmet should meet your needs. So, you have to check its design and other features before buying one. We have chosen products from reputed brands like Cascade and STX.

Cascade itself has released a variety of helmet models for lacrosse players. With a guide, you can compare them easily. Our buying guide and table of comparison will be helpful to you.

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